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Cyber Techniques 102


Having finished your first course we'll continue with a few more ideas to spice up your cyber skills, but first a word about subtlety. As the development of better, more powerful computers opened up a new world of sexuality, this continued development have added some abilities to instant messaging that can have a considerable impact on cyber sex. With the ability to easily send sound, picture and video into an instant message window people can extend well beyond the text based relationships of the past.

For some people these techniques are simply part of the evolution of cyber and virtual sex, it represents the raw leading edge of the practice which may be more than some people really want. While certainly the addition of sound, pictures and video will provide a jolt to any cyber relationship, I present here a more subtle approach for those not ready to view and be viewed by your partners, by those cybering in places where sound or images may not be appropriate and for those who see cyber sex as perhaps a more sensual and literary pursuit. Remember that while sex is definitely a physical and visual pursuit, the most dynamic sexual responses take place in the mind.

Change Your Font

A simple procedure like this can be used to show a change in your physical or psychological disposition. If you are tied up or feeling pain in a SM scenario switch to a messier font, like those that look like actual handwriting. If you want to show dominance, switch to a more obtrusive font, the submissive go to a sans-serif type font like Ariel. The all caps/dominant and all lower case/submissive may work, but the font change is a more subtle change.

If your scenario changes your personae and you become another person, or shift to a different personality (ie: Sybil), change to a different style font, perhaps align it with an accent or personality trait. Though not as subtle, something as simple as changing the color of your font can also work here.

Bring In Another Partner

Be careful here, hopefully you have built up some trust in your cyber partner so you need to think about this one. There is actually two ways to bring someone in for a threesome, one is bringing in a simulated additional person, the other way is an actual third participant in the instant message. Of course this works better if you are in a private chat room so all three screen names will appear in the conversation, but it can be done in instant message if your partner is adept in handling two message windows.

To simulate a third person entering the scenario you'll need either another computer or else be signed on as two separate screen names on your computer (this may require two separate accounts). Anyway, it might make for an interesting experience if just at the right time your partner is touched by another person.

Of course you could get a friend to join in for a three way cyberfest, but you might want to make sure your partner is ready for it. Your clever little trick to infuse come excitement into the relationship may backfire as your partner dumps you for exposing them and their kinks to a stranger.

The Bowl Over

This technique will require intense focus and fast typing so forget about trying it one handed. Stop toying with yourself here and concentrate on your partner. The bowl over is just like it sounds, you simply bowl over your partner. It's just like in real sex when one lover becomes so aroused, so involved in the act that they simply take over initiating and dominating all the movement and action. Their partner is typically left to become the recipient of the attention and activity.

What you do is simply do away with the two way conversation and follow one description, comment, moan or activity after another, filling the screen with your conversation. Hopefully your partner will pick up on what you are doing and let you have your way with them. The real convenience here is your partner is then free to dispense with typing for a few moments and attend to other things, which is hopefully bringing themselves off and not moving their clothes from the washer to the dryer.

The Roll Back

Ah, the flip side of the bowl over is the roll back, where you slow down on your responses, encouraging your partner to respond two or three times to your single response, leading of course to your partner bowling you over and giving you time to get yourself off. And don't use this opportunity to grab a beer or load the dishwasher, use it to simply let your partner take over. This technique sure beats trying to keep up while typing with one hand and uh, doing whatever you do with the other.

So there you are, a few more subtle techniques to spice up your cyber love. Of course the more experienced cyber lovers may have already used these techniques or have some that are equally as stimulating and fun. Yes they are simple, easy and uncomplicated, but they may just be that little something extra to bring a bit more tingle to your scenario.

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