tagInterracial LoveCynthia: A Fantasy Ch. 02

Cynthia: A Fantasy Ch. 02


The day after our "double date", where my husband realized his fantasy of having sex with my best friend while I experienced my fantasy of having sex with his black coworker, neither Tom nor I spoke of what happened. We picked up the kids from my parents and went to church just like we did most Sundays.

Monday afternoon, I visited Karen. As she poured tea, I told her what happened after she left. "Tom never made love to me with such wild energy as he did that night," I commented. "You sure know how to turn a man on. I'm glad you're my friend, or I'd be worried he'd leave me for you."

"You think I'm the one responsible?" She queried. "You flatter me, but you're the one who did that to him. All night long his attention was on you. He was fascinated to see you and Nate together. The way people reacted to your dress, how you and Nate cozied up to each other to dance, the way people looked at you dancing. I saw Tom's expression and the way he kept licking his lips as he watched you dancing almost naked in front of Nate and then being fucked by him. He was fascinated. I saw a man who was compelled to arrange his own cuckolding. I was just there to balance things out."

"I also saw in you someone that liked the attention she was getting," she continued. "You sure enjoyed flirting with Nate in front of everybody. So tell me, when are you seeing him again?"

I wasn't prepared for what I had heard. What Karen was saying was totally unexpected, but as I thought about it, I realized that she was the impartial observer.

Karen waited patiently as I collected my thoughts. "Tom and I haven't even discussed what happened," I started. "He went off to work this morning as usual. Perhaps I'll never see Nate again."

As I said the words, I felt a sinking in my stomach and an unexpected feeling of sadness overcame me. I realized that since Saturday night, during all my waking moments, the memories of that evening lurked in the background; the memory of his skin, so smooth, dark and silky, and his eyes, dark as night; the memory of his body, toned and tight, not overly muscular, but sexy; the memory of another man's hands running smoothly over my body; and the memory of uninhibited sex with an intensity I had never before experienced. I could just close my eyes and visualize his dark penis disappearing into my pale white body.

Sensing my change in mood, Karen said, "Be patient. Tom will suggest we get together again. He won't be able to help himself."

"I hope he does," was my softly spoken reply.

I had plenty of time to ponder the situation. Weeks went by and neither Tom nor I mentioning the subject. My longing for Nathan decreased over that time so perhaps a whole day might go by without him coming to mind.

Then one evening, out of the blue, Tom asked, "What do you think about going out to diner again with Nate and Karen?"

His meaning was obvious, nothing more needed said. Although my pulse quickened as soon as he said the words, I let some time pass before responding and selected my words carefully, "Do you think we should? If we get together again, it will be more than just an experiment like the last time."

The four of us got together several times after that. Having a lover was both exciting and fun. I found myself looking forward to being with Nathan more each time, and he let me know in little ways that he liked being with me. Women need to feel desired and wanted, and I was no exception. Nathan was a very considerate lover, and after five years of marriage, it was very nice to experience the intimate touch of a different man.

I was also a little surprised by how much fun I was having dressing in sexy, provocative outfits and being seen on the arm of a black man. It made me feel wanton and wicked and very much alive. I was developing a second persona, one very much in contrast with my role as wife, mother and school teacher.

It was mid July when Karen cancelled at the last moment. She had previously warned me of her plan to force Tom's hand. As she predicted, Tom didn't cancel the evening. When Nathan arrived, Tom offered to be the designated driver.

Arriving at the restaurant, Nathan and I went in first and took a table by ourselves. Tom entered right after and seated himself at the bar where he had a good view of us. I was thrilled since this was the first time Nathan and I could talk to each other without Tom or Karen listening in. Over dinner we had a chance to talk about personal things. Favorite movies and preference in music lead to personal aspirations. I got to know Nathan as an intelligent, caring person with tastes and interests similar to mine.

The restaurant featured country western bands and drew a country western crowd so I wore tight black jeans and a thin white silk long sleeved blouse with the top three buttons left open. A black leather vest allowed the outfit to be worn in public. I had been with Nathan enough that I was accustomed to people staring at us and I had grown to enjoy being the center of attention.

Around nine the band started. Unlike Tom, Nathan was an accomplished dancer and led me through the steps I didn't already know. I always enjoyed dancing and was having more fun with Nathan than I could remember ever having. Usually when the four of us were together we would leave after the first set, but neither of us made any suggestion of leaving. I had a feeling that Tom was getting impatient, but at that point, I didn't care.

