tagInterracial LoveCynthia: A Fantasy

Cynthia: A Fantasy


I was lying on Tom, my husband of seven years, letting the afterglow of sex wash over me and his penis slowly become flaccid while still inside me. After all those years, sex was still good. We knew how to please each other; I could count on two orgasms whenever I had the chance to finish our love making on top. At the same time, sex had become very predictable. Each of us knew not only what the other liked, but how they would respond. I often would find myself fantasizing that I was with a new and different lover. I never knew what prompted me to say it, but as I lay there, I asked Tom, "Who were you fantasizing you were with just now?"

"Why you of course," he responded as he promptly went limp and fell out of me.

I pressed him good humouredly, "you mean to tell me, that after all this time you never imagine that you're making love to someone different? Tell the truth."

He paused before saying, "Karen."

Karen was a good friend of mine. She was in her late twenties, looked great, slim, with breast implants that gave her a body that stood out in a crowd. She had also been married and divorced twice. She loved to flirt, and always wore provocative, sexy outfits that accentuated her attributes. I could well understand his answer. "I would be worried about you if you didn't find her attractive," I offered. "She thinks you're pretty hot too. She's even confided to me that she would like to do you."

Tom rolled us over so we were side by side. "Who were you fantasizing about?" he asked.

I wasn't surprised he asked the same question. Men are so predictable. "Your friend Nate," I replied. I believed my response caught him off guard by the way his body stiffened and he shifted ever so slightly. Nathan was an engineer; a coworker of Tom's, who had recently received a big promotion. They also played on the same basketball team; a team Tom had recently joined. Tom was the only white guy on the team. I had only met Nathan a few times. I remembered him from the company picnic and holiday party and the few games I dropped by to watch. He was single, tall, muscular and good looking. I thought of him as the original tall, dark and handsome.

"Why Nate?" Tom asked. He sounded a little defensive.

"If I'm going to fantasize, I might as well go all the way," I replied. "He's handsome, has a great body, and there's just something erotic and forbidden about interracial sex that I find exciting to think about. After all, I'm only fantasizing; I'm not planning to have an affair with him."

By that time, I was ready for sleep, so I rolled over with my back to Tom and snuggled in my pillow. Tom, with other ideas, reached an arm around me and pulled me against him; he was hard again. It had been many years since he was interested in more than one orgasm in an evening. His hard penis easily slipped between my labia, still oozing cum from our recent bout of love making. I rolled on my stomach and rose up on my knees so he could take me in my favorite position, doggie style. His penis slid full depth into me in one stroke, easily accommodated by the semen still there. Tom commenced ramming in and out of me from behind. The force of his thrusts pushed my face into the pillow. He was squeezing and pulling at my breasts, thrusting roughly in and out of me as if posessed. I tried to imagine what he was thinking about that drove him to make love to me so hard and brutally. Was he pretending I was Karen, or visulizing me with Nathan? Suddenly he stopped. His rock hard penis was still deep inside me. I came again as I felt him pumping more semen into me. We both collapsed from the exertion and lay there on the sweat-soaked sheets.

The next weekend we were lingering in the kitchen over breakfast coffee when out of the blue Tom blurted out, "Nate would like to do you too."

I was more than a little taken back. "What do you mean; Nate would like to do me?" My tone alone was enough to put Tom on the defensive. "Just what did you say to him?"

All Tom could do was stammer. I was getting angrier by the moment. "You went up to a guy I barely know and told him I wanted to fuck him? What were you thinking?"

He finally managed to say, "Well you told me that you fantasized about having sex with him."

"Can't you tell the difference between fantasy and reality?" I shot back. "What kind of world do you live in?"

I was so angry and upset; I simply got up and left, leaving Tom sitting there. I got into my car and started to drive, with no particular destination in mind. The next thing I knew I was pulling into Karen's driveway. After all, she was my best friend.

She was home, and we spent the rest of the morning discussing dumb things men do. Finally she said, "His stupidity aside, why don't you take him up on it? I'd be bored screwing the same guy all the time. Here you have a chance to get some strange and you can see for yourself what it's like making love to your fantasy lover. Why pass up such a chance? If it's a disaster, you can hold Tom responsible."

