tagGroup SexCvsN 19: Closing the Deal

CvsN 19: Closing the Deal

byTx Tall Tales©

CvsN 19 - Closing the Deal


Just how close are Amie and her father? How close will they become?


We didn't have any guests staying over Tuesday or Wednesday. I didn't see Ron either day, although I heard from Robin and Debbie that he'd made an appearance to give his crew some direction. Beth also let it slip that Amie and Eric had a date Wednesday, and things were progressing along that front nicely.

Jim spent the night Tuesday, and the sisterhood seemed to get along great, heading to bed early, and peacefully.

For once it seemed like everything was coming together. The construction was moving forward at a remarkable rate; my project was finished and in the 10 days of final testing before initial deployment in Spain, and everyone in the house was getting along great. It was nice going to bed with just Debbie and Beth, able to direct all my attention to the two loves of my life. I had two happy girls by my side, which in turn made me a very, very happy man.

By Thursday, the contractors were just putting in the finishing touches. The Day-care center was all but complete, and looked terrific. Built in cabinets throughout, some at lower levels for the kids, others up high for the adults, gave the place a real finished look. A professional paint job, with fun educational images - ABCs, music staffs, clock faces, and bold bright colors was an unexpected bonus. The office was completely tricked out, and the back yard play area was partially covered and enclosed by a safety fence. They'd even put in additional water fountains outside. From the looks of everything, with a few furniture additions and stocking up on books, learning materials and play things we'd soon be ready to open the doors.

The team had also completed all the interior work on the house addition, and it looked even better than I'd hoped for. The distressed hardwood floors were gorgeous, and the lamps and fans overhead were beautiful. The final touch to be completed that day was the porch which was nearly finished when I got home.

I'd been a little late getting out of the office, and we had a full house by the time I got there. I saw Jim's car out front, and suspected Karen was with him as well. Amie and Beth were home from their workday, and Ron was reviewing the day's progress. I ran into him outside inspecting the porch.

"They'll finish and stain it tomorrow. Looks like my work here is nearly done."

"I can't thank you enough, Ron. The guys did a great job. We're easily weeks ahead of schedule."

"Glad to be of help. Looks like the girls have their own work ahead of them, though, outfitting the business."

"The fat bank account should help with that, after your cash infusion," I reminded him. "Plus, Debbie is frugal as hell. If she can get any of the stuff at a discount, I guarantee she will."

"That's good. With minimal additional expenses, they should be able to weather the first few months of starting up the business. Shall we look over the back building?"

Headed for the rear of the property, Ron once more endowed me with a better cigar than I would ever have bought on my own. Like most guys, I'd smoke a couple of cigars a year, maybe. Since Ron had started making his appearances, I'd lit up more cigars than in the previous year. Not to mention that the ones he'd given me probably cost more than all the ones I'd ever smoked up until then. I doubted he ever smoked anything that cost less than $10 a stick.

The Day-care trio was in the back, discussing what they'd need to finish up the place. I met my lovely roommates with a kiss for each of them, while Ron got hugs from Beth and his daughter. Then Amie came over and gave me a big hug and kiss. "I'm so excited. I can't believe how great everything looks!"

I laughed. "The credit's not mine. Your father pulled off this miracle." I still accepted the kiss, gratefully.

Even Debbie got into the action, going over and giving Ron a big hug, which he obviously enjoyed and returned heartily, thanking him for what he'd done.

The quality of the work passed his inspection, even though we were ordered to leave our stogies outdoors while looking over the inside.

"Can you stay for dinner?" Debbie asked.

"Is it better than a Hungry-Man Salisbury steak?" Ron replied.

"I'll let you be the judge of that. It's just burgers and fries."

"Just burgers and fries!" I interrupted. "That's like saying 'just the Mona Lisa', or 'just the Sistine Chapel'. 'Just the Venus de Milo!' Deb-burgers and home-made fries are a treat for the gods. You can always save the Salisbury for another day. This is one meal you really need to try."

Debbie rolled her eyes at my exuberance. "One burger or two?"

"One for me. I don't think I've ever managed to finish two yet." I answered.

"Same for me, I think. Too much of this fancy cookin' and I'll lose my svelte figure." Ron joked. It got a laugh out of us. Ron was built sturdy. He had that thick ex-football player look. He wasn't heavy, but he looked pretty massive. We were about the same height, but I'd guess he had me by a good 30+ lbs. He had Popeye forearms, and I suspected he'd spent more time with a hammer in his hands than a fountain pen. Not the kind of guy you'd want to be on the wrong side of, like, for instance, getting caught casually nailing his daughter.

