Cycling Weekends with Sis


At five, we went to the Italian restaurant. We got a table for six and everyone showed up before the water arrived. We all ordered pasta to replenish our glycogen stores. After we ordered, my friends and I got into a heated discussion on the relative merits of various bike tire widths. Julie let us discuss it for ten minutes or so, and then she said, "This is so boring. Could we discuss something at least modestly interesting to me?"

We all gave chagrined smiles at getting caught descending so deep into bikegeekdom.

"How about some biking stories?" Connor suggested.

"Okay," said Julie.

"Last summer, I was on a hundred K ride" - a hundred kilometers or sixty-two miles - "and I was in the lead pack. We climbed this hill in two lines on a little, two-lane country road. When the leader got to the crest, I heard him yell, 'Cow!'"

"Cow?" asked Julie.

"Yeah. I came over the crest and there was this cow fifty feet in front of us in the middle of our side of the road."

"What did you do?" asked Julie.

"What could we do? The left line hauled ass past the left side of the cow while the right line zipped by on the right. Bossy gave us a good-bye moo and we kept on going."

Julie gave a little laugh while the rest of us shook our heads. We swapped stories until they brought us our pasta. As we ate, Julie worked the table, asking each guy what they did and where they grew up. Everyone had a good time. She reminded me of how she had been in high school - full of smiles, cute and popular.

At seven, I said it was time for us to go. I knew my all friends were driving back home and I didn't want them getting back too late. Julie and I headed back to the room. When we got there, we found an on-demand movie that we were both interested in seeing.

"Do you mind if I watch the movie on your bed with you?" asked Julie. "My bed is a mess." She had sweated all over her sheets and I had spilled some oil. We had queens and there was plenty of room on my bed for both of us.


We got all of the pillows on my bed, got under the sheets and watched the movie. We both liked romantic comedies and we enjoyed this one. When it was over, we got up and brushed our teeth. I came out of the bathroom while Julie stayed a little longer to change into a nightshirt. I was in my bed when she came out.

"Would you mind if I slept with you?"


I moved over to give her half of the bed. She slipped under the sheets and grabbed my hand. That felt awkward and wrong, but nice at the same time. We soon drifted off.

* * * *

I awoke the next morning to the sound of groans.

"God, I'm so sore," moaned Julie.

I checked the clock; it was 6:08. I got out of bed and took my morning piss. I checked the color of my piss to see if I was properly hydrated. I was glad to see it was a nice light yellow. I put some ibuprofen on the counter for Julie to take.

Julie used the bathroom after I came out. I gathered our breakfast - yogurt and a banana for each of us.

When she came out, Julie asked, "Would you mind giving me another massage? Yesterday's helped so much and I don't want to be sore and stiff on the drive home."

"After breakfast, sure."

Once we finished eating, Julie got a light peach bra and peach panties out of her bag, went into the bathroom and changed into them. She came out and laid down on the bed we had slept in. I poured some baby oil on my hands and started on her calves as I had last night.

Her body felt wonderful and once again, I was rock hard. I had slept in underwear and shorts and now I had a tent. I was glad Julie couldn't see that I was hard.

Julie was more vocal this time, moaning and groaning as I worked her muscles.

"Did Kim give you a massage after you had a hard workout?"

"Kim never gave me a massage. I always massaged her."

"That doesn't seem fair. Did she ever do anything for you when you gave her a massage?"

"She let me have my way with her."

"But she wanted you to do that, right? It doesn't seem a fair exchange."

Maybe it wasn't. It didn't matter. I had loved Kim and had been glad to do anything to make her happy.

"Josh, thanks so much for doing this. This week, I'll do all of the laundry and cleaning. Sound good?"

"Sounds great."

I continued working her backside and had her flip over to her front. As she was more alert this time, I wasn't tempted to slide my hands where they shouldn't go.

"Why three classes in massage?" Julie asked. "Why wasn't one enough?

"The first had been a basic massage class, the second an advanced class which was about refining my techniques and the third had been a sensual massage class."

