tagGroup SexCvsN 17: Sisters and Friends

CvsN 17: Sisters and Friends

byTx Tall Tales©

CvsN 17 - Sisters and Friends


Working out some house issues, and putting the teenagers through the paces. With a little mid-week boss thrown in for good measure.


The bedroom wasn't the scene of ultimate debauchery I might have imagined. Joe appeared to be passed out between Debbie and Cathy. They were all naked, laying atop the covers, and Cathy rolled over with a groan when I opened the door.

Debbie appeared to be wide awake, and was looking right at us as we entered. She opened her arms to me, beckoning.

The bed looked a little crowded, but I was helpless to turn down my beautiful roommate. Debbie loves the intimacy of face-to-face, so I crawled between her legs and stretched out over her. I was still sporting most of the hard-on Amie had been so kind to bestow on me before heading out, and as I lowered myself onto her, I felt Beth's intervention, as she held my cock and rubbed the head up and down Debbie's sticky slit, before guiding me home.

"I knew you'd come for me, though you took along enough," Debbie scolded before allowing me to kiss her and press my way home.

"Sounded like you had things under control." I looked over to see Beth disappearing into the bathroom. I couldn't help but wonder how we were all going to fit in here.

Debbie raised her extended finger to her lips, shushing me. "Shh, Later." She gave me a wink and mischievous grin which lead me to believe she had a story for me.

I slowly ground into my dream woman, just taking it easy, luxuriating in the feeling of being sheathed within her, looking down on her perfect features and amazing body. God, I was one lucky man.

I kissed her again, and just after our lips separated she whispered, "And Karen?"

"Share and share alike," I confirmed.

"Wow. You ARE my hero. You deserve something special if you managed to pull that one off." Her teasing grin was devastating.

"Please. What could be more special then this, right here, right now?"

She laughed out loud, almost squeezing me out. "A little more room, a little less company, a little more energy, and I sure could use a bath."

I heard Cathy mumble, "A little less bed-shaking, and a little more quiet would be nice."

Debbie and I were working hard to hold back a giggle-fit, when Joe rolled over on to his side, blinking sleepily. I watched a huge grin envelope his face, before he leaned over and gave Debbie a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you. You were amazing."

She smiled for him, easily. "It's the company I keep."

Joe leaned in and kissed her again, on the lips. Then he rolled off and started tugging his recalcitrant wife off the bed. "Ok, you, time for us to move on."


"C'mon, we can't stay here all night. The dogs haven't been out, the kids have to be ready by 8:00. Time to be a wife and mommy again. No more wild-thing."

Cathy slowly rolled over with a devilish smile. "I was a wild thing, wasn't I?"

Joe kissed his wife hard. "Just like old times."

She looked over at me and pointed accusingly. "And you missed out! Don't you tell him anything Deb. If he wants to know, well, next time he can show up and find out for himself."

Debbie mimed locking her lips and throwing away the key.

"Good." Cathy was slowly retrieving her clothing and making a mildly humorous effort at getting dressed. She was still out of it. With Joe's help the two of them did somehow manage to pull it together.

Incontrovertible sex-fiend that I am, I continued to give it to Debbie, slowly and easily while our guests got ready and prepared to leave. I was going to just wave them goodbye, but my partner in crime pushed me away. "Get up and say goodbye; I'm not going anywhere."

That was a mistake.

Cathy insisted on showing me a little of what I missed, and dropped to her knees, sucking me aggressively. She pulled back harshly, standing up and turning around, then yanking her shorts to the ground. She never had managed to get her panties on. "I need just a taste," she said in mid-turn, "come on and give it to me, big guy." She was still slurring her words, a combination of the wine and the tiredness. She reached back and held herself open for me.

I felt a little awkward, strangely enough. I was hesitating, and Joe took a seat on the chair. "Go on, or we'll never get out of here."

Five minutes later, after a rough bit of upright fucking, Cathy groaned out "Enough," and pulled away. "God I'm sore," she mumbled, pulling her shorts back up, before giving me a kiss, first between my legs, then up a little higher. "Next time..." she started, then waved as she walked away, her husband in tow.

Beth was already giggling. "Damn, looks like we missed out on a pretty wild party."

Debbie was pulling out new sheets from the closet. "We keep this stuff up, we're going to be needing plastic sheets."