In the house, Robin, Karen and Jim were all chatting away, talking about the new progress. With eight adults present, I was really looking forward to getting a reasonably sized dinner table into our new dining room soon. We had the space for it; we just needed to get it done. For once, the finances weren't too bad either. The final effort provided by Ron's team saved me from having to handle all of it, and the cash investment got me off the hook for initial expenses. The improvement loan on the house now sat in my checking account crying out, "Spend me."

The burger dinner was a hit, although we ended up eating standing up, mostly. The fries kept Debbie busy, running through at least five batches. I was starting to think we needed to upgrade some of our kitchen appliances to feed the army that passed through our house. Deb's burgers always had some special 'trick' to them. Tonight's bacon cheeseburgers had crumbled bacon mixed into the beef, and the whole burger was stuffed with aged cheddar cheese. I tasted Worcestershire sauce, and thyme, but I couldn't ID everything. It didn't matter; the inch thick massive patty was delicious, the melted cheese center scalding hot. None of the girls were able to finish theirs, although I had to hand it to Beth, she came close. That was good; I'd have leftovers if I beat them to the refrigerator. Maybe a midnight snack. Mmmm.

The beers with dinner went down easy, and I was already feeling the beginning of a buzz by the time I excused myself from all present, to dress down for the evening. I was still wearing the office monkey suit, dressed up for a customer meeting, and was glad to get comfortable.

While I was changing, Karen walked in on me, and took a seat on the bed. "Hey handsome, long time no see."

"Yeah, like about 60 seconds," I laughed, picking out shorts and a t-shirt from my drawer.

"I mean, before tonight."

"Ok, what, 2 hours?" I reminded her. We did work in the same building, after all.

"You know what I mean," she answered, rolling her eyes.

I did know what she meant. Tuesday was the only evening she'd spent at the house that week. And I hadn't seen 'more' of her in about a week. "You're right." I walked over to her, reached down and opened the buttons on her shirt. After which I unsnapped the front of her bra, exposing her best feature(s). She just grinned at me tolerantly, until I scooped those puppies up in my hands, and had a small taste of each. Then she gave me a little sigh, before poking me and pushing me away. "Behave yourself. You have guests out there."

"Look who's talking, sitting there with your tits hanging out, and all."

As I started to slip on my shorts, she instantly gave me grief. "Ohh! Look who's starting to wear underwear at night. No more loose shorts and looser morals? Hiding your little friend away? Awww, that's sad."

I knew she was right. There was only one reason I was wearing underwear. "Amie's father is here. You know how I react to the women in this house."

"Do I ever! It's the nicest thing about you." She stood up and came to me, squatting down and lowering my boxers, allowing my brand new hard-on to breathe. "Everyone knows you have your favorites Jack, but not your friend here. He's got a very eclectic and very ego-gratifying mind of his own."

She leaned in and gave me a couple of licks, and less than a minute of real down-and-dirty hard core sucking. Then she pulled away, reached down and tossed my boxers to the side. "Now that looks more like the Jack I know and love. Get dressed."

I was tempted to bend her over the bed and fuck her teasing little brains out, but she was right, we did have guests.

"Jim has asked me to move in with him," she announced.

"That's great! You thinking of taking him up on it?" I asked.

"Thinking about it. I thought I'd move some of my stuff over, but leave some here as well.

"What about Ashley?"

Karen's little one, Ashley, and Debbie's Erin were almost like sisters. It was going to be hard separating the two.

"We thought we'd let her split the time between staying with us, and staying with Aunt Robin, here, if that's cool. Course I still need help watching the girls during the day."

"Whatever you think is best. Does that mean that you're not taking Robin with you?"

"That's what we're thinking. I don't want to mess things up with her; we're getting along better than we ever have before. I thought I'd invite her over for a sleepover now and then, but she'll be back at school in a couple of more weeks, so moving her in would seem more trouble than it's worth."

"She can always stay in your room, for now. So it's getting serious, huh?"

She laughed. "Who'd have thunk it? Yeah, I think it's getting serious."

I pulled her onto her feet and gave her a big hug, "I'm glad. He's a good guy. And you deserve a good guy."

