CvsN 05: Altogether Now

byTx Tall Tales©

Beth was whispering to Debbie, and they both pulled back.

"Joe, stand up a second." Beth said.

"As you wish," he quipped, standing as requested.

Beth lay on the bed, her head hanging over the side, her legs ending up on top of Cathy's. "Today is your lucky day, you get to be the second person ever to fuck my mouth, Joe."

For once, Joe was dumbstruck. He guided his cock to her mouth, and slid it in a short distance. Beth reached behind him, and as she had done with me, guided the pace, until she pulled him deep into her throat.

"Oh, fuck! Cathy! Do you see this?" Joe gasped, thrusting slowly in and out of her mouth, to a measure beat. Short, short, short, deeeeep.

"Harder, Jack, please, I'm going to cum…" Cathy pleaded, watching her husband fuck that tender young mouth. She reached down between her legs and Beth's ass, and I could see her pushing her fingers into Beth. Beth's legs spread apart at the intrusion, and I had a bird's eye view of Cathy's middle two fingers thrusting away at one end of Beth, while her husband filled the other end.

I picked up the pace, and fucked her mercilessly. Debbie had moved behind me, and was fondling my balls, while she whispered to me. "Fuck her, Jack, fuck her hard."

Cathy's cry alerted me to her first orgasm of the evening. I slowed a bit, fucking her with long hard strokes, grunting as I pounded into her. She was cumming continuously, and her release coincided with Joe's own, as he pulled out of Beth, and jerked off on her tits, splattering her with his seed.

When Cathy stopped cumming, I slowed, and then stopped altogether. I reached down to between her cheeks, and slid a fingertip into her butt. "Remember what I told you yesterday?" I told her, slowly working my finger into her tight ass.

"Don't you do it." She warned me. At the same time she pushed her ass back hard onto my finger. I had no doubt what she wanted.

"Joe, want to watch me fuck your wife's ass?" I had backed out, pulling my cock out of her, and was bent over her ass, pushing a second finger inside.

Cathy was clutching her legs tight to her chest, leaving herself wide open to my assault. She closed her eyes. "God, Jack you are such a bastard. Don't fuck my poor ass."

All the action around me had ceased, and Cathy was clearly the center of attention.

"Jack…" Beth spoke up for the first time.

"Hush, baby, while I fuck her up her ass," I said. I took my cock in hand and pressed the head against her little puckered opening.

"Oh, God, you're going to do it, aren't you?" Cathy moaned.

"Joe, how is her ass?" I asked, pushing just a little.

"Fuck if I know, she won't let me touch it."

"Well, when I'm done here, you can have a turn. In the meantime, if she speaks again, I'd appreciate it if you'd fill her brazen mouth for me."

"You got it, buddy."

"Stop him you wimp, are you going to let him stick his huge dick in my butt?"

"Damn right I am."

I chucked at the interplay, and pushed hard, driving a good two inches into that cherry ass.

"Ooww, ow, ow. Stop Jack, you're splitting me. Stop you beast."

"Cathy, you know I'm going to be balls deep in your ass in just a minute, now relax and enjoy it."

"Fuck you, you asshole." She was now rocking back and forth against my cock, trying to force more of it inside.

I obliged, pushing a little harder, and then working those few inches in and out. Every few strokes I would get in a little farther, to her loud moans, until I was all the way in.

"How does it feel, Cathy."

"Just do it, get it over with. Prick."

I pulled out and slammed my whole cock back into her ass. It was painfully tight. She cried out. I could hear her barely pronounced words, fuck, fuck, fuck.

I did it again. This time she responded loudly.

"Fuck me! Fuck my ass you bastard. FUCK ME!"

Joe was hard again, with the help of Beth's talented hand, and he climbed up the bed, and stuck his cock in his wife's mouth. She looked up at him, eyes burning, as he grabbed her hair, pulling her down onto his cock. She sucked him, stopping every few strokes to moan about the reaming that her ass was taking.

I pulled out, and she whimpered. I pulled her to her knees, and pushed her face back down to Joe's cock, as he seated himself in front of her. Debbie decided to get in on the action, and crawled underneath Cathy sideways, her face under her dangling breasts. She kissed and sucked them, occasionally whispering soothing words to Cathy.

I spread Cathy's legs wide, pushing her knees forward a bit, and plunged my cock back into that tight rear passage. Holding her ass cheeks tight, I renewed my efforts to screw her butt.

Beth must have felt left out. I felt her between my legs, and looked back to see her working her head between my legs from the back. I pulled my cock out and looked down to see her reaching up, and licking Cathy's pussy, while my cocked worked in and out just beyond her tongue.

Back to the task at hand. I fucked her ass, hard and fast, unrelenting. No more talking, no more repositioning, no more joking. I worked her ass, pounding away, while she wilted under the attack. After a few minutes Joe was fucking her slack mouth, as she lay there, arms outstretched, and he used her hair to pump her face up and down on his cock. Her legs gave out, and her full weight came down on Beth's face. Beth kept her mouth at work, and I tried to hold up some of her weight by her hips.

I felt her shudder as she came, but I varied my assault not a whit. The sweat was trickling down my chest, and droplets splattered on her back. Debbie tried to sooth her, kneeling at her side, caressing her, to no avail.

At last, I could feel my end approaching. Grunting, I slammed home into her ass with long, hard strokes, hammering at her. Each thrust forced her mouth down over Joe's cock, pushing him down her throat. Beth pulled back a little, not able to take the pressure against her face, and watched the finish from between my legs.

"FUCK!" I cried, driving into her one last time, and pumping my seed deep into her bowels.

"AAAAHHHH," Cathy cried, pulling her head back off Joe's demanding cock, her eyes rolling back in her head, as she felt the burning heat of my cum filling her ass.

With a few last strokes, I finished I her ass, and pulled out, looking down to see how her tight little hole gaped open long after I was out. I collapsed on the bed beside her, gasping for breath. She crawled over to me, lying across my chest.

"I can't believe you fucked my ass, even though I told you not to." She whined.

"I'll do it again." I told her, pulling her mouth to mine, and kissing her deeply. She responded passionately, until I pulled away, to try to catch my breath.

"I know you will. Whenever you want." She whispered, pressing her lips to my neck.

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Now, that went from one of the most tender and passionate first time for a teen to a crazy five-some orgy within what, eight hours at most? And she's happy to demonstrate her new deep throat skills tomore...

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