I pondered this for a while before saying, "You really think so? I never contemplated making it real."

"The real question is; is it something you really want to try? And be honest with yourself." was Karen's reply.

After a long pause, I admitted "I really don't know. At a certain level, I want to, but I'm scared. I really love Tom and I don't want to do anything that would endanger our marriage."

"I think you should explore it." Karen encouraged. "We could arrange a double date. I know a nice place we can go for dinner and dancing that's far enough out of town that we won't see anyone who knows us. If it feels right, we can go to your house and see what develops." Before I had a chance to answer, she added, "But you'll have to get a new outfit for the evening. You can't wear your usual school teacher clothes."

"You seem a little too much in favor of this. Maybe you just want to fuck Tom," I challenged.

"I admit, Tom's a great looking guy, and I would like see what he's like in the sack, but you're my friend. Tom will be safe with me. I can get lots of guys, but true friends are harder to come by. I just think that you deserve to have some more excitement in your life. You and Tom both want it, or this never would have gotten to where it is."

I pondered what Karen said as I drove home, still undecided about what to do. I did love Tom, and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Still, our lives and our love making were definitely in a rut. Tom and I were both virgins when we met. We were about as naive and inexperienced as they come. Over the years, we matured together sexually, but we only had each other to learn from. By the time I got home, I hadn't decided what to do.

Tom was not a happy camper when I arrived home later in the evening. He had been stuck looking after the kids when I left unexpectedly, and missed his tee time. We had a heated discussing about communication and just what he was hoping to accomplish by offering me as a sex partner to someone I barely knew. The more we talked, the angrier I became. While he continued to claim that he made the offer hoping to please me, I suspected his real interest was in bedding Karen. After all she did claim to be the world's best lover, and with her history, I didn't doubt her. I was more angry about the way he went about it than any thing else. I finally just announced, "OK, let's all get together for dinner and we'll see what happens, and I hope Nate fucks me until I have trouble walking straight!" That left Tom speechless and ended the discussion.

I called Karen the next day and related what I said to Tom. She laughed hysterically, which was good therapy for me. We got together later in the week to find just the right dress for me to wear on our "double date". I ended up with a cute little number that I surprised myself by buying. It wasn't like anything I had ever owned. My Irish heritage had given me pale skin with raven black hair. The dress was a shade of green that suited me very well, even picking up the hint of green in my eyes. I worked hard to keep in shape, and the cut showed off my figure. My breasts were small enough that I could get away without wearing a bra, so my nipples were outlined through the thin fabric. With spaghetti straps, the neckline plunged sufficiently to hint that a breast might be revealed if the wearer wasn't careful.

Looking at me trying it on, Karen commented, "I'll shorten it for you, then you'll have men drooling to get into your pants; of course you shouldn't wear any."

The sales clerk stood by with a bemused look on her face. "Don't you think its short enough?" I protested.

"Not for what we're up to its not." She replied. "The sexier you dress, the sexier you'll feel. You should do it more often."

I made arrangements to have my parents look after the kids to for the weekend. While I had some misgivings in the intervening weeks, I was determined to see the thing through, and a feeling of excitement gradually began to take over. It was a restless, gnawing excitement that I'd never felt before. Butterflies fluttered inside me when I tried to sleep. I found myself almost constantly thinking about having a different man inside me. A man that smelt, felt and tasted different than the only man I'd ever had sex with.

I took my time getting ready that Saturday afternoon, starting with a long bath. As I soaked, I thought about how the evening might work out, turning numerous possibilities over in my mind. While shaving my legs, I made sure I was nicely trimmed below. I lingered up stairs in my robe over makeup and things until I heard Tom greet both Karen and Nathan. Then I threw on my dress. A gold necklace and gold hoop earrings finished off my ensemble.

Before starting down the stairs, I studied myself in the mirror. Nervousness caused my hands to shake as I smoothed my dress over my hips. I saw myself from every angle, and was pleased with how I looked. In spite of Karen's suggestion, I did wear panties, but they were new with a French cut. Being late spring, I didn't bother with stockings. "You look damn sexy," I said to myself out loud. I had always dressed conservatively, and the image before me was something new. The woman looking back from the mirror appeared sexy and a little wicked. I couldn't remember the last time I felt that good about myself.