"I figure, you and I can still have an occasional sleep over, if you'd like."

"I like. I like a lot. As long as Jim's Ok with it."

"Hey, if he can have a little sister on the side, I figure I'm entitled to a little fun of my own now and then."

"Are you going to announce it tonight?" I asked.

"No, not yet. I figure I'll break it to Robin first. Probably this weekend. Jim and I are headed back to his place tonight though. I just wanted you to know."

"Eat and run. It'll probably be an early night anyway." I said.

Heading back out to the living room, she stopped me at the door, and gave me a big kiss and a hug. "Thanks for everything. You know, you're still special. Always."

"You too. Now you better get going before I forget my manners and keep you in here with me for the next couple of hours."


Amie was already sitting on the couch, legs crossed Indian style, sipping on a drink. She was looking fine. She'd apparently borrowed something to wear from Beth or Debbie, and had on tight shorts, and an even tighter shirt. She was alone in the living room, just relaxing. Karen headed out the front door with a wave, while I took a seat beside the pretty little red-head. She was feeling frisky, and threw her arms around me, stealing a quick kiss.

I returned her effort, doubled. I was still kissing her when Beth plunked down in my lap catching me off guard. Beth was eager to reassert her position and put a lip-lock on me that curled my toes.

She turned to Amie. "Ames, you're in Debbie's spot."

Amie looked a bit surprised. "Where should I sit?"

Beth squeezed down between me and the couch end, then patted her lap. "You can sit here. If you don't think it will curl your old man's hair."

Amie giggled, crawled onto my lap and stretched out, resting her neck on the couch arm. She crossed her bare legs, and I pulled them higher on my lap, resting my hands on her thighs, loving the feeling. The shorts were tight enough to give her a pronounced camel-toe. Sweet.

We were just in time. The rest of the crowd showed up, and Debbie plopped down next to me, leaning in to rest her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and pulled her in close.

Ron settled into the loveseat, with Robin sidling up next to him, looking awfully chummy. He put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her in close, but I guess that wasn't enough for her. She stretched out on his lap, wiggling until she got comfortable. "This is nice," she sighed. After cleaning herself up, she'd come up with another of her seemingly endless supply of naughty t-shirts. This one said "I look even better naked" and it was clear she wasn't wearing a bra.

We were all drinking our Black Russians, except for Debbie who stuck with beer, and nobody looked to be feeling any pain.

"I can't believe how fast this is all coming together," Beth said. She had a hand inside Amie's t-shirt, resting on our newest playmate's belly. I couldn't help but notice that Amie's dad was spending more than his fair share of viewing time on the teenage pair next to me. With Debbie in the room, that was pretty surprising all by itself.

"Ron's team is amazing," Robin said. Looking over, I saw his hand was inside her shirt as well, but a little higher. Not quite on her tits, but definitely in contact. Things were definitely moving fast over there.

"What you guys have done here is what's amazing. Y'all make a great team." Ron told her.

"It'll be nice when we're done," Debbie added. "From day one this has been one big construction project. I'll be glad when it's finally over."

"The good news is that we're pretty close," Ron said. "You guys do a little shopping this weekend, and you'll probably be able to open your doors in another week. We can concentrate on outfitting the new rooms once everything else is in place."

Robin excused herself to go to the bathroom, and rotten Beth, who definitely was showing more and more of a mischievous streak, wriggled off the couch and went and planted herself on Ron's lap, to everyone's surprise.

"Mr. Thomas, you're the greatest. Thanks so much for helping us with this." She wrapped her arms around his neck and planted her lips on his. I think Ron was more surprised than any of us.

When she pulled away he looked nervous, then grinned like the Cheshire Cat. "Hell, if I knew it would get that kind of response, I'd have built a chain of places long ago."

Beth wriggled in his lap. "Heck Mr. Thomas, if I knew a kiss would get this kind of reaction out of you, you would have gotten one a lot sooner."

He blushed crimson, as Robin returned. I expected some kind of response from her, but she just settled in beside Ron, pulling Beth's legs into her lap. She was definitely learning how to fit in.

My hand was resting on Debbie's breast, while she just relaxed against me, apparently enjoying the interaction as much as me. Amie sat up and cuddled in close, wiggling under my arm. "They are just rotten," Amie whispered to me, unable to tear her gaze away when Beth went back for another kiss.

