Cynthia Ch. 1 (Working Title)

byMark Singer©

"Did you like my cum in your mouth, Jack...?" I nodded dumbly, trying to return her smile. "Yeah...", she hissed, "I could tell... you loved sucking me off...Mmmm....drinking my cum...God, you made me come so much...

We both lay still, panting wildly, as I felt her position my cockhead against her tight asshole and push down. There was no mistaking what Cynthia wanted. And I was more than happy to oblige her. I only hoped that I wouldn't disappoint us both by coming too soon!

I raised my hips up, pushing my cockhead against her hole. There was resistance, but only for a moment, as Cynthia concentrated on relaxing her tight muscle, then the exquisite feel of pushing past her taut entrance. We groaned in unison as the head of my cock pushed past her ring and inside her asshole. I held her steady, allowing her to get used to my size, then began to fuck her slowly and gently, pushing slightly deeper with each thrust.

"OH...yes, oh yes....Unghhhh...Oh...Yeah!...Oh! Fuck it..." Cynthia chanted softly. She wiggled her hips, urging me to push deeper. My thrusts increased in depth and intensity as I slid another inch into her asshole, then another. "Oh...your cock is so fucking fucking fucking long...I want it all...Give it to me! Fuck my asshole...Oh...god your cock feels so good..."

Cynthia's chanting was driving me closer to the edge. I began to fuck her harder as she squatted over me until, with one mighty thrust, I buried the entire length of my eight inch cock inside her asshole.

Cynthia let out a long "Aaaaaaggghhhhhh...." as my cock sank into her and then sat her entire weight onto me, pushing my cock even further inside her. The look on her face was one of pure ecstasy. She sat on me, her eyes closed as she bounced lightly up and down. I felt the cum boiling in my balls.

She leaned forward with a grin, thrusting her tongue inside my mouth and pressing her firm tits against my chest. The position pulled my cock halfway out of her ass. She pulled her face back, breaking our kiss and grinning wildly down at me. I'd never seen a look of such pure lust in a woman's eyes before and I couldn't help grinning back.

"God, Jack..." Cynthia panted, "I can't believe we're doing this! This is so fucking hot! I knew you were the one when I first saw you looking at me... I knew I was going to suck you off tonight...but that was just for me...because I love teasing guys like that...just a quick blow job and then disappear..." Her eyes radiated intensely as she stared down at me. "But when you came...I knew you were the one, Jack. I knew I couldn't leave... Oh, fuck..." Her eyes closed as she ground her ass down on my cock, making me moan with pleasure. Her eyes reopened and bore a hole into my soul. "You can do this all night, can't you?" she groaned.

I grinned, trying to keep my pride in check, but I knew, with a lady such as this, that I very well could do this all night. And then some. It was as if Cynthia could read my mind as she grinned back. "I knew it! I'm going to fuck you to death, Jack...I'm going to make you drown me with cum...then I'm going to suck that wonderful thick cock until you come again...and again...and again..." And each time she repeated the word, she sank down on my cock, burying it to the hilt in her ass, then rising up for more.

"Careful..." I cautioned her, "You're going to make me come."

"Then hurry up and FUCK me..." she smiled, pulling back slightly. Her smile faltered a bit as I pushed my cock back inside her, but quickly returned. "Fuck my ass....Right here in front of everybody...god, I love this...FUCK my asshole!", she whispered in my ear. I pulled my cock out of her ass until only the head was trapped inside her tight ring, then thrust up forcefully, burying the entire thing to my balls. She groaned and collapsed against my chest, her face buried in my neck. I began to saw my cock in and out of her asshole, fucking her hard as she continued her obscene litany against my shoulder.

"Uunnghhh...oh, fuck! ofuck...Your cock is so good in my ass...oh, fucking hot..."

I felt the cum rising in my shaft as I continued to pummel Cynthia's ass. God, this woman was HOT!

I felt her shudder as another orgasm overtook her, and took that as my signal to let go. I began to fuck faster and faster, stroking from head to balls, burying my cock in her ass with each lunge.

I ran my fingers through her long, thick tresses and used them to pull her head off my shoulders. I pulled her back until I could look into her eyes. They were glazed and blazing. There was no hint of a smile now, just the look of a woman lost completely to lust.

