CvsN 06: Payback

byTx Tall Tales©

She disappeared up the stairs.

I returned to John, who had never ceased his act of contrition.

"Shut up. You're making me sick." I kicked him in the leg.

"Don't hurt me. You don't have to hit me. I'll do what you want." He whined.

I kicked him again. In the hipbone, where it would hurt, and close enough to his crotch to make him flinch badly. "Wrong. I want to hurt you. I like to hurt you. The only reason I haven't hurt you worse is because I don't want Debbie to see. Now that she's gone, we can play a little. You better hope she packs fast." He was lying there, bare-assed, pants around his ankles, in his own waste. I know he was on the verge of crying, from the way his face was screwed up. Time to continue my campaign of terror.

"You know John, I was thinking of a way to convince me that you'd leave Debbie alone." I dropped to one knee beside him, speaking softly.

"Whatever, man. I swear." The snot running down his face was not a pretty sight.

"The way I figure it, if I were to neuter you, well you'd have no reason to chase girls, and Debbie would be safe. What do you think?" I had my blade out and was waving it around his privates, which were shriveled up as if he'd just gotten out of a pool. He tried to back away.

"God, no! I SWEAR. Please." He was trying to wriggle away, digging his heals into the carpet and inching along.

I'd almost forgotten one of the items I'd brought along. I pulled out my digital camera, and started snapping some shots, concentrating on his privates. "Smile. Before and after pictures, you know."

"Don't. Please, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'M SORRY!" he was crying.

That was when inspiration struck.

Ok, what I did next was wrong. I know that. But I was really angry. I'm sure you can understand that. And I figured that maybe there was something I could do to really slam the door on this one, and get a little revenge for Debbie, 'in-kind'.

I grabbed John by the back of his shirt and he started to scream. I punched him in the head a few times, to shut him up. Not a particularly good idea, the head is way too hard, and I hurt my hand a bit. I decided to just kick him in the future, which seemed to work just fine. I dumped him at the feet of his buddy, Dale. I pulled out my knife and cut his wrists free from the zip-tie. The knife drew a bit of blood, but nothing serious. He lay there rubbing his wrists.

"Move an inch, and I'll use another tie to zip your hands and balls together, and leave you that way until your balls fall off."

I grabbed my duct tape, and went to Dale. "I bet your hands hurt pretty bad right now."

He nodded. I guess he was still taking my 'underwear' threat pretty seriously.

I reached around him, careful in case he had any ideas about kicking out at me. I cut his hands free; they were almost purple from lack of circulation. I allowed him a moment to rub the circulation back into them. Then I had him extend his arms out to his sides, fully, and duct taped them to the railing. One arm had to be raised above his head, making him look like he was pointing upstairs. I smiled.

"Ok John. Here's the deal. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make Dale cum in your mouth. Do that for me, and I'll believe you really don't care for girls that much, and maybe we can end this."

John cringed, "Fuck, man! I'm no fag!"

Dale started to talk, and I just turned and looked at him, cold. He shut up.

I turned back to John. "Oh, but you're wrong. You are! And if you can convince me of that, why then I don't have to kill or neuter you. Wouldn't that be nice?"

"You're full of shit man." He was feeling brave. That was bad.

"Ok. You're choice. Put your hands together and hold them out." I instructed him, reaching in my pocket for another zip tie.

"Couldn't you use the tape?" he begged, holding his hands out to me.

"Not if I'm going to tie them to your balls." I smirked, reaching for him.

He pulled away, leaning back. I kicked him in the chest, then kicked him about the head while he tried to cover up.

"Stop, stop," he was crying, his elbows covering his face, trying to hold his hands out to me.

"Don't you fucking pull away from me, or I'll have to just kill you, and then I have to kill your friend. Don't make me do that, dick-face." I kicked him again for good measure.

"I...I'll do it." He moaned.

"Do what?"

"I'll make him cum." He whispered, barely audible.

"Good." I pulled him to his knees by one wrist, and dragged him upright. I took his one wrist, and making a rope of duct tape, tied him to the railing on the steps going down from where Dale was tied.

"Entertain me." I pulled up a chair to one side, sitting about five feet away, my bat in my hand, slapping the meat of the bat gently into my open palm. Smack. Smack. Smack.

