CvsN 04: Teaching Beth

byTx Tall Tales©

I leaned forward and kissed her. "You are like a dream for me. You can't sleep; I am in a waking sleep, dreaming this – of being with you."

"Can I stay?" she asked hopefully.

"Of course, as long as you want." I stood, extending my hand to her. She took it, rising off the couch. Side by side we walked into my bedroom.

It's hard for me to describe that night. She was very emotional. I convinced her that we could love each other, without her having to give up her virginity on a whim. Confused she let me guide her.

We kissed, and I helped her out of her clothes, and realized I was still in my robe, and hadn't showered, and badly needed to. She allowed me to completely undress her, and take her to the shower, where we showered together, exploring each other's bodies under the water, for the first time. Hands and lips, I had to touch and taste her everywhere, and as hungry as I was, she was even more curious and we played until the water ran cold.

Drying each other, we retired to the bedroom, naked. Our skin tingling from the rough towels and cool water.

"Tonight, I won't enter you. We can enjoy each other immensely without that, and tomorrow you can still decide if this is what you want to do."

"Show me. Teach me," was her only answer.

I kissed her from head to toe, front and back, my tongue spending long moments exploring her most sensitive regions: by her ears, under her arms, on her breasts, around her navel. I avoided any direct contact with her virgin pussy yet, and bypassed that, still finding time to explore her lower back, the inside of her thighs and knees, her ankles, her tiny feet. I worked from head to toe and back again. Once I had explored virtually every inch of her exposed flesh, I moved back to her face and I kissed her. I kissed her with every ounce of my being, for the moment blocking out everything but the taste of her mouth and the feel of her tongue. I breathed her breath, refusing to break the contact with her lips, first passionate, then tender, teasing, tasting, nibbling, and demanding. She yielded to me completely.

I worked my way down her body once again, this time stopping first at her breasts. I couldn't help think that I was Magellan, Columbus, Armstrong. I was exploring virgin territory. She was extremely sensitive on her nipples, flinching if my teeth touched them. Her nipples were small, and the tips were very hard and red. I sucked and kissed, alternating sides, squeezing them with my hands, pinching lightly and pulling on her points.

I lowered myself to her waist. She was tense as I gently encouraged her to spread her legs apart. Her light brown bush was several shades lighter than her short brown hair, and was lightly trimmed on the sides. Her small bikini line framed her hair, teasing me with the knowledge that what was in front of me was always hidden from view, from all but me.

With a series of tender kisses, slowly encircling her tender opening, I finally ended up taking her small, almost hidden side lips in my mouth, and teasing them open, encouraging them to swell. My fiendish tongue would dart in and taste her for a moment, before relenting and worrying the sides of her opening. I still hadn't directed my attention to the top of her sweet pussy. I pulled back a bit and looked up, to see her face pointed to the ceiling, her eyes tightly shut, her mouth hanging open, breathing heavily.

I reached out with my hands and opened her up. I blew a stream of air across the little man in the boat, encouraging him to set sail. She tensed for a moment, and then tensed up again, when my tongue lingered there, twirling at the tip, tossing him to and fro.

She was moaning now, slightly, just at the edge of my hearing. I took her clit, carefully between my lips, and vibrated the tip of my tongue across the exposed hypersensitive skin. A few moment of this had her squirming under my grasp. I lowered myself further, lapping away at her opening, my tongue deep inside her, tasting her, feeling the softness of her sidewalls. I teased even lower, reaching my hands under her thighs, and lifting her legs high, allowing my tongue to trace that area from her little brown rosebud, across the small stretch of flesh to her pussy, and up again to her clit.

My ministrations continued for a long time, becoming more forceful, until my mouth was clamped over her clit, my tongue lapping at her, as I drove three of my fingers in and out of the tender pussy, hard firm and fast. It had taken me a lot of effort, but I could feel her peaking, breathing hard, her body trembling and throbbing under my touch.

"My god, my god… " she was gasping, when she came with a cry, lifting her waist off the bed, and squeezing her legs tight. She slowly came to earth, eyes wild, nostrils flaring, hands grasping at me.

"I can't believe you could do that." She said to me at last.

"That was nice, you are really sweet, and so responsive." I lay with my head on her thigh, softly brushing the skin within her tan line.

