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Cyn Again: Finding a new flame fan

"Now don't get upset Cynthia." Elaine said. "It's just obvious you are a conservative, religious and moral person that might be offended by some of the, shall we say, naughtier things we get up to at times."

It was the end of the second week in which a small group of us agreed to lighten the commute burden by sharing the ride to and from work in a car pool. On the home bound trip after work, my three car pool buddies started to whisper among themselves apparently sharing a private joke or story. It was my turn to drive so my attention was required somewhere else anyway, but the idea they seemed to deliberately exclude me made me feel uncomfortable and on the outside.

After asking several times to be let in, they finally took notice and told me it was no big deal, they were just remembering an incident in the office involving Collette and that with my conservative nature, I would probably be offended.

"I don't want you to think I'm some saintly Quaker or something." I said feeling a little hurt. "When I was in high school I got involved in some pretty wild things that might even surprise you." It made me feel better to let them know I had things I could keep from them that they would probably love to know as well. "I put all that behind me when I got married, so even if I seem conservative today, I don't think I have grounds to condemn anyone else for what they do.

"What wild things did you get into in high school? Scott asked with voyeuristic interest.

What have I gotten myself into now I wondered, not really wanting to let them know how obsessed and reckless I was back then? I felt my face flush while pressure, embarrassment and memory all came together at once.

For those of you who haven't met me yet, I'm Cynthia Jamison, 37 years old and a married mother of three. I've never strayed in eighteen years of marriage, but a suppressed addiction for exhibition and a weakness toward submission have always left me vulnerable to a strong personality interested in exposing my susceptibility to adultery and unfaithfulness. If you want more background, please read Cyn for Short.

I've recently gone back to work, and the three associates who I carpool with appear to have the nature and interesting me that could become a formidable threat to my moral resolve to be faithful, my marriage and my family.

"Will you look at her?" Elaine said. The evening light was slipping away, particularly in the van but I could imagine how my embarrassment showed none the less. "Cynthia you're glowing, you must have been a very naughty girl back then."

"C'mon Cynthia, you've got to tell us what you did if you want us to believe you're not up tight about sex." Nate said grinning.

"Yea Cynthia, you can't blush like that and then hold the goodies back," said Scott. "That's just not fair.

Everyone stared at me in silence as we all sensed the pressure building on me alone. "All right," I said. "My boyfriend and two others used to undress mw and show me off." I actually felt more excitement in the revelation than relief.

"Shit, Cynthia, you mean they made you take off your blouse so they could see your little bra don't you." Scott said as if to challenge my daring but hoping he was underestimating my exposure.

"No, they took everything off, or made me do it, and then they made me play with myself or else they made me cum with their fingers." "God damn, I don't believe it," Swore Nate. "There's no way you would let that happen."

Elaine seemed more ready to believe me and asked in a quiet voice, "Where did they do it."

She was getting turned on, I could sense it, but then she wasn't the only one. "All over the place," I said, "mostly in one of their cars, but sometimes outside. One time they even undressed me at a school dance in a dark quiet corner."

"Shit," Elaine said softly, "Unbelievable."

"What happened at the office that could offend me anyway?" I asked trying to get us back closer to the present.

"I guess not a damned thing that would shock you after all, It wasn't a big deal anyway," Scott said, "Colette had a little accident; she couldn't get to the john fast enough and peed her pants so she had to take 'em off and rinse them out. She didn't want to wear them while they were drying so she took them back to her cubicle. Nate saw her waving them around, grabbed them from her and took off. We teased her by playing keep away and made a big deal out of the sexy sheer thong."

"Collette got more embarrassed, when we tried to pull up her skirt so we could get peeks of her pussy. Before she got them back Stan Fisher grabbed a bottle of Tabasco sauce from the kitchen and put some onto the crotch. She didn't know that of course so when Nate held them out to her and said she could have them back if she would let us watch while she put them on and give us all a good look at her cunt."

"She agreed and pulled her skirt up all the way to her waist, I think she was happy for the excuse to show off, in fact before she put her panties on, she surprised us all by opening her pussy wide and shoving two fingers in deep to get them good and wet. When she took the panties from Nate, she rubbed her wet fingers across his lips. Then she put her panties back on."