Julie was quiet for the rest of the massage. Once I was done, I had us change into biking gear. We did a forty-five minute easy ride around the town. The ride would help break down the lactate in Julie's body. We made several loops where we went down the main street and then rode back on a parallel side street. The morning was pretty and there was hardly anyone else out. It was a very enjoyable ride.

When we finished, we went back to the room and I let Julie take first shower. When she was done, I took my turn. I jerked off while I was there. Touching Julie's body for so long had my very horny. I thought about her body as I pumped my cock and I came extra hard when I did.

When I came out, Julie had everything packed. "Extra-long shower, eh?" she said as she smiled at me. Did she know I had jerked off? Oh well, there was nothing I could do about it.

We loaded everything into the Subaru and started the long drive home.

* * * *

On the drive, Julie said, "I'm thinking about doing something new. A new job, maybe going back to school, I don't know what."

"If you go back to school, study something that requires higher math. Jobs that require higher math pay well, unlike your current job."

Julie was thoughtful for a minute. "If I were to go someplace for a job or schooling, would you move with me?"

I thought that over. "It would depend on where you went. If you went someplace where there was a good biking culture and a long biking season, sure. Some small town up North? I will pass."

"Okay. I don't have thing in mind yet, but I wanted to get some sense of the limits to my options. I can't imagine living without you right now."

* * * *

When we got home, I washed and cleaned both bikes. Julie's bike looked as good as new, which I needed it to be if I was going to take it back. Julie and I went to the bike shop where I had bought it. I hadn't had her test ride that bike as I hadn't wanted her to know how much I going to spend on it. As she knew this time, I had her test ride a number of bikes in the eighteen hundred dollar range and one bike felt much better than the rest.

While I paid for it, Julie went over to the clothing section. She tried on a few new jerseys. She found one with only thin straps on top. It would let her shoulders get a lot of sun and the increased skin exposure would help to keep her cool her. She modeled it for me and she looked great in it. She bought it and we headed home.

I checked my email when we got home. I belonged to a mailing list of eighteen bikers of comparable skill levels in the area that included Ben, Patrick, Connor and Evan. There were many mails talking about the hotness of my sister. When was she going to go on another ride?

* * * *

Monday evening, we resumed our training. Julie did great. She loved her new bike and the long ride seemed to have strengthened her quite a bit. She was also more focused and very attentive to my coaching. We rode almost twenty miles, which was a lot longer than we usually did on a weeknight.

After dinner, we both read on the couch for a bit. Julie interrupted my reading with, "You know, I wasn't truthful when I said I didn't want to go out with your friends because they had ignored me."

I perked up. Maybe there was hope for my friends sooner than I had thought.

"My personality has changed so much from a year ago. If one of your friends had liked me a year ago, he wouldn't like me now. I am having the problem, especially at work, that people can't handle that they are dealing with a new Julie and not the old one. They keep wanting me to be quiet and passive, willing to take the grunt work they try to drop on me. That's why I'm thinking of doing something new. I want to go someplace where everyone treats me like I'm the person I'm now, not the person I was."

"I liked you a year ago and I like you now."

"No, you loved me a year ago and you love me now." She kissed me on the cheek. "I don't think you liked me very much a year ago. I was so whiny. You loved me so much that you weren't willing to accept me as I was and pushed me to be something better. That is why I don't want to date anyone right now. With you being the man in my life, I like how my personality is changing. If I started dating someone else, my personality might change in way I wouldn't like."

I tried to think of some way to help my friends' case. "Um, is your personality changing back to what it was in high school?"

"God no!" she said as she burst into tears. She put her head on my chest and cried. I felt awkward; not knowing what provoked this outburst. "I was so mean in high school. I loved to make fun of fat girls. I used to call you 'Little Joshie' like everyone else. I'm so sorry, Josh. I'm so sorry."

I put my arms around her and let her cry. I didn't know what else I could do to comfort her.

"When I moved back here, I meet up with some of my best friends from high school. They were so mean to me! They left me in tears. Then I realized that I was getting what I deserved because I had been so mean to fat girls. That made it so much worse. I didn't deserve for anyone to like me."