She blushed, from head to toe, it was a very endearing site.

"Show me how to pleasure you," she whispered, pulling me up beside her on the bed.

"You've never given anyone a hand-job or a blowjob?" I asked, somewhat incredulous.

"Never. I've never even really seen a hard one until today."

"I have an idea. Just wait a second." I got up and went to my bottom drawer, where I kept a small collection of 'adult' tapes. I selected one, which I knew started with three girls and a single lucky guy, in a blow job competition. I started the movie, and pulled her up by my side, propping up some pillows, so we could watch the tape together.

Beth was completely naïve about such things, but overcame her shock quickly. She was fascinated, and continuously asked me questions about what they were doing, and if I liked that, or didn't, and why they did some things.

She started out with her head on my shoulder. Her hand was soon grasping my cock, stroking me, sometimes in time to the movie. Slowly, maddeningly slowly, she was settling further and further down my body, until my cock was within striking distance of her tongue. She stroked my cock and watched carefully as a single drop of pre-cum emerged.

"Are…are you cumming?" she asked, hesitantly.

"No, that's just a sign that I'm enjoying what you're doing. It's called pre-cum."

She reached out and touched it tentatively. Pulling her finger away, the liquid stretched, creating a bridge of several inches before breaking. She touched it some more, rubbing it around the top of the head.

"It's sticky." She reached out with her tongue, tentatively, and tasted it. "It doesn't really taste like anything." She took the head between her lips, and sucked the head clean, her tongue moving back and forth across the head.

As she looked back to the screen, the redhead was claiming victory, with the guy cumming in buckets all across her face.

"That's so gross! Why is he doing that?" she exclaimed taken back for the moment.

"It's for the movie. The money shot. A lot of men like to see women getting cum on their face." I tried to explain.

"Why do you like that?" she asked me.

"I don't really. I actually prefer to cum inside of who I'm with. Or inside her mouth. I guess some guys just like the look of it."

"What does it taste like?" she asked, watching the two other girls clean the winners face with their tongues.

"I don't really know." I confessed. The closest I had come was a slight taste after kissing a girl whose mouth I had cum in.

"Do you want to cum in my mouth?" She asked, disingenuously.

"I'd love to, but I think you should make me cum with your mouth and hands, outside your mouth, so you can see what it's like. Then you can see what my cumming is like, and see how much I cum."

"Ok, tell me if I do anything wrong."

She started out stroking me, and then following the style of the first girl in the video, she used her mouth to pleasure just the head, while stroking me firmly. After a few minutes, and a few warnings about her teeth, she sat up and moved down between my legs.

From her new vantage, she explored my balls with her tongue, and licked my shaft deliciously. She was being playful, and inquisitive, not hesitant to try something and ask how I liked it. It was the hottest, sexiest, blowjob I ever had, while being the most talkative and playful. She got a stray hair in her mouth, and coughed a bit, complaining. I said that if she liked, I'd shave. She laughed, and said maybe later.

"Do you know what the last sound a pubic hair makes before it hits the ground is?" I asked her.

"What?" she asked, interrupting her actions for a moment.

I simulated hacking and spitting off the bed, and she laughed so hard she almost cried.

She presently decided to try the style of the second lovely from the video, and drove her head up and down on my cock, holding my balls, and moving her head in circles at the top. She gagged a few times, trying to take me deep in her mouth, and eased back on the depth she'd take me. She would alternate watching me, while she did this, with occasionally pulling back and examining the subject of her attentions.

"You are really hard and red now, Jack. Does it always get like this?" she continued stroking, looking me over.

"I'm getting close. When I get really hard like that, I'm usually really excited and ready to cum."

"Cool!" She returned to her head bobbing, gagging again, and stopped.

"How did that third girl take the guys whole dick in her mouth. He was even bigger than you, and she pushed her face all the way down?"

"It is called 'deep throat'. She's taking him into her throat." I explained eager to get her back to what she'd been doing.

"But how? It makes me gag to have you touch back there, and you still have a couple of inches outside." She slowly put my cock in her mouth, pushing down, until I could feel the head softly press against the back of her throat. She looked up at me, as if in explanation, holding the remaining couple of inches in her fingers, at her lips. Then she closed her eyes and tried to push down further, and soon was gagging again, my cock in her hand.

