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Cyber Mates Meet


I had been active of the net for a long while. I had hundreds of cyber buddies. I had kinky ladies that I chatted to about outrageous things. I even had a cult following on the forum. I was even respected. Yet I was so afraid!

Against all my better judgment, I had agreed to meet one of my cyber mates! We had been chatting for over four years. I backtracked, yes, she had posted, and I had sent a PM in 2003. She had responded and we had exchanged views and opinions in increasing confidence over those four years. She shared her favorite fantasy with me. I told her about my favorite kink. I started a thread on the forum for her about shoe fetishes. She started one for me about golden showers.

I looked at all her posts and smiled surely it was no big deal to meet such an honest forthright young woman.

Now I am not going to make any excuse, but I will try floating one. I somehow got caught up in the St Valentines hoo haa. And before I could stop it, I had agreed to meet this cyber mate of four years.

Neutral territory over a thousand miles for me to travel, about eight hundred for her. We had booked into the same Vegas hotel. I posted her my confirmation booking and she replied with her confirmation. We were committed, well that or lose our booking fee.

Actually, we were lucky on St Valentine's Day Vegas is usually full. We had booked January 2nd.

All January I was in what can only be described as frisson of fear. Plain unadulterated fear. Just what had I gotten in to? Why in Gods name after four years of cyber friendship risk everything on a real life meet. I was surely mad! As February marched forwards my fear was palpable I phoned to cancel the booking several times I never let it actually ring.

I stood before the mirror it was just hours before I flew out west. 'You are fat you are no oil painting. You are a geek and odd-looking one at that. What the fuck are you doing?'

I threw a few rags into a suitcase. Old clothes, I made no attempt to disguise myself in good duds. I had a few smart casual clothes, but I always looked like a looser posing as a predator in them. I snapped the bag shut.

'What the fuck she either likes me or not.'

Why had I not posted at least one picture? Why had she not asked to see one? Why had I not asked her to send me a picture? How can you go on a blind date with some one who professes to like kinky sex?

In a blue funk, I almost missed the plane. I was last aboard. As I flew westwards, I reviewed what I knew about the cyber mate I was due to meet in a few hours. She was as kinky as all get out. We had had cyber sex dozens of times and we seemed to like the same sort of kink. I could type and drive her responses to the point where I came in a gusher of cum or an other times she drove the bus and it was me that responded. She seemed to indicate that her orgasms were genuine I knew my climaxes were.

The hell with it I would bluff it out. I could always duck and run.

I tried to distract myself from the coming ordeal. I began a conversation with the person sat next to me. A plain Jane. And yes, she was going to Vegas for the St Valentines weekend. Her boyfriend worked at a golf course there. I exchanged pleasantries with her for three hours. I almost knew her life story when the descent began.

As the plane descended into Vegas I began to get uncomfortable really uncomfortable. I was out in uncharted territory.

The conversation dried up. Miss plain Jane was also in deep thought. All I could remember was how hot cyber sex with the young, well I hoped young woman, had been. I remembered telling her outrageous stories, fantasy plays about golden showers and bondage and all sorts of kinky stuff. I remembered her telling me about her first anal sex.

I was a virtual virgin; I knew everything about all sorts of Kinky sex. I knew all the positions all the words yet in fact I was a male virgin at 24. A very unattractive virgin I might add. 6'2" of flab, 250 pounds of fat. A face that belonged on a prizefighter, yet I was a coward at heart. I had never been in a fight. My broken nose was the result of falling off my bike at age eleven. My cauliflower ear was the result of my only exposure to football. I was clobbered in the first game, I never played gain. I was a Wuss, a Sook, a Nerd and a Geek. And in just three hours, I was going to meet my cyber mate of four years!


I knew I should not have done this. What possessed me to ask for us to meet? We had a satisfactory cyber relationship. He stroked me when I needed stroking. I am sure I did the same for him. I had only told one lie and I do not know why I did that. He had said he was from Florida so I said I was from Seattle. Putting a lot of distance between us seemed sensible because this was a cyber relationship and I did not want a real life interaction, yet over the years, we had grown close. He laughed at the same things I did. He was bold enough to venture opinions that I found myself agreeing with.

