CvsN 20: Something Old and New

byTx Tall Tales©

The whole group had retired to the new living room and we'd paired off in groups around the U-shaped sectional. I sat on one side, bracketed by Debbie and Amie, while opposite me was Karen and Jim. Robin was in the corner, seated between Jim and Ron, and Beth had Ron's other side covered. It was cozy. And portended well for the near future.

The girls on my side were mostly talking about the day-care shopping they were planning for the weekend. The other side of the couch was talking about the moving plans for the next day, and Ron was just soaking it all in.

Debbie and Karen were both dressed in light summer dresses, about as lightweight as those things get. The rest of the ladies were in tees and shorts. From my vantage, I could have sworn there wasn't a bra in the room.

Of course Robin's shirt selection for the evening left no doubt as to her intentions. It showed an arrow pointing up, with the words "Instant Slut" below it. Just a bit lower were the words "Just Add Dick" and another arrow pointing downward. Subtle. I hadn't seen that one before. The girl was full of surprises.

It didn't take long for things to warm up. Between conversations, the girls were showing the men plenty of attention. Robin was alternating her attention between Jim and Ron, and was making it clear that she was ready for fun. I had both Amie and Debbie available to me, and Amie was extremely attentive, whenever I wasn't occupied with Debbie. Sweet Beth was all over Ron like a cheap suit.

Beth and Robin lead the effort to start removing clothing, casting their T-shirts aside with abandon. When Amie followed suit, only the girls in dresses remained covered.

I gestured Karen to come over to me, which she did quickly. I stood reached down and took the bottom of her dress in my hands. "You're looking overdressed for the occasion," I told her, and lifted her dress up to her waist. She murmured something about the inevitability of it all, and turned around. "Unzip it. It comes down, not up."

One quick zip and she was posing in her panties. She turned and gave Ron an appreciative eyeful, then went back to her seat, pulling Jim to her stunning breasts.

I looked over at Debbie who giggled. "No way! These aren't coming out until things are a little more balanced around here. I want to see some pecs."

And that's how we all ended up naked to the waist a few seconds later.

Jim just groaned, while Karen rubbed his crotch. "Fuck me. I've died and gone to heaven," he said, probably louder than he'd intended. I realized he'd never seen Amie topless, and couldn't recall if he'd ever seen the lovely tits on my favorite sex goddess. The one time he'd seen Beth, he'd gotten in trouble. Even now, you could see he was avoiding looking at her too much.

She noticed his hesitation, and with a triumphant grin, she went over to stand in front of him, holding her sweet titties in her hands. "It's Ok, Jim. Feast your eyes. All's forgiven already, and I'd be a piss-poor hostess if I didn't at least let you know you've been a great friend. She leaned down and gave him a kiss, taking his hands and putting them on her breasts. She looked over to Karen. "This is Ok, isn't it? Just a bit of fun for a second here, between friends?"

"Not too much, or I'll be walking bowlegged all weekend," Karen teased. "Unless you care to share part of the burden."

Beth giggled. "Tempting, but I think my dance card for the night is already full."

While the little interplay was going on across from me, Debbie got up and took Beth's seat. She took Ron's head in her hands and kissed him. "Thanks for everything, big guy. Having a good time?"

Amie and I cut off our playing to lean closer and see what was going on.

He just stared at her and nodded. She took his hand and placed it on her perfect breast. "You're going to get to see a lot more soon enough. I hope you like it. While Beth gives you a proper thank you, you're going to get to see Jack fuck the living daylights out of me." Then she gave him another kiss, and returned to my side. She was a wicked one, when she wanted to be.

Amie looked lost. "What about me?" she asked softly.

Debbie leaned over and gave her a kiss. "Behind closed doors. Patience sugar."

With every guy in the room about to bust his drawers, I wondered how much further it would go. I needn't have worried It turned out things were about to split up.

Karen initiated the end, standing up and taking Jim with her. "I think you guys have primed his pump more than enough. It's been fun, but I think we're ready for bed." Jim had Robin's hand in his, and she seemed torn, but eventually stood up. She came around and gave Ron and I goodnight kisses, then whispered to me that she's be around later if that was cool. I gave her a nod and she wrapped her arms around Debbie giving her a big hug, and thanking her. Like I had nothing to do with the decision. Then the three of them disappeared upstairs.

