tagGroup SexCvsN 11: A New Addition

CvsN 11: A New Addition

byTx Tall Tales©

A previously unpublished chapter in the story of Jack, and the home he shares with three lovelies.

* * * *

Karen's sister Robin moves in, causing some agitation to say the least. Other than that, it's a typical day at the "House that Lust built". A little more story and a little less sex than most chapters - I'll make it up to you with the next.

* * * *

Office work was moving along lightning fast. Almost too fast. Chris brought me in to her office on Friday and dropped a bombshell.

"We need someone to go to Spain next week, to do a field evaluation of your concept. I can't imagine anyone else being up-to-speed yet to do this, so we really need you to go over. Do you have a problem with going to Zaragoza next week? We'd fly out Wednesday, do customer on-sites Thursday and Friday, returning Saturday."

"Wow, that's pretty short notice." I told her.

"If we don't do it next week, we lose three weeks because of field exercises, and the customer is really pushing for this all of a sudden. It wasn't in the contract, so we're getting compensated for this separately." She explained.

I had never traveled internationally on business, and really had no idea how this would work. I'd never been to Spain, so I was a little nervous. "How does this work?"

"Corporate travel will take care of the details. We'll catch a flight out of Dulles Wednesday evening, arriving early Thursday morning. We'll visit the site in Madrid, for a series of meetings and some field work, spending the night there. The next day we'd fly to Zaragoza early, for our meetings there, returning that evening. We'd leave late next morning from Madrid, and be back here a little after noon." She had her DayTimer out in front of her, while going over the details.

"And what are we doing there?" I asked, still curious about the need for this early trip.

"Basically the same pitch you did a few months back, but this time looking for technical feature feedback, to make sure the end-customer thinks this is useful. Plus, I think it's a political thing, making sure they feel involved in the process."

"Ok. That makes some sense. I guess it should be no problem." I finally agreed.

"Great. Let's leave from here on Wednesday. I can drive. You might as well come in late, we'll leave here around 6:00 pm which should get us to the airport in plenty of time. We can go over our presentations on the plane." She told me with a big friendly smile.

I left Chris's office in a daze. So much was happening, so fast. This project stuff. International travel, and management responsibilities. The addition to the house. The addition of Robin into our already crowded household. The whole day-care operation discussion. Jim's involvement with Karen. And of course my two beautiful bed-mates. On top of all this, Joe was dropping broad hints that he wouldn't mind a little group action again.

I got home late, trying to do a little extra to empty my plate before the next week's travel, and upon entering the house, I was shocked to have Robin run up and give me a full body hug and kiss before I'd hardly cleared the threshold. She nearly bowled me over.

"Mmmm. So he's finally home! The master of the mansion."

"Wow, that's an awfully nice welcome." I answered, but a little put off by her aggression.

"Oh, I imagine you get even nicer greetings than this usually," she laughed, rubbing her hand on my ass a second before turning and flouncing off into the house.

Robin wasn't a beauty by any means, but she had a pretty nice body, and was advertising it well. She had on Daisy-Duke shorts that showed half her ass, and a tight tee-shirt that had the phrase "I'd rather be topless" scrawled across it.

Debbie had been holding dinner, and we all squeezed in at the table. I asked Debbie how things had gone at the bank, getting the paperwork to do a refinance on the place, and she gave me the gist of the situation, and we agreed to look over the papers after dinner. The table was crowded as usual, with Debbie, Karen, Beth and now Robin there. The little one's had been fed earlier, and I knew we had to do something about the eating arrangements. The table could barely squeeze in 6, and with Erin and Ashley we numbered 7 even when we had no guests over.

Just to set the story straight - even in a house with a bunch of young, beautiful, available women, most of our time isn't spent in wanton sex. There are always chores to do, goals and projects to prepare for, and the presence of two pre-schoolers can also put a damper on some impromptu efforts. And of course there are the physical limitations that arise (or don't) even on someone with all the inspiration I had.

This was one of those evenings. Paperwork, discussions, cleaning up, replacing an outdoor light, adjusting a shelf in the pantry that wobbled, you know, the day-to-day grind. Not a crazy over-heated sex-act in sight. I was tired and sore and looking forward to getting in bed, and maybe having Debbie suck me to sleep.