She cried some more. I had noticed that she had seemed more down after she moved back than she had been when she graduated from her out-of-town college. Now, I knew why.

"Josh, will you forgive me?"

"Of course. I love you, Julie. I don't care about ancient history."

"Thanks." I held her in my arms until she regained her composure. As she sat back up, she took my hand and turned around so my arm was over her shoulders. She put her head on my shoulder and said, "So no, I don't want to be like I was in high school. I want to be much nicer. Though when I was in high school, I felt like I knew how to make myself happy. I loved cheerleading. When I left high school, I didn't know what I wanted to do. Now, I feel like I'm figuring out how to make myself happy again. I want to be fit and successful."

We sat there for a while with my arm around her and her head on my shoulder. I knew it was wrong for us to be snuggling like this, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

"Let's watch a movie, Josh."


She fired up Netflix and found an old romantic comedy we hadn't seen before. We watched it together with my arm around her shoulders. As we watched, my mind ran over the phrase "started dating someone else" she had used earlier. It seemed to imply that we were dating, which we weren't because we were brother and sister.

When the movie ended, I was afraid she would ask me for a massage. After snuggling with her all evening, I didn't know if I could have kept my hands from straying to her ass or tits while I massaged her. Fortunately, she didn't ask and instead went to bed.

* * * *

Tuesday at dinner, Julie told me, "I never thanked you for the great weekend. I had a marvelous time and enjoyed meeting your friends again. Can we do another rally this weekend?"

After dinner, we went to my computer and I pulled up a list of bike rides in the vicinity. A town about ninety minutes away was having a bike rally Saturday as part of a festival and they had a thirty-six mile ride. It sounded like a fun place to spend a day, so I registered us. After Julie went back to the living room, I sent out an email to the biking list about us attending the bike rally.

I went back out to the living room, sat on the far side of the couch from Julie and started reading. There was no repeat of the snuggling on the couch. I was glad, but at the same time disappointed. I was confused about how I felt about Julie and how she felt about me.

* * * *

Friday at work, I was shooting the breeze with Dan, a manager in his thirties, while we were waiting for a meeting to start.

"What are doing this weekend, Josh? Biking?"

"You know it. I'm going to a rally with my sister and we'll do a thirty-six mile ride. What are you going to do?"

"My wife and I are flying up to Minnesota. Her parents are having health problems that are hurting their business. So we are going to travel up there to see what we can do to help. My wife wants us to move up there. No way am I moving up to Minnesota. Way too damn cold. I want her to get her parents to move down here."

Dan kept talking, but I stopped paying attention. When Julie had asked me if I was willing to move for her, she had asked me how much I loved her. I had told her that I loved her so much that I was willing to leave all of my friends and a great job if it would help make her happy. I didn't love her so much that I would be willing to move to rural Minnesota, but then again Dan didn't love his wife that much either. What had she said in return? That she couldn't imagine living without me?


The meeting had started and I hadn't noticed. "Sorry, I was distracted for a moment. What did you ask me?"

* * * *

Fifteen of my friends showed up for the ride Saturday, a very high turnout. It was cloudier and more humid this time and I was worried we might be rained on at some point. I had rain jackets in the back of my jersey for Julie and me just in case. Patrick, Evan and four other guys lined up for the sixty-two mile ride and the rest of us lined up for the thirty-six. Of the friends that did the thirty-six, most of them took off once they were warmed up. Ben, Connor and Chuck stayed with us. I wasn't happy that Chuck stayed with us. Chuck's motto in life seemed to be, "If at first you don't succeed, be more obnoxious". Chuck was short and ugly (though taller than I was), but he swore that his perseverance had gotten him many dates with beautiful women. What my friends and I saw was Chuck embarrassing us by refusing to take no from waitresses, barmaids, female cyclists, meter maids, you name it.

The showing of the extra skin made Julie look extra sexy in her new jersey. She did a lot better than the prior ride and had a good idea of the pace she could maintain for the whole distance. When we got to a steep climb, I once again sent on my friends. She might have been able to handle it, but I thought she was ready to ride with only me. Chuck had been hard to convince to leave and it had taken cajoling from Ben and Connor to get him to go.

