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Cycle of Horns


Sunlight pierced into Julie's room with a kind of warmth that was both comforting, and a little annoying. Her mother, Emma, had been bothering her incessantly for weeks about enjoying the midsummer's hot, dry weather by going on bike rides, walking, or doing something outdoors.

It wasn't that she didn't enjoy going outside, only that there wasn't anyone who would go with her. All her friends were either on some voyage to another country, or were even less convicted about enjoying the sunlight than her because they usually couldn't compete with her. Julie was by far the hottest girl in the neighborhood, with a curvy, toned swimmer's body and long, thick brunette hair framing her refined and beautiful face, and deep green eyes. This would not have set her apart from all of the other women she hung around, nor would it win her any favors when she eventually found herself in the real world. No, it was her voice that did that. Julie could have been heavy-set and covered in freckles, and her beautiful singing voice would still be enough to distract just about anyone. She was never under the impression that she lived without pure luck, and usually tried to give others the benefit of the doubt that, born in her shoes, they would be exactly the same. This did not make her less smug about the fact that she would, if nothing else was inherited from her mother and father, age extremely well. Bordering on her fifties, Emma was still confident that she could easily make the top ten on beauty models, with Julie asking occasionally if they weren't from some alien breed of humans.

Although, it was for these very reasons that Julie was hesitant to step out into the real world. She could apply for almost any college or job with as much chance of getting there as someone who had been working toward it for a chunk of their life. This, and the fact that going outside would mean dozens of people staring at her, made her nervous at best.

Just now she had stepped off her bed to begin her morning stretches, watching her naked body flex and twist in the mirror as she did so before returning to her drawer for something to wear. She decided now that her mother was right, and she needed to get outside or risk getting too pale, although she did think that the pure-white skin contrasting red details on a woman from a fantasy story was remarkably pretty. She'd probably be the only one to think that, though.

Deciding on the pool, she reached for the bikini she usually wore. Unlike the other girls, she took care to make sure that her coverings stayed on while she swam around, not caring to put on something that exposed her cleavage, however well-endowed she was. Now, wearing tight-fitting swim shorts and a full-coverage swimming bra to match, each of them deep green, like her eyes. Even with that, however, her large breasts, waistline, and ass still carved their figure through the extra protection. She would be receiving a few extra stares for that, although just today, she didn't really care.

Julie took a few more moments to admire her own beauty before swiping up a white towel and walking out the door to her room.

Her mother was in the kitchen when she made toward the door, cooking eggs by the looks of it, but Emma didn't hear or notice Julie behind her, absorbed as she was in her music in her ears. Emma looked much like Julie, save that her womanly assets were all slightly larger and more curved. They had less of the toned figure that Julie's had, exploiting just how naturally beautiful her family was. Emma was dressed just now in only a bra and panties, with each of those being so thin and tight-fitting that it almost looked at first like she was naked. Her mother displayed her features with far more abandon even in public than Julie did, usually wearing low cut dresses and push-up bras. Alex, her father, always exclaimed how lucky he was to have this kind of wife, but never tried to push Julie into doing the same. What did come as a surprise, however, was that Julie herself was the only child of the family.

Emma clearly didn't notice Julie standing there waiting for her share of eggs, because between flipping them she would slip a hand under her panties and start to moan aloud while she rubbed at herself. At one time, Julie would have been shocked at this as her mother quickly brought herself to a climax and kept going, vaginal juices dripping from the panties, but she had long accepted that her mother was a very horny lady.

It wasn't until she set the metal spatula down to bring herself to the edge again that Julie stepped in, flipping the slightly-too-crisp eggs and helping herself to one. She gave her mother a slightly mocking look, but Emma returned the look with rather bleary eyes, moaning and bringing herself to her second climax. When she emerged from it, Julie was already halfway through eating her eggs at the table. Julie heard the water running, a tell-tale sign that her mother was done and was washing off the sticky substance on her hand. Emma got out a plate and helped herself to a couple of eggs too before sitting down opposite Julie.