By the end of the evening, Robin seemed to have other ideas. The little ones had been put to sleep a good bit earlier, Robin and Beth were watching the TV, and Debbie was doing laundry. I had no idea where Karen was, and was a little surprised that Jim hadn't made it over. He hadn't missed a Friday in three weeks.

The light on back porch had gone out, and it was about 10 feet up on the side of the house. I really didn't feel like changing it, but I was in chore mode, and so I headed back to the garage and got out the extension ladder and dragged it in place. When I got back Robin was outside waiting for me.

"I thought I could help hold the ladder," she offered.

"Thanks, that'll help a lot," I told her. It would help, I was working in the dark, and the bottom of the ladder was on our rear porch, not the stablest location in the world.

As with most chores, it seems the preparation takes longer than the task. Ten minutes of procrastination, and preparation, and 30 seconds to complete the job. Robin took the far end of the ladder and helped me carry it back to the garage. Once I hung it from the hooks on the side wall, I turned to find Robin standing about 6 inches away. She leaned into me, wrapping her arms around me and laying her head on my shoulder.

"So, Jack, are we ready for some fun? Am I going to be on the receiving end of some of the famous Jack Magic now?" Her hands were anything but still, as she rubbed my back and ass in clear invitation.

"Robin, that wasn't part of the deal. You don't have to sleep with me just because you're staying here." I told her, stroking her hair. I could feel the attention already working it's physiological magic in my pants.

"Who said anything about having to? I want to. Don't you want me?" She rubbed her hand across my growing bulge. "Mmmm, I think you do."

I had to nip this in the bud. "I do want you, but I'm in a relationship right now, and I can't really stray from it."

"What's the relationship? Every girl that walks through the door but me?" She asked, sounding a bit irritated.

"No, I'm in a relationship with Beth and Debbie. They've agreed that I can continue to have occasional fun with your sister and another friend, who I've been involved with since our relationship started, but they've asked me not to wander any further, and I'm going to do my best to meet that commitment." I had peeled her off of me by this time, and was holding her at arms length.

"You're kidding right?" she asked me in mock wonder.

"No, not at all."

"What if they say it's OK? How about then," she insisted, with a nod back towards the house.

"Robin, I'm in over my head already. Four lovers is enough for any man. Why don't we just be friends, and work on our project, and if something comes up over time, we'll see about it then." Damn, I just wasn't good at this rejection thing.

"Are you saying you'd really rather be with Karen then me? Jack, trust me. Let's go inside, you and me, and I will rock your world. You won't be sorry."

She was so confident for someone so young. And it was so tempting, I don't think I'd ever NOT fucked someone I had the opportunity to do. Hell, maybe I was growing up.

"No, Robin. Not tonight. Like I said, give us some time, please. If I wasn't involved right now, I'd love to find out what we could get up to, but this isn't the time." I took her hand in mine and we left the garage and headed back to the house.

"Shit. I'm all worked up. I was looking forward to this all day, all through exams. I've changed my underwear twice today." Robin was at least as open and vocal as her sister. "Ok, we'll play by your rules for a while. You'll see, in a while you'll be dying to get a piece of this."

Back in the house I completed one last chore, putting away the dishes that go on the top shelves in the kitchen. Debbie always leaves them out for me after washing up, and I put them away.

Coming out of the kitchen I announced that I was worn out and was going to take a quick shower and hit the sack early. When I came out of the shower, Beth was waiting for me with a towel.

She helped dry me off, and I almost missed it when she spoke.

"What were you two up to, out there for so long?" Her tone was soft, but I had a feeling this was an important question.

"Just changed the light. We had a discussion. She wanted to do more, but I explained about our situation." I answered, while she finished the drying.

I went to brush my teeth, but Beth wasn't done yet.

"And she just accepted that?"

"Unh-Hunh," I grunted, nodding to make my message clearer, with a mouth full of toothpaste and brush.

"Not even a quick blow-job or anything? You didn't even feel her up?" She was insistent if nothing else.

I rinsed and turned to answer. "Beth. We did nothing. She made a play for me, and I said no. She hugged me and even gave me a bit of a rub, and yes, I got hard, but I laid out the rules, and those included NOT expanding the circle of intimacy at this time. She may even start bugging you and Debbie to get included in the group. But that's it."

