Cyar'ika Ch. 03


Chapter Three: Etain

"Circumstances afford me / No second chance to tell you / How much I've missed you."

VNV Nation


+ + + + +

Darman was the epitome of male perfection. Etain's eyes lingered slowly over every inch of him, as she continued to kneel at his feet. She found the upward perspective oddly erotic; he towered over her, all hard-sculpted strength and sharply defined muscle. In many ways, he was just as imposing naked, as he was covered head to toe in his black matte armor.

She felt small and delicate next to him - but then, she always had. Etain reached out and gently traced the smooth curve of his calf with the tips of her fingers. Darman shuddered slightly underneath her touch and the young Jedi Knight suddenly started to realize the very unique power she had over him.

Darman was a warrior, engineered physically, psychologically, and mentally, for every horror of war. He didn't tremble when he held explosives in his hands. He didn't tremble when faced with droids. He didn't tremble in the face of death.

But the lightest touch of her hand could make him drop every programmed pretense. Her fingers grew more bold, as she flattened her hand against his thigh and traced the outline of his quadriceps. Darman hissed softly, as Etain began to explore the softer skin along the inside of his thigh. Once again, she felt a rush of feminine power and in the heat of the moment, she decided to be bold.

A low, guttural groan echoed across the hard, duraplast surfaces of the room, as Etain experimentally brushed the length of Darman's arousal. This was perhaps the one part of his body that wasn't covered in scars and Etain was secretly fascinated by the velvety smoothness of his skin. The feel of him grew even more firm and heavy in her hand, and her own breath caught in her throat as she smoothed her thumb along the tip of him.

The particulars of male anatomy weren't new to her, nor, even, the details of intercourse. Physiology was a basic knowledge for any Jedi youngling's core curriculum and Etain still remembered the conversation she had once had with her own Master, on human sexuality. That particular event had been painfully awkward at the time, but it had left her rather enlightened.

And, curious.

Over time, she'd heard things, had dared to have a few conversations of her own with peers, and had discovered the rather explicit delights of Zeltron erotica. She'd learned to imagine things, had learned to pleasure herself; though, recently her private fantasies had all started to feature the powerfully-built clone in front of her.

This wasn't the first time she'd touched him like this - not in the secret places of her mind, anyway. Though, Etain had to admit - the reality in front of her was far more pleasant, and more intensely awkward, than anything she'd ever imagined.

She leaned slightly forward on her knees and curled her whole hand around him. He jerked against her fingers and Etain glanced up at Darman's face, as she felt him tremble again. For a moment, she thought he'd closed his eyes, but then his lashes fluttered and she realized that he was still watching her. His chest rose and fell in a strangely erratic rhythm and his hands clenched tightly against his thighs. He didn't move, though, except to shiver exquisitely beneath her gentle touch.

Etain began to slowly stroke him, her movements caught somewhere between shy and daring. The way the muscles in his face slackened at her touch, made her daring. But, the reality of what she was doing, made her shy. It was one thing to imagine something so bold - it was another thing entirely to actually do it.

But, if there was one thing Darman could do to her, it was make her bold. She lifted her other hand and rested it against the curve of his hip, to steady herself as she cautiously familiarized herself with such awkward intimacy. He was fully aroused now and she could feel the blood throbbing hot underneath her hand. For a moment, she thought about reaching out to him through the Force, but she held herself back.

Something quietly told her "not yet. Soon, but not yet."

He began to rock his hips against her in time with her feather-light strokes. A low moan rumbled through him each time she brushed his tip and in a moment of complete whim, Etain kissed him there. She purposefully willed herself not to think about - she merely leaned in toward him and brushed him softly with her lips, trusting herself to act on impulse, for once.

"Aaaaah...Et'ika," Darman groaned, as his whole body twitched in response to her lips.

He rocked back dangerously on his heels and he seemed oddly unsteady. Trembling fingers reached out, as if on impulse, and tangled themselves firmly into her hair. Etain gasped softly as he pulled a little too hard along her scalp, but she didn't shrink away from his touch. She also didn't stop him as he guided her face closer toward him.

She simply closed her eyes and tried not to tremble herself, as she let him slide himself against her tongue.