Descending the stairs I was excited and a little scared, even shaking, but not enough that anyone noticed. I loved the rush of adrenaline I felt as they first caught sight of me. The look on Tom's face when he first saw me was priceless. Thanks to Karen the dress ended almost at mid thigh. The fabric clung to my body in just the right way. The simple act of having the three of them see me that way caused my nipples to harden; something that was not hidden from anyone. Nathan was grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"Good evening Nate, nice to see you. Hi Karen," I said as I neared the bottom of the stairs. Turning to Tom I asked, "Are we ready to go?" I was amazed, and very pleased, with the reactions I elicited with my entrance. Tom had volunteered to drive. Karen sat in front snuggled next to him. Nathan opened a back door for me, and watched approvingly when my dress rode up as I slid in. "Thank you, Nate," I said. "My pleasure," he responded, still grinning. As soon as he spoke, I knew I wanted him. He had a very deep voice. I could feel myself getting wet already. My excitement grew just sitting next to him. We made small talk as Karen directed Tom to the restaurant. All the while Nathan eyed me as if he hadn't seen a woman before. I was enjoying his attention more by the minute. The restaurant was a nice looking place in the next county, part restaurant, part bar, that had live bands on the weekends. I felt on display, as if everybody in the place was watching me as we walked in, and with Nathan the only black person in the place, they undoubtedly were.

The evening was a bit awkward at first, but after a couple of drinks my nervousness eased and we all began to relax. I didn't want to be drunk, but I knew a little buzz would help me better deal with the situation. A lively conversation ensued. Nathan was an educated, even cultured man, with a wicked sense of humor. For an hour and a half we talked avidly about anything except what was going to happen next. All seamed normal except as we talked, we kept locking eyes with each other.

By the time we were finished with dinner, the place was beginning to fill up, and the band was starting its first set. Our table continued attracting a fair amount of attention. No one else was dressed as wildly as either Karen or I was either. Karen wore low cut jeans and a long sleeved shirt unbuttoned at the top and tied at the bottom. When close, one could see that her shirt was not quite opaque enough to hide the fact that she wore no bra over her always perky silicon-enhanced breasts.

"Let's dance." Karen said as she led Tom to the dance floor.

Nathan looked at me and asked, "Care to join them?"

Other than eyeing each other all through dinner, our interaction had been very formal. Walking to the dance floor was another adrenaline rush for me. I felt like an exhibitionist as the other patrons stared. Once on the dance floor, we both had the opportunity to loosen up. I had always thought of dancing as a form of foreplay, and that was exactly what we were doing. Karen loved to dance suggestively, and between the four of us, we provided more entertainment than the band.

Part way through the first set, Tom led Karen back to the table, where another guy quickly asked Karen to dance. From then on, the locals took turns dancing with Karen as Tom sat back and watched.

By the time a slow number began, I was really worked up. As the band started, I pressed myself against Nathan, and was pleased to feel the beginning of an erection. He pulled me into him, and as we danced I rubbed myself against his stiffening penis. I brushed my hard nipples against his chest and pushed my pelvis against his thigh. With my head on his shoulder, I could feel his breath in my hair. Whenever I caught a glimpse of Tom, he was watching us intently.

At the end of the set, the four of us gathered back at the table. Nathan pulled his chair close to mine as he sat down. Tom had gotten us all fresh drinks. He handed me mine just as Nathan discreetly moved his hand under the table and placed it on my thigh. "Thanks, I can use that. I sure got hot dancing," I responded.

"Yes, it looked as you were getting very hot dancing," Tom replied.

With his fingers stroking my skin, Nathan began a conversation, but my mind was elsewhere. I could feel my body responding to his touch, and I was trying to fight it. As his hand moved up my thigh, and disappeared underneath the hem of my skirt, I began to tremble ever so slightly. My eyes were watching his mouth as he talked, noticing how perfect his smooth black skin looked. Without thinking about it, I reached out and stroke his jaw line, my fingertips glided lightly over the smooth skin of his face. He stopped talking as my fingers began tracing his lips. His tongue reached out and curled itself around my index finger, sucking it into his mouth. I moaned as he sucked and nibbled on my finger. Nathan started stroking my inner thigh.

