CvsN 17: Sisters and Friends

byTx Tall Tales©

"Don't worry baby, you'll get yours."

Jim was going at Robin doggy-style, and looked to be having a good time of it. Karen drew me to the bed, and I was a bit surprised when she positioned me in front of her sister's face. Robin was less surprised, or responded to it better, and sucked my cock down like a pro. At least like the very talented amateur she was.

After just a minute or so, Karen got on her hands and knees beside her sister, facing the opposite direction. Under her direction Jim and I scooted over and plugged her at both ends, while Robin teased her sister's big jugs. I was fucking her pretty hard, when she pulled off Jim, giving him a squeeze. "Hold on just a bit longer baby," she told him, while I continued my pummeling. "Robin, back the way you were." Robin acquiesced gracefully, and Jim quickly stuck his cock back into her. I started to pull out, but Karen kept me working on her. "Not yet. Let's not distract her. I'm so close," she gasped.

Within seconds Jim, red-faced and gasping, was emptying his seed into Robin, while I fucked Karen hard enough to get her off. With Jim done, and Karen momentarily sated, Robin turned around offering me her tail. I didn't stop to think I shouldn't be doing it, I just leaned forward and filled her, grabbing her slender hips and fucking the shit out of her. It wasn't long before she was moaning continuously. I moved higher over her, fucking downward, working my cock across her G-spot, and got the reaction I was looking for. The little sister came hard, spouting profanities, and gasping before collapsing on the bed. I put her on her side, lifted a leg, and went at her again, fucking the brazen little tease hard, giving her a bit of what she'd been begging for. She was getting closer to coming again, when Jim knelt beside her and fed her his hardening cock. He was rough, fucking her face pretty thoroughly, while I made her come, getting off on being filled so thoroughly at both ends.

I knew I was about to lose it myself, so I summoned Karen beside me, on her hands and knees, pussy at the ready. When I knew I couldn't hold back any longer, I pulled out of Robin, to her cries of "No!" and slammed my cock into Karen. I just barely made it, filling her with my cream on the first stroke.

"Oh FUCK, that's wild," Karen gasped, while I continued to pump her full.

I looked over at the clock beside the bed. "And still 4 minutes early. Almost enough time to go again," I teased.

"Almost," Karen warned me, pulling away from my cock. She leaned down and pulled on her panties. "We'll see how good a job that does. I expect I'll feel your hot cum leaking out of me all night, Jack." She smiled. "Thanks."

Downstairs, Beth was helping Debbie with the table, and Robin and Karen joined in. I scooped up Beth and held her in my arms, making her squeal. I gave her a kiss, which she responded to amazingly. "Where are the other two?" I asked softly.

"I thought I'd give them a few minutes alone now that he's properly warmed up. He's not a very quick mover, and he's almost as slow at taking hints. Hopefully he'll figure out that a naked shower is a big green light."

"Sorry to be out here with the old crowd?" I leaned down and nuzzled at her breasts while she tried to stop me, laughing out loud. That got a giggle from the ankle-biters, reminding me we were not alone. All naughtiness should be contained behind closed doors.

"No. The teasing and play is fun, but I doubt the actual culmination would be all that remarkable. I mean, why eat bologna, when prime rib's available?" She struggled out of my arms, leaving me with two young girls clamoring for attention. I took one in each arm, swinging them around and blowing raspberries on their bellies, once more goofing off when everyone else was pitching in.

Well, not everyone. Amie and Eric came out of our bedroom at the end of the wildness. I was in the living room, playing airplane with the kids, when the door opened. Amie saw me standing there, and gave me a huge smile, then licked her lips wickedly. Eric was blushing hard, but he had his hand around her waist. I guess he was getting the message. And a little bit more.

Dinner was nice, and a relatively quiet event with the little ones watching TV in the living room. We cleaned up afterwards, many hands making light work, and Karen put the kids to bed, but not before everyone got hugs goodnight. When Robin and Jim excused themselves to join her upstairs, I was ready to call it a night. It wasn't even 9:00, but I was hoping for a little Debbie love, and a lot of shut-eye.

Debbie joined me willingly enough, but Beth decided to stay with Amie and Eric a while.

"She's a bad one, our little Beth is," Debbie advised me, before heading to the bathroom for a quick bath. While the rest of us had all cleaned up, she'd been stuck with dinner duty.