She had imagined this as well - a lot more often than she was comfortable admitting to herself, even. Ever since Quiilura, she had wondered about him. About his size, about the way he tasted, about how he might feel beneath her hands, about how he might feel inside her. At first, she had tried to deny such distinctly un-Jedi sort of thoughts, but the longer she spent away from him, the harder it had been to not think about him.

In time, she had quietly succumbed to her thoughts, to her desires, to her curiosities. As a Jedi, she knew how to suppress such things when necessary - which was most of the time. She'd even been able to interact with him, so far, without throwing herself wantonly at his feet - and for that, Etain was immensely proud of herself. But, she also hadn't denied the thoughts that crept up on her in the middle of the night, or the warm rush she always felt when he'd been near her.

She had pleasured herself many times, in private, since being around Darman again. Often, while thinking of doing what she was doing now - pleasuring him.

Except for pulling her hair, he was incredibly gentle with her, probably because of his own nervousness. She could feel the tension in his arm and the way his hand shook against her scalp, but he didn't hurry her. His hips bucked from the feel of her mouth around him, but he didn't push. Considering the circumstances, Etain thought he was being a perfect gentleman - she could sense that it was costing him, though, in the way he moaned and panted.

She wrapped her hand around the base of him and pressed a part of her hand against his groin. Unlike her, he was hairless there - Etain was mildly surprised, but she didn't need to wonder why. No doubt, it was one of the many ways he'd been genetically "enhanced" and, considering what he'd been bred to do, it was probably one of the more practical modifications. His skin was smooth and unscarred there as well and Etain explored his groin and further down between his thighs with her hand, as she took what she could of him into her mouth.

He was big - long and thick. Two parts of her warred with each other. One primal side of her - the part of her that wanted to be wanton, and wicked, and wild - was oddly excited by the size of him. Like everything else about him, it was powerful, and tempting, and utterly masculine. The other primal side of her - the part of her that was still stubbornly innocent and liked it that way - was frightened. Darman was inescapably dangerous and built to be that way - Etain instinctively knew that no matter how gentle he tried to be, it was still going to hurt.

She tried not to think too much about either - temptation or danger. Even in something as basic and human as intercourse, being a Jedi could have its advantages. Even in this - something her training definitely didn't cover - she was still able to put her mental skills to use. Etain gently recognized her trepidation and her desire, quietly placed them at the back of her mind...

And focused on Darman. On now. On the feel of him - warm, smooth, hard. On the taste of him - slightly tangy, somewhat salty, just a little bit sweet. On her tongue sliding over him. On the quick pace of his breathing. On the tortured litany of curses that he growled out between clenched teeth.

Etain allowed herself to let go - just this once - and lose herself in all of it. In the sounds, the sensations, the tastes, and the feelings. She wasn't at all surprised to find that she enjoyed this, enjoyed pleasuring him. Some small sense of pride unfurled inside of her, at the thought that Darman had never allowed another person to do this to him. She was his first and Etain knew, with a Force-given certainty, that he would never share this precious vulnerability with another.

Her slow rhythm finally seemed to get the better of Dar's self-control. With a loud, startled gasp, he suddenly tightened his grip on her hair and pulled her head back. He jerked his hips back as well and Etain knew instinctively to let go of him. His hold on her hair made her gasp as well and she reached up to grab a hold of his large wrist. Her eyes immediately locked onto his and for a second, Darman just panted heavily and shook his head.

His grip on her hair loosened, but he tugged her head up gently until she was forced to scramble to her feet. Suddenly nervous, Etain wiped the back of her hand across her mouth; the taste of him lingered heavily on the back of her tongue and she didn't immediately understand why Dar had made her stop so abruptly.

He shook all over and he held her almost at arm's length. He'd squeezed his eyes shut, and he was breathing heavily in a visible attempt to steady the harsh rise and fall of his chest. Etain felt as if she'd been suddenly thrown back into unsafe waters and it was her turn to timidly ask -

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No!" Darman snapped his eyes open and seemed to realize almost immediately that he had frightened her.

His expression softened and he shook his head.

"No, Et'ika," he let go of her hair and gently cupped the curve of her jaw; Etain wasn't ashamed to seek the comfort offered to her and she nuzzled against his calloused palm.

