tagGroup SexCvsN 15: All the World's a Stage

CvsN 15: All the World's a Stage

byTx Tall Tales©


Coming home from travel, Robin gets frisky, and the girls act up.


Arriving at Dulles International and going through customs with my boss definitely felt awkward. Here we were trying to act normal, and I was getting hard just from being around her. She was the oldest woman I'd ever been with, almost 35 years old, and had been a complete wild woman in bed. She'd come for me like a string of Black-cat firecrackers. Bang. Bang. Bang-bang-bang-bang-bang.

How'd I'd act around her at work was already a huge concern on my part. Equally so on her part, I imagined.

We made it through the endless waiting, and loaded her car. She'd offered to give me a ride home when we left, and I'd accepted, not wanting anyone to have to drive all the way out to the airport, since Chris and I only lived a few miles apart.

"Stop that," she blurted, about 20 minutes into the drive.

Hunh? I hadn't been doing anything. "Stop what?"

"Stop looking at me like that! Jesus, Jack, everyone's going to know."

I realized she was right. I'd been sitting sideways in the chair, just looking at her. Wondering how I'd missed the signs. She was so pretty, so hot, so wild. And I thought she was mostly just another number pushing middle manager.

"Sorry. This is going to be hard, you know. When I look at you, I see you last night, in bed, and, well, you can imagine how I feel," I confessed.

"Please, Jack. Don't. We agreed," she said softly.

"I know. I'm sorry. I'll do better."

We rode in quiet for a while. "I've got so much at risk, Jack. You understand. A husband, a marriage, children. My job. This was such a mistake."

"I understand. From now on, you're just my boss. My pretty, friendly, and wonderful to work with boss, but that's as far as it goes."

"And you can remember that?" she asked.

"Until Spain," I reminded her.

She shivered. "Don't speak about it. I can't even think about that right now."

"Four weeks."

She giggled. "Hell, my pussy may even recover by then." She suddenly brought her hand to her mouth. "Shit. I said that out loud, didn't I? Shit - shit - shit."

"Rest up. Next time we'll be there for a whole week."

I watched her blush, and let the subject drop. We turned to discussing the project and equally safe subjects.

I wasn't ready for what awaited me when I got home. Jim had been as good as his word, and as soon as we drove up into the driveway, I could see my home had been devastated.

Jim loved the big machines, and I could see the front-loader he'd rented for the weekend parked to one side. It was almost hidden behind the cement truck, creating a grey pool on the left side of the house.

It was only early afternoon, but I'd been up for about 20 hours already, and was dragging. I hadn't gotten all that much sleep the night before, thanks to the amorous mood of my boss, which I'd been more than happy to contend with at the time. Now I was feeling a bit guilty.

More than anything, I needed rest. Unfortunately, that didn't look all that likely.

I managed to unload the vehicle, say a platonic goodbye to Chris, and make my way into the house without generating any attention. One nice thing about having a cement truck around, nobody notices the sound of a little car.

I headed through the living room and the giant 16 foot wide gaping hole in the wall, peeking out through the large plastic covering to find Jim working to float the cement, while the delivery vehicle left for parts unknown. To my amusement Robin was out there working with him and they were in an animated conversation. They both looked grubby as hell, which reminded me how badly I needed a shower of my own. I will say grubby looked better on her. Short shorts, a light shirt tied up halter-style, and a speckling of cement all over, looked sexier than it should. Beth was present as well, dressed down and helping clean up some of the construction mess. A line of bulging black contractor bags gave me the impression she'd been at it for a while. Debbie was out of sight, probably back in the kitchen, preparing my welcome home dinner. Yum.

I turned tail back toward the bedroom. What I really wanted to do was hit the sack. If the noise of the construction wasn't enough to deter that idea, the knowledge that I likely had a house full of women and kids waiting for tales from far away Spain put that thought out of the way.

In minutes I had my suitcase dumped into the dirty laundry, along with my ripe clothing from the travel. I grabbed one of the big thick towels that Debbie was so fond of, and stepped into the shower, luxuriating under the high pressure of the downpour, in stark contrast to the misty drizzle of the showers in Madrid.

My head was tilted back, letting the water wash out the shampoo from my hair, when I felt a cool breeze across my skin quickly followed by the someone brushing up against me.

