tagFetishCycling in the Rain

Cycling in the Rain


As an adult I'd always wanted to suckle from a pregnant woman. The thought of licking my tongue across a swollen breast, catching a dribble of milk – and then slowly working the tip of my tongue around a hard nipple before sucking it between pursed lips always spun my imagination into overdrive.

I'd been cycling along the top road of a small country town in rural New Zealand. I was on the back road between Gore and Balfour and had been cycling for about half an hour. Watching the dark clouds ahead of me I knew that I was probably going to get drenched on the bike, but as it was still about 50km to my ultimate destination in Lumsden there was little that could be done.

Once the rain started it got heavier and heavier – a prolonged cloudburst that made it difficult to see and completely saturated me. I kept grinding along and a few minutes later was astounded to see a heavily pregnant woman trying to get some sheep off the road and back into the nearby paddock of a farm.

She was as wet as I was, nearly hoarse from yelling and clearly was in no condition to be running around like she was. She too must have been caught at short notice – her attire consisted only of a light shirt and track pants, both of which were absolutely soaked with the increasingly cold rain. As I rode up to her my eyes couldn't resist noting that her cold nipples were pressing hard against her shirt putting on a show that no man could resist.

She managed a smile as she realised that I would help, and I quickly rode 20 metres up the road, turned around and managed to get the 15 old ewes heading back towards her and the gate. As expected, the small mob resisted attempts to move them back through, but with her blocking any escape and me putting pressure on from the rear, the first old ewe went through the gate and then the others followed quickly.

I cycled up to the gate and closed it, and when I turned she was standing next to me absolutely soaked to the skin. She was shivering badly from the wet and cold and only then I realised that we were both in trouble if we didn't get some warmth and dry clothes soon. The farm house was only a few hundred metres away so without saying a word I put her arm around my shoulders to support her, and slowly walked her back inside where hopefully it was warm.

Once inside I yelled out to attract her husband's attention, but between violent shivers she managed to tell me that "hhh-hhusbands in Sydney this week".

"What's your name?" I asked

"Lisa" she managed to gasp "I'm freezing"

We were both freezing. I decided it was no time for pleasantries – Lisa appeared to be almost full term with her pregnancy so I needed to get her warm as soon as possible. I too was starting to suffer from my saturated clothing, and any lingering thoughts of her nice rack had completely left me, replaced only with concern for her and her unborn child.

I walked down the hallway with her, into a bedroom and then through to an on-suite which thankfully had a walk-in shower. I sat Lisa down on the toilet and turned on the shower which ran warm almost immediately. After standing her up again, together we maneuvered into the shower and stood under the warm jets of water. It was obvious that our clothing had to go: it was stopping both of us from getting the full impact of the warm shower and the heavily pregnant Lisa was obviously still cold.

I told her "Lisa, for your own good we've gotta get you undressed and out of these wet clothes". She nodded at me and I leaned her back against the wall and quickly unbuttoned her shirt. Her eyes shot open briefly but then she relaxed as I took her shirt off bringing her swollen tummy into view, and then reached around to undo the hook of her bra at the back. As I stepped back her bra fell forward and down onto the shower floor releasing her gorgeous tits into full view. She had the most beautiful brown nipples which were still erect from the cold, and I could see some veins near the surface of her white skin.

Lisa looked up at me and said in a whisper "take all of it off".

I was starting to warm up now and it wasn't just because of the shower. Here was a pregnant woman in front of me with her engorged breasts and erect nipples on display, and she was telling me to finish undressing her. I still had my shirt and cycling shorts on, but of course I was not wearing any underwear with the tight streamlined Lycra material. My cock was now straining directly against the tightly stretched fabric. Hoping she hadn't seen I quickly kneeled down and peeled her soaking track pants down to her ankles expecting to see a maternal pair of panties, but instead a landing-strip shaved bush was revealed to me, and the swollen lips of her cunt were slightly protruding from the tangle. I almost swallowed my tongue with surprise.

Lisa put her hands on my shoulders and used me as support while she jostled from one foot to another while kicking the sodden pants away. Finally my brain starting working and I stood up to look at her. My cock is very average in size, but it gets rock hard when I'm aroused. It was jutting out directly in front of me and the Lycra covered head scraped up along the underside of her belly as I stood up. Lisa was smiling and had clearly recovered after warming up a little.

She lifted my shirt off over my head and then pushed her hand down the front of my shorts, grabbing my cock while pulling my shorts down and off with her other hand.

As she stroked my cock back and forth I reached forward and ran my fingers down through her pubes to gently penetrate her outer lips. Once my fingertip was wet with the juice that was flowing from her vagina, I gently moved to her clitoris and began stroking her hood with big lazy circles, round and round, harder, harder, harder, faster, occasionally penetrating her again and then resuming work on her clit. She stopped stroking me to concentrate on her own orgasm which came quickly. Her legs began to tremble and shake, her breath came in soft pants and then as she orgasmed onto my fingers the most amazing thing happened. Simultaneously, her engorged nipples started to spasm repeatedly and milk started leaking out, radiating from her nipples onto her breasts and running down over her pregnant tummy.

It had been my secret fetish for years to suckle milk like a baby. I leaned forward and licked the milk up towards her chest and then took one of her nipples into my mouth and suckled it and licked it and stretched it with my tongue and lips for all I was worth, feasting on the flow of liquid that was entering my mouth. Her milk was warm and sweet although a bit watery, but the magic of drinking from this woman's tits was completely overwhelming. I changed to the other nipple and Lisa started running her fingers through my wet hair, clearly enjoying the attention.

After a short time, she whispered to me that her nipples were becoming too tender and that I needed to stop. While I'd enjoyed achieving my secret goal, it was time for me to put my cock inside her and reach my own orgasm. I took her hand and we walked to the nearby bed where I put some pillows on the edge and bent her over the side with her hands outstretched on the covers to support her pregnant tummy. Her cunt lips were open for me and I fucked into her from behind, putting my hands around onto her stomach and stroking my cock in and out of her. She was wet and hot, and I could hear the sticky sound of her cunt as I pounded into her, finally letting go with streams of my cum stretching into her delicious cunt. I could barely catch my breath as Lisa milked my cock with her muscles. It was magic.

We climbed onto the bed and fell asleep for a while. I awoke later and retrieved my almost dry clothes from the heated tile floor. Lisa was still asleep, so I covered her and left without saying a word.

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