tagIncest/TabooCyber Mom Ch. 2

Cyber Mom Ch. 2


Mary's heart raced as she read the subject from her "friend" Wendy, "My Daughter Sara". The 38-year-old single mom opened the e-mail and read.


This is Wendy. I have to say that last night on the phone with you was so HOT! Hearing you admit that your daughter turned you on got me so excited. I decided to tell you this via e-mail rather than on the phone. Heck, I didn't think I could finish it without cumming. LOL! Get your fingers ready. Enjoy.

Let me tell you about my daughter Natalie. She's a 22-year-old looker with brunette hair, deep blue eyes and gorgeous lips. Her body is trim and athletic from playing soccer all her life. She's tall and her ass is divine. Oh and her perky breasts are definitely a sight to see. Let me tell you about our first time.

I was divorced for a couple of years and since was with a number of guys. I got sick and tired of all the bull shit and soon got into women. It was great! Nothing is better than the touch of another woman. You will soon find that out Mary.

I came home early from work one day and heard noises from my bedroom. I was curious so I peeked in. I saw my daughter Nat laying on my bed naked fingering her then 20-year-old cunt. She was watching one of my lesbian movies and a hot love scene was playing. I instantly got hot! You would of been so wet watching her. She was so sexy. It must of been the lust because I quickly stripped off my clothes and walked in.

I asked Natalie if I could watch with her. She jumped and apologized, but I put my hand on her bare shoulder and told her it was ok. I sat next to her and began to finger myself.

"I like the red headed one, she is so HOT", I said to my daughter. "Which one do you like honey?"

Natalie whispered, "I like the blonde girl, she has nice breasts."

We sat on the bed for 20 minutes talking about sex and being with another woman. It was there I told her that I was a lesbian. Natalie's skinny 20 year old body jumped on top of me and kissed my lips.

"Show me what it's like mom."

That night and countless nights after that, my daughter and I made love. I'll never forget tasting her shaved little pussy for the first time and making her moan my name. For the last year we've been lovers. I know one day she will find a girl or boy to fall in love with and she will leave me. It is some consolation that I was her first woman she ever made love to. Me, her mom.

Mary, I encourage you to find a way to become intimate with your daughter Angelina. Natalie and I have become closer, friendship wise and of course sexually. Natalie is my lover. I will help you along if you want.

Love, Wendy

Mary withdrew her fingers from her wet cunt as she turned off the computer and went to bed. Her mind was a sea of thoughts, most of which were sexual. She imagined Wendy and her coed daughter making love. She imagined if her sweet little girl would ever want to do that with her. Mary wasn't sure what she wanted. She soon fell asleep.

It was Saturday morning and Angelina and her mom ate at the kitchen table.

"Mom, why are you so quiet this morning?" Angelina queried.

Mary was looking at her daughter's face. So cute, so full of life.

"Nothing dear."

Angelina got up to grab some jelly in the fridge and Mary's eyes followed her. She stared at her daughter's ass. Her body was thin and sexy; Mary was getting turned on by her.

"Angel baby, have a seat, I think we need to talk." The words came out before Mary could even think about what she was going to say.

"You are a young woman now and I know you are interested in boys. I think we need to have a talk."

"Ah mom!"

"Angel, I know it is weird, but so many girls your age are getting knocked up. I want you to be safe.

"Mom, I already know I'm supposed to use condoms."

"Well, I want you to know that sex between two people is natural. It is ok to want to be with another boy. I'm not one of those moms who expect you to wait until marriage. It's ok if you want to have sex. Angel, have you ever been with a boy before?"


"I know honey, I'll ask a question and then you can ask me one, ok."

"Ok, I haven't really been with a guy yet."

"Ok, so what have you done so far?"

"We kissed and he touched me places."

"Places, like where?" Mary shouldn't have asked but she was curious.

"Like...you know...down here." Angelina pointed between her legs.

"Did it feel good honey?"

"Oh yes, it was great!" Angelina knew she let out too much excitement with that last answer.

"If you ever go further with a boy, remember to make sure he wears protection. Honey, have you ever masturbated, you know, played with yourself?"


"Honey, it is ok if you do, mommy masturbates."

"You do."

"Yes, it is the safest sex. Nobody knows how to please you except you. So, have you?"

"Yeah. Do you ever use a dildo, mom?"

Mary chuckled, "Yes dear, I have."

"Can see what one looks like? I've never seen one."

"Ok", Mary held her daughter's hand and then went into her room. Mary proceeded to pull out her drawer of masturbatory tools. Her daughter was shocked. Mary handed Angelina her dildo and watched as her teen daughter stared at it and smelled it. This made her pussy twinge with excitement as she realized that her daughter just smelled her mom's cunt. Mary showed her vibrator and erotic short stories that made her hot. She shouldn't have let her daughter see this, but Mary did have an ulterior motive.

Angelina fished through her mom's drawer, finding pictured of naked men, men and women together, pictures of naked women, and pictures of lesbians. She was shocked!

"Mom, do you like to look at women?"

Mary paused, "Honey sometimes people have fantasies that they imagine while they masturbate. I do like to look at women."

Angelina stared at the picture. Two perfect bodied women making love. The brunette had her head thrown back in pleasure as the blonde licked her shaved pussy and played with her tits.

"Mom, have you ever done this?"