It was after midnight, when the band started its last set that I finally worked up the courage to take off my vest. Having made the decision, my heart was racing as Nathan and I stood up. I whipped off the vest and left it on the back of my chair. I was hot and the thin blouse clung to me revealing every detail of my upper body. My small perky breasts and hard nipples were clearly visible. I loved the feeling that adrenalin gave me at times like that. All eyes, most particularly Tom's, were on us as we started dancing. I rubbed up against Nathan every chance I had. Slow dances had me clinging to him with both arms, pressed against him so tightly that I could feel the hardening in his crotch. I was creating an exhibition and again found that I loved the feeling.

At the end of the last dance, we walked out together, my vest over my arm, the cool night air doing nothing to quench the heat built up inside me. Tom was already in the car as we slid into the back seat. Before we were out of the parking lot, Nathan and I were embracing each other.

To be touched by him was like electric pleasure running straight through me. I kissed his lips, gently at first, and then more deeply and urgently. His hand found my breast. He fondled it briefly through the thin layer of silk before sliding inside and cupping my breast entirely in his hand. I felt sparks fly as his bare hand reached my taught nipple.

I could feel myself getting wetter as I ran my fingers through his short, curly hair. He kissed and nibbled the side of my neck sending shivers of pleasure through me. I guided his mouth to my breast. By that time he had undone all the front buttons of my blouse so he had unhindered access. He went from one breast to the other licking, sucking and nibbling. I kept pressing his face into me, running my fingers up and down the back of his head and neck encouraging him as he worked magic with his mouth.

My back was against the door and the seat back and Nathan was almost on top of me. I kept my thigh planted against the bulge at his crotch rubbing against his hard penis. I let out little moans as Nathan gave his full attention to my breasts, making sure neither was shortchanged. No one had ever concentrated so fully on my breasts like that before. Mostly gentle with an occasional bite, I knew my breasts would be sore in the morning, but I loved what he was doing to me and my excitement continued to build. I was startled and cried out when, for the first time, I climaxed just from breast stimulation. It was about that time we reached home.

Tom pulled the car into the garage so I just left my blouse open as we went into the house.

When Tom offered drinks, I declined as did Nathan. It was already late and neither of us needed more to drink. I selected music as Tom poured something for himself. Nathan settled on to the couch in the living room taking off his shoes in anticipation.

What I really wanted to do was to take Nathan up to the guest bedroom and be with him alone away from Tom's leering gaze, but I didn't know what Tom's reaction might be. So, I removed my jeans and shoes leaving just my already unbuttoned blouse and a soaked black thong and entered the living room.

As the music started, I moved in front of Nathan and began to dance suggestively. I slowly pushed down my thong and stepped out of it. I left my blouse on. It was open in front and Nathan had access to any part of me he wanted, but with Tom sitting behind where I stood, it provided a symbol of privacy for the two us.

Reaching down, I pulled off Nathan's shirt revealing his muscular chest and stomach. Kneeling, I undid his belt, unzipped his trousers and pulled them toward me freeing that engorged penis that I longed for.

I immediately started by licking his penis all the way up to the head over and over, especially around the head where it flared out. I loved that part because it felt so good pulling inside my mouth on the outstroke. I wanted him inside me so badly. I licked the head of his penis and kissed it and sucked it gently at first, then harder and taking it deeper into my mouth. I held his balls which were all drawn up in my left hand while I clasped the base of his shaft in the other. He was really enjoying that and began to raise his hips to meet my mouth. I matched his rhythm as he moved faster and faster, but stopped abruptly when it appeared he might be ready to cum; I so wanted him to cum inside me.

I tugged him toward me so his butt was just barely on the sofa. Standing, I straddled his legs and lowered myself on to his rock hard shaft, guiding it into me. I was so turned on and wet that he easily went full depth, filling me instantly.

With my hands on his shoulders, I began to ride him hard; feeling his penis thrusting back each time. At first he played with my nipples and breasts, but before long his hands were on each side of my hips, clenching my butt cheeks.

Then I felt him explode in me. He arched his back, thrusting upwards, sending his hot sperm to fill my womb. At that point, I experienced an orgasm so intense that I saw colors. Never before had I an orgasm of that intensity. I didn't know how long it lasted, but I remember wanting it to last forever. Finally, gasping for breath, I collapsed upon my lover.

I had been so excited and involved with Nathan that I had forgotten Tom was even in the room. With my head on Nathan's shoulder, my bare breasts resting on his naked, sweaty chest, and his penis still filling me, I looked around and saw Tom cleaning himself up having just masturbated himself to orgasm.

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