tagGroup SexCvsN 23: Travel Benefits

CvsN 23: Travel Benefits

byTx Tall Tales©


A new workout program, back with the Boss, and a memorable flight


Thursday I rolled out of bed, even ahead of Debbie, our early morning riser. I put on some shorts and a shirt and my running shoes. I wasn't looking forward to it, but I knew it needed doing. Amie was in the kitchen, drinking some water.

"I thought I heard you moving around, slow poke," she teased. "Five more minutes and you would have run alone."

"Good morning to you too, wild thing."

"Where's the best place to run?" she asked, stretching.

I drank close to a quart of water, before I answered. "The side street outside goes into a closed neighborhood. Nice sidewalks and pretty sparsely populated, with big yards and a small park. I imagine it's a couple of miles around, so it should be a decent run."

"Let's get going then!" Amie giggled, giving me a push.

I hate morning people.

It was a horrible idea. I was straining after just a few hundred yards, and kept slowing down to little more than a light jog. Amie was literally running circles around me, egging me on. By the time we'd finished most of the neighborhood, and a loop around the park, I could barely breathe. I kept hoping for my second wind to kick in, but realized I never even had a first wind. Damn, I was out of shape! I used to be able to run 3 miles in well under 20 minutes, but after 30 minutes I was ready to lay down and die.

Getting back to the main street, Amie reminded me of 'the game'.

"Think you can catch me, Jack? If you do, you can have me, right there, wherever you catch me. I know you can do it." She took off at an easy pace, and I sprinted after her. As I got within a few yards, she kicked it in and left me in her dust.

Her faith in me was misplaced. I was gasping when I finally made it to the house. "I guess I was wrong. No nookie for Jack this morning." She was barely breathing hard.

"I'm out of practice," I whined, "give me a few weeks and you'll see."

"God, I hope so. I had fantasies last night of being leaned over that railing in back and having my brains fucked out," she teased.

We went inside and Beth was just about to head out. "A little morning exercise, Jack?" she gave me a dainty kiss, avoiding my sweaty body. "Maybe you should join me for a swim."

"I'd drown," I confessed. "Amie almost killed me."

"Did you catch her?" Beth asked.

"Are you kidding me? I barely made it home. Give me some time. It's my first time running in months."

Amie seemed less fastidious and gave me a hug. "We'll whip you back into shape, and we'll all benefit from it, I'm sure."

Whip me back into shape? I thought I was in pretty good shape. Ok, so the run was hard. I just needed to watch the diet for a couple of weeks, and throw in a little exercise. Ok, maybe a lot of exercise.

I limited myself to one helping of breakfast, and when I came home for funch with Debbie, I ate my sandwich dry, and left the sodas alone all day. Funny, how the pain of exercise can make you think twice about feeding your face. I was equating everything I ate to the number of hours of running torture it would take to burn it off.

Friday morning was worse, if possible. I was still sore from the first run, and had a small blister I was trying to take care of. But I did manage to complete the distance without walking, although I spent the last half mile watching Amie's tight rear-end, without a hope in the world of catching up to it.

Work went well, pulling together the last of our effort for our trip to Spain, including the updated software system, and directives for the team to be available for support and fixes while Chris and I were on-site. Chris was nervous as hell around me, but she finally relaxed toward the end of the day. We agreed to meet at the office Sunday afternoon at 6:00. We'd drive to the airport together and catch our 8:30 flight. We wouldn't get to Spain until the next morning and were meeting the customer around noon. It was going to be a murderous first day.

Friday night was fun. We made a movie night of it, with both the little ones staying over with Karen, Aunt Robin and 'Uncle Jim'. It was an ego trip to go to the movies with my gorgeous threesome, hitting The Cheesecake Factory before the movie, and watching the movie parked between Beth and Debbie. I know we turned quite a few heads, particularly when I had both girls leaning in to me, my arms around them. I was the envy of every man with a pulse. The girls looked great, what a surprise, and I'm sure quite a few guys got in trouble for not keeping their eye on their dates, but who could really blame them?

I'm sure Amie felt like a fourth wheel at times, but she'd slip up next to me every time one of my two main squeezes left breathing room. She had the good sense not to get between Debbie and me too often, but Beth was definitely in a sharing mood, and didn't seem to mind, even when she returned from the bathroom during the movie to find Amie parked in her space. She just took the open space, and let Amie continue to tease me, the little troublemaker.