"No fair," I laughed, quickly wondering which of my beauties it was. "I've still got shampoo in my hair."

My shower-friend slid around me pressing her body against my back and side, reaching her arms around my body and sliding them up and down my torso. It wasn't long before one hand was stroking me to firmness, while the other continued its exploratory journey.

With the soap rinsed out of my hair, I rinsed my eyes clean and turned to my teaser. Robin smiled up at me as she slid in close, pressing my erection against her belly, and pulling my hands up to her tits. I was speechless, completely surprised, and while I stood there, frozen, she reached up to my head and pulled my face down for a kiss.

"Robin! What the hell?"

She giggled. "I'm not allowed to shower with Jim-Bob, so Beth told me to shower in here. I never thought she'd be so willing to let us play together." Her hands were still busy, holding us together, and stroking my hardness. I'm somewhat ashamed to say my hands were still glued to her chest, which really was pretty nice, if not quite up to her sister's. "Nice cock you've got here," she said with a smile, stroking my firmness.

"I'm sure she didn't know I was in here," I countered, while her lips stopped making words, and started kissing their way down my torso.

I reached down, as difficult as it was, and encouraged her to stand again, just before her active mouth reached my needy hard-on.

"That concrete gets everywhere, and seems to start hardening immediately. Reminds me of somebody." She teased, turning away from me, and backing up, pressing her sweet round butt against me. She had her hands on the soap, and was lathering up her body. "The least you could do is help me clean up," she said, reaching for my hands and placing them back on her breasts.

While I let my hands fondle and caress her slick flesh, she continued rubbing her butt against my steely shaft. She raised one foot up onto the corner ledge, opening her legs, and reached back to grab my cock and slide it against her.

I don't know how I get myself in these situations, but I bent my knees, lowering my hips and bringing my aching cock in line with where her hands were guiding me. We both pushed, and I felt myself slide into her, smoothly. Three quarters buried, I released her tits, grabbed her hips, and pulled her back, hard, filling her.

"Fuck!" she gasped, grinding her hips against me. "Damn, I needed that. My sister has had me in a constant state of teasing for over a week now." I looked down at the sexy thing, getting a good view of her tramp stamp for the first time. She had a four-leaf clover centered on her lower back, with intricate vines curling away. Looking carefully, I could see that the vines on the left side spelled out "Lucky" in cursive, on the right side, it read "You." Lucky You. Nice.

I turned with her, pressing her against the wall, while I slowly drove in and out of her warm slice. I reached up to turn the shower head away, and then thought better of it, turned it to massage, and aimed it at where we were joined. "Tell me about the teasing."

"She's such a bitch. She has me in the room with her and Jim all the time now, whenever they're going at it. I'm sometimes allowed to play along, even suck him and ride him, but never to completion for either of us. It's killing me." Her words arrived in bursts, interrupted by intermittent gasps. Her hands were spread wide, bracing her against the sides of the shower, as she thrust back against me with her hips. I felt her shiver. "God, Jack, you feel huge inside of me."

We were no longer talking, and I was pounding her pretty hard. Her gasps turned to a series of long moans, until she cried out for me, her entire body trembling. Her legs almost gave out, and as she slid down, I lifted her back up, grabbing the back of her thighs and raising her off the ground, eliciting a surprised squeal from my little friend. I pinned her to the wall and fucked her viciously. She came in waves, but before I felt the need to come inside her, I eased back and set her down on the ground, her trembling legs slow to accept her weight.

She felt good sheathing my cock, but I was already feeling horrible about what I was doing. How Karen would take it. Never mind Beth and Debbie. I had to stop. I pulled out of her, leaving her moaning. "We can't be doing this, Robin," I told her.

She looked up at me with eyes glistening, silent, angry. Then I saw the change, just before she leaned forward and clung to me. "I know. I'm sorry." She held on for a long while, the water pounding against my back.

"Let me help you with this guy," she finally said, grasping my still hard cock and dropping to her knees. "You definitely took care of me. I can't leave you like this. It'll be our little secret, I promise. Besides, I'm dying to feel this monster in my mouth."

I didn't know if I trusted her promise, but her mouth was quite the persuader, and in only a couple of minutes she had me on the brink of unloading. But that devil of a conscience of mine was kicking in overtime, and I reasoned with myself that if I didn't complete the action, it didn't really happen after all. "Please, Robin, stop now." I followed my words with a slow retraction, pushing her head away while I turned my hips, slowly drawing out of her talented mouth. It was hard.