"It takes practice I guess. And I think certain positions make it easier." I was making small thrusting movements with my hips.

She laughed at me. "Ok, I get it, you want more." She bobbed her head down, then back up. She stopped again. "Tell me when you're going to come. I want to see what it looks like."

"Ok, and when I'm close, use your hand to stroke me fast and firm, after you stop with your mouth."

"Ok." She was as good as her word, and within minutes of continuous action, she had me on the verge.

"God, Beth, that is so incredible. I'm close, I'm really close." She continued, looking at me, then returning to the first girls style, holding the head in her mouth, teasing with her tongue, while she stroked me into her mouth.

"I'm there, I'm going to cum…" I warned her.

She pulled her head back with just seconds to spare, and worked my cock hard with her hand. I came strongly, and she jerked her face back enough to avoid catching it in the eye, and getting it in her hair. The second stream still reached her cheek, and then the rest was pouring out on my stomach, and across her hand. She stopped her hand halfway.

"Don't stop stroking, keep going, please…" I gasped.

She smiled at her control, and kept the stroking going, a little slower, and firmer, seeing how she could pump the cum out of me. As the last little bit tried to find it's way out, she leaned forward, and took my cock in her mouth, sucking the cum off the head, then pulling back.

"Ooow, be careful, I'm really sensitive after cumming, and you have to be gentle." I told her.

"Oh. Like this?" and she reached forward again, taking me deep in her mouth, just barely touching me, her tongue softly brushing the base of my cock, before closing her lips and gently pulling her head back, cleaning the cum from my cock.

"Oooh, shit," was my reply.

"You are really salty, and funny tasting. But it's making me hot." She climbed up my body, and extended her tongue to me. I could see a little of my cum cupped in it.

I opened my mouth to her, and she put her tongue in my mouth, dueling with my tongue, allowing me to taste myself for the first time. It was not a pleasant taste, bitter and slimy, but sexy in as much as it was her tongue that I tasted.

"Was I ok?" she asked me, hesitantly.

"Beth, that was so incredible. You were wonderful."

We laughed and talked about what we'd done, then she asked me to put on the tape again. I rewound the tape, and got us something to drink, and some wet facecloths to clean up with.

We settled back into the bed, and enjoyed the show again. She had more questions this time, and before long, she had me hard again. She was determined to try to get me down her throat like the third girl.

"Let's try a different position," I told her. "If it doesn't get you to dizzy, lay across the bed on your back, with your head hanging off the edge. It will open up your throat more and the angle may make it easier."

She did as requested, and was soon ready.

"The problem here is you can't move much. So you need to put your hands on the back of my legs, and pull me into your mouth as far as you want me to go. You'll have to control how I go in your mouth."

"You can say it. I'll control how deep you fuck my mouth." She told me with an evil grin.

"Yes. I'm going to fuck your mouth, and it'll be your job to let me know how hard and fast. Otherwise I may lose control."

"Ooh, I might like that," she teased before settling back and taking my cock in her mouth.

At her guidance I slowly screwed her mouth with about half my cock, using mostly my hips to do the work. I reached forward to her tempting titties and played with them, as I filled her mouth with cock.

"Oh, yeah, and hold your breath, when you try to take me deep." I warned her, pulling on her hard little nipples.

Her hard pull back was unexpected. She tugged and I obliged, pushing forward firmly. Her tugging didn't let up, and was insistent. I continued my hard thrust, feeling the resistance. I was rewarding with seeing the swelling of her throat, where I entered her. She pulled me all the way in, until my balls were resting on lip. Then she was pushing me away, turning her head and gasping.

She leaped up onto her knees, clapping like a little girl. "I did it! All the way, didn't I?"

"Absolutely. That was amazing. You looked so sexy liked that." I smiled at her antics and joy.

"That was sooo naughty! I can't believe I did that. I could see your balls just above my eyes, and I just wanted to do it, and I could feel you pressed against my throat that time, but it wasn't blocked or hurting, and I just pulled, and it felt weird, and I couldn't breath at all, but you went down there, and I saw your balls moving down my face. I pulled harder, and I could feel your shaft filling me, and my chin was in your hair, and I could see up your butt, and I knew I had all of you in me! Wow, it was so neat." She gushed.