It was time to head back to our bedroom, and see if Ron's heart was strong enough for what lay ahead.


We all collapsed on the bed, crowded as it was. Ron and Beth were tangled up together, and I was splitting time fondling and being fondled by Amie and Debbie. I was helping Amie get rid of her shorts and panties, when Beth sat up.

"Ron, did I ever tell you how Jack and I got together?" She asked.

"I think I'd remember that," he told her.

She was slowly opening his pants and working them down his legs. "We'd been dating for a while. He was a great guy, and I was really falling for him. I'd pretty much decided he was going to be my first, but I was playing hard to get. A mutual friend encouraged me to go for it, but I was listening to other advice, you know the 'free milk and a cow', and was taking it real slow.

By this time Ron was completely naked, and Beth's tiny hand was working on him, playing with him. On my side of the bed, Debbie had helped me out of my own shorts. Amie was lying in my arms, listening attentively to the story.

"You haven't heard this one?" I asked her softly.

"Nope," she answered, pushing her bare hips back against me.

Beth stood and slowly removed her shorts, no panties of course. She'd lost those earlier. "To my surprise, I found out that someone had beaten me to the punch, and when he bought this place, I came over to help in the initial fix-up, and found out that he was going to be sharing it with Karen, and that stone cold fox lying beside him. Knocked me for a loop."

She climbed back on the bed, sliding into Ron's arm and reached for his hard cock, just playing.

"That day, I was really ticked off, but didn't want to show how jealous I was. To make things worse, I walked in on him and Debbie together, and got my first good idea of what I'd missed out on. And just how serious the competition was. Imagine going up against that!" she laughed with a nod toward the stunning roommate.

She sighed. "I couldn't sleep that night, and didn't know what I wanted to do. Still, I couldn't stay away, and I went back the next day to help. That's when Debbie and I started to hit it off, and I learned a little more about the situation. It's also when I found out that the two house-mates where going to be bedmates. That was pretty devastating."

Debbie spoke up. "I didn't really know anything about her. I didn't even know that he'd been dating."

"Yeah, but Karen knew, and she knew that it hadn't gone anywhere yet, so he was ripe for the picking." Her face was down near Ron's waist now, while her hand stroked his hard length.

"I went over to his place late, and threw myself at him. He was hesitant, with the new situation and the fact that I was a virgin, but he finally gave in part way, and agreed that we could play, but he wasn't going to pop my cherry that night. Not the way things were between us. What he did do was teach me all about blow-jobs, with video aids and everything. He's a great teacher, patient, and with lots of stamina, letting me spend hours that first night learning all about oral. I dare say, he seemed to enjoy it." She turned and grinned at me.

She stood up, and pulled Ron off the bed, leaving him standing at the end. "The highlight of the evening was learning how to take a man deep." She lay on her back, her head hanging off the end of the couch. "I found out that I really liked it, and was pretty good at it. I've had some practice since then. And now, if you'd like, you can see what I've learned." She opened her mouth wide, and reached for him.

Ron slowly moved forward and slid his dick into her welcome mouth. He gently moved his cock in and out of her hot little orifice, while she reached for his hips. After a minute or so, she pushed him away.

"Jesus, Ron. I'm not a porcelain doll. Fuck my mouth, fuck my throat, and fill my belly with your hot cum. Don't be gentle, fuck me!"

She leaned back and opened her mouth again and he picked up the pace a bit.

Amie lifted her leg up, and I felt Debbie's hand guide me into our friend's tight little pussy. She moaned softly, while we watched her old man.

Once Ron realized he wasn't going to hurt her, he started getting more aggressive, until her mouth was just hanging open and he was fucking her face like a pussy. He was shoving the whole thing in her mouth, making her exposed throat ripple. The willing sounds escaping from her were breathtaking.

Amie shifted away from me, and got on her hands and knees between Beth's legs and started pleasuring her friend. Beth didn't miss a stroke, moaning while used at both ends. Debbie pushed me onto my back and mounted me facing the action. She rode me easily while the others played rough.

"God, Beth, you're fucking amazing," Ron grunted, slowing down and fucking her mouth with slow easy strokes.

She pulled away. "It's Ok, I can take it," she gasped, wiping her mouth.

"I can't." He gasped, "I have to take it easy or I'm going to come too soon."