"I'd be happy to finish that for you. It's the least I could do," she said with a taunting smile.

"Thanks, but you've helped enough. That was nice," I told her.

"Nice? Fan-fucking-tastic, I would hope. We didn't have to stop. I promise I can be discreet. This can be our little secret. I'd be happy to put that beast to use any time you feel up to it." She leaned against me, holding me tightly. "Maybe you can even talk your lady friends into letting me play along some time for real."

I was letting my hands misbehave once more, as were hers. I had to push her away from me, before I got carried away. Even so, my fingers lingered on her hard little nipples. "Get everything worked out with Karen first. Once that's completely resolved, I'll see what I can do about a play date."

"Working on it," she said, turning off the water which had started to noticeably cool. She stepped out and started drying herself off, and a few seconds later I was beside her, and we were talking about the addition as if nothing had ever happened. I guess not completely as if nothing happened. She kneeled behind me and dried off my legs, working up to where they came together. She made sure my rod was thoroughly dried off, while talking about load-bearing beams, foundation curing and other less intimate subjects. It didn't stop my cock from responding to the stimulus, maintaining its rock hard state. I wrapped myself in a towel and stepped into the bedroom to get dressed, eager to distance myself from the little hellion in the bathroom before we got caught.

"Jack!" I heard from behind, and barely had time to turn around before Beth leaped up and wrapped me in her arms and legs. "God, I've missed you!"

I felt her tense up, and figured rightly she was probably looking at Robin drying off in our bathroom. The best defense is a good offense...

"Imagine my surprise when you sent Robin in to help me in the shower," I told her, before planting a big kiss on her.

"I didn't! I mean, I didn't know. Jesus, Jack, did you shower with her?" Beth sputtered.

Robin walked into the room, wearing only a towel. "Don't fret it, sweety. He's a good boy, but I think I got him ready for you." She reached out and stroked my hard cock where it was tenting beneath the towel wrapped around my waist. "Damn, you're a lucky one. I'm out of here. Bad enough I have to watch Karen and Jim go at it; I don't think I could stand to have to watch you two."

Beth still seemed taken aback. "I can't believe you showered with her!"

"I was in the shower, shampooing my hair when she surprised me. When her hands started wandering I figured it was you, but it wasn't until I was able to rinse clean that I figured out who-was-who."

Robin spoke up. "I wanted to play but he shot me down. He was kind enough to help with the lathering and cleaning up. It was nice to get a bit of a rise out of him. Makes a girl feel appreciated." She had been headed out the door, but turned back to us, moving in close. "If you'd like some help taking care of that," she said, her hand once more reaching down to caress my straining rod, "I'd be more than happy to assist." She leaned in and whispered to Beth, "Honestly, how does it feel to have that whole thing buried inside of you?" She gave a tug at my towel, and it opened, falling to my feet. Her hand slid down and went straight to my cock, unapologetically.

Beth seemed to be a mass of conflicting emotions, but she eventually answered, glancing down at my hard meat, grasped in Robin's active hand. "Incredible."

I felt like a piece of furniture being discussed.

"Can I help?" Robin asked, moving in close to Beth. Very close. Her hand was still touching me, now cupped around my cock-head, and rotating on top of it.

Beth was breathing heavily, and she possessively reached out and grasped my staff. Robin leaned in and slid an arm around Beth's waist, while her other hand joined Beth's and together they stroked my rod. Robin's lips moved to Beth's ear. "I'll do whatever you want. Anything. You'll be in complete charge. Tie me up, spank me, use me, abuse me, just let me play."

Beth's voice trembled. "We can't. We have plans for tonight. With Debbie."

Robin leaned in and gave her a soft kiss. The whole scene combined with the hand action was working its miracle on me. "You're not going to leave him like that until tonight, are you?"

"No, but I can take care of this one alone," Beth insisted.

"Maybe some other time," Robin finally said, letting go of my cock, but taking one last opportunity to draw her hand down Beth's bodacious body, her fingers brushing against the teen's breasts, down her belly, and even down to the opening between her legs.

"Maybe," Beth said softly to Robin's retreating back.

