tagLoving WivesCycling in France

Cycling in France


It would never have happened if we hadn't all been drunk. That's no excuse, of course, and it's probably a good thing none of us has ever spoken about it.

The four us were cycling in France, me and my wife May, with our best friends Eddie and Lisa. We were on a ten-day tour of the wine district south of Dijon, travelling light on easy back roads through the gently rolling hills, stopping in small two-star hotels - guest houses really. The early autumn weather was warm, the food was fantastic, and much of our budget went on the best Burgundy we could afford, nothing but chardonnay and pinot noir.

Eddie and I generally let the girls cycle ahead of us. We told them it was so we could admire the view. And what a view it was. May is slim, lithe, and has a little round ass that will never be plump. Lisa is more of an hour-glass shape, narrow-waisted, more generous breasts, and a curvy bum - a real handful. Of course, in the sunshine they were wearing just shorts and little tank-tops, leaving just enough to the imagination. The countryside and the vineyards were magnificent, but so was our view of those fit and tanned thighs and shoulders.

And in the evenings, what do you think? Two healthy young couples, in their twenties, married not much more than a year - naturally we went to bed early and stayed awake late, fucking like rabbits as Eddie would put it.

The sixth night out though, we arrived at the little town of Peronne, about ten miles from Macon, about five in the evening, and found the little guest house had put us in a single room. There was some consternation from the girls at first, but all the other rooms were occupied. The woman who ran the place took us upstairs and showed us a very large room, with two double beds in opposite corners. Not exactly private but we wouldn't be on top of each other, so it would have to do. At least the bathroom was across the landing.

So instead of the usual home-cooked meal in the guest-house, followed by an early night, we decided to stroll round the town and find a restaurant. Peronne is a historic place, and we saw the 13th century castle and remains of the city walls before walking around the pleasant little lake.

On our hotel lady's advice we ate at the terrace of the Hostellerie des Remparts, with a fine view of the city gate. I still remember the oysters and the herb-crusted lamb. Desert was creme-anglais, a sort of creamy custard on a sauce of sweet blackberries. Fantastic. In the circumstances, no-one suggested an early night, we chatted through several rounds of cognac. May and Lisa were pretty tipsy when Lisa finally said she wanted to turn in, and as for me - well to me they both looked like sexy goddesses. May said Eddie and I should hang around and have another drink, as she didn't want me ogling another woman getting ready for bed.

That was fine, so I ordered another drink, and off went the two girls. Eddie and I talked on about tomorrow's ride, and I don't know what else, while one drink turned into another, then another. Then Eddie came up with his mad idea.

"Jake," he told me, "the girls are pissed, they'll be completely out when we get there."

"Yess, so...?" I slurred.

"It would be terrible to wake them up by turning on the lights."


"But how will we know which one is in which bed? We could get in with the wrong wife!"

We both laughed. I know I should have left it as a joke, but I took him half-seriously. I reminded him we had agreed earlier that he and Lisa would take the bed by the window, and May and I would have one nearer the door. We could find them in the dark. But how could we be sure the girls were really asleep?

What we'd have to do, I told him, is get into bed, check our wives were sound asleep, and then after a while quietly go to the bathroom, and 'accidentally' return to the wrong beds.

Eddie must have been having the same fantasies about May as I'd been thinking about Lisa as we cycled along, because he jumped at the idea.

"Let's do it," he said emphatically.

Well, I know it was stupid, I even knew it then, but drink and young lust overruled love and good sense. We paid the bill and unsteadily made our way back to the hotel.

Sure enough, the lights were out when we got upstairs, so without a word we shed our clothes, and as I slipped in beside May I could hear Eddie nestling up to Lisa. May was naked. Not unusual for her, but I'd have thought she'd put on at least a shirt as we were sharing a room. She was on her back, her breathing deep and even as I ran my hand up her smooth belly, and caressed her breast, small and firm in my hand.

I teased her tiny nipple until it was button-stiff, testing her. She stirred slightly, and sighed, but that was all. I squeezed and played with both her mounds, tickling each bud in turn. No change in her breathing. I heard the sheets rustle on the other bed as I moved a hand down.

May keeps her bush trimmed and there was no more than a light fuzz over her pubes. I stroked a finger up and down the downy slit, gradually easing my middle finger into her fold. She was damp. I drew the sticky wetness up to her clit, and gently pressed. The little bud was soon swollen, and if May was even half awake, she would have been reaching for my cock by now. She was breathing a little faster now, and hummed a little moan, but just lay there. May was out for the count, wet and ready for sex, and I was stiff as a stick thinking of what might happen next. Would my friend Eddie be going where only I had gone before?