Ok I was on a plane to meet a person with whom I had had a cyber relationship for over four years. I had back scanned his Emails and forum posts. I could not find a single inconsistency. His interaction with others at Literotica seemed balanced and above board. He seemed to be a genuine good guy, but why was he still unattached? Why had he agreed to a real life meet with little old me a cyber mate of four years? Why had we never swapped pictures? I had a good collection mostly self-taken.

I parked the car at enormous expense. I queued and then boarded the plane to Vegas. I was wrapped up in my own problems when a real blimp tried to strike up a conversation. He was at least 100 pounds heavier than I was. He had halitosis, he was gross! I ignored him but as the flight progressed, I began to listen to his questions and found myself responding. It seemed easier to respond than put up with the barrage of his questions. Yes, I was going to Vegas to meet a boyfriend. No, I had not been there before. No I did not gamble and nor did my boyfriend.

'Who was I kidding I loved to gamble but I did not know if my date did!'

I found myself lying to this stranger when there was no need to lie. My traveling companion waffled on and on, his questions an inane babble, but it helped pass the time and kept me from thinking about the first meting.

'No it did not!' Almost every question broached another aspect of this meeting with a person who had been a cyber space friend for four years.

At last, the flight ended and we went to the luggage carousel. I watched as the big man used his bulk and appearance to get his luggage first. By the time I got to the taxi ramp, he was long gone.


The plane landed and somehow I got to the hotel and checked in. I booted up my laptop and sent her a PM. My room number is 2010 I will see you in the crystal dining room at 7:30 I have booked a table in the name of Tom Jones. I laughed at the image this booking evoked! Well it was my real name but Tom Jones the singer was in town doing a gig at 'The Sands'

I went down to the crystal restaurant and was shown to my table. It was a nice table at the side and rear. Quite romantic and the place was decked out with heart shaped balloons. We had agreed to meet early but I did not know if she had arrived. I had sent my message with the restaurant booking and my room number, but had not hung around for a reply. The next table was empty. I do not know why I did it but I swapped seats and sat looking at the table Tom Jones had booked.

The place began to fill up and I watched couples and groups find tables and there was the young woman who had sat next to me on the plane. The waiter consulted his booking list and waved in my general direction. I was the only person at this end of the room.

The young woman shook her head and walked off. Eventually of course, I had to move back to my assigned table, well sitting at a table for four on Valentines night was a bit odd. I sat with my back to the entrance and held my breath. I was sweating. She was late. Ok woman's privilege, but surely not an hour late. I had just about given up when a young woman slid into the chair opposite. I do not know which of us was more surprised. It was the person who had been sat beside me on the plane.

"Hi I think we already met! That is if you are Tom Jones. I told you I was coming to meet my boy friend almost every answer I gave you on the plane was a lie I am sorry can we start again?"

"Yes we can start again and my name is Tom Jones it really is, but I live in New York State hence I got the flight from Kennedy I know I told you I lived in Florida I lied."

"I told you I lived in Seattle, but I also live in New York state I live in Albany where are you from?"

I smiled "Albany!" I took my wallet out and fished out my driver's license. She saw what I was doing and got hers out of her purse. It was a very tentative exchange. I was careful not to touch her fingers as I took it and looked at her ID.

"Good God!" She was reading my details I was struggling to read hers. I really should use my reading glasses but was too proud to use them.

"You live about half a mile further down Riverside Drive!"

"Yes thats right. Hi, neighbor. My name is 'Tom Jones' and I live in Albany what are you doing in Vegas on St Valentines Eve?"

"Hi Tom Jones, My name is Abigail Clements I am also from Albany small world isn't it, is it all right if I join you for dinner?"

"Why yes join me please, I don't think my cyber girl friend will mind!"

"Why do we lie on the net, I suppose it's to hide our identity at first then we live in that fantasy world and its to late to change."

"Yes I have kicked my self about claiming I lived in Seattle but every thing else I told you on the PM's and forum posts was true."

"You mean about the kinky sex, wanting to walk all over a man in your high heels for real?"

"Yes you look as if you could take it, can we try latter?"

I was sweating. I just had to ask the next question. I leant forwards and whispered. "You even like golden showers?"

She laughed, "Yes shall we trash your room or mine!"

"Well perhaps we had better eat first. You will need to put weight on to leave an impression on my body."

"Yes and you had better fill the tank because I like a lot of hot piss!"

The cyber mates had become friends and were to become lovers later that St valentines Eve. They still live in Albany on Riverside Drive, but have the same address now.

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