Beth and I worked with her to get the bed stripped and remade. We were pretty experienced at it, and the truth was we all confessed to a love of slipping between fresh clean sheets.

"So spill already," I teased my platinum blonde goddess.

"No way. I gave my promise. You'll just have to find out on your own. I bet you could figure out a way to get her to tell you," Debbie teased.

"Don't encourage him," Beth warned. "He's bad enough as it is."

"When he's good, he's very, very good. But when he's bad he's better," Debbie answered, sliding between the sheets and beckoning me.

"Damn Deb! Like he needs his ego fed anymore."

My hard-on was off, but I knew that being on top of Debbie would likely restore me to my glory. I climbed above her, entering the embrace of her slender legs. "Believe me, Beth. Every night I spend with you two is about as ego boosting as it gets. Face it, being with either one of you is the ultimate male fantasy. But the two of you? Jesus, I'm not worthy."

Beth was cuddling up to Debbie, while I leaned down and kissed first one, and then the other. The verbal teasing had stopped, and the girls turned toward each other, bringing their mouths closer and closer together as I continued my alternate kissing. After a couple of minutes we were in an amazing three way kiss, and the steel had definitely returned to my rod. Debbie reached between us and guided me home, and once again I thrust into her, buried. I stayed there, unmoving, as our intense three way kiss continued. When I backed away, the girls continued without me and I watched them while I started sliding in and out of the fabulous Debbie. I watched her close her eyes and relinquish herself to our attention. She relaxed her mouth, submissively, while Beth kissed her harder and deeper, sliding closer, moving over her face. It was more then I was used to seeing from them.

I held Debbie's leg tightly, lifted it up over my shoulder and used the leverage to fuck her deeper, still taking care to not jostle her too much. I didn't want to interrupt the girl play. My other hand caressed our teen bedmate, fondling her delicious butt which I'd recently become so much more intimate with, and teasing her between her legs.

Beth slowly moved back to her side, her hands caressing Debbie, while she watched us. "Damn, she's so pretty, and so damned sexy." She touched where Debbie and I were joined, her fingers soft and gentle.

I peered down at my sweet Beth. "Look who's talking. Our own teenage walking Viagra."

"You are so full of shit," she said, but I saw the smile.

Being inside of Debbie was having its usual effect, and I was getting close. So was she, breathing harder. When Beth directed her hand to a more concerted effort, Debbie gasped and we both had the opportunity to watch her come for us. I loved that feeling. When she relaxed once more, I was ready to fulfill my own needs, pounding her hard.

After just a few seconds of that, though, Debbie was pushing me away, guiding me between her and Beth. Gasping, I lay back and once more enjoyed the feeling of her climbing under the sheets and using her talented mouth to finish me. Beth was cuddling close, her head on my shoulder, drifting off. With a groan I finished for Debbie, and after a bit of after-play, she slid back up the bed, and mirrored Beth's position.

Who could blame me for falling asleep with a smile on my face?


Half the household had to work the following day, leaving Debbie, Robin and Jim working on our new addition. I felt kind of weird leaving them like that, but after the trip to Spain, there was a lot to be done at work if we were supposed to have a functional prototype ready to take on-site in four weeks.

I did my best to play it cool around my boss, and thought I pulled it off pretty well. I really did have to be careful. Karen could sniff out stuff like we'd been up to a mile away, and she was not known to be good at keeping secrets.

Karen and I had carpooled, as we often did. Neither of us were morning people, and the drive in was pretty quiet, especially for her. The same could not be said for the ride home.

She was all chatty about our little party the night before, particularly the part in her bedroom. "You must be rubbing off on Jim. He insisted on having us both again after you left. And you know? It wasn't bad."

"That's great. How about this morning?"

"I felt kind of odd, leaving the two of them in bed together, after last night, but I got him to promise not to go all the way without me there. I thought I'd get some resistance but Robin swore she'd wait for me. I never expected that."

"I'm glad. You think that's going to make things a little better for now?"

"I guess," she said. Then she leaned back and I saw an odd little smirk flit across her lips. "You know Jack, the house that lust built is a pretty fucked up house."

"Not the most conventional, I'll admit. But with you for an architect, I didn't expect any different."

"I thought Robin was the architect?" she countered.

