tagInterracial LoveCynthia: A Fantasy Ch. 03

Cynthia: A Fantasy Ch. 03


One weekday morning, Nathan called asking if I would like to join him for lunch. One nice thing about teaching is I get the summer off. My husband, Tom, was out of town on a business trip; something Nathan would have known since they work in the same office.

I had been craving the opportunity to be alone with Nathan, but didn't know how to broach it with Tom. Just the suggestion of sneaking out on my husband caused my pulse to quicken, a feeling of excitement I was growing addicted to.

Deciding it would be easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. I accepted and asked where he wanted me to meet him. Nathan suggested his apartment and gave me directions. I then made arrangements for my mother to look after the kids for a few hours.

I was back at home, changed, and had snacks out by the time my mother dropped off the kids. Since I had showered at Nathan's, with his help, I knew I could get away with cutting it close. Living a double live with a secret black lover was proving to be a lot of fun. As far as anyone else knew, I was a mother of two, faithful to my husband.

That night, after the kids were in bed, Tom called. This was part of the routine when he was away from home on business. He would talk about his travel and business adventures. I would describe the trivialities of life caring for the house and kids and school when it was in session. However, that evening was different.

After we had covered the routine happenings of the day, I felt it was time for a surprise. "Oh by the way, I had lunch with one of your coworkers today," I said as nonchalantly as possible. My statement was met with silence. "It was really fun," I added.

"Was it Nate?" Tom finally asked.

"Yes," I responded. "Nate called and invited me to his place for lunch."

"That bastard!" Tom exploded. "He waits until I'm out of town and moves in on my wife."

I continued teasingly, "I didn't know if he mentioned anything to you, and I didn't ask."

"Well what did you do?"

"I accepted. You know, he has a beautiful apartment, very nicely appointed." I paused, waiting for Tom's reaction.

"Well go on; tell me what happened. I know he has good taste," Tom shot back.

Having earlier discovered what a voyeur Tom was, I decided to relate everything in graphic detail. "You know that indecently short shift Karen talked me into buying? Well that's what I wore, with no underwear. It's good we have an electric garage door, because when I reach up in that dress everything shows."

"Nate had lunch ready when I arrived. He made penne pasta with red sauce, and had the best red wine. It's so sexy when a man cooks for a woman, and he's very good as a cook too. We lingered over the wine, talking. You know how I get when I drink like that. Being in his apartment, with him alone, dressed like a little whore; I got very horny. My pussy was getting wet just sitting across the table looking at his gorgeous body."

"He's such a gentleman. He made no move to seduce me. We just talked about normal things. I think he would have allowed me to leave without as much as a kiss had that been what I wanted." I paused again to get Tom's reaction.

Finally he inquired, "Just what was it that you wanted?"

"Do you really want to know?" I teased.

"Of course."

The edge was off his voice and I could hear him breathing deeply. "Are you hard now?"

"You know damn well I am," he responded.

"I bet you're stroking it too." He didn't answer, but I knew he was.

I continued, "After we drank a little more wine, I felt a little buzzy, even hornier, and not at all inhibited. I got up, walked over to him, and straddled his leg. I put my arms around his neck, and we began to kiss. They were little, playful kisses at first, but soon became deep, long kisses, with his tongue darting in and out of my mouth. My dress was short enough that it easily rode up so I could grind my throbbing pussy directly against his thigh. My nipples were so hard; I knew he could see their outline through my dress. I brushed them against him; the friction through the material was just right; it felt like there was an electric current passing between us. It wasn't long before I started to cum. It was a soft orgasm that radiated out from my pussy in ripples throughout the rest of my body. I just rocked back and forth on Nate's thigh, and moaned in his mouth as we kissed until I was done."

"After I stopped cuming, I slowly unbuttoned Nate's shirt, kissing his chest as I worked my way down the row of buttons. I was kneeling in front of him when I got to his belly button; I tongued it until he started to squirm, just like I do to you. I undid his belt, and pulled off his pants. The leg I rode was soaked from my pussy juices. While I was at it, I pulled down those sexy black briefs he wears, and freed his rock hard, black cock. It couldn't get any harder. I started to kiss and lick his balls, nibbling on the skin of his scrotum. I worked my kisses up his beautiful black cock until I could run my tongue over its head. I just love how my mouth, or my pussy for that matter, makes his cock so dark and shiny."