"So come for me. We have a long night ahead of us, and there's lots more we can do. Lots." She opened her mouth and waited.

Amie climbed up her friend's taut torso, her face above Beth's. "Fuck her mouth, daddy. Come in this hot little tease's scalding mouth."

When he fed Beth his cock, Amie had a front row seat, watching her father's cock disappearing into Beth's mouth from inches away.

"Damn, I wish I had a cock, Daddy. We could fuck the shit out of her together."

It made me think of heading upstairs and borrowing a few of Karen's seemingly endless toys, but the temporary urge was not nearly strong enough to get me to separate from Debbie, or miss the show going on beside us.

He fucked Beth's mouth for a couple of more minutes, going deep more often than not. Then I saw him slow down again, drawing back. "I can't let it end this quick," he gasped. "It's too good." His hard dick was waving in the air right in front of the girls, and I almost lost my breath when Amie leaned forward and placed her mouth over the head of his cock. He groaned, and pushed forward, feeding his baby girl.

She pulled away after a second, reached for his cock and pointed it back to Beth's hungry mouth. "Sorry, but I just had to see. Now come for her daddy."

That encouragement broke down his barriers and he slid back between Beth's lips, grinding away, and groaning when he lost his first load of the night in the teenager's eager maw.

Amie grabbed Beth's head, locked her lips over her friend's, and they spent the next minute kissing sloppily and sharing her father's donation. It was about as hot as anything I'd seen. And lately I'd seen a lot.

Beth finally rolled away, obviously pleased with herself. "And that was how I first got together with Jack. We fell asleep together, and fortunately I woke up first. Since it was a new day, I figured our 'virgin' deal was out the window, so I took his morning wood, and stuffed it up my stupidly tight pussy. Now that was challenge! When he was fully awake, he fucked me silly - and wonderfully." She stretched, showing off her hard body. "That was the start of everything, although he did take a little training and encouragement to make me a full fledged roommate."

Debbie climbed off of me, and cuddled in close. "Fuck, that was sexy," she whispered to me.

"No, shit."

She leaned in closer, whispering carefully. "Now fuck Amie's brains out for her daddy."

Sounded like a good idea to me.

It ended up being something of a show. My two girls sandwiched Ron, and watched.

I pulled Amie into the middle of the bed, and pulled her on top of me in classic 69. She sucked me like she meant it, and I ate her to an orgasm before I felt the need to be inside of her.

I put her on her back, tilted her legs way back, and slid my cock inside of her. I slowly filled her, achingly slow, but she was still as tight as the first time, even soaking wet, and took some work. I long-stroked her, once I'd managed to get deep enough, enjoying the feeling. I could hear Debbie telling tales, cuddled up behind Ron and telling him how Beth, Amie and I had fucked the night away recently, and going into some detail. She was cuddled up against him, her breast pressed against his back, and he was wrapped around Beth, playing with her body, while they all three watched.

Every couple of minutes I'd adjust position a little, moving her lusciously long legs around at will. I had her legs together, ankles crossed, and pushed back hard, a little to the side and back to her chest. She was tight as hell, and I fucked her like a fiend. She was really enjoying that position and let us know it. I could see her upper body flushing and she gasped as she came, crying out repeatedly. The harder I fucked her, the more she came, and her entire upper chest turned bright red. The flush extended up into her face, and I saw her mouth and nose get red, almost like she had a cold. When she screamed "FUCK" loud enough to raise the dead, I slowed down, gently rolled her onto her side, facing our audience, pushing her upper leg down over the lower and onto the bed. Her sweet pussy looked amazing, taking my length, and I watched as I gave her a nice easy fucking. For me, the sight of my cock disappearing inside a willing pussy is the ultimate aphrodisiac. It just got me harder and more excited.

When she caught her breath, I let her go and helped her sit up. "You're turn to fuck me. Ride me 'til I come for you beautiful."

I lay at an angle, my head near the foot of the bed, my feet near Beth's head. Amie straddled me, and slowly lowered herself onto my aching cock. I couldn't help but think about the view we were providing, her tight ass, and bare pussy, riding my straining rod. She sat upright and fucked me hard for a good long while, then lay down on my chest, her mouth to my ear. "Fuck me hard for them," she whispered.

I lifted her hips enough to give me some room to work, then went at her for real. I started with long hard strokes, slowly speeding up until I was pounding her like a jackhammer. When I fucked her as fast and hard as I could, I could only keep it up for short stretches, before I returned to a nice constant pussy stretching.