A voice from the doorway spoke up. "I told you." It was Debbie.

"I didn't think he would, but I had to know." Beth said acting almost a little ashamed.

I headed back to the bedroom, stopping to give Debbie a peck on the forehead. "You were right to be concerned. I've never been good at saying no. But I'm going to do my best. You two are the best damn thing that has EVER happened to me, and I don't have to look beyond the doorway to this bedroom for anything else in the way of love and affection."

"Except Karen, you mean," Debbie added with a smirk.

"And Cathy," Beth added.

"No. Those are just good friends, and if the sex stopped tomorrow, I wouldn't mind." Well, maybe I would mind a bit. I sat on the edge of the bed, really worn out and ready to drop.

"Girls, I really am bushed, I've got to crash. And we've got an early day tomorrow, with the bank, and lining things up for the addition work, and gosh, I don't know, it seems like a hundred different things need to be done." While I spoke Debbie was removing her clothes.

"I'm going to close up shop," Beth answered, and headed out to the living room. I wondered if 'shop' meant having a little heart-to-heart with Robin.

Debbie, on the other hand had different ideas.

"Roll over," she told me, and I did, stretching out on my stomach in the middle of the bed.

She straddled my hips and proceeded to give me a long, soothing massage. She was thorough, and good, but not always gentle, and worked all the knots out of my system. I must have fallen asleep near the end, but she rolled me over on to my back, partially waking me in the process.

"Mmm, that was nice," I murmured.

I felt her hair drag across my hip, and then her hand took my cock just moments before her mouth enveloped it. She gently sucked me to hardness, almost reverently. I was on the edge of sleep, with all my feelings focused on her actions. When I was sufficiently hard for her, she straddled me again, this time with a difference, my stiff rod buried to the root in her tightness. Again she massaged me, first my upper body, and then she got up, turned around, and resettled on my cock before massaging my legs.

I'm not sure what heaven is, but it couldn't feel a whole lot better than I did at that moment. I was so relaxed, and at the same time enjoying the sensation of being inside the beautiful Debbie.

She eventually stopped the massage and gave her full attention to servicing me. She rode me gently, giving me nice long slow strokes, and it was as if the goal was just the action, not the completion. I was in no hurry to come, nor did I feel eager to. I was locked in a state of semi-consciousness, with my cock being administered to by me expert bed-mate.

When she rolled off of me, without my coming, I groaned a little sigh of disappointment. I needn't have worried. With Debbie curled up beside me, her hands caressing me, and little kisses tap-dancing across my shoulders, chest and neck, I felt a new weight shifting on the bed and I half-opened my eyes to see the equally gorgeous Beth lowering herself onto my waiting pillar.

Hers was a different ride, not quite as gentle as Debbie, but more demanding, more possessive. She was dragging me up out of my half-sleep, while Debbie soothed and hushed me, finally kissing me on the lips with a long tender show of affection.

My hips were responding now, almost of their own volition, and as Beth speeded up a little more, I answered in kind. Now I did want to come. I wanted to fill her with my seed. I wanted to feel that wonderful release, and I wanted it inside of my teen love.

"Come for us, love," Debbie whispered, "come for Beth."

Beth finally gave up on any semblance of gentleness, and she pounded her hips up and down on my stiffness, with a fierce desire. My peak was sudden, and in a moment I was thrusting up hard, coming inside that hot little treasure. It was wonderful.

Beth collapsed next to me, breathing hard, as if she'd run a race. She lay back with her head on my arm, gasping. Debbie on the other hand left my side, and slid down the bed. She was gentle as she cleaned me with her mouth.

"I'm sorry I doubted you, Jack," Beth said at last.

"I can't blame you. It's not like I have a reputation for fidelity" I said softly, enjoying the oral attention Debbie was bestowing.

"But I need to trust you." Beth answered.

"I trust you. You can control who I'm with. As long as you two are part of the deal." Debbie finally finished with me, but left me in a half-hard state. Instead of climbing up beside me, I felt her weight shift towards Beth's side of the bed. Curious, I had to lean my head up and peek down to find Debbie's head lodged in the 'V' of Beth's legs.