"Then I began to suck his cock. I took as much of into my mouth as I could. I love to feel his cock against the back of my throat. By that time he was running his fingers through my hair. Do you know how much he loves the feel of my soft, fine hair running through his fingers?""It wasn't long before he started to tense and squirm some more."

I paused. "Are you squirming a little?"

"More than a little," he replied. I could easily hear his heavy breathing across the phone.

"Well, I stopped sucking his dick then. I wanted to feel his hard cock inside of me and have him cum inside me. He left out a little groan when I moved back, because I had him on the verge. I knew he needed to cum badly right then. I told him to lie on the floor, which he quickly did. I kept him waiting, straddling his face so he could lick my wet pussy and tongue my clit. He's a very talented pussy eater, you know, and I stayed there until the need to have his cock inside me was overwhelming."

"I moved down over his hips so the head of his dick was pointed right at my pussy, and lowered myself onto his engorged cock. I was so wet; he easily slid all the way in until I was completely impaled."

"My dress was up to my waist, so I pulled it off over my head as I started to ride that wonderful black cock of his. It wasn't long before I felt his hot sperm beginning to pump into my pussy. That started a major climax for me. I rolled my hips around his hard cock while I gushed cum. Not having to worry about the kids hearing like when we're together at home, I moaned as loud as I wanted. I'm sure his neighbors knew he was getting some white pussy."

"I don't know how long I was in orgasm; his cock stayed hard and I was rocking and cumming in waves. I eventually wore myself out, and collapsed with my little bare tits on his sweaty chest, his stiff cock still inside me, my head on his shoulder. We lay like that for a good while. He told me what a great lover I was, and I told him how wonderful it was to have him inside me."

"Are you done squirming yet," I asked Tom.

"Yea, I am," he replied with that just-having-jerked-himself-off tone to his voice.

"You know, Tom. It was really great sex, fantastic sex even. By now, Nate and I have fucked enough to know what gets the other off. Sneaking away to his apartment, in the middle of the day, without you knowing, added a lot more excitement for me. I really felt like a cheating wife; I guess I was. You weren't around to take care of my needs, and he was more than happy to fill my pussy with his hard cock and his hot sticky sperm. I had fun behaving like a little whore."

"Tom, what emotions do you feel when you think about me being with Nate?"

After a long silence, Tom began, "There are a lot of emotions, confused, conflicting, intense emotions. I can't tell you how erotic it is to see you with a black man. That's something that I was taught was all wrong. White and black people should keep to their own kind, yet you break the taboo. You hungrily kiss those full lips, you kneel before a Negro and suck his cock, you allow a black cock to enter your white body, and you let a nigger cum inside you. You do more than let it happen. I've watched you; you look forward to seeing Nate and can't keep your eyes or hands off of him when you're together. It's all so damn erotic!"

"At the same time, I'm incredibly jealous. I seethe with anger, fear and inadequacy. You're my wife and another man, a black man is pumping his seed into you. I love you and want that to be me you're lusting after, but its not. No matter how much I try, I can never be the forbidden, exotic lover Nate has become. The irony is that I've done this to myself. I was the one who encouraged you to take a black lover, even to inviting Nate to that first date."

"But in spite of it all, when the sex is over, I know you'll go home with me. You may share your body with Nate, but I know your heart is mine. I think is so great that we can expand our marriage to include another lover. Our sex with each other is so much better as a result."

"Tom, I just want you to know how much I love you. Not many men are secure enough and unselfish enough to allow their wives to do this sort of thing. Now I can hardly wait for you to get home so I can show you just how much I appreciate you."

We said goodnight and reaffirmed our love for each other as we hung up. I was thrilled that I had finally managed to get away and be alone with Nathan, and that Tom appeared to be OK with that. I was also horny again. Telling Tom about my afternoon affair stirred up all those feelings of lust. I decided to go upstairs and make use of the vibrator my friend Karen bought me for my birthday.

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