Julie raised her arms triumphantly when we crossed the finish line. She was sore and in some pain, but not in misery. We had our protein bar and chocolate milk in the lunch area. Some of my friends had left before we got there, but Julie held court with the rest. She asked Ben, Patrick, Connor and Evan what they had done over the last week. She introduced herself to my other friends. She was a ray of sunshine to everyone.

After an hour in the lunch area, Julie announced that she wanted to go back to the motel for a nap. My friends were all disappointed. I said that we would be having dinner at an Italian restaurant at five and we would see whomever there. We wished everyone goodbye and headed back to the motel.

Once we got to the room, Julie said, "Get a shower and then give me a massage."

I showered and came out in my shorts. Julie was lying on the bed in only pink panties. "Where is your bra?" I asked.

"That jersey has a bralet built in, so I wasn't wearing one."

I rubbed my hands together to get them warm. I had brought scented massage oil on this trip.

"You know at some point you are going to have to flip over."

"Yeah, but you saw my tits last week. I thought it would be easier for you to give me a massage if I didn't have a bra on."

If it was okay with her, it was okay with me. I started the massage and again I went rock hard. She chatted about the ride as I worked her muscles. I was strongly tempted to slip my hand inside her panties and feel her wonderful ass, even though she was alert and talking.

As I worked her lower back, she asked, "What happened between you and Kim that you broke up?"

"She moved away and found another guy."

"I knew that. Tell me the details."

Not a topic I wanted to discuss, but I didn't have anything better to talk about.

"Things were going great the fall semester of my senior year. We were going to graduate together, get engaged and move to some city where we both could find jobs."

"I didn't know you had been that serious."

"I thought she was the one."

"She's coaching triathletes, right?"


"Why didn't you do that?"

"It's a much different sport. I don't have much upper body strength, which is great for cycling as it means less weight I have to push over the miles. It would be awful for swimming. If I run for any distance, my hips get sore. I'm a great cyclist, but I would be a rotten triathlete for quite some time, maybe forever. It never made any sense to me to try to make the switch."

"OK, so what happened?"

I worked on the muscles around her shoulder blades. The top of her shoulders were darker than the rest of her back because of the sun she got with her new jersey. Her skin looked flawless to me.

"Our plans went up in smoke when she got a D in one of her Nutrition classes. She was a Nutrition major. She knew a lot about nutrition for athletes, but not about nutrition for passing classes. She couldn't take a couple of other Nutrition classes in the spring because of the D, so she'd have to go to college for another year."


"Yeah. I didn't want to get a job near the college. Lots of people don't want to move away from school, which makes it hard to get a good job near it. So we planned to have a long-distance relationship for a year."

"But you didn't do that?"

"No. We had planned to spend a lot of that Christmas break in Florida at a triathlon there. We had made reservations and she paid money to compete. Then Mom and Dad asked me to come home for Christmas break to help get the house ready to sell." With my graduating and getting a place of my own and Julie spending most of the year at college, my parents had decided to downsize. They had wanted me to help prepare the house to sell with an eye of putting it on the market that spring. "Kim decided to go without me. I canceled my flight and Kim found a roommate for her hotel room. She spent a lot of time hanging with the team that sponsored the triathlon and on the last day she was there, the coach of the team offered her an assistant coach position."


I realized I was being too rough on her shoulder blades and shoulders. I wasn't paying as much attention to the massage as I should have. Kim had never talked while I gave her a massage, so I wasn't used to talking and massaging at the same time. I hadn't told anyone in this detail about the break up with Kim and it felt good to get it out.

"So she dropped out of college, gathered her stuff and moved to Florida. She started coaching and loved it. I couldn't go see her as I had to go to classes. I looked for jobs near her in Florida. We talked on the phone almost every day, but all she wanted to talk about was how the people she was training were improving under her coaching. It didn't mean anything to me as I didn't know the people."

"So you were drifting apart?"

"Yeah. I went to Florida for Spring Break, but the passion was gone. We tried, but she was a different person that I didn't have much in common with. She broke up with me a few weeks later. She began dating someone she trained. They got married two years ago."

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