"I'm going to come in your ass..." I told her, pushing my cock in to the hilt. She couldn't reply, but squeezed her ass tight as if to answer. I groaned and thrust deep again, feeling the thick river of semen traveling wildly up my shaft.

I held her head back by the hair and stared into her eyes as my cum erupted from my cockhead. I held still, buried inside her asshole as I flooded her with semen, then began to fuck her slowly as I continued to fire volley after volley of thick, hot cum into her. Cynthia was panting open mouthed, her ass muscles contracting and relaxing rhythmically as she felt her insides being flooded.

"Ahhhh.....come in my ass...come inside my asshole...oh feels so wet....fuck it..."

She stared back into my eyes as I continued to fuck her. My orgasm waned and my cum flow slowed and stopped, but my cock was still as hard as a pipe. I continued to fuck her ass, enjoying the wet, sloppy feel of it. The thick warm feel of my semen lubricated me wonderfully as I slid in and out.

God, Jack...that was incredible...IS incredible....Your cock is so fucking wonderful....Ooohhhh...!"

Cynthia pushed herself up into a sitting position once again. and again she pushed my cock even deeper into her asshole. She cupped her breasts again, looking down at me with a grin.

"Not bad for a first date...huh?" We both laughed at that, and hugged tightly as she dropped into my arms. Sitting back up, she cupped her tits and began to rotate her hips above me, keeping her crotch about two inches above mine. She looked at me with fire in her eyes.

"You're still hard....God! I can't believe you're still hard!!" She closed her eyes and laughed. "I figured you'd be good, just from your manner. But I NEVER thought...oh...FUCK!!" She laughed again and began to move up and down on my cock. I simply lay there as this goddess...this heavenly piece of human flesh, began to fuck herself on my cock.

Cynthia stared into my eyes as her hips moved up and down over me. Her hands continued to caress her tits and her face wore an evil smile.

"I'll bet I could get you off again....God! I can't believe you! Your cock feels so fucking good..." Cynthia dropped all her weight onto my cock, driving it deep into her ass. She stayed there, grinding her hips against mine. The sensation was wondrous. She reached down and caressed my face.

"Let's get out of here, shall we?" she asked, still moving her hips. "I'd like to go somewhere where we can get a little more personal... " I nodded dumbly, a smile forming on my lips. Incredibly beautiful, the mind of a genius slut, and a pretty good sense of humor, to boot. I wondered just when this dream was going to end!

"Yeah..." I panted, not really wanting to let her off me, but realizing the possibilities. "Let's blow this pop stand." Cynthia grinned and slowly pulled up and over...until my cock popped free of the tight confines of her ass. She looked down and wrapped her hand around me, stroking me up and down.

"Well, I'm definitely going to blow something...I promise you that...." she looked up at me and grinned.

We took our time adjusting our clothes. We could both hear voices and laughter coming from the deck above us, and we waited patiently until we heard them move back inside the house. I couldn't keep my hands off this lady as she tried to button up, but finally we were somewhat presentable. I sat back on the chaise lounger, letting the blood flow out of my cock and back to my heart, until my hard-on had gone down sufficiently. I smiled and nodded my head to Cynthia, who took my arm as we made our way back upstairs and to the party.

Once inside, we said our goodbyes to the host and various guests as we meandered our way through the crowd. When we finally reached the door, Cynthia turned to me with a huge smile.

"Let's go play, shall we...?" she said softly, holding the door for me.

We decided to leave her car there and pick it up later. I held the door to my car open for her and sighed as she allowed her skirt to ride high on her thighs as she slid into the seat. This lady was absolutely gorgeous!

As I trotted around to the drivers side and got in, I noticed appreciatively that she hadn't bothered to adjust her skirt. She greeted me with a long expanse of thigh and a huge grin as she leaned back against her door. I even felt my cock stirring again as I started the car and pulled from the long, circular drive. Cynthia scooted closer, laying her head on my shoulder and running her hand softly up and down my thigh.

I was extremely thankful it was Friday. It looked as if this was going to be a VERY interesting weekend!!

(End of Chapter One...)

Copyright 2001 by Mark Singer and SingerTales, Inc.

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