She turned to me, studied me for a second, then pushed me down onto the edge of the bed before dropping to her knees, between mine. "God, she's a bad one. I'm sorry I sent her in there. I didn't know you were back yet." Then her mouth was too full to explain more.

A few seconds into my wonderful blow-job, Robin made a reappearance. She walked past us headed for the bathroom. "Never mind me, I just forgot my underwear." She stopped by on the way back out, dropping to her knees next to Beth. She reached out and brushed back Beth's hair, while my little teen tongue lasher gave it her best. "God that looks wonderful. Can I have just a taste?"

Beth pulled off of me, and I suspect she had some harsh words for Robin, but they never escaped her lips. Robin trapped them in with her own. I watched her kiss Beth like her life depended on it. She pulled away gasping. "I can taste him."

Beth rested her head on my thigh, looking on in disbelief at this wild woman with us. Robin grabbed Beth's hand and placed it on the back of her own head, positioning her mouth just beyond my trembling hard-on. Then she placed her own hands behind her back. "Use my mouth. Fuck him with my face." She waited, and when nothing happened she pleaded, "Do it Beth, please. Force me down on him, make me take him, shove his fat cock down my throat. Use me."

Beth was slow to accept the role, but she finally closed her hand, gathering in a fist of Robin's hair, and pushed her face down onto my cock. Then she slowly pulled her away, watching her closely from only inches away. "Suck it. Suck it hard," she finally spoke on the fourth repeated stroke.

It wasn't long after that until Beth was standing behind Robin, both hands clasping the interloper's head, as she pulled the girl's face back and forth on my cock, angrily, viciously, forcing my cock deep into Robin's mouth, down her throat, forcing her to gag and cough. The harder and more forceful she became, the more submissive Robin became, begging for more. She ripped the towel from Robin, and used one hand to guide her head up and down my cock, while her other hand reached around and tugged at the sister's nipples, squeezing and pulling hard. I saw Robin wince, and then moan, as she was forced to take my entire length. Beth pushed her face down roughly, holding her there, breathless for many long seconds, with Robin's lips pressed against the skin beyond the base of my cock. The fierce blow-job was painful at times, but I wasn't about to say a word.

I was surprised and a bit frightened by Beth's sudden behavior. She squatted down behind Robin and reached between the girl's legs as she allowed my cock-sucker to pleasure me in a more even and steady fashion, long-stroking my cock between her lips, from the head to the balls, on each stroke, Robin's moans interrupted at the end of each stroke. A little hitch in the motion occurred each time my swollen cock-head penetrated past the back of her mouth into her throat, and the sensation on my side was incredible. I watched Beth's fingers disappear into Robin, making the newcomer's moans more desperate.

Beth was studying me and recognized the signs. "Tell me when you're going to come."

"Soon," I admitted.

She was so aggressive, far beyond anything I might have expected. She increased the action of her hand down below Robin's waist, and eased up on the forced cock sucking. I could see Robin was close, so very close, and when she cried out, pressing hard against Beth's hand, Beth pushed her face down onto my cock, to the very root, choking her once again. I looked into Robin's ecstatic face turning red, her eyelids quivering, and knew I was going to come.

"Now Beth, now!" I gasped.

Beth yanked Robin's head away, replacing the almost unconscious girl's mouth with her own. She used her hand and mouth eagerly to milk my rod. I came hard for her, filling her mouth, gasping as I achieved release.

Then Beth, sweet darling Beth, reached down to Robin who was lying on the floor, grabbed her head, opened the girl's mouth, and gave her the entire load of cum she'd worked so hard for. She stood and took my hand, tugging me off the bed. She stepped over Robin's trembling body. "Let's get you dressed. And not a word of this to Karen or Debbie, Ok?" Then she reached out a foot and poked Robin in the side. "Not a word right? Not to Karen or Debbie or anybody."

Robin slowly got to her knees, clutching her towel in her one hand, and the underwear she'd come back for in the other. "Not a word. I promise. As long as you promise we can play again."

Beth giggled. "Sometime. I promise."

I was still stunned. What had just happened? And where the hell was this going?

* * *

Dressed and satisfied for the moment, Beth took me on a tour of the work. I could see that Jim was still outside at work, and knew that Robin had retreated upstairs. I still hadn't seen hide nor hair of the other two women, and I said so.

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