"What?" She asked, seeing the expression Julie was giving her, "We're family, there's no shame in showing ourselves off!" Julie continued looking at her with the same mocking expression before finishing her food.

"Just try not to burn the food, mother." She mumbled, and Emma gave her a sarcastic laugh while she got up and placed her dish in the washer. Her mother spoke again as she started to butter herself a piece of toast.

"Going to the pool, then? I'm sure the boys'll love you there, since you haven't gone all summer." She giggled and took another bite of her food.

"But I have!" Julie exclaimed, but that wasn't technically true. She went for a few moments, but left almost immediately, blushing crimson when she's seen how many eyes were on her in a more "sexy" bikini that was not unlike the undergarments her mother wore now. At the time, she felt too exposed to stay even for sunbathing.

"Right," Emma said with a triumphant and sarcastic look, "enjoy yourself, alright? Don't just swim about like you do at practice and not say hello to anyone there." Julie nodded and headed out the door, with no intention to do anything of the sort unless one of her friends was there. The only reliable one left was Kayla, but only because she actually would go to the pool in the first place for no particular reason. She kept a schedule that was sporadic and spontaneous, wandering in no particular direction at any time, and usually dragging Julie with her.

The path on the way to the pool was a small brick walkway bordered by massive shrubs, making it visually easy to get lost, but actually simple to navigate once you knew where you were going. It really was just one giant circle that led to a park and large pool at the center. Julie navigated her way through the passage when she heard a groan of some kind.

Stopping, she honed her ears in on it when it came again, this time louder and sharper, accompanied by a strange rhythmic rustling of the shrubs. It was difficult to tell, but the voice was certainly a girl's, and the groaning was... could Julie even believe it? The woman behind the plants on the other side was moaning in ecstasy, in pleasure. There was no mistaking it, since Julie had grown accustomed to hearing it from her parent's bedroom every other night for most of her waking memory. The moaning continued, along with the thrashing of the brush, until the woman let out a squeal as she, no doubt, had reached an orgasm.

The thought of someone having sex right across from her was strange, even if it did make her a little hot between her own legs. What was even stranger was that those two noises were the only ones there. There was no grunting or harsh breathing coming from a man or silent moaning of perhaps another woman. It was only the one girl and the rusting of the bushes. Julie chalked it up to the lady masturbating on a branch or something and decided she had no right to intrude on her "fun", although part of her thought it'd be nice of her to warn the poor girl before some pervert came along to listen or watch. Just as she had this thought, the moans of that came from the other side and the continued movement told her that there had been no pause in the woman's masturbating, which was both impressive and disturbing.

Julie was just about to speak aloud when the moans came to a sudden halt, replaced by gagged ones. The movement of the bushes did not stop, but actually increased in pace. Okay, she thought, it would be difficult for a man to keep that kind of pace, but much more so a woman bucking her hips onto some branch like it was a dildo. Clearly, she was being double-teamed or something like that, and the two men who had her were very silent about it.

If the woman had screamed for help, then Julie might have done something more, but as it was this was too erotic for her to want to stick around, even if it did make her a little horny.

Shaking off the scene maybe to tell her friends about it later, Julie emerged from the path to where the pool was, taking in the chlorine air and playful people a little more relaxed than she was last time. Just now, she didn't care that some people looked at her in spite of her shorts and bra covering her assets. Part of her was even considering branching out a bit, although she probably would procrastinate actually talking to anyone and go home in a few hours, but it was still a good thought to have in mind.

Her eyes scanned the pool, admiring the rippling water for a bit before her eyes fell upon a very strange sight. Most of the women there were wearing swimsuits that exposed their cleavage and ass-cheeks as much as possible, but at least two or three were topless at a pool that normally didn't allow that, and one was completely naked. Other than that, and that there was not a single man in the pool that had a swimming shirt on, everything else seemed mostly normal, so Julie wasn't considering leaving just yet. Carefully, she stepped into the water, relaxing in the familiar coolness before setting off to swim for a bit.