I slipped out from the sheets, and moved to the door. As I opened it, Eddie joined me, and we stepped into the landing, both naked - but it was dark, with only a little light from the street. I avoided looking at his crotch.

"OK, Lisa's in a coma," said Eddie, "what about May?"

One last chance it pull back, but I didn't take it.

"She's the same," I said, "dreaming, probably of love."

"OK," said Eddie, excitement in his voice, "wait..."

My friend stepped into the bathroom, and flushed the toilet.

"For effect," he said, then: "Let's go."

As quietly as we could, we went back into the bedroom and closed the door. He went left, I crossed the room to the bed by the window. My heart was pounding as I lifted the sheet and lay down beside another woman for the first time since I married May fourteen months before. I stretch out a hand, to find Lisa's flank. She was on her side, wearing some kind of nightdress, it felt like thin cotton. My hand was on the curve of her hip, she was warm.

I wanted to explore, but waited to see if she would stir. I could clearly hear Eddie moving in my bed across the room. My imagination put his hands and fingers where mine had just been, teasing May's nipples, exploring her dampness. I raised the hem of Lisa's shift above her hip, to her waist, and cupped the rounded globes of her ass. My chest was tight with tension, my hands full of forbidden fruit. I slowly pulled her hip towards me, rolling her more onto her back. I paused, but there was still no reaction from her sleeping figure. I raised her hem more, until I could put my hands on her chest. I felt like fainting as I took her full round breasts in my palms. She was heavier than May, quite a lot heavier. Instead of little button nipples she had swollen, puffy points. I just had to lean over and lick them both, squeezing as I did so, then sucking each peak between my lips. I was committed. If she or May woke now, what on earth could we say, Eddie and I?

But Lisa only sighed and rolled further towards me, giving me even easier access. I gently squeezed and pinched and licked those wonderful hills, lingering as if afraid that I might miss some part of the pleasure. Then, still kissing and sucking on a nipple, I moved my left hand down, teasing her navel, then stroking the slight swell of her belly, so satin smooth. Her breathing was still slow and even, but mine was beginning to get a little faster, to match the pounding of my heart. I froze then as I heard greater movement from the other bed. Eddie must be working faster than me, he was shifting his weight, I could only guess what stage he was at? Already entering my wife's gorgeous pussy? I almost couldn't bear to picture it, but I couldn't help seeing in my imagination the head of another man's cock separating May's slick lower lips. I heard him groan with pleasure, and guessed he was lowering himself all the way in.

I tore myself way from the bitter-sweet thoughts of what was being done to my wife, and turned back to what I was doing to the curvy doll beside me. Trailing my fingers further down I found that Lisa was untrimmed, with a wispy bush. I wished it was light enough to see, but guessed it was raven black to match her hair. I stroked lightly, savouring its silky softness. For the second time that night I infiltrated a finger in a private feminine nook. Lisa's folds were swollen, plump, and already liquid. Of course, Eddie had probably been testing her as I had May, and it was easy to press in first one finger, then another. From other bed I now heard a rhythmic sound, as the sheets rose and fell with Eddie's movements on my wife, in and out, in and out. I wanted to savour Lisa, but I also wanted to catch up with Eddie's progress. In and out I pushed my fingers, pressing up on what I thought was Lisa's g-spot. She moaned, and for the first time I felt motion in her hips, matching the pressure of my fingers. No sign of consciousness though, and she was so wet, almost dripping, I thought it time to move further.

I turned and moved over her, first spreading her knees, then rolling between them, holding myself above her on my elbows. Now for it! I reach down with one hand, and manoeuvre my erection to the opening of her silken purse, nudging the swollen head for the first time between her lips. Up and down I rubbed it, finding her clit as she began, slightly, to squirm beneath me. I pressed down, adjusted my angle, and pressed in. My distended point was just within her, an inch or so. This was heaven, and I rocked back and forth ever so slightly, just wallowing in the snug wetness, each movement generating waves of pleasure. Lisa's body was responding, perhaps she was dreaming of Eddie (now screwing my wife), and a low moan growled in her throat. I pressed on, and pressed in, deeper, till our pubic bones were joined, my cock now fully surrounded by her squeezing flesh. She was tight, tighter than I had supposed from her fuller hips. I guess body shape doesn't govern pussy shape.

Now I lowered my chest against her full breasts, and moved both hands to her ass, taking one cheek in each palm, squeezing and pressing her up onto me. I was soaking blissfully, moving only slightly in and out, slowly building up the tension. Drunk or not, I had never felt my cock harder or bigger.

From the other bed, the rhythm had become faster, stronger. Eddie must be plunging in and out of May now, and I wished he would slow down, not to risk waking her or Lisa. But of course I couldn't say anything for just that reason.

