Cynthia Ch. 1 (Working Title)

byMark Singer©

My heart was beating wildly inside my chest as I watched her lips open and approach my cockhead. She hesitated for a moment, teasing me with her lips surrounding my head, but not touching it. I sighed and pushed forward and she responded. She closed her lips around me, sucking the head into her mouth and flicking her tongue against the hole. I rewarded her by pouring another steady flow of pre-cum into her mouth.

I could feel the wetness inside her mouth building as she began to slowly bob her head back and forth on my cock. Her tongue stayed busy, moving from side to side as she took more and more of my length inside her mouth. I watched her as she sucked me. She was very good at what she did, and she obviously enjoyed what she was doing. Her fingers massaged my balls as she began to suck me from head to base, moving very slowly but very much on a mission.

I began to fuck my hips in the opposite direction of her movements. She was still moving very slowly...with just the right amount of pressure on my cockhead. I knew I couldn't last very long at this rate. Cynthia sensed this too, and looked up at me, keeping my cock inside her stretched lips.

She smiled as much as she could, then pulled her lips back until just the head rested on her tongue. Looking into my eyes, she mouthed one single word around my cock. "Come...." she whispered. She grinned again and returned my cock to the back of her mouth. I groaned and began to fuck her mouth with long, slow, gentle strokes. She continued to fondle my balls, coaxing them to release their heavy burden. They didn't require a lot of coaxing... I couldn't believe that this stunning vision was actually going to suck me off. It was as if all the erotic dreams and fantasies I'd ever had were coming true... Focusing on this gorgeous raven haired beauty kneeling in front of me.

I felt the first stirrings of orgasm approaching rapidly. My thrusts increased in their intensity and Cynthia responded accordingly. Her sucking got stronger and her bobbing head increased it's speed. As she sucked me, I felt my cockhead pushing against the back of her throat. She was panting like a tobacco addicted runner, her breath coming out noisily through her nose as she worked to suck me off. I leaned against the stairway for support as my knees began to weaken, and I started to fuck her mouth. Cynthia groaned and tilted her head back. At the same time, she reached up and grasped my ass cheeks, pulling my hips towards her face.

She groaned and I almost screamed as I felt my cockhead slide past her tonsils and push deep into her throat. She continued to pull me closer until my entire length was buried inside her mouth! She held me there, working her tongue against the underside of my cock as she swallowed against my shaft.

We both felt my cock begin to buck and she pulled me out of her throat. As I slid past her tonsils, I released a huge load of semen over her tongue. I groaned lovingly as I watched her swallow my seed, bobbing her head and sucking my length up and down as I rocketed volley after volley of thick ropy cum into her mouth.

She pulled her mouth away from my cock as she jerked me off. She laughed lustily and aimed my cockhead at her open lips just as I let go another barrage. I watched my cum spray out and coat her extended tongue, then splash wetly against her chin. She stroked me twice more, then took me into her mouth again, sucking wildly as I finished my cum over her tongue.

I could feel her mouth muscles move as she swallowed my seed, and I slowly fucked her mouth as I felt my orgasm wane, running my fingers through her long black hair as I stared into her smiling eyes.

My hard cock stayed that way as she pulled her mouth from me, and leaned back. She brought one hand to my cock, stroking me as she watched my cockhead disappear, then reemerge between her fingers.

"God, that was good..." she whispered with a grin. "I knew it was going to be...Mmmm...." She slowly got to her feet, standing in front of me on wobbly legs. She made no move to cover up, and kept her hand on my cock, stroking it lightly. I leaned forward, kissing her passionately, thrusting my tongue into her cum coated mouth.

"I want to fuck you..." I panted into her ear. I felt her grip tighten on my cock as a low moan escaped her lips. A sly smile formed as she seemed to be contemplating my desire. Then she looked past me and grinned.

"Here..." she said softly. "Bring one of those over here..." She motioned towards a set of three cushioned chaise lounges sitting on the tiled patio. I smiled and walked across, quietly grabbing the nearest one and rolling it on it's rubber wheels towards the shadows of the stairs. "Sit..." she commanded with a grin.

I sat on the cushioned chair, looking over at the curtained window only five feet away from us. If anyone on the lower level happened to look onto the patio they'd be getting an eye-full for certain. And above us, I could hear the sounds of the ongoing party still raging on.

"Aren't you afraid of someone seeing us...?" I asked in a raspy whisper and hoping for the right answer.