By the time we got home, well fed and entertained, we were ready to relax with a nice bottle of wine, and some music on the stereo. We all dressed down, me in my boxers, and the girls in t-shirts and panties. With the house empty, we were bad, lounging around the living room, and when the mood turned amorous, using our new living room furniture for purposes unintended.

It was a blast, taking my turns in the girls, everyone getting lots of play time, while we joked around, and talked about the excitement of opening up the day-care soon. Before we even popped the second wine cork, the panties were all gone, as were my boxers. We'd all cuddle, and when I would move one of the girls to get access to her goodies, everyone just made room, and I'd have the joy of screwing one of the lovely ladies until I was ready for a small break and a change of pace. The casualness of our intimacy, and leisurely nature of our fucking had the evening running on and on, with everyone getting a little more horny, and equally drunker.

Anytime I wasn't trying to stick my dick inside one of the girls, one or more mouths would casually ensure that I was ready whenever the feeling hit me. They were careful not to get me too excited, ensuring that anytime I was ready to pop, it was deep inside the accommodating pussies of one of my three lovely playmates.

By the time midnight rolled around, and we had just started our third bottle of wine, which might have been too ambitious of us, things were getting wilder. The girls were taking care of each other as much as I was poking them, with Amie on a personal mission to take care of whoever I wasn't with at any time. She clearly had a thing for cleaning up after me. Whenever I'd drop a load inside of Debbie or Beth, she'd follow me, climbing between the lucky lady's legs, and making sure they were clean as a whistle before getting anymore of my attention. It helped keep the furniture clean.

I used up my last hard-on of the evening putting Debbie through her paces, finally bending her over the end of the couch, and fucking her raw. It was a great finish.

By the time we made it to the bedroom, just the three of us, Amie slipped off to her own room, I was too exhausted for anything more than a good night's sleep.

* * *

I was planning on sleeping in, but evil Amie was dragging me out of bed before I knew it. I was thinking very bad things about her, when I caught sight of the clock. Almost 9:30 am. I had slept in, and the bed was empty. I tried to pull Amie into bed with me, hoping for an alternate form of exercise, but she fought me off, and before I knew it, I was back beating the pavement.

It was rough, but not horrible. Still no chance of catching the fleet teenager ahead of me, but once again I managed to run pretty much the whole way. I was still gasping when I finished, but we'd made it in just over 27 minutes. After my shower, Debbie was waiting for me, and she gave me a nice rubdown, encouraging me on my new exercise routine, and giving me another much nicer workout. Except she did most of the work.

Amie walked in on us, berating Debbie for spoiling me, saying I hadn't earned it yet.

"He has run three days in a row. We have to encourage good behavior," Debbie told our new house-mate, from her perch upon my raging hard-on.

"I guess you're right. We already cut five minutes off the first day. How about if you provide him the encouragement, and I give him a goal?" Amie asked.

That sounded interesting.

"What's the goal?" Debbie asked, riding me while we talked to the pretty teenager.

"We're running just under three miles, I clocked it. When Jack can complete the run in under 20 minutes, he can tie me down and use me however he wants, wherever he wants, for as long as he wants. And he can share me with whoever he wants."

That seemed like a hell of an offer. I don't care what she said, she WAS a wild thing.

"Share? Even with a stranger?" Debbie asked, curious.

"If he wants. I'm hoping it'll at least be people I know, but it's his reward. He can make the choice," Amie said blushing.

"I was trying to figure out a way to reward the project team for a job well done," I teased. "But there are eight of us."

Amie sat beside me, watching Debbie take care of me. "If that's what you want Jack. But you still have to do the run in 20 minutes."

I reached out for her. "I'm just kidding, Ames."

"I'm not. However, wherever, whoever. Just don't hurt me," she said.

I pulled her down for a kiss. "I would never hurt you, beautiful."

"So it's a deal?" she asked cautiously.

"A deal. The nice thing is it'll probably take me several weeks. Plenty of time for planning," I told her, the idea, combined with sexy Debbie's actions working to get me overly excited.