At first, she simply ignored everyone else, touching on end of the pool and then the other as she did during practice, but it started to become impossible as she noticed that people made no effort to step out of her way while she swam the length each time. More than once she felt hands groping her ass and dismissed it as an accident, continuing to swim the length, expertly dodging and moving around people who seemed to almost deliberately get in her way. A few minutes later, she felt a hand caress one of her breasts, and she'd had it.

Julie emerged from the water angrily and covering her bra to avoid showing that her nipple poked hard through her swimsuit, only to be brought to face something that stunned her at first, but she shook the thought aside. It was Kayla, her short, slim, redhead friend with perky breasts and huge faint-green eyes, and she was among the women in the pool to have taken off her top. This would have come as a surprise, but she reminded herself that this particular friend of hers would jump on any extreme bandwagon when it came around. Thinking about it now, having not gone to the pool in weeks, Julie realized that her friend was probably the one who started the whole "topless" thing, and sure enough, after quickly greeting and sharing their experiences for the past couple of days since they'd met up, with mostly Kayla talking, she was bothering Julie to take off her own swimming bra.

"Come on! It's kind relieving, you know?" Kayla started to slip a hand around Julie's shoulder in the water, but she wasn't going there again. This was not the first time that Kayla had tried something like that, exposing Julie's upper body to the world on top of a diving board a couple of years ago and setting her way ahead with the attraction she'd brought from all of the boys at the time. Since then, those same men would not stop staring at her every time she came back. She dodged out of the way just before Kayla had the clasp that held it on. She giggled as Julie shot away from her, afraid that she might try that again.

"I swear I'm going to kill you someday!" Julie shouted, but laughed all the same. Alright, she thought to herself, remembering the look that Kayla had on her face when she emerged from the water. The expression seemed horny as hell to her, but that must have been her imagination from the encounter she had on the pathway.

Some time passed where Julie and Kayla chatted avidly, but again every so often that same expression would crop up not just on her friend's face before she blinked it away, but on other people's faces either looking at her or each other. Some people didn't bother hiding it, as one couple looked at one another with what could only have been the deepest possible lust any two could have. Both were topless, with their hands moving around on their bodies, caressing everywhere they could until they started kissing ardently. A few moments later, and the two of them were moaning excitedly while the woman bobbed up and down in the water. A realization of what they were doing came to Julie with a shock. They were having sex! In the pool!

Julie glanced over to the lifeguard, but he seemed slightly preoccupied as some woman was straddling him and kissing him while his hands groped at her breasts. It was so strange and bizarre, but it was for whatever reason making Julie unreasonably hot. She fought the urge to slip her hand into her shorts and glanced over to Kayla, who had all but forgotten she was there while she masturbated, her bottoms already off. A number of other people were starting to lose it too, some people doing the same thing that the other couple did, or just masturbating like Kayla. Julie could hardly believe that this could have been a thing while she was gone, and assumed that someone must have dropped a drug in the air that made them do this. It was like one minute everyone was playing and chatting, and the next half the pool was moaning in ecstasy.

This was getting to weird, so she pulled herself out of the pool, slightly pruny from being in the water for so long. She grabbed her towel and decided to dry herself when she got home, and maybe relieve her now twitching pussy like her mother did.

The path back was even stranger than coming here, as Julie was hearing the moans and muffled grunts of at least half a dozen people past the shrubs. The voices were not just girls this time, though, as she could hear the groaning of what sounded like a man in pleasure, but she found no such people along the walkway coming back to her house. That is, until she came across a hand dangling in the air, extended from the bush nearby.

At this Julie was torn between watching and helping, as her aching pussy begged for some kind of release. There were squeals and violent jerks as the woman caught in the greenery was being shifted rhythmically. She muttered something that Julie could barely understand from this close, but it seemed pretty obvious.