Cynthia stood in front of me with a huge grin on her face. Her hands moved up to cup her naked tits as she swayed in front of me. I felt my cock buck and jerk as I watched her play with herself. "Actually, it's turning me on..." she chuckled, "It's been a long time since I had someone like you, Jack..." Then her eyes darkened slightly. "Does it bother you, Jack? That someone might see us, I mean?"

I grinned up at her and wrapped my fingers around my cock, holding it up to her and stroking it. "Cynthia...I would gladly strip you naked and fuck you on top of the bar. Right now, and in front of the entire faculty, if you wanted...if it meant I could fuck you..." Her eyes lit up like candles and her swaying became more pronounced.

" that's a thought...a faculty talent show... I know Professor Reinhardt would love to see these..." She grinned again and held her tits out, her fingers tweaking her nipples until they were rock hard. "He's been staring at them since I arrived at this place!"

I smiled at her, enjoying the game even though my cock was throbbing once again. Cynthia certainly knew how to fill in the time to allow a man's resurgence. And I was now fully 'surged' and ready...

"And kindly Professor Reinhardt... He hasn't seen those, I assume..." Cynthia stared at my crotch as she slowly shook her head.

"I told's been a while..." she breathed, "Nobody's seen them..." Then a wicked smile crept over her face. "Well...except for tonight... I admit I was showing off a little tonight...I gave Reinhardt a few good looks before I went back to the bar... But he's such a pig..."

"Well, I have to admit that I'm a pig sometimes, too..." I said with a smile. I was actually fighting a small wave of stupid jealousy that reared up at the mention of Bob Reinhardt. He was the university's 'handsome' professor, in his late thirties and, in his own opinion, God's perfect gift. And entirely too many of the students and staff seemed to agree with him. Cynthia seemed to recognize the slight change in the tone of my voice and stepped closer, hovering over me and continuing to fondle her breasts.

"Don't be a baby, Jack..." she said reproachfully, "Reinhardt just knows that I like to flash my tits once in a while. You, on the other hand... You know that I like to suck a hard cock..." Her eyes were gleaming as she spoke and I felt like a fool for even slightly feeling jealous. Cynthia wasn't finished with me quite yet, though. "I showed him my tits, maybe...but you're the one who just came in my mouth..." Then her grin grew and her eyes softened as their fire increased. She ran her tongue over her lips as if she was recalling the blow job, and my cock began to throb once more.

"And you're the one who's going to fuck me on that chair..." Cynthia stepped even closer to me and returned her eyes to my cock. "I loved sucking your cock..." she whispered. I felt my cock lurch. "You're cum is so thick and sweet..." Her fingers tweaked her nipples as she moved still closer to me. "But I knew it was going to be. I've got a sixth sense about these things, you know?" She continued to sway lightly in front of me, her eyes staring deeply into my own, then dropping to my hard-on which was standing as upright as it has ever been. She smiled and returned her eyes to mine. "I knew I was going to suck your cock the minute I saw it getting hard at the bar...I turn you on, don't I?" I swallowed hard and nodded my head, not trusting my voice.

"I loved making your cock hard in front of all those people." Cynthia sighed. "And I loved how you didn't try to hide it from me... That's why I was showing you my tits... I like playing with other people around. It turns me on. But I guess you already guessed that..." She grinned and stepped closer, her hips still swaying slightly. When she reached the foot of the chair, her hands slowly moved to the hem of her skirt. I dropped my hand to encircle my hard-on, and began to stroke myself as I watched her draw her skirt higher and higher. I moaned low in my throat as I saw more and more of her thighs come into view.

"I want to feel your hard cock sliding inside my pussy..." Cynthia sighed as I watched her skirt move higher and higher. I gasped and she grinned when her naked pussy came into view!! She'd been completely naked under her outfit all night long!! She grinned when she read the reaction on my face. "I like feeling almost naked when I'm at these faculty soirée's. If they only knew..." Cynthia smiled brightly again and dropped her eyes to my hand that was slowly stroking my cock. "I tried to flash you when you were sitting alone at the bar, you know... I liked the way you were staring at me all night. But you wouldn't turn around. That's when I decided to join you..."

She smiled and pulled her skirt higher, exposing her naked, neatly trimmed pussy. At the same time, I stared as she straddled the chair, moving gracefully closer, until her pussy was only inches from my face.