"Just of the addition." I reached over and placed my hand on her thigh, giving her a squeeze. "You having regrets?"

She was quiet a while, as if thinking. "Oddly enough, no. As a matter of fact, I haven't been happier in a long, long time. Like centuries."

"You and Jim are good for each other. And working things out with Robin, that's priceless. Family is what it is."

"I know I have you to thank for a lot of it. You're always so good to me, taking care of me. I just have to remember that. Even when it seems you're being bad, usually it's the right thing for me in the end."

"And a very sweet end, I might add."

"Jesus, Jack. You are so bad!"

"And you are so good. Jim is a lucky guy."

She smiled settling back in her seat before reaching her hand across the console and stroking the lump in my pants. "Yes he is, isn't he?"


The week was pretty quiet, which was a nice change of pace. Not completely uneventful, but compared to my recent past, almost dull.

For instance, Wednesday, I found myself entering my boss Chris's office, and closing the door behind me.

"Can I help you?" she asked, as if I was a door-to-door salesman.

"Hi. I just wanted to talk a second, if you don't mind," I told her.

"Do we have to? I thought we'd agreed..."

"People are talking Chris." I told her.

"Talking?" She looked nervous, and was fiddling with the pencils on her desk.

"They think we had some kind of fight over there. You hardly speak to me in public. We were always friendly, but now you're acting like I'm some kind of pariah." I walked around her desk, and sat on the edge of it. It gave me a nice view down her shirt. Shame on me.

"I just don't know what to do," she said softly. "I'm afraid I'll show how I feel if I say more than a few words to you."

"I know. It's probably partially my fault as well. I'm having a hard time not letting my feelings show as well. But we can't be acting like strangers out there."

"I know, I know." She turned her chair a bit, facing me a bit more directly. "But every time I look at you, I can't help but think about our last night there."

I smiled, reached out and touched her cheek. "I know. It's hard to not think about it. I've been acting a standoffish myself, but it's an act. I loved every moment I spent with you over there. Every time I look at you now, I get hard just thinking about it."

"Please. An old married woman like me getting you excited? Remember, I know what you're going home to."

I took her hand and placed it on my crotch. She didn't resist. "Every time I see you."

"Jesus, Jack!" She gasped, but her hand squeezed me.

I reached out and lifted her chin so I could lean down and kiss her. She responded nicely, her hand still grasping my hard-on. I pulled away and opened my pants. Chris helped, and I didn't complain. When her lips closed around my cock, I sighed and sat back, letting her do what she did so well. And she did it awfully well.

It only took her about 5 minutes, and she sucked me dry, not losing a drop. She looked like she was going to try to get me hard again, but she pulled away suddenly. "What are we doing? Oh God, I knew this was going to happen."

I pulled my pants up, and then kneeled beside her. "That was amazing. And it's still our little secret. We just have to act natural for a few weeks, Ok?"

"Alright," she said, "but do me a favor. If you have to come in here, don't close the door."

"It's a deal, if you'll do me a small favor."

"What kind of small favor?"

"Just button one more button. Or maybe you could even wear something a little less exciting."

"Less exciting? This is hardly exciting clothing. What would you have me wear?"

I finished buckling my belt. "A burlap sack maybe?"

She missed me with the pencil she threw.


See what I mean? Almost dull. No new women, nobody walking in on anybody, nothing weird, perverse or seriously out of the ordinary. No threesomes, foursomes or moresomes.

Then there was Friday. All week Jim had been working on the house with Robin and Debbie helping where they could. Each evening after work I'd put in a couple of hours as well. I'll hand it to Jim, he's a workhorse, and he was doing wonders both on the house and on adapting the garage into a daycare center.

Friday, he encouraged me to come home early if possible. Eric had the afternoon off and would be coming over to help again.

I headed home at lunch and got there just in time for sandwiches. With Eric working with us we made great progress putting up the drywall. The girls turned out to be even more help than I might have imagined, especially when it came time to put the sheetrock up overhead. When Debbie and Amie showed up, after a long day of herding preschoolers, things went even faster.

Eric and Amie seemed to be starting up just where they'd left off the previous weekend. Mischievous Beth was right in the mix, teasing and encouraging the potential couple.

