Cyber Quickie


This is a transcript of a real cybersex session


You: how shall i imagine you?

Stranger: well, you can imagine me however you want, of course ;) I do kind of like it rough.

You: i can do that

Stranger: i'm removing my clothes now.

You: hmm. way ahead of you heh heh

Stranger: hehe ;)

Stranger: i want you to push me up against the wall

You: mm gladly

You: pushing your back against the wall, pinning you with my hands on your shoulders

Stranger: mm.. i crave your mouth on mine, kissing you passionately

You: taking your wrists in my hands, pushing your arms up as i kiss you

You: tongue moving slowly inside your mouth

Stranger: i wrap my legs around your hips, grinding against you

You: sucking down your neck now

You: pushing myself against you

Stranger: i tangle my fingers in your hair, pushing your mouth closer to my body

You: leaving little marks with my teeth

You: mouth moving down to the swell of your breast

Stranger: i want you to suck my hard nipples, now

You: oh yeah.

You: i clamp my mouth hard onto one nipple

Stranger: ahh

Stranger: i dig my nails into your back

You: sucking it between my teeth, swirling the tip of my tongue over it as it gets even harder

Stranger: i'm getting so hot and wet. i almost can't wait to feel you inside me

You: i release your wrists so i can squeeze your tits while i suck them

You: knee pushing between your legs

Stranger: mmm

Stranger: i move my hands down to your shaft, stroking you

Stranger: you're so big and hard

You: mmm yes

Stranger: i drag your head back up to my lips, kissing you as i try to position you before my opening

Stranger: fuck me now

You: moving with you, driving my cock toward your wetness

Stranger: mhmm

You: sinking in

You: deep

Stranger: ahh

You: ahhhh

You: so tight, baby

Stranger: mmm move faster, baby, harder, deeper into me

You: i put my hands under your ass and lift you a little

Stranger: i move my hips, moving with you

You: kissing you as i start to fuck you harder

Stranger: ahhh

Stranger: i moan into your mouth

Stranger: i'm getting close, baby

You: oh yeah. cum for me

You: my dick pounds you

Stranger: mmm

You: up off the floor

You: slamming you against the wall

Stranger: i can't hold it anymore

Stranger: i cum hard, i collapse against you

You: fuck yes

Stranger: now come inside me, baby

You: let's turn you around, hmm?

Stranger: mm, yeah.

You: hands against the wall. spread your legs.

You: stick your ass out for me

Stranger: okay, baby

You: maybe i'll fuck it for you. you want that?

Stranger: yeah, baby, i want thsat

Stranger: i'm getting hotter by the second

You: i push my cockhead against your tight little hole

You: urging you to let me in

You: slowly pushing harder and harder

Stranger: i scratch the wall, loving the feeling of your cock.

You: oh yeah. it's sliding up your ass now, baby

You: little by little

Stranger: mm, i want you inside.

You: i start pumping

Stranger: come on baby, go faster, you make me so wet

You: gripping your hips, pulling your ass open

Stranger: ahhh

You: my cock is all the way in

You: ramming you

You: fucking you hard in the ass

Stranger: oh god, my legs start to shake, it feels so amazing

You: i reach up

You: grab your hair

You: pull back

You: and with my other hand i give your ass a nice slap

You: god

Stranger: mmm

You: feels so good

Stranger: i move my ass against your cock

Stranger: god, i'm close again baby

You: reach under. play with your clit

You: please

You: cum for me while i fuck your ass

Stranger: ahhh baby don't stop

Stranger: i'm so close

You: fucking you so hard and fast. balls slapping against your pussy

You: my dick fills your ass completely

Stranger: i scream of pleasure while i cum with your cock in my ass, my legs shaking

Stranger: i can hardly hold myself up

Stranger: oh baby, you feel so good

You: i'm gonna cum, baby. but i see you need to sit down. :)

You: back against the wall. let me cum for you

Stranger: i want you to cum inside me

You: mmmm oh fuck yeah. you want my cum in your ass?

Stranger: mmm fuck yes.

You: i grip your tits with both hands while i fuck you as hard as i can

Stranger: ahhh

You: pushing your face up against the wall

You: yeah. aaahhhh

Stranger: oh god

You: my balls are so tight

Stranger: your cock is so big, you're so deep inside me, you stretch me out

Stranger: fuck me harder

You: i'm giving you everything. my weight on you, every inch of my dick buried

Stranger: ahhh

You: cumming

You: fuck

You: yeah

You: wow

You: emptying everything into you

Stranger: mmhm

You: my whole body is shaking

Stranger: the feel of your hot cum inside me make me gasp

You: i fall against you

You: sweating

You: that was so good

Stranger: wow, yeah.

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