"I was going to show you this..." she hissed. I leaned forward and reached out to pull her closer. The sweet musky smell of her pussy filled my senses, as she moaned and spread her legs as wide as she could, leaning over me and gripping the chair behind my head. I sighed deeply as I ran my tongue between her legs, pushing my face between her spread thighs, burying my tongue inside her.

Her taste was wonderful! Thick, pungent fluid poured into my mouth as I pressed my tongue between the folds of her pussy lips and into the depths of her cunt. She moaned low as I began to lick and suck. I used the bridge of my nose to tease her clit as I did my best to capture her juices into my mouth.

I began to lean backwards....drawing her with me as I lay back into the chaise lounger. Cynthia grinned and followed my lead...waddling forward until she was straddling my face as I lay back in the chair, her feet planted firmly on the patio tiles.

"Give it to me...." I pleaded as she moved her now dripping cunt above my face. Cynthia grinned and brought her fingers to her pussy lips. As I watched, she spread her lips wide, showing me what was coming.

"I'm going to come..." she shuddered, pushing a finger inside her pussy.

"Yeah..." I whispered.

"I'm going to come on your your mouth...You want to suck my hot pussy, Jack? Drink my cum?"

"Please...." I reached a hand down to my cock, stroking it as I watched this goddess masturbate above my face. "Let me drink it...Let me drink your cum...Let me suck every drop out of your hot cunt...."

Cynthia was squatting over me now, her pussy only one inch from my lips as her hand moved back and forth over her clit. Occasionally, a finger would slide inside her, making her groan. I felt the cum boiling inside my balls as I watched her jerk herself off over my face. I released my grip on my cock...afraid I would come before the time was right. I looked up to see Cynthia throw her head back in ecstasy.

I grinned and brought my hands to her hips, pulling her down to my lips. I thrust my tongue deep into her cunt, at the same time beginning to suck with all my might. Cynthia screamed out and pushed her hips against my chin, forcing her pussy against my chin, and forcing my tongue deeper inside of her. She began to fuck her pussy against my mouth as it expanded and contracted against my tongue.

I groaned as I felt her pussy begin to pour wave after wave of hot, thick cum into my mouth. My entire face was getting covered with her juices as she fucked back and forth. As the slickness increased, I slid lower, pushing my nose inside her pussy and probing her asshole with my tongue. Cynthia groaned and paused, consciously relaxing her ass muscles as I probed deeper. She groaned loudly as I pushed the entire length of my tongue inside her asshole, and I felt her pussy contract against my nose. I licked and probed her ass until I needed air, then pulled my tongue out and moved forward, flicking her clit as I gasped for oxygen.

Cynthia's hips were moving like pistons as she began to peak. Her whole body shuddered as I thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy once again.

And once again, I felt my mouth filling with her sweet juice. I've never felt a woman come as much as Cynthia did. Wave after wave of cum juice flowed into my mouth, making me swallow over and over. I glanced up to see her looking down at me with a combination of love and pure lust in her eyes.

She began to grin at me as her orgasm slowed and I grinned back. I wasn't done quite yet, though...

I slowly brought my hand up to cup her asscheeks as I licked the last of her cum from her lips. Using my thumb, I parted her cheeks, searching for, and finding her tight rosebud of an asshole. I grinned up at her and winked as I began to push my thumb against her tight opening.

Cynthia groaned and tried to relax as my thumb pushed higher. I felt her asshole loosen as I pushed, then open to receive my advance. The slickness left by her cum and my saliva made the passage easy. My thumb slid into her asshole to the last knuckle. I wiggled it inside her, making her groan.

She looked at me with wide eyes as I began to fuck her asshole with my thumb, the wet, sloppy noises filling our ears. Her breath was coming out in ragged gasps as her hips dropped to meet every upward thrust of my hand. I grinned again and brought my other hand up to join the first. Cynthia spread her legs wider as I pushed two fingers from my second hand deep into her pussy. I could feel my thumb inside her asshole through the thin membrane separating her two openings. I felt my cock throbbing between my legs as I continued on my mission...

Still looking into her fiery, lust-filled eyes, I brought my thumb from my second hand up to rub lightly against her clitoris. As I softly stroked the firm nub, I marveled at how hard it was. It was obviously very sensitive, too, for Cynthia immediately began to thrash above me. Her breathing was coming in ragged gasps as she moaned over and over.

Cynthia sighed loudly and pushed against my hand as I pushed my thumb into her asshole and corkscrewed my two fingers deep into her pussy. Her asshole contracted and relaxed as I pushed up and inside her. She let out a long "Aaaaagghhhhhh..." as I thumb fucked her.

