tagErotic CouplingsCynthia Ch. 2

Cynthia Ch. 2

byMark Singer©

The drive to my house in the suburbs was one of the most erotically charged drives I'd ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Cynthia was in a wonderfully lustful mood. Obviously our little sexual encounter at the party was only the tip of this girl's iceberg.

As we pulled onto the interstate, Cynthia's hand traveled up my thigh, teasingly touching the bulge that wouldn't go away. I glanced over to see her smiling sexily back at me, her eyes a mixture of lust and wondering. She grinned as her fingers undid the buttons of her blouse, then she sat back in her seat.

"You like being teased, don't you, Jack?" she whispered, her finger just barely touching my growing cock.

"I can see it in your eyes...You like it when a woman teases you...and makes your cock hard... I can tell..." She moved her finger higher, grazing against my cock, which was now almost fully hard and tenting my pants. I smiled over at her and raised my hips off the seat, urging her to continue. She grinned and chuckled as she pulled her finger back.

"Uh-uh..." she laughed, "Not yet, lover... I think I'll just tease you a little bit more..." She returned her hand to my thigh, lifting a single finger to lightly caress my cock. "I like to watch a man get hard, Jack. I like to tease him until his cock is all hard and ready... Until his balls are so full he thinks they're gonna explode..." She smiled and ran the tip of her finger from my balls to the head of my cock, pausing there to trace the outline of my crown. I released a low sigh and she moved her finger lower, until her palm was once again resting on my thigh and just her fingertip was caressing my shaft.

"The mind is a wonderful thing, don't you think?", She sighed, almost dreamily. "I can use just one little finger...barely touching you...but I know that your mind is working overtime, isn't it, Jack? You're thinking about my tongue on your hard cock...licking your balls...licking up your thick shaft...Mmmm...licking up to your head..."

I couldn't suppress the groan that escaped my lips, or the involuntary raising of my hips, and Cynthia smiled to herself, obviously pleased at the reaction she was getting.

"Ooohhh....you want that baby? Do you want me to take your thick cock in my mouth again...? Mmmm...I loved sucking you off, Jack... You have a wonderful cock... It bends in all the right places..." She curled her fingers around me, trying to bend my cock, then grinning as she felt how rigid it was. "Oh, wow, baby...you are hard! I don't even think I could get you into my throat again! You're not going to come, are you?" She was voicing a real concern, but her words were still dripping with lust. I gritted my teeth and shook my head, trying to smile down at her and keep the car on the road at the same time.

"Okay then..." she breathed, sounding relieved and excited, "I didn't think so, but one can never be too careful... Now, that's a good boy...I sure as hell don't want you to come inside your pants..." She looked up at me with an impish grin, then rested her head on my shoulder. I sighed, glad to be able to take a break in my fight not to do just that. "I used to do that a lot, you know..." Cynthia said dreamily, staring in front of her.

"What's that?" I asked, hoping for a little break. She smiled, as if hoping I was going to ask her, and returned her finger to my straining cock.

"You know...make guys shoot off in their pants." she replied. "In high school I had a reputation of being a major cockteaser. Which, of course, I was..." She laughed like an angel as she seemed to pull the memories back. "I used to love making out with guys... feeling their cocks get thick and hard... I went to a Catholic school and most of the guys I went out with hadn't even kissed a girl, say nothing about really making out with one. God, I loved flirting with them! Sometimes, I could make them hard just flirting with them in the hallways. I loved that! I didn't really have anymore experience than they did, but they didn't know that..."

Again her sexy laugh filled the car, and I couldn't help laughing with her. Her finger was still teasing my cock, but almost absentmindedly now as she shared a bit of her past with me. I was thankful for the break as I maneuvered in and out of traffic, desperately trying to get us to my house as quickly as possible.

"I loved it when the braver ones got up the nerve to ask me out", Cynthia continued. "And even in a Catholic school, I was usually booked on weekend nights..."

"And I'll bet you still are!" I laughed, trying to keep her recollections coming. Cynthia laughed and squeezed my cock as she turned to me.

"You might be surprised..." she replied. "I'm a lot more discriminating these days..." She winked at me and I grinned back.

"In that case, I'm honored!" I chuckled. "And I'm very glad you're not just going to make me shoot off in my pants!" Cynthia laughed again and moved her fingers to my cockhead, sensuously squeezing it.

"I never promised I wouldn't..." she teased, squeezing my head rhythmically, "It would remind me of the old days..." She grinned as her fingers expertly danced over my cockhead, squeezing it just enough to make it slide between her thumb and forefinger. She kept this up until I began to breathe heavily, my hips beginning to move around in my seat.

"That's how I used to do it... I'd wait until the end of the night, when we were making out. I'd let the guy feel me up... just my tits, mostly...until I could tell that his cock was really hard... just like yours is...

Then I'd 'accidentally' drop my hand into his lap. I usually only did the guys who had the nerve to 'force' me, and I usually made them work for it, but most times, I'd end up with my hand squeezing his cock like this..."

Her eyes were glassy with remembered lust, and I put my arm around her shoulder, drawing her closer as I lowered a hand to her breast. Cynthia sighed and squeezed my cock again as I turned off the interstate and onto the road that led to my section of town.