Robin was sitting up, her hand inside Ron's shirt, whispering in his ear.

I didn't know where this all was going, but it was entertaining as hell.

"Jesus, I can't believe this. My dad's getting more action than me." Amie said loud enough for everyone to hear, getting a laugh out of most of us.

"Oh, Right. Little Miss All Night Long," Debbie interjected, pretty much letting the cat out of the bag.

When Beth pulled away, she climbed off Ron's lap, with one last ostentatious bad-intentioned wriggle. "Thanks again Mr. Thomas."

"After that, young lady, I think you'd better call me Ron."

Beth came over and stretched out across us, her head in Debbie's lap, her butt on Amie's, her legs hanging off the end of the couch. She gave a long stretch, accentuating her sexy young looks.

Robin took the opening on Ron's lap as an invitation and straddled him, facing her new friend. While she was kissing him, I had my hand inside Beth's shirt, fondling her hard little nipple. Debbie was stroking her hair.

Amie must have been feeling a little left out. She turned my head and explored my mouth with her active little tongue.

Robin was the one to raise the stakes, sitting back and peeling off her shirt, sitting topless on Ron's lap. He had partially turned, and I could see his hand on her tit.

Did I say things were moving fast? Light should move so fast!

When Beth noticed what had happened, she reached down and pulled her own shirt off, exposing her incredible tits to the air.

Amie hissed, "Beth! What are you doing?"

"Lighten up Amie. I don't think your dad minds, do you? Why don't you get comfortable? Everyone's having a great time."

Everyone might be having a great time, but it was clear that Robin was going to do her best to make sure that Ron had an especially spectacular evening. It couldn't have been any more obvious when she got up and stretched out across the loveseat, her back to us and her head in his lap.

If her intention wasn't clear enough, when Ron gasped, "Oh God!" I think it was obvious.

"Fuck," Amie groaned. Taking Beth's advice she peeled off her own shirt, and reached into my lap, grabbing my hard-on.

Beth just sighed. "Is it just me, or is it incredibly hot in here?" She turned on her side, lifted up Debbie's shirt, and latched onto her breast. Debbie moaned and lifted her arms in the air, all the encouragement I needed to slip her shirt off.

Four hot women. Eight exposed tits. Life was good.

It was even better for Ron. Robin got on her hands and knees, still on the couch, and we all had a show as we watched her go down on Ron, nothing blocking our view. He had his hand in the back of Robin's head, the other one caressing her ass. It wasn't much of a surprise when she reached behind her to lower the shorts off of her ass, making herself that much more accessible.

Beth sat up then straddled Amie's lap giving her a quick kiss. "Amie. I'm gonna help Robin, Ok?"

"Beth, it's my dad," she whispered in resignation.

"I know. I've always had the hots for him. Just trust me." She gave her another kiss, leaned in and gave me a quick one, then sauntered across the room, kneeling at Ron's feet. She leaned in and whispered in Robin's ear. Robin released him and looked over at us. Then she leaned back and made room for the teen tease.

I got one good look at Beth giving him a long lick before she tugged his pants down, while Robin opened his shirt. Once the man was all but naked my view was blocked by Beth's head as she bobbed down over him.

Amie leaned across me. "Debbie, can I borrow Jack a bit?"

Debbie just laughed. "Like I have control over any of this? Enjoy yourself."

That's was all the encouragement Amie needed. She pulled my shirt off, then sat at my feet and tugged my shorts off. I looked up and Ron was watching us with a fevered look in his eye, his hands resting on the heads of the two girls pleasuring him. When Amie took off her shorts and panties, I heard him moan. When she climbed atop me and slid my full length into her, he groaned loudly, never tearing his eyes off of where his daughter's tight little pussy was stuffed with my fat cock. Beth backed off and let Robin finish our guest. My hot little teen bed-warmer climbed on the arm of the couch, leaned into Ron and whispered into his ear, while the two of them watched sweet Amie slide up and down my straining cock.

"God Amie, you are incredible." I told her, grasping her ass cheeks tightly.

"Is he watching?" she asked me.

"Can't tear his eyes off of you," I confirmed.

"God, this is so bad," she said, kissing me hard. She slowly rose up off my cock, then turned around, faced the loveseat, and settled back down, fucking herself on my steel shaft, on full display. There was definitely an exhibitionist streak inside this wild child.

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