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Donna watched as the technician set up her computer. For months now she had pondered the idea of joining the thousands of people on the internet community. She had heard of its advantages and disadvantages and how it can bring people together from every corner of the world. This was going to be her latest toy to compensate for her husband being away on business and it would certainly break those hours she spends alone in the evenings.

At the tender age of just twenty-one years, Donna was merely a housewife, learning a career at the local college two evenings a week in order to compete with her husband and his busy lifestyle. Children would have to wait until much later in their marriage as they plan to build their future together.

The technician, not much older than Donna, sat her in front of the screen and standing over her he explained how the system worked briefly and most important of all, how to connect up to the internet. His charm and friendliness distracted her. If only Bobby would spend as much attention to her as he did. Lately, their otherwise active sex life was being neglected due to hard working schedules in his daily life. She was the perfect example of the modern lonely young housewife. Unquenched periods of being horny and a vivid wild imagination.

"So now you know how to use it." the technician explained. She looked up at him and smiled. "Any questions before I leave it all to you?" he added.

"Want to show me again?" She enjoyed his closeness, the aroma of his aftershave and more than anything else his attractive sex appeal. What harm was a little flirting going to do? She thought. He pandered to her wishes and went through the basics once more.

That evening, Bobby sat down to dinner with his wife. As usual they ate in silence, his mind concentrating on more important issues of his work. She even looked her best whenever he was around. The sexy clothing, his favourite perfume that he once liked her to wear made no impact. She would sit in the bathtub while he shaved and offer hints of lovemaking supported by the fact that she was naked and fresh, ready for passion. Bobby would simply dismiss it all in order to catch up on some work that he had forgotten about.

Donna waited until Bobby fell into a deep sleep. She went into the study and switched on the computer. For a while she surfed the net finding some interesting sites and those, which were completely out of her regard. There was one or two that seemed more than interesting however. She was amazed by the amount of adult material that could be glanced upon. Pornography, erotica and exhibitionism. She took a special note of the addresses and planned to visit them more often when she had the time.

Her friend once told her of a chatroom, which seemed a good idea to visit. Her first moves onto the electronic community network. At first, she found the other guests dominated the various rooms and like any stranger in a room full of people, she had to make herself known. Breaking the ice was difficult and she realised that it demanded a certain skill in written communication. At times it became frustrating, that was until Jimbo replied:

Donna: Won't anyone talk to me?

Jimbo: Hi Donna. How are you?

The two of them soon began to exchange information about each other. Jimbo was an experienced user of the chat networks. He was similar in age and had similar interests to Donna. Both were indeed lonely in their lives and they lacked that certain companionship. That first time consumed every hour they spent on-line until they realised how late it was. They agreed to meet on another occasion in the near future.

Bobby was becoming more engrossed in his business. Deals had to be made, schedules met and targets achieved. Over the weeks, Donna had become so tied up with Jimbo and she no longer cared about how poor her relationship was becoming with her husband. When he slept she would go on-line and speak to Jimbo. They exchanged photographs, ideas and sometimes shared political arguments.

Jimbo: I looked at your pic today. You are quite an attractive lady Donna.

Donna: Well thank you Jimbo. You are really good looking yourself.

Subtly the conversation turned to sex. Both their likes and dislikes and then their past exploits and experiences. He explained his secret desires and how much he loved to look at pornography on the internet. Donna found him so interesting in the respect that he was so open.

Donna: Can I ask you something Jimbo?

Jimbo: Of course. What?

Donna: When you look at those dirty pictures, do you satisfy yourself?

Jimbo: You mean...do I sort of jerk myself off?

Donna: Well, yes.

Jimbo explained that it was like his early youth when he secretly satisfied himself over the occasional magazine photographs of naked girls. Out of curiosity he asked Donna her perspective on the subject and she explained frankly that she always took the opportunity to masturbate whenever the mood suited her.

Jimbo: I hear that some people have cybersex.