"Ohh, Deb, that's so nice," Beth murmured, and I knew that Debbie was finishing up her cleaning job.

I rolled half-way over and gave Beth a deep kiss of my own.

"Beth, I love you so much, I'm not going to fuck things up over a little tart like Robin. You can trust that." I held her and massaged her breasts, just enjoying the feel in my hands, as I started to drift off again. I felt her body tremble as she came for Debbie, and then the deep relaxation that followed. I relaxed myself, well satisfied, and when Debbie's mouth slowly got me hard again, and her mouth worked it's wicked wonders, I hardly even woke when she enticed one last orgasm from me before finally settling in herself.

* * *

Saturday was hectic. Beth was gone early for swim practice, but just before she left she dropped a huge bomb on me. She wanted me to meet her parents on Sunday for an early dinner. Ouch! That was one meeting I was scared to death of.

The bank meeting took a lot longer than I expected. Turns out home refinancing takes a while, and when I told the manager I was working with that I was hoping to get started quicker, he suggested several options, including a home-improvement loan, and a signature line-of-credit. I was very surprised to see he was willing to approve me for a lot more credit than I thought I'd be able to get. I walked out with a re-fi in the works, and access to $20,000 from my checking account. That should easily get me started, and by the time I needed any more money, the refinance should be complete.

When I got back to the ranch, Robin, Jim and Karen were huddled around the plans for the addition, calculating yards of concrete needed, lumber, siding and drywall needs, as well as flooring, jousts, roofing, and who knows what else. The numbers they were throwing around seemed really large, and I was glad to have their help.

My major task for the day was to work on finishing the interior of the garage, to make it useful as a daycare eventually. I planned on walling off one of the garage doors, and adding an exterior door there, carpeting throughout, replacing the hardware between the office and the garage, and hanging a drop ceiling in the garage. Joe had offered to help, as had Jim. Joe was to come over sometime after lunch, and Jim would be available as soon as they completed their calculations and started ordering materials to be delivered or picked up in some cases.

I got going on my own, removing the existing garage door, and replacing the hardware on the connecting door. I couldn't do much towards the framing or drop ceiling since I needed Joe's truck to haul materials. The amount of stuff I can haul in my 924 is not even worth considering. What was worth considering was the possibility of replacing my 924. I loved the car, but as impractical as it was when I was single, it was ridiculous now. God, I felt so domesticated.

Joe eventually did show up, and Jim tore himself away from the materials calculations and we did get a lot done. Didn't finish all of our tasks but we did get the new wall and door in, as well as hung the drop ceiling. I was getting late, and we were hauling all the boxes left over from the old owner into the office so me could carpet the garage side, when Beth showed up with refreshments.

"Debbie's making burgers and home-made fries. How many do each of you want?" She asked while passing out tall iced mugs of Strohs.

"Can you stay, Joe?" I asked, since I knew he had home commitments.

"Cathy's in Waldorf with the kids. I was going to have to fend for myself otherwise." He admitted with a grin.

"I should warn you, Debbie's burgers are about an inch thick. I'm starved but will be lucky to be able to finish two." I told them both.

"One is plenty for me," Jim offered. He was never a huge eater, and at maybe a 140 lbs, would be hard to find room for two burgers and the fries.

"I'll try for two. I can always take leftovers home for breakfast," Joe said.

"Now that would be silly, considering how good a breakfast Debbie makes," Beth laughed, walking back to the house with our order.

Joe turned to me with a quizzically raised eyebrow.

"I don't know what she meant, you'll have to figure that one out on your own." I laughed, wondering myself just what Beth had intended by that if anything.

During the work we'd been giving Jim some ribbing about his new relationship, and asking him if he was looking to get into some sister-sister action. Just before we headed back to the house to clean-up he pulled me a bit to the side and broached the same subject.

"Jack, I think Robin wants me. She kept placing her hand on my thigh, and rubbing up against me while we were working, and she was flirting a lot." He told me breathlessly.

"What about Karen?" I asked him.

"She was there, and didn't say anything." He answered.

"All I know is, if you do anything, and I mean ANYTHING with Robin without Karen's knowledge and agreement, you might as well kiss that relationship goodbye." I told him.

"How come? You can do all these girls, why couldn't I be with both?" He asked, almost defiantly.

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