John never looked up. He took Dale's belt in his free hand, and worked it open. He pulled the pants open, unbuttoning and unzipping them. He tugged them down a short ways.

"Down around his ankles please. Give yourself some room to work over there." I directed.

With a series of alternating tugs, he pulled them down below the knees.

Dale's shorts were bulging. It looked like someone was more than a little interested in what was going on. John was hesitating now, with the full briefs staring him in the face.

"Go on. Don't make me get up, John."

He tried to pull the shorts down from the side, but the waistband got caught up on Dale's package. He had to reach up, and free the waistband, pulling the underwear down from the front. Dale's semi-hard cock flopped out, bouncing. John pulled back. Then he looked over at me with fear in his eyes, and reaching across, worked the briefs down below Dale's knees.

"Good." I encouraged.

John's head drooped to the side, and he looked down at the ground. His free hand found it's way to Dale's erection, and gripped it. He started to slide his hand up and down, about half of its length.

"John, John, John. I know you can do better than that," I chastened.

John picked up the pace a little, a little longer strokes, a little faster. I looked up to see Dale, with his head back and eyes closed. The cock in John's hand was growing, and it was becoming clear that Dale was an 'above-average' kind of guy.

"That's better, but you know, I'm going to have to see your mouth at work if you're really looking to convince me."

John looked to me, then back to the cock he was stroking. Dale was really hard now, a drop of pre-cum glistening. John tilted the cock towards his face, and placed his mouth over the end. He didn't move, just held his mouth there, and stroked that big cock. As John's mouth enclosed the fat head of Dale's cock, a sigh escaped Dale's lips.

"C'mon John. Is that how you like to be sucked? I know you can do better then that." I scolded, before snapping another picture.

Slowly, John took Dale a little deeper in his mouth, then slid him out. He repeated this several times. He took Dale's meat from his mouth, and licked the length of his cock, back to the head, and again took him deep. He was starting to get into it. So was Dale.

"Oh, like that." Dale was whispering, when his cock was pushing at the back of John's throat.

John continued, now more animated, moving his head side to side, sucking tightly as he pulled off. He finally looked up to see Dale staring down at him.

"That's right. Suck me. Suck. Take it." Dale encouraged him.

John tried to push his face down harder onto the cock in his mouth. It made for a great photo. Click. The flash went off, and distracted the boys for a minute, but John just went back to work.

John did a credible job for the next few minutes. I think the position Dale was in was making things difficult on his end; he kept choking against the tape around his neck.

"Jack, I'm ready up here." Debbie called down from upstairs.

"Ok, boys, I'm going to go get her stuff. You keep up the good work. I'll be checking on you. Don't disappoint me." I headed up the stairs, and saw Debbie at the top of the stairs watching John go down on Dale. I couldn't read the look on her face, but it looked like she was enjoying this.

There was a bed sheet open at the top of the stairs, piled high with clothes, toiletries, some books, toys, and a stack of videotapes. I gathered the four corners of the sheet together and pulled up, making a huge sack of her belongings. The sides were open, so I gathered in the sheet from the edges, and when I had a good grip, carried the load downstairs.

Debbie led the way down the stairs, and after reaching the bottom stood over John watching him suck away at Dale.

John was blushing, but didn't let up. Dale was smiling now, thrusting with his hips, speaking down to John. "Suck me, you bitch. Show her how; go ahead. That's it, take it all."

Debbie finally spoke up, "Go ahead, John, take it all." She reached behind his head and pushed his face into Dale's crotch. She was holding his hair in her fist, and after he would back off, she would push his head hard back onto Dale's cock. John was gagging and coughing, but between Dale and Debbie, he was soon taking the whole thing in his mouth.

"That's better. Now isn't that nice?" Debbie asked, sarcastically.

I had put down the load. I grabbed the bat off the floor, and gave it to Debbie.

"I don't want them letting up. If they stop playing nice, remind them with this."

I took the sheet of belongings outside to the car, and put it in the back seat. I came back to the townhouse, and Debbie was standing behind John, pushing the handle of the bat against John's ass.

"Do you like that, John? I bet you'd like this in your butt. You know you want it. Open up for me, and maybe I'll give it to you..." She was teasing him.