"Ahh...More...Please, more..." Her voice was cut off and muffled just like the other woman. This was too strange and erotic for Julie to care what was happening, as it took all of her will not to collapse on the spot and rub her pulsating vagina for her own release. Carefully, she stepped away from the bushes and back onto the threshold of her back door. This was not the end of it, though, as she could hear her own mother's voice from inside.

"Agh! Fuck me!" She screamed, and Julie could hear the evident groans of something that finally disturbed her about her mother. It was impossible for the other voices she heard to be coming from just one man, and the rapid smacking sound came without rhythm. She hid in the hall, almost too afraid to look, but becoming progressively more horny as she listened to the sensual moans of her mother being fucked by two men. Holy shit! She realized with a jolt that her mother was having sex with two men. This can't be real, she thought, a hand unconsciously slipping into her shorts to rub her clit a few times.

Julie moaned before realizing what she was doing, and retracted her hand immediately. Her fingers were already sticky and wet with her juices after only a few moments. She built up the courage and what felt horribly like lust to turn around the corner to see the erotic sight.

Her mother was held in the air by two men and bobbed up and down rapidly as each of them entered her two holes, her arms wrapped around one's neck and shoving her breasts into his face. Emma moaned loudly and none of them seemed to notice Julie standing only feet away from them with one hand shooting into her shorts again against her will, while her other hand caressed her right breast excitedly.

The man shoving his length into Emma's ass could only have been her father, with his tanned skin, toned body, and chin-length curly black hair. His eyes were a twinkling blue with bushy brows on a refined face, which he always kept just shaved enough to show that he could have grown facial hair easily. Alex did not seem to mind in the least that he and one of the neighbors were fucking his wife. Instead, his face seemed to be filled with a deranged lust that Julie had never seen before in him, but that made her wish it was her body being ravished so well. Wait, did she just think that? She just wanted her father to fill her from behind. It was so wrong, but so hot...

Turning red at the thought, but not entirely dismissing it, she bolted away from the scene, certain now that she was losing her mind. She buried her face in her pillow once in her room, but the moans from downstairs echoed up through the hall, where she neglected to close the door.

Unable to stop herself anymore, she slipped off her shorts and pulled her top over her head, feeling the relief of being naked in the mirror, where she admired her inherent beauty more so than she usually did. She did a small twirl on the spot and caressed her breasts, making seductive faces in the mirror to herself and striking a few sexy poses. She had absolutely no idea why she was acting like this, while the sex her mother was enjoying downstairs seemed not to have stopped or slowed, but in the privacy of her room, she needed this release.

She moved her hand to her clit and started to rub it feverishly, whispering to herself, "Oh my god..." Julie could feel herself ready to orgasm after just a few seconds of this, but she wanted more before that. She buried one finger in her pussy, fondling herself for a bit while her mind exploded in pleasure. Laughing and moaning, she slipped another finger inside of herself and kept rubbing her surface. It felt so good, better than any time she'd masturbated before, and maybe better than a man, but she was still a virgin. She thought this to herself as she was brought closer to a climax, rubbing harder. Soon, she would need to find a man to bury his cock inside of her like with the woman at the pool or her mother.

Her body shuddered as she felt the building heat of her climax, and let it wash over her immediately. She collapsed to the floor and continued to rub herself angrily, demanding another release as her arousal did not ebb away. It didn't seem like she would be able to do it by herself, so she stumbled over to her bedside table and shuffled through the drawers, moaning as her body felt so desirous.

She found it, a long, mechanical dildo, and she shoved it full-length inside herself, groaning with delight but wasting no time. She flipped the switch to maximum and felt the overwhelming vibrations start to course through her, her mind fluttering to her father, imagining it was his cock buried inside of her in spite of herself. Her body melted with pure pleasure, and she climaxed again in no time at all. Still, she left it in herself for a bit longer, hoping that this thing could eventually bring her edge down. It wasn't until hours later, and dozens of shivering climaxes, that her body seemed able to take no more, and she collapsed on her bed, unconscious.

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