"Plenty of time to stock up on toys and lube. Can't you just imagine what Beth could do to her with a strap-on?" Debbie said, graphically describing the possibility.

Yes I could, and that was the final bit of encouragement I needed to finish inside my loveliest of roommates.

Debbie left me for a bath, and sweet Amie stayed behind to clean up, getting me hard enough for a gentle ride of her own. "One rule, Ok?" she asked timidly.

"Kind of late for rules isn't it?" I asked.

"You don't have to agree. I'm just asking," she said, lying on top of me and kissing me, while I thrust up into her.

"The rule?" I asked.

"Don't let my Dad fuck me, Ok?" she asked.

"I think that's fair enough," I told her, giving her a deep kiss.

"You probably shouldn't leave him alone with me, tied up," she said softly, "I'm not sure he could help himself."

"I'll take care of you, baby. Trust me on that one."

"Of course I trust you. How could I make an offer like this one if I didn't?"

I hoped I was worthy of her trust.

* * *

We had a full house all day, but by evening, we were pretty much back to normal, and I made it to the bedroom with just my two girls. I had laid down the law with Amie; there would be no running on Sundays, especially not on travel days.

I had a nice, long leisurely goodbye with each of my girls, starting with one of my favorite things in the world, a Debbie and Beth dual BJ, and ending between the legs of my platinum haired bedroom goddess.

I slept in the following morning, legs aching, and pondering the 'deal' with Amie. I was alone in the bed, and had nobody to use the results of my half-asleep fantasizing on, so I just let it subside, taking a shower. Robin would have killed me, letting a perfectly good erection go to waste.

It was a casual day around the place, and I did a little yard-work, since I'd be gone for a week. I didn't see much of Beth or Amie, as they worked on the Day-care preparations. I did ask Debbie to help me pack, which led to exactly what I was hoping for, and one last love session before I was going to head out. God, I was going to miss her.

We had an early dinner, and I said my goodbyes afterwards, hauling my bags out to the car. Amie ran up to me, before I was finished.

"Just wanted to say goodbye," she said softly, coming to me and giving me a big hug. "And thanks for welcoming me into your home and your life so easily. I know you didn't have to. You can't imagine how wonderful it is for me."

"I'm glad too. You're good for us," I told her hugging her back and giving her a kiss.

"Train while you over there, and don't eat too badly. I want you to win your prize," she reminded me.

"I will. And I'm looking forward to the payoff," I told her.

"Good. I'll make it incredible for you."

I smiled, stealing one last kiss. "I'm sure you will."

I drove away with a raging hard-on. But I figured Chris would be able to help me with that before too long.

But I'd wait until we were at least in the air. 100 mile rule. Once you're away from home, it's not really cheating, is it?

* * *

Company policy allowed us to fly business class overseas, with 14 days travel notice, and it was nice to be able to stretch out. Flying coach for over 8 hours was hard enough, but cramped in the space the airlines called coach was tantamount to torture.

The drive to the airport had been a little awkward. Chris and I both knew what was ahead, but neither of us broached the subject. We talked about our project, reviewing all of our materials, and going over the training information for the forty minutes or so the drive took. Then it was back to the hassles of checking in, going through security, and making our way to the international section, where we could finally relax for a little while.

We were both dressed very casually, comfort being the watchword when you were traveling for a dozen or more hours. For me that meant sweatpants and t-shirt. For Chris it was similar, a nice coordinated sweat-suit, with a sleeveless tee underneath. She looked good in the outfit, and I wondered what kind of underthings she had on underneath.

The plane was huge, and in our section there were 7 seats across, divided 2, 3, and 2, by the aisles. We were directly behind First Class, in what was almost a mini-cabin, with the bulk of business class well behind us, past the galley. Chris was by the window, and I had the aisle. We were a little behind the middle seats next to us, with the first class closet ahead of us, and another closet behind. I'd never been seated in similar seats and really enjoyed the quiet, the extensive leg room, and the privacy.

"I think we're going to knock their socks off," she told me as we were settling into our soft, padded seats.

"I hope so, it's been a big effort, completed in breakneck time," I told her, getting comfortable, pulling out a notebook and paperback and placing it in the padded pocked in front of me, before storing my carry-on.

"You did a great job on this. It's all the talk upstairs. I think you're going to come out of this whole thing smelling like roses," she told me.