I took up position next to her. "John, I'm so disappointed. You should have had him cumming by now. I guess he's not impressed with your oral talents." I pulled my knife out of my pocket, and opened it with an audible snap. "Excuse me, Debbie. I need to get back there. He failed job one, so now it's time for the backup plan. Stop, John. Don't move, or I might cut off more than I intend."

"NO. I can do it, I can make him cum. I'm trying man, I'm TRYING." John was clenching his ass tightly, and trying to cover himself with his free hand.

"Ok, I'll give you one more chance." I reached down, and cut the zip-tie from his ankles. I stood him up, holding on to the back of his shirt. He was completely quiescent, and obedient. I cut his hand free and turned him around, backing him up to Dale. He obviously knew where this was going, and seemed resigned to his fate. He bent over at the waist, thrusting his ass backwards, and placing his hands on his knees.

"Dale, I'm going to make this a little easier for you." I stood next to him, and cut his neck free, as well as his higher hand. "Now if I cut your other hand free, are you going to behave yourself?"

"Yeah. This wasn't my idea, you know." He answered, rubbing at his neck.

"I know, but it is your choice in friends." I cut his second hand free and stepped back.

"Ok, you know what I'm expecting." I stood back just beside John's shoulder, and placed the cold steel of the back of the blade against the back of John's neck.

"Oh, I know." Dale responded. His cock was still rock-hard, and he placed the head of his cock at John's rear opening. "I'm going to teach this stupid bitch a lesson about getting me involved in shit like this."

He was using one hand to push his cock into John, using the other hand to pull John back by the hip. John kept muttering, "Oh shit, oh shit" as he bounced back against the invading organ. I found the statement particularly apropos.

Dale's moment of penetration was obvious, and he thrust forcefully to embed himself deeply in John's ass. John groaned, and let his head droop. Debbie stepped up to John, dipped her mouth to his ear, and whispered, "Now you know; let's see how you like it."

As Debbie and I departed the premises, Dale was treating John to a forceful reaming, aggressively pounding his ass. I had to add a parting remark as I shut the door behind us.

"Enjoy John. Hopefully, for your sake, I'll never see you again."

Dale answered, "I doubt you'll see him again. I'll make sure of that." He didn't even slow down.

* * * * * * OK, the worst of it is over, the squeamish may want to continue from here. * * * * *

We hurried to the car, and drove away. I couldn't help but chuckle, and soon we both were laughing almost hysterically.

Unfortunately, her laugh soon turned to tears, and she cried the entire way home. I just drove along in silence with no idea what to say.

I escorted her from the car, back into Karen's, and sat her down, getting her a drink. Karen wanted the story of course, so I gave her a slightly abridged version. She's more cold, calculating, and vengeful then either of us, and although she was amused by what we'd done, she had numerous suggestions of her own. It hurt me just to hear about them. Ouch. John was lucky it had just been the two of us.

Karen was feeling particularly generous that night, and after we put both Debbie and the kids to bed, she treated me to a blowjob downstairs in the living room. She'd generously given up her room to Debbie. She rushed me through the oral sex, worried that Craig would be home soon, but it didn't interfere with my need, and I was cumming within about 5 minutes. She certainly did have a talented mouth.

* * * *

It was pretty late when I finally drove the final load of my belongings over to the house. I realized that I'd forgotten to bring Debbie's things inside previously, so I took them into the new house, and carried them upstairs to the room we'd designated as hers. I was going to spend the next day, the last day of the month, cleaning my old apartment, in order to get my full deposit back.

When I dropped the sheet in her room, I was reminded of the tapes by the clatter of their plastic. I was curious. Ok, it was wrong, but I took a few of them downstairs to my room, and hooked up my TV and VCR so I could see their contents.

The first video showed a poor quality picture of John and Debbie. It started with John narrating for the video, as he set up the camera on a tripod, and Debbie sat at the edge of the bed, naked. John stepped over to her, stood in front of her with his semi-hard dick in his hand, and instructed her to suck him. For the next 10 minutes she blew him, and then he screwed her doggy style, constantly playing up to the camera, as if he was making the video for someone. The tape contained a few more scenes of a similar type, in which John and Debbie performed for the camera. The only variation in the tapes came in how long she sucked him before he screwed her, and in what position. In one of the scenes he took her up the ass and in another he could never really get hard, and he ended up falling asleep on the bed, while she tried to get him up.