Donna: Explain that?

In the best way possible Jimbo gave his explanation of cybersex. He had never indulged before and on one occasion he had watched a couple on-line taking part in the act which made him so horny at the time he had to do something about it. Donna understood most of what he had told her and her vivid imagination provided the rest of the minds eye vision.

Donna: OK

Jimbo. Do we have to get naked for this cybersex?

Jimbo could hardly believe what she had written. Was this a consent to try it or simply another one of her rapid questions? He gave her the reply she wanted by saying it was entirely up to her how she did it. At that Donna stood up from her chair and removed her nightshirt and panties.

Donna: Ok Jimbo...I am naked. So what would you do to me now?

Armed with only a few pictures of her image and descriptions, Jimbo snapped into action. His imagination ran wild and he began to write descriptively as if he was in the same room as Donna. She responded likewise and together they had embarked on a steamy dialogue and recital of how they would be, alone together.

At first, their cybering sessions were shared moments, confined to both their imaginations. Self-gratification only followed when they were off-line. Together they would build up their sexual libidos and then release their frustrations on the strengths of what they had written together. They both knew that it was nothing like the real thing, but it was close enough for them, for now.

Jimbo: Donna, I want to hear your voice. Phone me.

Donna: No. Let us keep it this way. No phone sex. We agreed remember.

Jimbo became so involved with Donna that every waking minute of the day his mind was filled with her image, their sexual role-play and the things he wanted to do with her. Phone sex was suggested, but Donna was conscious of her husband and their marriage. To her, this had become an internet romance and she drew out the boundaries clearly to him. He even suggested that they should meet secretly and spend some time together at a defined location where no one else would know them.

She refused his requests, holding him to the strict ground rules.

The months passed and both agreed to purchase a webcam. Soon they were swapping pictures of each other across the internet. At last, Donna was able to see the very thing that her fingers only simulated. Jimbo was well endowed with what she thought was the most handsome cock she had ever seen.

Jimbo: Use your dildo. Feel me entering you Donna. I am getting so deep into you.

Together they would simulate their sexual acts whilst on-line. Jimbo now had a picture of her wide-open pussy to which he could imagine licking, sucking and entering. She would describe how wet she was, how she tasted on her fingers and how sensitive her clit had become as she imagined him touching it with his tongue.

He sat before his screen, sometimes using the new internet community system that allowed him to put script upon the screen at the press of a single key whilst he jerked himself off in response to her replies with her latest images of pert breasts and wet inviting pussy, driving him to his explosive orgasmic releases.

Jimbo: Donna. We have to meet very soon. I can no longer do this.

Donna: No. This is all we can do.

Jimbo: No way Donna. We have to be together. If only for a few hours.

Their involvement over the net had reached a point where Jimbo had become frustrated with the way things were. She refused him point blank. And then they would find themselves both locked into a never-ending emotional argument about why they can not spend time together for real.

Six months passed and they had also met others in the chatroom who became their friends. They became well know as a couple. Donna and Jimbo, the cyberlovers. Totally inseparable.

One night Bobby woke up from his sleep suddenly. His hard work was now showing some results and it was time to relax more and of course begin to pay some attention to his pretty wife. He felt beside him and noticed that she was not there. He put on the bedside lamp and looked around the room, noting the time on the radio alarm clock.

"Honey, you OK?" he called out. "Honey, its almost four in the morning. Where are you?" There was no reply.

Bobby walked down the stairs and half way down he stopped. He could hear the sound of Donna. She was moaning and crying in ecstasy. He was disturbed by that once familiar sound and slowly continued until he reached the door of the study. It was half open and he pushed it.

Donna sat at the computer in her chair. Her legs wide apart over each arm and Bobby slowly walked up to her from behind. She was in the throes of an escalating orgasm endowed by the penetration of her vibrating dildo and the erotic recitals of Jimbo scrolling across the screen.

"Honey? Donna! Oh my gawd, what are you doing!!?"

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