"And how did you like her fingers Nate?" I asked with a smile, showing them I wasn't shocked.

"There's nothing I love more than pussy juice." He boasted and I knew I shouldn't have asked.

Scott jumped in saying, "Once her pussy juice mixed with the Tabasco sauce she started to squirm and when it really started to burn she pulled up her skirt and skinned off the thong while running to the bathroom so she could rinse off the burn and cool down. We were still laughing when she came back and as cool as a cucumber she walked up to Nate and stuffed the panties in his mouth crotch first. She thought he was the one who used the Tabasco and told him he could keep them as a souvenir."

"I've got them tacked to my cubicle wall." Nate said. "And I still get a boner when I look at them and remember."

"Well that's not so bad." I finally said. "I don't know why you'd think I would be upset or even embarrassed."

"Cynthia," Elaine said. "Don't you agree it would be easy for us to think you would be upset given the way you dress now?"

"I dress the way I do because it's comfortable not because I'm a prude. I just want to be included and not shut out."

"Well we'll all try to be more open, but if you want to fit in maybe you should consider making a few changes so you don't send out the wrong messages." Elaine added.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"The clothes you wear make you look like a librarian." Nate said.

"Don't listen to him." Elaine said. "He's not satisfied until a woman's wearing a spandex micro-mini that barely covers her ass with a skimpy top that doesn't cover her tits."

"What's wrong with that?" Nate argued, "If a woman has great assets, she should show them off. From what I can see, you have great assets Cynthia, but we only get the briefest hint of it because of the way you dress. My guess is that you have killer legs, isn't that right."

I choked on a lump in my throat; I always believed my legs were well above average, and I could feel the arousal in me that had built up form the sexy conversation.

"Pull you skirt up so we can see. I'll bet I'm dead on." Nate challenged.

Elaine was seated in the front passenger captain's chair, and Scott was seated directly behind me. Nate was furthest away behind Elaine.

"Now that's a little out of the question while I'm driving." I assured everyone including myself.

Nate nodded his head toward Scott briefly and I froze in shock as I felt Scott's hands reach forward along the outsides of my thighs. "That's alright Cynthia." He said, "I can help," as he placed his hands along side of my legs and started to gather the material of my of my dress as he inched the hem upwards.

My breathing became erratic and I felt caught in suspended animation as I fought to maintain control of the van while I was incredibly aware of the exposure revealing my legs. The entire van became quiet as Scott's progress was slowed by the resistance from my weight sitting on the skirt, and I couldn't resist the impulse to shift around a little so Scott could continue to pull it up.

When my skirt was completely out from under me, he continued to pull the fabric up boldly until the only thing that kept him from taking my dress completely off was the swelling of my breasts. My tummy from the under slope of my breasts to the top of my pantyhose was completely bare and left me feeling almost naked.

Silence reigned in the hush of admiration, not just of my legs, but of the liberties I was permitting. Scott continued to test my willingness as he said. "Even from behind you I can see your legs are awesome." He started to admire what he couldn't see by touch as he caressed all over my legs and from my knees to my waist, and my outer and inner thighs almost touching my pussy.

He wandered up to my naked tummy and caressed the area there slipping just the tips of his fingers beneath the waist bands of my panties and hose. Then with the fingers of his right hand, he gently slid beneath the waist bands and caressed the bare flesh of my abdomen until his fingers curled in the delicate soft pubic hairs of my bush. I said nothing, I just panted as my head spun in dizziness.

It surprised me when his hand retreated, I didn't want him to stop, but he must have thought my lack of resistance was tacit approval for more. He brought his thumbs to the sides of my waist band, inserted them and then pushed down. He had the waist so low the top of my dark bush was clearly visible and the rocking motion from me would be required to proceed.

For some reason I drew on defensive reservoir that made me grab my panties and hose firmly, and said with strength that surprised me; "I think that's more than enough to be able to see if my legs look OK".

It brought Scott back to reality and he coughed nervously as he acknowledged I was probably right.

"I'll have to agree, those are great looking legs "Cyn". Nate said. "I wish I could have admired them by Braille also."