I felt her shudder above me. She looked down with a huge grin on her face.

"I knew you were a fucker when I first saw you...Aaaghhh....that's so fucking good!...Feel's so fucking my ass...." She threw her head back, and I felt her pussy contract as another orgasm overtook her. I grinned and continued to fuck both of her holes.

I felt her cum dripping down my arm. I couldn't wait much longer. My cock was throbbing painfully now...aching for release.

I used my finger holds to pull her downwards. She willingly obliged, moving back on her squatting legs until I felt my cockhead brush the soft cheeks of her ass. I removed my fingers from her pussy as she raised her hips, but I kept my thumb buried deep inside her ass. As she raised further, I grasped my hard pole, positioning myself at the entrance to her pussy.

She tried to grin but her attempt failed as I felt my cockhead slide easily past her lips. Her mouth opened wide, almost in a grimace of pain as I pushed my cock deep. I felt her legs bend as she dropped her hips down...swallowing my cock as gracefully as her mouth recently had.

I pushed up to meet her and groaned as her pussy sucked the entire length of my cock inside. I began to fuck her slowly, feeling my cock rubbing against my thumb in her ass. Cynthia leaned backwards, cupping her naked tits with both hands, kneading and squeezing them as she moaned with each deep thrust of my cock. The sight of her fondling herself above me made the cum in my balls begin to boil. I knew I wouldn't last much longer, even though I wanted this feeling to go on forever.

Cynthia seemed to sense it also, looking down at me with sexy, half-lidded eyes. She squeezed me with her pussy muscles, making me groan. Each time she raised her pussy off my cock, she'd squeeze her muscles tight, milking me like a good milkmaid milks a cow. I felt sweat begin to bead on my forehead.

Cynthia laughed and raised her hips off me. I almost began to whine as I felt the cool night air replace the hot wetness of her pussy juice against my cock. I looked up at her with questioning eyes, but she only smiled. She reached behind her and withdrew my thumb from her ass, squeezing her eyes closed as I pulled out with a 'plop'. She grinned and slid slightly back, sitting on my thighs and holding my throbbing cock against her tight belly. She stared into my eyes as if trying to read my soul as she loving rolled my hard-on back and forth across her skin.

"I don't want you to come just yet..." Cynthia panted as her hands brought me closer to coming. I groaned low in my throat, trying to warn her, but I had a feeling that she was very aware of what she was doing. "I know you can hold back..." she panted, "I can see it in your eyes. I could see it in your eyes at the bar. It's what we have in common, Jack. You know that I'm a cockteaser, and I know that you love to be teased." My cock was tingling from her wonderfully talented fingers and my balls felt like they were going to explode. But Cynthia only smiled.

"I love to tease a man until his balls are so full of hot, thick cum that he feels they're going to blow up... Is that how your balls feel right now, Jack?" She gave me an evil smile and curled the fingers of one hand around my cock, stroking me with an expert touch. I groaned and nodded my head, hoping this torture would never end. "I can tell... Your cock is so big and hard... I'll bet you'd love for me to jerk you off right now, wouldn't you?" Her hand began to move faster up and down my shaft and her smile grew as once again I grunted my answer.

"And I'd love to watch you shoot off in my hand, Jack. I truly would. I've always had a thing for jerking a man off and watching his thick, white cum spray out...Mmmmm... I'll do that later for you. A lot of guys tell me that I have excellent hands..."

I wondered where all of this was leading because I knew I couldn't take much more. My balls were beginning to ache and throb and my frustration was growing. Cynthia sensed this though, and grinned.

"But we'll do that later, Jack." she sighed, Just hold on a little longer. And don't worry... I'm not going to let you come... not yet...I really need something else...first..." She finally stopped stroking my cock as she raised herself up from the chair slightly. She released her hold on my cock and smiled when, instead of slapping back onto my belly, it stayed rigidly upright.

"I need to feel this..." Cynthia whispered as she slipped forward onto my belly. One hand snaked behind her and between her legs, finding my cock again and wrapping around it. I groaned out loud when I realized what she was doing. Still looking down at me with a huge smile, Cynthia began to rub my cockhead back and forth between her legs. She allowed me to enter her hot pussy once or twice, but only for a second...only to wet me further. Then she leaned forward again, using my cockhead to coat her asshole with her own juices as she held her face just inches from my own...

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