CvsN 03: A Tangled Web

byTx Tall Tales©

She could even sense when I was getting close to cumming. She pulled away, stroking me firmly, giving me a long lick, and eyes locked with mine, she commanded me: "That's right, cum. Cum in my mouth. Fuck my mouth and pump your hot cum down my throat." She took my cock back in her mouth, fixed her lips tightly around my shaft, and placed my hand on the back of her head.

I grabbed her hair in my hands, and fucked her face thoroughly. Within moments I was there, cumming strongly, gasping with the pleasure, loosing stream after stream of hot seed in her mouth.

She swallowed most of it, allowing a little to escape her lips, and then with her finger cleaning her chin and licking it clean. She then worked diligently to clean every remnant from my cock, licking me like an ice cream cone. I stood there naked, while this fully clothed woman serviced me as no one ever had.

She clearly had additional intentions, as she took my cock back into her mouth, sucking and massaging it back to life. While she sucked me from on her knees, she removed her own shirt and bra, and undid the top of her pants. Once I succumbed to her attention, and was erect again, she stood up before me, her small breasts capped with hardened nipples, her panties visible through the opening of her pants.

"Well?" She asked, posing, waiting.

"That was the most incredible blow-job I have ever had, and I have to fuck you now." I stepped to her, pulling her pants, and then her panties down to her feet. Reaching down, I grabbed the back of her thighs just under her ass cheeks, and lifted her up against my body. I walked her like this over to the table and sat her on the edge, and then gripping my cock, I placed it against her hot, waiting twat, and entered her deeply. She gasped at the sudden intrusion. I adjusted her legs, placing the backs of her knees over my forearms, and lifted her bodily. She wrapped her arms around my neck, helping support her weight, while I fucked her in the air. I squeezed her ass cheeks tightly; lifting her up, and then letting her weight drive her back down onto my cock. She grabbed my head and took my mouth with hers, a vestige of my own flavor lingering in her mouth, as her tongue invaded my mouth in time to my penetrating her.

It was maddeningly intense, but too exhausting, and I took her to my couch. I lifted her off of me, eliciting a cry, and then placed her over the arm of the couch, belly down. Spreading her cheeks with my hands, I once again located her wet slit, and entered her. I leaned over, grabbed her shoulders, and pressing them into the seat of the couch, I fucked her as hard as I could. Very hard, very fast, forcing the couch across the room an inch at a time, knocking over an end table and lamp, until we reached the far wall and could move no more.

Unrelenting, I continued pounding away, to the rhythm of the slap of my thighs against her ass, and the bumping of the couch against the wall. She would push back on every stroke, her entire body strung as tight as a violin. Her hands would be clenched in fists, then they would open and I could see where her fingernails were digging into her palms, before they clenched shut again.

The fucking I gave her was almost vicious in its intensity. I was using my cock to punish her for being so mean to me for the last two days. I knew the front of her thighs would be bruised from the beating, and every effort on her part to move even a little, was met by my restraining hands and the onslaught of my cock. She tried to plant her feet, to adjust her position, but could get no leverage against my assault. After a few minutes I could see her wincing under the continuous pounding, and changed my attack.

I slowed, grabbing her cheeks in my hands, reveling in the deep penetration. In and out, I kept feeding her my cock, using that pussy which had been so near for so long. Looking down at the view of her pink flesh swallowing my cock, I saw the rosebud of her asshole, and forced my thumb into her there. I finally obtained a response, a moaned, "Oh, Fuck."

I diddled her ass, as I continued to screw her firmly. Her ass cheeks clenched and released against my probing, finally accepting the inevitable. When I inserted first one finger, and then a second in her butt, she looked back at me with impassioned eyes, and through clenched teeth she warned me. "Don't do it, you bastard." She was thrusting herself hard against my invading fingers.

The thought was tempting, but I was already on the verge of cumming.

"Not today, baby, soon, but not today." I picked up the pace, punishing her pussy.

"Fuck." She dropped her head back to the couch, and relented, relinquishing all resistance, and allowing me full control.

Within a score of strokes, I was cumming again, forcing my cock as far inside her as possible, and depositing my seed in her womb. I reached down, and lifted her by the breasts, until her neck was accessible to my lips. I tasted her again, the sweat of her desire, and anger mingled.

"Get dressed. People will be getting hungry soon." I told her, pulling out, and walking over to where my clothes lay in a pile.

She moved to hers, and pulled her panties up. I could see a trickle of my cum creeping down her thigh.

"I'm still pissed at you." She told me, not meeting my eyes.

"I know. I'm sorry about how I've handled all this." I had almost finished dressing. I walked over next to her. "It would be perfectly within your rights to make me fuck you, every week, until I've earned your forgiveness."

"You are such an asshole," she laughed, kicking at me.

"I know, and you are a better friend than I deserve. And deserve far better treatment then I have given you." I had to face a difficult moment. "So is Joe. What are we going to tell him?"

"Joe? Joe's known you were going to fuck me for over a year now. We've just been waiting for you to make your move. I gave you every opportunity. I thought you just didn't want me."

Ouch. Now that I thought back on it, the friendly wrestling, the teasing discussions, the occasional flash of a breast, the open bathroom doors, the implicit offers. It had never crossed my mind, and in retrospect it should have. The message was there.

"I really am sorry. You couldn't know how many times I went to bed, jerking off into a sock, images of you in my head. But you were my best friend’s wife. I couldn't do that." I confessed.

"You could and you did," she replied, brushing her hair back, one hand on the doorknob.

I took her in my arms. "I'm such a dope, sometimes."

"Yes, you are." She said with a smile, snuggling into my arms. "But you're forgiven, I guess. We're still going to have to talk."

"Ok." I held her tight, smelling her hair, feeling her warmth in my arms.

"Did you know that you give the most incredible blow-job I could ever imagine." I confided, feeling a hint of resurgence below the belt.

"So I've been told." She smirked. Backing out of my grasp, she opened the door. "C'mon cowboy, the food is getting warm, and it's almost time for lunch. People will talk as it is."

I laughed out loud. "I have no doubt of that, they were talking before we left. I think some people were interpreting your anger as that of a jilted lover."

"Oh, shit! I never thought of that. Well, let them talk." She smiled again, and I felt a whole lot better.

We had been gone well over an hour, and they did talk. Luckily I think most interpreted it as our working through our problems, which I guess was kind of true.

Now, to deal with the Beth situation...

* * * *

Thanks to everyone who keeps emailing me and encouraging me to continue this story. Time constraints have been difficult lately. I’m really going to try hard to come out with the next portion soon and not leave you hanging too long.

And thanks for the pictures from those who sent them unsolicited. They were very nice and greatly appreciated. They make for great inspiration.

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by MusicGuy4Fun09/11/17

You have written better

: He comes across as a *real* shit, fucking his best friend's girl, and betraying the girl he is dating.

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