"Good band. I wonder where they're from." I started a trivial discussion as Nathan slowly worked his fingers further up my leg.

Karen picked it up and was talking about seeing the lead guitarist before as Nathan's fingers started to explore what was under my panties. It was all I could do not to wiggle in my seat as he made small circles around my labia using my own juices as lubricant. I couldn't remember ever being so horny, and I was really enjoying the feeling. During a break in the banter about the band, I offered, "I'm ready to go, how about the rest of you?" By then my vagina was dripping and my panties were soaked.

As we got up to leave, I noticed Nathan pulling his shirttail out to hide the bulge in his pants as best he could. He opened the car door for me, and after getting in, I slid to the middle so he could get in the same door and be right next to me. The hem of my dress rode to the top of my thighs. I left it there. Nathan put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. We weren't out of the parking lot before Nathan leaned over and began kissing me full on the mouth and pressing his tongue forward. Eagerly, I accepted it, drawing it into my mouth. We started kissing, deep, long, noisy kisses, tongues darting, exploring.

As we kissed, he moved his hand inside my dress to caress a breast. The first touch of his fingers against my hard, distended nipple was like an electric shock. I was breathless. I took his wrist, pulled him across to the other breast and closed my eyes, surrendering to the pleasure.

I was so horny; all I wanted was his hard penis inside me. I moved my hand to the mound in his pants, and started to knead the erection underneath. About that time, I heard Karen say, "For Christ's sake Tom, keep your eyes on the road."

Nathan pulled at my right shoulder strap and I let go of him, bending my arm to slip the strap off, pulling his head down to my exposed breast. I shivered as he suckled on it. Soon the dress was down around my waist and his head was buried in the valley between my breasts. By the time we got home, Nathan and I were entwined in lust. Nathan was kissing my breasts and nibbling and sucking on my nipples. His trouser leg was wet from my juices as he dug his thigh into my crotch and I rubbed against him in an effort to ease my frustration. Knowing that we weren't alone, that Tom and Karen were well aware of all that was happening just behind them, further fueled my excitement.

After the heavy making out Nathan and I had been doing in the back seat, it took a little while for me to get myself back in order so we could enter the house. Although we seldom used the formal living room, with its thick, soft carpet it seemed a natural place to spend the rest of the evening. Tom brought out the champagne that had been chilling, and I selected romantic, slow music.

As Tom and Karen settled on a couch, I started dancing again with Nathan. As we swayed slowly to the music, we pressed our bodies against each other; he began kissing me passionately and deeply. I could feel his hard manhood pressing against me. I had been wet all evening, and my nipples were in a constant state of firmness.

All of a sudden a feeling of concern overcame me that Tom might be getting jealous. A glance in his direction yielded a vision of a smiling Tom staring in our direction.

Turning my back to Nathan, I requested, "Get that zipper, would you please?" He quickly complied, and I let my dress slip to the floor. As I stepped out of it, I turned back to him. I swallowed dryly, feeling the excitement build in the pit of my stomach as I started to dance naked, except for my panties, before this handsome black man and in front of my husband and best friend.

I felt feelings of lust and excitement I had never felt before. Karen and Tom were just sipping their drinks and watching us. I placed my hands on Nathan's hips and moved to the music. Every move was suggestive. He pulled me against him, bringing his lips to mine. He held me in a close embrace as we kissed and swayed slowly to the music. I began to unbutton his shirt, letting my taut, pink nipples brush against the skin of his dark, muscular chest.

My lust continued to build. I had seen white girls shamelessly coming on to black men in bars, and there I was, almost naked seducing someone I barely knew simply because I had a fantasy about having sex with a black man. I couldn't wait any longer. With his shirt off, I moved to his belt and pants. Any attempt at dancing ceased as I pulled his pants and boxers down, running my hands down his legs in the process. That freed his, by now, very hard penis.

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