"Hell. It's just code. You've done a great job pulling it all together. Now we'll just have to see if it flies with the client."

We each took a drink from the stewardess, a cute brunette I couldn't help but try flirting with. I knew that they were pretty immune to the efforts, getting hit on constantly, but I couldn't help myself. I did get her smiling, and she returned before too long to refresh our drinks before takeoff. She seemed to have the whole front cabin to attend to, about 10 seats in all.

"Jesus, Jack," Chris laughed. "I bet you got laid before you left your house, and already you're picking out your next conquest."

"I'll have you know I've been celibate since just after lunch, and I'm not looking for a conquest, I'm just flirting." I told my sexy little boss.

"Celibate since lunch? Poor thing. Try making that two weeks. You'd be ready to blow a gasket."

"Two weeks? Before my current situation I was quite single, you know. I went months in between, sometimes. Not that I'd ever want to do that again."

We had to quiet down during the spiel about safety, and seatbelts. At the end I waved the stewardess over.

"I don't think I've got my seatbelt right. Could you check it?" I asked, wearing my most innocent of smiles.

She gave me a long, hard look, and I was ready for the big shoot down, when she smiled and leaned over. She was stacked on top, and her nametag was almost in my face when she ran her hands slowly along the seatbelt, giving it a gentle tug, and then patting the belt buckle in place. Her little act had my cock hardening. She had to have noticed, but she let it pass.

"It looks like everything is in order, Mr..."

"Jack. And thanks, Leanne."

"Of course, Jack. We're here to help." Her hand lingered on my shoulder longer than necessary as she walked by, collecting any glasses from the other travelers.

"Christ." Chris whispered, "Now I've seen it all."

"Yes you have, and you'll be seeing a lot more, soon enough," I reminded her, still teasing, reaching over and giving her thigh a squeeze.

After takeoff, my attentive stew stopped by to check on our drinks.

I asked Chris if she needed a refill, and she passed. I asked for another Tanqueray and tonic, and when Leanne returned, she brought me two of the small Tanqueray bottles, and a bottle of tonic.

I was brazen, caressing her hand as she passed them to me. "Two? Are you trying to get me drunk, Leanne? I'll have you know I have a high tolerance for alcohol."

She smiled and leaned in close. "It is a very long flight." She smiled and walked away tending to the other passengers. Her tight blue skirt looked very good on her. Very good. Business class wasn't full, which surprised me. There were at least three empty seats in our section, including the two on the opposite side of the plane from ours. I guess somebody missed their flight.

"Oh my God, she's as bad as you," Chris said, exasperated.

"Oh, come on, Chris. Let loose. It's a long flight. A little teasing and flirting just helps the time to fly. I imagine her job can get to be a little boring, catering to the whims of her pampered passengers. A little teasing and joking is good for the soul," I reminded her.

She just rolled her eyes at me. I think she wanted to be mad about it, but she finally just chuckled. "Being around you is an education. I'll say that much."

"Being around you is painful," I told her.

She looked hurt. "Painful?"

I took her hand and placed it on my hard cock. All the teasing was working wonders on me. She jerked her hand back, looking around to see if anybody had been watching. Of course, where we were seated somebody would have to be standing beside us to see anything.

"Painfully hard. And it'll probably be tomorrow night before I can do anything about it."

"You are such a reprobate," she hissed, yet allowing me to place her hand on my thigh.

She was quiet while I prepared my drink, using one bottle, and half the tonic. I gave it a sip. Delicious.

"There's already talk about repackaging what we're doing, generalizing it, and offering it to the Swiss and the Malaysians. This could be big."

I reached over and put my hand on hers, where it rested on my thigh. She seemed to hesitate, then turned her hand over, entwining her fingers with mine.

"Why generalize it? We could fully customize it for each customer, and probably get twice the money out of them without doing much more than swapping out the screens, and adding a few fields to the database," I told her, my mind instantly reviewing the changes that would be needed.

"But the Swiss planes are outfitted completely differently, and we don't have the issues with tying into the manufacturing database we had with the Spanish."

I reached over, pulled out my pad, and started listing the parts of the system that would require refactoring, and the layout of the different display systems that would be required. We talked about a few options, and within 30 minutes, had the whole process mapped out.

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