What he did next surprised her even more. In a manner certainly ingrained from his training, Darman moved without warning. Etain instinctively froze, but as he swept her off her feet and nestled her against his perfectly sculpted chest, she relaxed into his embrace.

Her hands fluttered against the smooth planes of pectoral muscle, and her head leaned almost instinctively into the dip between his shoulder and his neck. A small part of her was secretly thrilled - didn't every girl deserve to be swept off her feet?

"That felt...amazing," Dar whispered into her ear; the stubble along his chin tickled her cheek and Etain breathed a soft sigh of contentment.

Pride - an unfamiliar feeling for a Jedi - welled up inside of her again. She had pleasured him, with her mouth and with her tongue. She'd made him feel "amazing"; she curled into his neck, but was fairly certain that he'd be able to spot her blush all the same.

Darman's chest rumbled in a quiet chuckle. Oh, definitely - he'd seen her blush.

"But, we don't have time to wait for me to get hard again," he kissed her earlobe and Etain felt her ears burn even brighter at the implication of his words.

He just chuckled again and his left hand slid stealthily up the length of her thigh, to grope her ass. His fingers kneaded sensuously into her smoother muscle and Etain opened her mouth in a small "o" of surprise. She wasn't about to complain, though - his gentle massage felt good and sent little currents of pleasure between her legs.

His voice deepened into a husky growl as his other hand pressed her tightly against his body.

"You, on the other hand..."

Etain's breath hitched. His words were a dark, sultry purr against her flushed skin.

"I hear it's more pleasurable for a woman, if she's already come once."

Etain just squeaked. What in the name of the Force could she say to that? She had to marvel at his apparent grasp of carnal knowledge.

How? she wondered, before Darman's lips brushed the underside of her ear and shattered her train of thought before it could even really begin.

"You deserve a bed, though."

Etain mentally clawed herself out of a thick fog of vague, lust-filled thoughts. Once she unraveled the meaning of Darman's words, she lifted her head and looked at him. His eyes were dark - much darker than she'd ever seen before - but they were earnest. She reached up a shaking hand, and ran her fingers across his stubble and through his hair. A moment hung tenderly between them, before she kissed him gently.

There was no tongue this time - just a virginal touching of lips, soft and pliant. Etain's lingered against his, though, as she pulled away just enough to speak.

"My bed?" it was the only logical place for them to go.

"Through there, right?" Darman jerked his head toward the closed door at the far end of the room, opposite the 'fresher.

She nodded, suddenly shy again. Given the circumstances, he could have taken her on the table, or in a chair, or on the floor, or - hells - against the wall. But, she recognized his desire for a bed, for what it was.

"You're bound and determined to do this right, aren't you?"Â she marveled, almost to herself, as his long legs quickly covered the space between the table and her bedroom door.

"No point in doing something, if you're not going to do it right," Dar grinned down at her, his teeth flashing cheekily in the yellow-tinted light.

Etain just laughed - she couldn't help herself. His reasoning was sound, if unromantically practical - it was classic Darman thinking and she absolutely adored it. His smile turned a little shy at the sound of her amusement, but he seemed to understand that she wasn't laughing at him.

Her room was dark, but Darman paused long enough to hit the light pad set into the wall by the door, with his shoulder. A bright glare made them both squint and he grunted in disapproval. Two more solid nudges against the pad lowered the lightening, until it was soft and mellow. Etain was quietly thankful that Darman had bothered to turn the lights on at all - as comforting as it would have been to hide from each other in the dark, she wanted to be able to see this first time. She wanted to watch him, to know the emotions on his face, to understand visually what this meant to him.

Darman, apparently, wanted the same, since his eyes never left hers as he lowered her against her neatly-made bed.

As he bent over to lay her down, he moved his body smoothly up and over hers. With a firm tug on her hips, he tucked her in between his legs and his bulky arms framed her shoulders as he braced his weight above her. The moment hung delicately between them for the space of a single breath and then Darman began a very thorough exploration of her body.

Etain immediately began to whimper and writhe underneath him; she couldn't help thinking that her Jedi-honed self-control had met its match in Dar's highly attentive concept of thorough.

And, she mused before all rational thought was firmly driven from her mind, she wouldn't have wanted anything less from him.

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