"No honey, I haven't. I'm not sure if I want to in real life. It's maybe just a fantasy. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"What about you dear?"

"No, never! I've thought about it a couple times, but it is kinda gross. I have some friends who've tried it."

"Ok honey, I'm glad we had this talk. If there is anything you wanna know or ask, do it. I'm here for you."

Mary hugged her daughter real tight and even moved her hands to feel her Daughter's ass.

"Mom, can I take a couple of these pictures and this, and maybe try it out?"

Angelina held up her mom's dildo and 4 pictures of muscular men.

Mary smiled and gave her little girl a peck on the nose.

"Go ahead, have fun. Bring it back, I might need it later."

Angelina laughed and away she went into her room.

Mary was hot! Her own daughter was going to fuck herself silly with her mom's dildo. Her hands were in her pants once more. She walked closely near her daughter's room. The door was cracked. Mary knew she shouldn't but she had to see her baby in the throws of passion. She peered through the crack and saw what she had been seeing in her dreams. Her daughter lying on her back, naked, pumping the dildo in her pussy. Mary's eyes had a feast that morning.

With every thrust in and out of her daughters pink pussy, her fingers mimicked. As Mary continued to watch, Angelina moved her attention from the well hung stud in the picture and looked straight at the door crack. Mary froze. Her daughter's beautiful hazel eyes were looking at her. Angelina then began to moan.

"Oh yes, fuck me! Fill my cunt with your big strong cock!" Angelina said this while continuing to stare at her mom.

Mary was in the midst of an orgasm. Her fingers all wet and sticky as she fingered her clit. The sight of her gorgeous 18-year-old daughter naked masturbating had her cumming hard. Mary moaned herself behind the door. She tried to keep quiet, but it was load enough for her daughter to hear. It appeared as if mother and daughter were cumming together as they never broke the gaze between them.

Mary was exhausted. She quickly left to her room and went into her bathroom.

"Fuck, I can't believe what just happened." she said to herself.

She stepped naked in the shower and tried to calm down. Mary took a long shower. She let the cold water pelt her back as she slowly calmed down from the excitement. Guilt crept into her mind. She had been lusting after her daughter. What kind of mother was she! Mary toweled off and went into her bedroom to get dressed. A knock on the door startled her. It was Angelina.

"Mom, can I come in for a second."

Mary told her she could. In walked her daughter. Her face was flush and she still had sweat dripping from her brow. Angelina looked at her mom who was wearing just a towel. She could see the tops of her mom's breast and her long legs.

"I just wanted to thank you mom. It was fantastic!" Mary saw her daughters smile. It wasn't sweet and innocent anymore. It had a knowing look, a naughty quality too it.

"Ok, honey thanks. You can use it anytime you want. We may have to go out and get you your own."

"Really, that would be so cool."

Angelina leaped toward her mother and hugged her. The freshly used dildo was still in her hand. Mary could smell her daughter's sex on that toy. Angelina put the toys back in the drawer and walked out of the room, only looking back to give a mischievous smile.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. Mary went shopping and kept herself busy. She couldn't wait to tell Wendy what had transpired here today.

Angelina was fast asleep. Mary went to her bedroom and called Wendy's number. It rang and rang, and no answer. The machine clicked on, and Mary left a cryptic message.

"Hi Wendy. This is Mary. Just wanted to let you know there have been some interesting developments. Nothing has happened, but things are looking good. Real good. Call me back, you know my number."

Mary was disappointed. She had waited all day to tell Wendy this news. She decided to go online. Hearing the familiar sounds of the modem, Mary started to get excited. She hoped Wendy was online. Unfortunately she wasn't. Mary checked her e-mail and saw she had a message from Wendy.

Dear Sexy,

I forgot to tell you that I will be gone this weekend. I'll be back Sunday Night. Also, here are 2 pics of me and my daughter Natalie. Enjoy.


Mary scrolled down and saw the first picture. It had Wendy lying down on a towel on the grass naked, with her daughter's tongue touching her mom's tits and her hand fingering her mom's snatch.

Mary began to finger herself. Wendy was an attractive lady. She had a few pounds on her, but had a very nice face. Her breasts were round and nipples the size of quarters.

The next picture had Natalie face first in her mom's crotch. Her face was wet and her tongue was probing. Her athletic ass was lifted high in the air. You could see her pink pussy lips.

Mary fingered herself, some more. Then she looked towards the drawer and pulled out the dildo. She smelled it and it was sweet. Angelina's juices although dry, were still there. Mary concentrated on the pictures as she tongued the dildo. She tasted her daughter, and her pussy twitched. She slowly took the dildo into her mouth and sucked and licked it like a cock. The taste was magnificent.

This was her first taste of another woman's pussy. She imagined where the dildo had been and started feeling the insides of her pussy begin to quake. She quickly shoved the large silver dildo into her cunt and fucked herself silly.

Mary logged off and lay on her bed, still sucking on the dildo. Cleaning both hers and her daughter's juices from it. Her breathing finally went back to normal and she placed the toy back in its place.

As she put it back, she noticed that her lesbian picture was missing. She laughed to herself. Mary walked over to Angelina's dark room and peered in. Her face was away from her, but from the light of the hallway she could plainly see her picture of two women making love sitting on the desk. Mary smiled a devious smile, thinking about what to do next...

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