I decided to check in on our visitors and my teenage bed-warmer. A bottle of water for the evening seemed like the perfect excuse. As if I needed one.

It hadn't taken the living room crowd long to get going. Amie had her head in Eric's lap, while topless Beth had her tits wrapped around his face. She looked over at me, and quickly lifted a finger to her lips, asking for silence. I snagged the water bottles and paused to watch them a moment before heading back to the bedroom. Beth reached down and tapped Amie on the shoulder. Amie looked up and saw me. She smiled, pulled off of Eric's angry red cock, and put on a little show for me, looking up at me while she sucked him off. She had her glasses back on, and it looked like a scene right out of a schoolteacher porno. Beth was still feeding Eric her nipples, and they all appeared to be having a grand ol' time. I blew Amie a kiss goodnight, and went back to my bedroom, disrobing, finishing only moments before Debbie came out of the bathroom. I put my water bottle on my bedstand, then opened hers and offered it to her. She took it gratefully, taking a large swallow.

"Pot Roast. Always makes me thirsty, I should use less salt."

I placed my lips over hers, kissing her warmly. "It's perfect. Just like the cook."

She gave me a push, "You're embarrassing me. I know I'm far from perfect."

I stood straight, took her bottle from her, capped it and placed it on the bedstand. Then I reached out and peeled her towel off her, instantly putting the lie to her words. "Perfect. I swear by God, if that's not perfection, it's as close as we're ever likely to see."

"Right," she answered cynically, pushing me away.

Moving quickly, I scooped her up and laid her across my lap, swatting her ass sharply, drawing a surprised yelp out of her.

"You are perfect." I smacked her bottom again, not too hard, but with an open hand that sounded worse than it was. "The most beautiful," SMACK, "most loving," SMACK, "most giving" SMACK "woman I've ever known." I rubbed her cheeks for a second while she wiggled in my lap. I stopped the wiggling with another firm loud blow that caught her attention.

"You keep an immaculate house," I spanking her again, firmly, "cook like a master chef," another hard blow, "and have raised the perfect little girl." Her cheeks were pink and she was begging me to stop.

"Tell me you're perfect," I told her rubbing her bottom. When she stayed quiet, I whacked her a good one, setting her squirming again.

"Say it, tell me your perfect, or I'll blister your perfect ass."

"I can't," she argued adamantly, earning another hard blow.

I stopped and rubbed her ass, feeling the warmth. "Say you're perfect for me. You know it's the truth. Tell me."

She looked up at me, her eyes moist, her face flushed. She smiled for me. "Ok," she pulled herself out of my grip, giving a wry grin as she reached down and stroked my hardness. "That thing was hurting my side."

Beautiful Debbie pushed me back and straddled me, sinking down slowly on my hard rod. She leaned forward, her face just above mine. "You're perfect for me." She kissed me hard, fucking herself. When she pulled away she was smiling. "There. I said it."

"No you didn't, you brat. You know what I meant." I held her hips while I fucked up into her. She normally liked to be on bottom, but she seemed to be having a good time, riding me hard.

"I know what you said. And you were right. You ARE perfect for me." She slowly lifted up and looked down to where we were joined. "Just look at that. You fit me perfectly." She slowly lowered herself down, filling herself. "Any longer, any wider, and it would be too much. You are just right. You are perfect. I never believed a cock could be such a gift of pleasure."

I pulled her down and held her close, while my hips kept moving, exploring her depths. "You are perfect, you know. And perfect for me."

She sighed, kissing my neck. "We can be perfect for each other," she grudgingly admitted. Then she pulled out of my arms, sat up straight and proceeded to fuck me like a mad woman. Within a couple of minutes I was cumming for her, bringing her with me, making her cry out. I gasped while she ground her hips down on me. She was wearing the most amazing grin.


"It sounded like they were closing up shop out there, and I wanted this one just for us." She leaned down and gave me a big kiss. "And it was PERFECT."

She rolled off of me, still grinning, "I hope you ate your Wheaties."


"I think we have company."

No sooner were the words out of her mouth, then two topless teenagers came tumbling into our room, giggling like schoolgirls. Beth looked at the state of my waist. "Hey, you started without us!"

"Us?" Debbie asked.

I think Beth suddenly realized the gaff she'd made. "I mean, well, Amie and I are all worked up, and Eric is gone. I thought, if it was Ok that is, that maybe she could join us for a bit. Only if it's Ok with you of course. It's just for a bit of fun, until we work out the whole Eric thing."