I decided to try another tape.

This one started out with more of the same, but in the third scene Debbie and John were joined by another guy I hadn't seen before. In this scene the guys took turns on her. It started with John getting a blowjob, and then after a few minutes he sat to one side, and watched as Debbie worked her oral magic on 'Ron'. Ron's tool if anything was well below average, but Debbie did a pretty impressive job on him, and had him cumming in her mouth within a couple of minutes. John then climbed back in the saddle and screwed her missionary for a while 'til he unloaded. About halfway through John's ride, Ron lay beside Debbie and fondled her breasts, eventually kissing her. It looked as if Ron was really taken with her, understandably so. As soon as John was finished, Ron replaced him and screwed her pretty thoroughly for the next 15 minutes. She was about as animated as she'd been in any of the videos for him, and they changed position a few times, before he finished inside her while she was riding him, facing him.

I turned off the video. Morbid curiosity made me insert another.

This time it was cued up just after some guy had finished cumming on her face. She was on her knees in front of a guy watching TV. Dale and John were also present in the room. Dale thrust some paper towels in her face, and told her to clean up. She wiped her face, and the camera angle changed, and I realized that this time someone was actively doing the filming. I could now see Dale's cock in his hand, semi-hard, and he was waving it around.

"Get over here, and hurry up. I gotta go at half-time, or my wife's going to be pissed." He laughed out loud, as she settled between his legs, and started to give him a half-hearted blowjob. She was mechanically moving her head, and stroking his cock. He reached out and cuffed her on the side of the head.

"Watch the teeth, bitch."

The other guys just continued watching the game. I shuddered to think how common a scenario this must have been for the sight of that beautiful girl sucking cock to be so matter-of-fact and uneventful.

I felt guilty, watching her degradation, and popped that video out. I took the videos back to her room, and left them there. I then headed back to my room so I could hit the sack early. I was planning on getting up early to finish the cleaning of my apartment.

I was a long time getting to sleep. I couldn't get the image of her out of my mind, being passed around, fucking and sucking on demand. The worst part was, it excited me at the same time that it disturbed and disgusted me. I hated that.

* * * *

The next morning I headed back to the apartment early, so I could finish giving the place a cleaning. There wasn't a lot to do, ever since Debbie had gotten involved the place had been pretty immaculate.

Shortly after I had arrived, while I was finishing wiping down the interior of the refrigerator, Debbie showed up, buckets and cleaning supplies in hand. As usual she was stunning, tight t-shirt tied above her waist, and baggie shorts with a tight belt.

"Hey beautiful, what are you doing here? I thought you had the kids to watch."

"I thought I could help you clean up here, and get you back to where you need to be, getting the house in shape. Beth said she'd take 'em, and drop 'em off when day-care's out."

What I really wanted to do, was take her right there and then. But I was a little worried about how things were with us, after the goings on from the day before, and I felt more than a little bit awkward.

"That's great! How do you want to split this up?" I asked.

"If you'll vacuum the place, I'll clean the rooms from the back to the front. You can then shampoo the carpets while I finish up the kitchen. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. We'll have the whole afternoon to ourselves." She smiled so enticingly.

"Let's do it then, and see if we can't get back to the house by lunch."

I took the vacuum back to the bedroom and vacuumed that room, the hall, and the living area, while Debbie put a shine on the bathroom. By the time I'd finished the dining room, and had the shampooer set up, she'd finished wiping down the walls, doors and windows in the bedroom and I was able to start the shampooing there.

Once I finished the bedroom, I paused to watch her at work. She looked so pretty, so sexy. When she bent over to work on the baseboards, I wanted so desperately to just walk up behind her and ravage her, grabbing that delicious ass in my hands.

She caught me watching her, which brought out a hint of a smile, and she wiggled that sweet tush at me. It was all I could do to keep my mind on the task at hand, and start cleaning the hall run.

The shampooing was slow going, and she was done with the kitchen before I had finished the living room.

"Wow, are you done already? That's fast. It's not even 11:00 yet," I said.

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