She lay back down, after her verbal explosion. "Again! Fuck my throat again."

Laughing at her enthusiasm, I put my cock back in her mouth, and she almost immediately tried to take me again. This time she ended up coughing and gagging. She pushed me away.

"Just a sec, I know I can do it."

"You can, just be slow, and patient." I encouraged her.

She was and I did. I entered her throat again, and then she pushed me back but stopped me at the edge of her lips. She smiled, and pulled me back in again. She developed a pace of a few short strokes, and then down her throat. After about a dozen times she pulled away, laughing and hugged me close.

"That is so wild! I feel so sexy, so dirty."

"You have no idea. That is so unbelievably hot. No one has ever done me like that."

"Debbie and Nancy don't?" she asked, mischievously.

"Not that deep, not like that." I confessed.

She smiled to herself. "Good. Now fuck my throat until you cum in my mouth, and don't be too gentle with me, I can take it." With a laugh she repositioned herself.

This time we started slowly, but once she was accustomed again to taking me down her throat, I started to take command. I thrust a little harder, and a little deeper. I was fucking her face deep on every stroke. I was holding and squeezing her tits and pinching her rock hard nipples, as I buried my cock in her face over and over. Her hands were grabbing my ass cheeks, pulling me hard, trying to hold me in her throat. She'd wiggle her head a little and her tongue would occasionally make an appearance across the top of my cock.

I could take it no longer, and with a cry, I came, pushing deep in her throat for the first couple of bursts, pulling almost all the way out to finish in her mouth.

She choked for just a second as I pulled from her throat, and then she was sucking the cum from my cock like a calf at a teat. Every drop went into her mouth and disappeared. When I was finally softening, I pulled from her mouth, and looked down at my lovely little teen cocksucker.

Her eyes were closed, and she was smiling.

I sat next to her, and with a tug pulled her up far enough so her head was resting on the bed.

"Are you ok? I didn't hurt you did I? I'm sorry, I just couldn't control myself at the end."

"I know. I liked it." She smiled up at me with her little wicked grin. "I'm fine. Really fine." She crossed her arms across her breasts, and hugged herself.

"Beth, that was incredible." I smiled down at her, stroking her body.

She stood up for a second, then climbed on my lap, wrapping her arms and legs around me.

"Yeah, but was it the best?" She asked, coquettishly.

"Best damn blow job of my life." I reassured her.

She gave me a big kiss, hugging me tight. "Great! I'm going to be the best at everything. You'll see."

I fell back on the bed, pulling her with me rolling her over, and kissing her warmly. "You know, I just may believe you."

I got up and turned off the light.

I climbed back into the bed. "Will you spend the night here?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Very much."

"Thanks. Then I will if you don't mind." She cuddled up against me, that devilish grin back on her face.

I buried my face in her short brown hair, my lips on her neck.

She was whispering softly. "I'll be your best. You're going to love me…"

I wondered if maybe I didn't a little bit already.

* * * *

The stroking of my cock awakened me. In my semi-dream state, I sat back enjoying the sensation. I could feel lips enveloping me, taking my cock deep, pleasuring me.

Slowly the realization it was Beth down there broke through my haze.

"That. Is. Wonderful."

She climbed me, her breasts pressed against my chest, her lips caressing mine. "Good morning, sleepy head." The joy in her voice was unmistakable.

She sat up, taking my rock hard cock, and placing it at the entrance of that sweet pussy. Slowly she lowered herself onto me. Lowering, stopping, lowering again. She gasped as I stretched her, and then I felt the resistance release, and she settled down firmly, my cock deeply ensconced.

In her virgin pussy.

My eyes burst open, and she laughed at my look.


She bent down, still holding me deep, not moving. She lay her body down on mine. "Don't move, please. You fill me so tight, so full. It's incredible." She held me tightly, her head on my chest.

I hugged her firmly. I ran my hand down her back, caressing the small of her back, before settling on her right butt cheek. With my other hand, I pulled her hair back, so I could kiss her forehead.

After a few moments, I tensed up the muscle that allows me to raise and lower my cock. I could feel my cock swelling inside her, pushing up against her.

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