Amie was leaning into Beth, her arm around the diminutive instigator. "I'll be good, I promise. I'll do whatever you say. Whatever you want."

Debbie yielded an exasperated sigh. "Alright already. Get in here; just let's not plan on making a regular thing out of this."

"How about like Karen? Just for fun?" Beth asked guiding her friend's face down to my sticky, semi-hard cock. Amie clearly wasn't too fastidious. She went straight to work.

"How about like Cathy?" Debbie countered, "Just on the rare occasions."

While Amie sucked me back to hardness, Beth showed off how hard core a negotiator she was. She climbed over Debbie's body, pushing me roughly to the side. She lowered her face and kissed Debbie's lips softly. She pulled away, reached down and astonished me when she dragged Amie by the hair and pulled her over, pushing the pretty girl's face down into Debbie's recently used pussy.

"How about if she takes turns pleasing each of us?" She said, giving Debbie's tit a squeeze. "She's not just for Jack."

Beth slid off the bed then leaned in and sucked on Debbie's fantastic tits, while Amie did her best to remove any evidence that I'd recently unloaded in my dream girl.

Debbie looked at me, and I could still see some hesitation there. It had seemed she'd been becoming more secure about having sex, but she was always the giver, the object to be used. Now we were talking a different story.

"It's up to you," I told her, kissing her, and caressing her one available breast. "Just enjoy it." I think it had something to do with why she preferred missionary. It was like she wasn't the one performing when she was in that position. And we could be so close, and open. Intimate, talking to each other, just enjoying what we were up to. I recalled that in the times she was with Joe, she didn't do it that way. It was a minor revelation.

I leaned in closer and she kissed me desperately. "It's Ok. Let us all pleasure you, just for a while. Nothing wild and kinky, just let us love you a bit."

I snuggled up close and watched while Beth and Amie paid homage to Debbie's fabulous body. I whispered in her ear, talking to her gently, telling her how beautiful she was, what a pleasure she was, how much I loved being with her, around her, sleeping beside her, being inside her.

While I talked to her, I felt the girls change things up. They moved Debbie onto her side, and I felt Amie guiding my cock back into my perfect girl from behind. Debbie's leg was lifted high and out of the way, while Amie's eager mouth resumed her play, working wonders where Debbie and I were joined. Debbie was in a sandwich now, Beth lying facing her, their breasts pushed together. She was kissing Debbie's face all over, occasionally even offering her lips to me for a quick kiss. We both told Debbie how wonderful she was until she came for us, in a series of easy, uplifting orgasms.

Amie slid away and cuddled up behind me. I heard a tiny whisper, "Damn, my tongue is worn out."

Debbie and Beth were hugging. "Ok, like Karen, I guess," Debbie finally agreed to Beth's and Amie's excited squeals. Then she was pushing Beth away. "If you two have any more energy, use it up on each other or on Jack, but leave me out of it this time. I'm worn out. It's tiring being made love to like that!"

Beth leaned in and gave the platinum tressed goddess another quick kiss on her lips. "Thanks, lover. I think it's time that poor Jack pulled his own weight."

Pulling my weight apparently meant letting Amie mount me for a while. My previous times with her were sitting on the couch, and under time constraints. This time I just let her ride me to her heart's content.

Amie was breathing hard, ten minutes later, her legs tiring from squatting over my cock and pounding up and down. She finally settled down, having come twice, and just eased her hips back and forth.

"What's the deal? How long does he stay hard?" Amie asked Beth who was cuddled up next to me.

Beth kissed my shoulder, "How many times you come tonight, baby?"

"Just two," I told her.

Beth smiled. "He's probably good for a while more, how about giving me a turn?"

The girls switched places, and Debbie gave us grief for moving so much and being too noisy. Beth tried to keep the movement down but Debbie still reached over and poked us when Beth came the first time. My voluptuous sex-pot started giggling, then slid off of me and dragged me to the floor with her. Beth leaned over the chair, presenting her rear and I plowed her for bit, before I had to put a pillow on the floor under my knees, and then pounded her with Amie leaning over me. I felt myself getting worked up, squeezing Beth's ass cheeks, making her squeal for me, biting down on her arm to keep the noise down. I was driving into her, hard and deep, and Amie kissed my shoulder, stroking Beth's back.

"Any more for me?" she asked sheepishly.