We all chuckled nervously and I wiggled to let my dress back down a little to partially cover my exposure. That was the first time I'd been called Cyn in decades. It just seemed to go with sex.

"I'll take my hat off to you." Elaine said. "You've got a lot more nerve than I dreamed you could have. Your conservative look doesn't match your nasty body."

There's that 'look' question again I thought in frustration. "You like the way I look, so what's wrong? I asked almost ready to give up.

"Just stop for a minuet and look down." She said.

"So?" I said. "What's the matter?"

"I'm sorry; Cyn, but panty hose and conservative panties are as anti sex as calf length skirts."

"Well I'm sorry they seem so up-tight but they are comfortable and I'm still trying to teach two struggling teen daughters some sense of modesty, not to mention how sexy lingerie would shock my husband if I wore it outside the bedroom. He would get freaked out and probably make me quit because he thought you were a bad influence on me. For the time being I'm afraid you'll just have to use your imagination and not hold my conservative dressing against me. OK."

"No problem Cyn, no one is going to exclude you for any reason am I right guys?" Nate said ominously.

Nate and Scott were going to a club together close to where I had drop off Elaine, so I lost all of my passengers at once. We all wished each other well and said goodbye and I was on my way for back to my house. Alone, I looked down again at my exposed legs and brought the palm of my hand firmly to my hot pubic mound.

I sucked in a gulp of breath and worked the pressure around the sensitive area. At the first stop light I hooked my thumbs into the waistbands I had never really pulled back up and pushed the panties and hose as far down my legs as I could reach. My hand dove quickly back to the warm wet magnet of my aroused pussy, and I plunged fingers deep into my cunt to gather fuck juice to lubricate the masturbatory assault on my sex.

It took only a few more seconds to bring my body to a screaming orgasm but I continued to play with myself and wallowed in the sexual euphoria until I reached home when I turned into my street I jumped with awareness and had to work quickly to get myself put back together and smoothed out so I could go into the house.

That night we had a nice simple meal that Craig and the kids had already started before I arrived and when the kids drifted off into Friday night activities Craig and I were reasonably secure and alone. We had a family room on the main floor at the back of the house and loved the outdoors feeling created by a full wall of windows and glass doors.

I was so hot and wanted to be naked again badly so I began to tease Craig. His eyes lit up as I stood in front of him and started to move sensually to the rhythmic background beat from the stereo. In a husky voice, I told him to sit down on the sectional in front of the windows and started to dance more seductively. I imagined Jenny my friend , who was an exotic dancer, dancing to a room full of horny strangers and played to an invisible audience as I watched my reflection in the windows.

I stripped completely and then slipped my high heels back on because they made me feel sexy and then started to stroke and pinch my body like I was performing a live solo sex show. I pinched and caressed my tits and nipples and opened my pussy so Craig could look deeply inside, His penis was so hard I found the tip sticking from the waist of his pants as I pulled off his shirt. I couldn't remember when I had seen his cock look harder and I loosened his belt, unhooked the clasp and then pulled down his zipper. When I peeled his underwear away his cock stood rigidly upward and waiting

We practiced oral sex infrequently since many in our church felt it was a perverse form of pleasure and our leaders told us that oral sex practiced outside the bonds of marriage was adultery just like sexual fornication. Within a marriage it was up to the couple to determine whether they felt guilty or not. If they felt guilty, it was wrong, but if they didn't, no one outside their marriage should condemn it. We generally stayed away unless under the most passionate circumstances. This evening was quickly climbing the charts.

A feeling of wickedness came over me, and I sunk to my knees in front of Craig. I maintained eye contact with him as I extended my tongue to lick at the juicy tip, and noticed the salty taste of his pre-cum that drove me on. I licked from his balls to the angry purple crown of his cock on both sides and then moved over the tip of his organ and placed as much of it in my mouth as I thought I could, about 3 or 4 inches and loved the warm feeling.

