CvsN 04: Teaching Beth

byTx Tall Tales©

She lifted her head up to look at me. "How are you doing that? That's wild."

I smiled back. "It's just muscle control, I'm just enjoying being inside you."

"Mmmmm. I'm enjoying it too."

I lowered my other hand to her tight little ass, and grabbing her two cheeks firmly in my hands, I pulled her up and down on my cock, just a little.

"God, slowly Jack. I'm so full, you're splitting me open. Just go slowly."

"Ok," I whispered. I wanted to fuck her hard – drive my cock into that incredibly tight little sheath. Instead, I released her ass and just held her.

She was kissing my chest, pushing back against my cock, holding it as deep as possible. Her lips trailed all across my chest, from up around my neck, which was as far as she could reach, down to my nipples, which she teased with her tongue, and nibbled at. After a few minutes of this torture, I slid forward, and pushed her shoulders upward, so she was once again seated on top of me.

"Rock back and forth gently, baby, and get used to the feel of me in you. This way you can control everything." I smiled at her, guiding her hips with my hands.

She responded slowly, inching forward and then slowly back. I watched her, amazed at how tight she could be, and I toyed with her tits a while, before moving my hand down to where our hips were joined, reaching in to rub her clit. I elicited a gasp.

"That's it, Beth, back and forth, back and forth," I urged her.

Her hips started rocking. She placed her hands on my shoulders, and she took me deep again, and then pulled forward, hesitating, before pressing back down. The pace picked up, and before long she was just rolling her hips, working me in and out, as fast as she could.

I pulled her down into my arms, slowing the pace, holding her while I thrust into her from below. She was grunting to each thrust, a series of grunts and groans that increased in volume as I thrust harder and deeper. I slowed again, holding her still squeezing those incredibly firm butt cheeks in my hands.

"What are you doing to me?" She asked, eyes wide with wonder, at the sensations she was feeling.

"Nothing like you are about to do to me." I quipped, caressing her ass a little more.

"Sit up." I told her, and she complied promptly.

"Pull your knees up, and put your feet at my sides."

She was now squatting down onto my cock. I reached down to her ass, and lifted her up off my cock, until I was only barely inside her. She couldn't have weighed more than about 100 pounds, she was so small. I released her, and she settled back down, moaning as she went. Again I grabbed her thighs and lifted her, and again she lowered herself, a little faster this time. She leaned forward a little, placing her small fists against my chest, raised herself up, and thrust down firmly onto my cock.

I sat back, and watched, as she took control and fucked herself ragged on my cock. When I saw her legs trembling and her strength failing I caught her, and slowed her down. She was gasping and sweating, with an almost mad look in her eyes.

"No, no, don't stop now!" she cried.

I pulled her forward so I could kiss her, which pulled her off my cock for the first time since I'd been so pleasantly awoken.

I rolled her onto her back, spread her legs, and looking down, I grasped my cock and forced myself back into her. I could see red streaks across my cock, and I realized she'd had her cherry intact, which was the resistance I'd originally felt.

Once I was in her I leaned down, held her face between my hands and kissed her nose, her lips, and her eyelids.

"Are you ok? Before I go on, do you hurt, are you alright?"

She pulled my face down to hers and kissed me again. She stared deeply into my eyes. "I'm wonderful. Really. Make love to me."

I pulled out completely. With the head lodged just inside her lips, I slowly eased my full length back inside her and then paused, holding myself still. Again I withdrew, and re-entered her, stroking her with my full length. Over and over, it was like I was screwing her for the first time, with each penetration. When the sensation grew too strong, and I could feel that I was headed down the path of cumming, I slowed and stopped, to give myself more time.

Before starting up again, I pulled her knees back, and hunching over her, I locked them in place with my arms, tilting her upward, and exposing her to my next assault. I started slowly again, but ended up with my weight on my hands and feet, body stretched out, slamming my hips straight down, driving my cock into her clutching pussy over and over. I could see that this way was driving her crazy, and she was thrashing under me, making incomprehensible noises. I grabbed her feet, straightening her legs out over her own shoulders, seeing her calves bracketing her face. I pounded into her, and could feel my cock driving up and down on the inside of her pussy just behind her pubic mound. She was on the verge of cumming, biting her own leg, moaning constantly. I shortened my stroke and picked up the pace. I raised up onto my toes, leaned over, and placed my mouth over hers, driving my tongue between her lips. She cried out into my mouth, and came hard, almost bucking me off.

As she relaxed after that first intense orgasm, I released her legs, sliding back a bit, and letting them straighten out. She wrapped them around my thighs and urged me into her, spurring me on. I returned my lips to hers, and kissed her tenderly this time, slowly working my way in and out of her, loving her as she'd asked, after having fucked her to orgasm.

I took my time with her, enjoying every moment of my own impending release. I whispered how much I loved this, how wonderful she felt, how I loved being inside her, how I loved waking up to her, how I loved her.

Yeah, I said it. I loved her. She cried she loved me too, and hugged me tight. It was the heat of the moment. And at that moment I did love her; I loved her with a white-hot intensity. I repeated it over and over, as I peaked, and I burst inside her, cumming as hard and powerfully as I had ever cum. She came, crying out my name, her fingers digging into my back, pulling me down against her, her lips seeking out mine.

My arms were failing, and I was afraid of collapsing my weight onto her, so I rolled off onto my back. She climbed on top of me, holding me tight, her head in my neck. She was bestowing little kisses all about my neck and shoulders.

I reached around her, holding her, stroking her skin, kissing her back.

She leaned forward, kissing my ear, whispering to me.

"You love me."

It didn't sound like such a bad thing.

I heard her breathing slow down, and felt her drift off in my arms. I pulled a pillow up on each side of me, trying to keep her from falling off. I wanted as much of her skin touching mine, as I too drifted back to sleep, holding my new young love in my arms.

* * * *

I drifted up from my rest, feeling Beth, sweet Beth, guiding my hard cock back inside her pussy. I helped, arching my hips forward, until I could feel her settling down around my cock, fully sheathed. She relaxed then, and lay back down on me. Like me, she just wanted as much of me touching as much of her as possible, and that little bit extra would have been a shame to leave out. I smiled and settled back into my dreams, while having them fulfilled in the waking world.

* * * *

I woke from the intensity of cumming inside her so strongly. The sun was high in the sky, and was warm on my skin. Beth was still soundly asleep, moaning softly in her dreams, arms and legs akimbo, her body stretched out on mine. I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock, as I delivered my seed inside of her. I placed my hands on her ass, as I finished cumming, stroking her sweet cheeks, smiling to myself. My cock never fully softened, as I stayed lodged inside her, semi-hard, her legs curling around and under mine, locking her hips against mine.

* * * *

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