"Absolutely," I assured her, gasping as I unloaded into sweet Beth.

Beth moaned, slid off the chair and rolled onto her back. "God, I needed that."

I laid down next to her, and Amie wasted no time going down on me, licking me clean. She spun around and straddled my face and I found she had the sweetest, tastiest pussy. I fingered her, opening her up while I sucked on her lips and nibbled on her clit. She ground her pussy into my face and after a minute or two I realized I was nearly hard. Amie was sucking me deep when I felt Beth's head resting on my leg, and I heard her egging her on.

"That's it, take all of it bitch," she teased.

Amie was willing enough and more then talented enough. I could feel her lips at the base of my cock, and the pressure each time I entered her throat. In turn, I had a finger in her ass, all the way to the second knuckle, while I saw how deep my tongue could reach. I thought I could get her to come for me from the reaction I was getting, but she pulled off and mounted me backward, facing my feet and getting to work again. Beth crawled over to me resting her head on my shoulder while we watched Amie.

"I want her to go down on me, is that Ok with you?"

"Of course," I whispered to her. I reached for Amie, pulling her back on top of me, and fucking up into her for a few more seconds before I rolled her off of me, right into Beth's lap. Beth was taking control, guiding Amie's face to where she wanted her. I pulled Amie up onto her knees, and entered her from behind again, enjoying her tightness, spreading her legs wide and playing with her ass. With two fingers in her butt, I was contemplating switching out for a more substantial member.

Both the girls were getting off on the action, and I was enjoying the hell out of it. I pulled Amie off of Beth and rolled her onto her back, changing things up, and Beth climbed up and straddled Amie's face. Beth and I kissed, using her little friend easily, burying her beneath us.

That was the beginning of what seemed like an endless fuck fest. I took turns on the girls, one after the other, wearing myself out and both of my teenage temptresses. It got to the point where I was lying on my side, sliding my cock in and out of Amie from behind, only stopping long enough to roll over and face Beth, who'd lift her leg over my waist and slide me home so I could work her over a while. Amie started crawling over to the bed, but I grabbed her leg, and pulled her back to me. I pulled her on top of me and fucked her a while longer. The girls were crawling all over me, giggling half the time, moaning the rest. It was like I'd invaded a 9th grade slumber party, except for the amazing endless sex. And if either tried to escape, I'd drag her back and find a way to bury my cock again. Mouths and pussies, a seemingly endless assortment of places to envelope my staff.

During one of the exchanges, I pushed into Amie, and found increased resistance.

"Ow! Gentle Jack. That's a lot of meat you're trying to cram up my little butt-hole." I was instantly aroused, and spent several minutes slowly working my way into her ass. She encouraged me, speaking softly, telling me how big I felt in her ass, stretching her. It was slow going, and I was only about halfway there, but she wasn't complaining.

That got Beth's attention, "Are you in her ass, you bastard?" She crawled over to the bedstand and returned with lube. She pushed on my chest, making me pull mostly out, and squeezed a line of the clear slippery stuff the length of my cock. She reached down and stroked me, getting me thoroughly coated.

"Now, fuck her," Beth growled, and we had to shush her for being too loud.

The going was easier, and it only took a few strokes before I bottomed out in her. "That's it, Amie. You took it all."

"Do you like that, Jack? Stretching my ass out? God you feel big. Now fuck my ass for real. Cum in my ass."

That was all the encouragement I needed. I fucked her up that ridiculously tight butt, while Beth wiggled down and put her mouth to good use. Her hair tickled my balls, and whatever she was doing got Amie off in a big way. After she came she seemed completely spent and begged off any more, but I was so close to finally coming I had to finish in her.

"Jesus, Jack. It's after one. We gotta get up in a few hours," Amie moaned while I grasped her ass cheeks and squeezed them, spreading them wider, driving as deeply as possible.

"Tomorrow's Saturday, you can sleep in," I reminded her. I fucked her harder, long full strokes, bottoming out in her virgin butt, to an endless array of moans. I was finally ready. "Here it comes," I warned her, shoving my cock as deep as I could, and thoroughly coating her insides with my seed.

Having come, I still didn't want this to end. Beth started crawling onto the bed, and seeing her sweet ass hanging over the side, I rolled away from Amie and grabbed Beth's hips before she could get away. I planted my mouth on her sweet, abused pussy, and she groaned, "Jack, it's too much. Too much."

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