But the mounting pressure in my balls was too distracting. Long slow strokes, all the way in, then almost all the way out, soon displaced all anxiety, overwhelming me with sensation - her pussy sucking on my cock with each outward stroke, squeezing me each time as I press in.

In my cupped hands Lisa's buttocks are flexing as she moves against me, breathing faster, occasionally moaning softly. This was almost too much to bear. We were speeding up, and I felt my balls would soon unload within her, but I wanted to go even deeper. As I hesitated, I heard Eddie change position, and soon I could hear a rhythm of skin on skin. I looked over, but that corner of the room was pitch dark, and I could only imagine their position; maybe May was on all fours now as Eddie pounded away from behind. That is my own favourite position to finish off in my wife, but I didn't dare to risk waking Lisa to try it with her. Instead, I pulled slowly out - at the very last her pressure actually squeezed the head out with a squelching sound - and lay beside her, pushing to roll her over onto her side. Now Lisa was facing away from me, her pussy presenting an easy target for my aching cock. Again I pressed in, spoonwise, gripping her hips and pulling her onto me.

Again I was surprised at her tightness as I buried myself deeper than ever. Now I could feel the entrance to her womb squeezing the head of my tool. If I gave four or five small thrusts like this, far inside, she seemed to contract further, so when I drew out for some longer strokes, it was like a massage on my whole length. I did it again and again, until my balls were telling me to just pound away and release their cargo.

From the bed in the corner, the sounds were changing again, Eddie was going faster, and May was moaning, almost vocalising. I found myself matching the rhythm that I heard from Eddie and my wife, and then heard her whimpering; it sounds like "yes, yes," and then "Jake, yes."

Then again: "Oh Jake!"

I froze. She said my name. Was she awake? Were we discovered? Eddie was oblivious, near his climax, and the bed was rocking beneath them.

May's cries continued, and I heard "Oh Jake" again, but I was able to persuade myself she was still dreaming, dreaming it was me pounding at her treasure. My own needs took over, and I responded with a continuation of the long strokes, in and out of Lisa's sticky pudding, as deep as I could go, balls to pussy, then right out past the g-spot until my helmet was squeezed by those muscular last few inches just inside her entrance. Lisa was matching my every thrust back against me, groaning with the effort. Seeking the maximum sensation, I moved my hands from her hips, up her flanks, till I held her breasts. This was something I could not get with May, two heavy fruit, yielding, with swollen tips that responded to my exploring fingers.

I squeezed her gorgeous globes as I felt pressure mounting below, and after one, two, three more thrusts, I exploded deep inside Eddie's wife, splattering out burst after burst as her folds seemed to throb around my spurting cock. I had drenched Lisa's pussy, and slowed my pace, still thrusting in and out. The feeling was so incredibly strong, I was groaning out loud as the flood continued in smaller and smaller waves. It was the strongest orgasm, and I had only begun to calm down, stroking languidly in and out of Eddie's wife when I heard Eddie groan too, and his rhythmic pounding suddenly stopped. He was coming too, strongly by the sound of it, and I suddenly wondered if he was still inside May - well why not? It hadn't occurred to me to pull out of Lisa.

Despite all the cognac, and despite the strength of my eruption, I was still quite hard, and kept up the motion, all the way in and out again, and it felt like I was being milked by the grip of Lisa's pussy. I knew I wanted to do her again, but it would be mad - even more mad. I would probably fall asleep after a second round, and that would mean trouble in the morning for sure. So I forced myself to pull out - it wasn't easy, believe me - and waited till Eddie's panting in the other bed subsided.

I slipped out from under the bedcovers, and as I passed Eddie in the middle of the room, he just whispered 'Wow'. I knew what he meant.

I was still more than half-hard as I cuddled in beside May. She had rolled over on her side, and I couldn't resist cupping her firm breasts and pressing up against her slim ass. The position was right, and I slipped in easily. If Eddie had come inside her, I couldn't tell, she seemed wet but not soaked. I went deep, and thought of what I'd just experienced as I went for another ride, this time with my wife.

May mumbled something, like "Oh, Jake, again?" Of course I ignored it. I was going over the details of the last few minutes as I built up to my second explosion of the night. Sounds from the bed by the window told me Eddie still had an appetite too.


OK, nobody died, and fortunately nobody got pregnant that year. But what a stupid risk we had taken with our happy married lives.

The next morning at breakfast, Eddie and I exchanged an odd, hung-over glance, and he asked me what time we'd got home last night.

"You don't remember?" I asked.

"No, I had so much cognac I can't remember anything after paying the bill."

"It was about half past midnight," I said, "and the girls were already asleep, so we just went to bed."

"Oh, right."

The rest of the holiday went fine, and as you can imagine, I'll never forget it.


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