The evening was warm; half t-shirts and short-shorts were de rigueur. Amie had shown up in her day-care clothing and when Robin offered to loan her some work clothes I knew I should have stepped in. She walked out with a t-shirt that was torn and barely covered her breasts. In small letters across the front it advertised, "If you can read this, you're probably going to get laid tonight." That Robin was a bad influence. Of course her outfit wasn't much better reading "TGIF" in huge letters, with an explanation below "(Tongue Goes in First)".

The girls were amazing to look at, and Eric was in danger of getting whiplash.

We split up into teams so we could work on the garage-to-daycare conversion. I ended up with Jim, Robin and Karen working on the addition, while Eric, Beth and Amie worked on the garage and Debbie started dinner. As Eric and the teenagers headed to the backyard, I watched the girls slide their arms around his waist then down onto his butt, before I lost sight of them. I suspected that group was up to no good. I didn't expect a lot of progress out of them. At least not on the day-care space.

I should have been giving consideration to my own teammates.

Robin sidled up to me while we were taping the drywall. "We could use your help again."

"How's that?" I asked.

She looked around and leaned in close, "She's hogging the boy-toy again. No love for the baby sister." She slid her arm around me, "Of course, there's more than one way to solve that little problem."

I let her know I'd look into it, and after a while, when our work brought Karen and me together, I kept my word. "How's the new sharing thing going?"

Karen turned red. "Pretty good."

"Pretty good for everyone? Or just for you."

"Damn it Jack. It's hard."

I pulled her close, turned her so she was backed against the wall and pinned her there. "I know it is. Robin has a bad history with you, and it's hard to trust her." I leaned in and gave her a small kiss. "If it's not going to work out, if she's up to her old tricks, just say so. I'll kick her out."

Her hand moved between us and was rubbing against my burgeoning hardness. "No, it's not that. She's really being good about it. It's just that whenever we get into a situation it's hard for me to let go."

We'd all but finished what we were working on. "Debbie!" I called out across the house, "How much longer 'til dinner?"

She peeked her head out from the kitchen. "Less than 30 minutes. You might want to clean up pretty soon."

"Jim, you and the girls clean up in here then clean yourselves up." He gave me a nod. I leaned over to Karen. "I'll meet you upstairs in a few minutes. Just enough time for a quickie."

Her eyes blazed, then she smiled and went about cleaning up in a frenzy. I, on the other hand, headed out back to give our other team the dinner update.

Eric was cornered, with two beautiful topless teenagers all over him, kissing him wildly and rubbing up against him. Nobody noticed me walk up until I was just behind them. I reached around Beth from behind, taking her tits in my hands and squeezing a moan out of her. "Dinner is in less than 30 minutes. You might want to clean up in here. Afterward y'all can use our shower to clean yourselves up." Eric eyes were wide and he looked startled. Amie looked like the cat that had swallowed the canary. She gave me a wink, and a teasing lick of her lips. I reached out, turned both of the girls faces back toward Eric, and departed with a pat to both of their remarkable rears. "Don't let me interrupt. I just wanted to give you the 411."

I passed Debbie on the way back into the house, and let her know that the garage team knew the schedule. She asked me to send the kids down so they could eat first, with such a crowd.

I hustled the tykes downstairs then let myself into Karen's room. Jim and Robin were just slipping out of the shower, drying off, and Karen was waiting her turn. "Just too crowded in there for three," she remarked, "and the bigger the crowd the longer it takes." Jim was looking a bit confused but not enough to lose his erection, and Robin was looking hopeful. While I undressed, I leaned in and whispered to Karen, "What do you think they should do while waiting?"

Karen paused and looked up at me. She closed her eyes and sighed. As she peeled off her panties she spoke up, "Jim? Do me a favor and take care of my little sister, while I'm busy here." As I joined her under the falling water, she stuck her head back out. "And if you find you need to finish, don't wait for me."

It didn't take me 10 seconds to bury my cock in her. "That was nice." I told her. I had her leg lifted up over my arm and was fucking up into her deliciously.

"Can we quick clean up?" she asked me, gasping. "I want to see them."

I pulled out of her and turned her around under the water. "Two minute shower. Get to it," I told her rubbing her back down, making sure to get her ass and legs. Then we switched positions while she did my back and I did my front. It was a shame, I very rarely got to shower with Karen, and here we were, done and drying off faster than I could have even gotten decently worked up. My face must have shown my disappointment.

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