As I pulled my mouth up the firm shaft leaving it wet with saliva I was determined to take in more. I plunged back down and was excited by the suffocating, gagging sensation I felt as I forced it deeply into my throat. I knew I had taken all I could when my nose was buried in his thick pubic growth. Craig was moaning deliriously as I started to make serious oral love to his fat cock. The whole thing was so completely arousing neither of us were prepared for his sudden climax. When he felt the fluid starting to explode he pushed me away thinking I'd be pissed otherwise, but I held on as long as I could and got the first forceful jet into the back of my throat before he pulled out and sprayed the balance on my face.

Craig's looked almost frightened as he froze waiting for me to tear into him for coming while he was still in my mouth. His expression turned from one of nervous apprehension to incredulity at how his wife could have done anything as wild and lusty as accept cum in her mouth. His state of shock deepened as I stared hotly at him while I scooped up splatters of his cum from my face and fed them lovingly to my hungry tongue. "Incredible!" Was all he could say as he watched me continue to show off for him?

I noticed his semi-hard cock lying on his thigh and said. "I wonder how long it will take for your fat penis to get hard enough to fuck me." His cock jumped a little when I said it and then I lay back on the floor with my open thighs and pussy facing him. "I think I'll just amuse myself a little while I wait." I said with sexy suggestion.

My hands roamed my body sensuously as I teased my erogenous zones in exhibitionistic foreplay. By the time I started to concentrate on my waiting pussy, I was fully turned on and determined to masturbate to a full orgasm for Craig's inspiration. I used both hands to open myself wide and stimulate my sensitive clitoris. One hand played with my clit while the other played a four finger melody in my swampy hole.

I was so open and hungry for penetration, I'm sure I could have easily been fisted and fucked with Craig's muscular forearm, but I was thrown into a twisting lurching orgasm before I got that far, and Craig's raging fully erect hard-on was already demanding entrance. While I was starting to drift downward from my climax I looked lustily at Craig and told him to fuck me, fuck me now.

He scrambled over me and thrust his fully erect cock all the way in with one powerful stroke. My pussy wanted his cock so desperately I wanted him to split me open because of my immense need. Hunched over me and thrust in and out in a frenzied pace for a few minutes as my body quickly built and erupted into another intense orgasm. He hadn't come, probably due to his earlier ejaculation, and I wanted to up the ante of excitement.

On the floor in front of the couch we were almost totally concealed from view by any of our neighbors, and if possible, I wanted to be watched. When Craig slowed down to catch his breath I scrambled out from underneath, "Hey, where do you think you're going?" He said. I quickly stepped around the couch and moved to the floor to ceiling window. I leaned against the jamb and stuck my but out toward him invitingly. Come fuck me lover, from behind I breathed out sexily.

"You are on a dirty trip tonight aren't you?" Craig hissed. "You don't think I dare fuck you here in view of our neighbors do you. Well I'll show you."

I dipped my fingers into my wet honey pot and scooped up some fuck juice to rub into his straining penis that was poking between my legs. He molded his body into mine, dipped down a little to get properly lined up and when he was sure he was on the correct course, thrust his full length up into me while he pulled me by my hips down on to his shaft. He was thrusting so powerfully that on every up thrust my feet briefly left the floor and my breasts bounced wildly. My fingers gripped tightly onto the window frame and I thought I was breaking nails as he pounded me mercilessly. My body was shuddering through an endless procession of powerful orgasms as I cursed and swore and cried out in ecstasy.

I sensed his climax nearing and my arousal combined with his as I felt his body arch to pump me full of his sperm, I erupted into one final orgasmic crescendo as well. As our movement stopped, I turned around so we could enjoy the sexy embrace of two naked sweaty lovers and we tumbled sideways onto the couch. As we lay there together in the sweet melancholy of sexual afterglow I turned so our bodies spooned one another and I thought how perfect life seemed and realized that what I had was what every sane woman dreamed of. In that moment, I could not imagine wanting or needing any more.

That entire weekend, it didn't seem we could get enough of each other. We fucked more often than at any other point in our relationship and never seemed to get tired of it. It seems incomprehensible that in the midst of this romantic emotional rebirth of love between us, that any thought of potentially sexy and exiting things with my car pool buddies could intrude, but intrude they did. I frequently found myself imagining what would have happened if I had lifted up and let Scott push my panties down while I drove.

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