I felt some attention at my balls, and peaked around to see Beth reaching between us. The next time I gave Amie the jackhammer, I got to her, and when I started to slow down, she cried out begging me not to stop. It was hard, but I just kept going, hammering her young pussy, gasping, fucking so hard my thighs and abs ached, but I got my results. She cried out and came in a series of waves, gasping over and over again, "Oh, I'm coming, I'm coming so hard!" she cried. The feeling for me was incredible, and I started a series of hard forceful strokes that were getting me off. I grabbed her ass cheeks tight, and slammed into her, filling her for what seemed like ages, following each rope with another stroke, until I could feel my cum dripping down my cock.

She lay on my chest, gasping. "God, that was so fucking amazing. I thought I'd die there for a second, I couldn't breath I was coming so hard."

As for me, I kept myself lodged inside of her, giving her a slow gentle screwing, using the intensity, her tightness, and the excitement of the situation to gradually restore my hardness. I looked over to see Ron back inside of Beth, her legs open, fucking her while staring at his daughter's ass and tightly stretched, well-fucked pussy.

Debbie approached us from the side, and gently moved Amie off of my lap. She leaned in and went down on me, licking me clean, and soon was being helped by Amie. They positioned themselves so as not to block the view of the others. Quite considerate of them.

Debbie sat up and stretched Amie out on the bed, still at an angle, her head near her father's. He was laying back with Beth riding him gently, his face turned to watch us.

Debbie got on her hands and knees, lowered her beautiful pussy over Amie's face, and gestured for me to come closer and fill her mouth. I fed her my cock and enjoyed her for a few minutes, restoring the steel to my rod. She looked up at me, and just seeing her beautiful face and big blue eyes, had me raring to go. She pulled away and sat up. "Give me her legs."

I lifted Amie's legs up and tilted them back so she could hold them. "Now fuck this little tart until she makes me come."

I could see Debbie was getting into it, and was taking over. I was happy enough to comply and slid my cock back inside of Amie, getting a whimper out of her. God, I loved that sound.

I fucked her easily, basking in the feel of sliding in and out of her. Debbie had other ideas.

"Get me off Amie, and make it a good one, or I'm going to make him fuck your ass dry." I saw that sparkle in her eye, and I got even harder, if that was possible. Debbie, sat back and closed her eyes, "Oh yeah, that's nice baby, like that."

After a few strokes, I pulled out and played with Amie's ass a bit, fingering her, then went back to plugging her pussy. I wasn't paying attention to the others, and Beth surprised me when she showed up at my side with a lubed butt plug. I pulled out and let her slip the toy inside of Amie. She groaned loud enough for us to hear it through Debbie's pussy.

Filled in one hole, I went back to fucking my pretty little toy's other opening, watching Debbie's incredible body as she slowly climbed her own peak. "I'm close, Amie, so close," she gasped, grinding her pussy down onto Amie's mouth.

Looking over, I saw Beth was on her back, and Ron was standing beside the bed, screwing her. She looked happy. He looked wild.

Debbie opened her eyes and looked at me. "Do it. Take her ass, Jack." She gasped, "Yes, do it now." She pulled Amie's legs back further, opening her up.

I took the plug out of Daddy's little princess, and pushed my cock in, meeting a good bit of resistance, but with patience I got past her tight little opening, and lodged inside of her. Debbie leaned over, watching me enter her little cunt-licker, and moaned loudly as she finally came. I was halfway into her when Debbie climbed off and pushed Amie's legs down to her chest. "Here," she told my toy, "hold these."

Amie looked well used, her face glistening, her mouth bright red. "Oh, fuck, that was crazy," she gasped. "Slowly, Jack, please. It's too big."

Since her daddy was watching, I went along, taking a couple of minutes of leisurely fucking before I was finally balls deep in her. Debbie lay down beside us and played with Amie's pussy. "You did good, sweetie. You can lick me anytime." She leaned over and kissed our friend while I picked up the pace, fucking that tight little butt a little more thoroughly.

During a break with Deb, Amie smiled for me. "You like that, don't you Jack. You like my ass, I can tell. It's all yours, whenever you want. Fuck my dirty little butt-hole, Jack. Fill my ass with that gargantuan cock."

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