"Yeah..." she continued, "It was just like this... I'd let them feel me up and I'd rub their cocks through their pants. It was always such a turn-on to feel them swell and throb...and it got me so hot when I felt them shooting off...Mmmmm... I'd drop the act then and really jerk them off... like this..."

Cynthia gripped my cock through the thin fabric of my pants and began to stroke the full length. Even through my pants, her hands were magic, squeezing and stroking with the perfect amount of pressure... Just enough so my extremely sensitive cockhead wasn't being chaffed by the cloth around it, and just enough to make me groan out loud. I sighed and had to grip her hand firmly to stop her before she made me shoot all over myself. She giggled and sighed as she released her grip on me, leaning back into the seat as I slipped my hand under her blouse to cup her naked breast. Her nipple was hard against my palm and I grinned again at my incredible fortune.

"Sorry..." Cynthia chuckled, "I guess you make me think of my high school days..." She grinned up at me and covered my hand on her tit with her own, pressing my palm harder against her nipple as she sighed.

"Well, you're definitely still a major cockteaser..." I laughed, turning into my subdivision. I drove slowly, not wanting to stop listening to Cynthia's remembered escapades. The sound of her smoky voice, combined with her erotic recollections, was making my cock throb intensely, even without her hand teasing me, and I didn't want it to stop just yet. Even though I knew that a wonderfully erotic night was waiting for us right around the corner.

"Yes, but now I put out..." Cynthia replied with a laugh. "although those days were way hot for what they were."

"So...is that all you did in high school, then?" I pressed, actually passing my turn-off and slowly circling the section again. "I mean, just jerking the boys off in their pants?" Cynthia looked up at me with a gleam in her eyes, as if she knew I was prodding her for more. She smiled and returned the tips of two fingers to the bulge in my pants, lightly running them up and down the length of my cock as she returned her eyes to the windshield.

"Uh-huh...that was pretty much it in high school. It wasn't until after graduation that I got up the nerve to actually take a guys cock out of his pants. That was a huge turn-on. God...I still remember the first guy I really jerked off. He was really kind of goofy, but I remember thinking that his cock was huge! I just stared at it as I jerked him off...watching his head slide in and out of my fingers. We were in his mother's car and he came like a horse!" Cynthia began to giggle as she remembered the time.

"I mean, I couldn't believe how much he was shooting! I kept stroking him really fast and he came all over his shirt and all over the seats. He was freaking out afterwards, because the car had cloth seats and he knew his mother would be able to smell his cum." She laughed again as I slowly drove past my neighbor's homes.

"That was a huge turning point for me, though. I'd never seen anything so hot in my life as that kid shooting off in my hand. I dreamed about it for weeks! He turned out to be a little weird later, so we never did it again, but I'll bet I jerked off twenty guys that summer. I couldn't get enough!" She grinned and turned towards me, running her hand over my nearly exploding cock.

"I still can't... I still love to watch a hard cock shoot cum all over everything. I guess it's a fetish of mine..." She smiled sexily up at me, starting to tease my cock again. "Of course, I'm a little older now. And I love to feel a man come in other places too..." She giggled again when I groaned out loud, knowing her words were driving me crazy. Her hand moved up to my belt, slowly undoing the buckle...

"I've already shown you that I love to feel a man come in my mouth..." Cynthia breathed into my ear as she undid the button of my pants. "Especially when he comes as much as you do..." She grasped the tab of my zipper and slowly pulled it down... I groaned as Cynthia gently released my hard-on from its prison. The cool air from the A/C felt wonderful as she began to stroke me very slowly.

"And I loved feeling you come in my ass, Jack...God...it's been forever since I let a guy fuck my ass like that..." She sighed and looked down at my cock as she spread my flowing pre-come over my cockhead. I saw her grin as her hand made wet, smacking sounds as it traveled up and down my shaft. Finally, she raised her head and leaned it back onto my shoulder.

"I'm definitely going to jerk you off tonight, Jack... Just give you a hand job and make you come on my tits...Mmmm...come on my face... Would that be okay, Jack?" Her tongue was in my ear as she breathed her words out, her hand moving up and down my cock. "I want to watch you thick cock shoot, Jack...I'll make it really good...I know you'll love it...'cause I know you like to watch... I can see it in your eyes..."

Cynthia was right on all counts. I was dying to watch her jerk me off over her wonderful tits. I couldn't believe that this woman was voicing my own fantasies as she stroked my cock in the car. And her words were driving me crazy!

"Then you can fuck me wherever you want, Jack...You can put this thing in my pussy...my ass... you can fuck my tits..." She grinned as she felt my cock buck in her hand. "Mmmm...yeah...you like my tits, don't you, Jack...? I loved showing them to you at the party. I can't wait to feel you big, hard cock sliding between my tits...Mmmm...fucking my tits and coming all over me..." Cynthia ran her tongue over my neck, then onto my chest. She giggled as I released a pent up moan, then pulled my jacket apart as she lowered her face to my belly, kissing it through my shirt.

"Just a little taste to hold me over..." she whispered as she pulled my cock out into the dim light of the dashboard. I groaned as she leaned forward. Her warm tongue began to swirl wetly around my cockhead, teasing me and making my pole buck in her grip. I heard her chuckle at the obvious effect her tongue was having on me. I groaned again and lifted my hips off the car seat as she opened her mouth and engulfed my cock. As I tried desperately not to drive over someone's lawn jockey, Cynthia got up on her knees on the seat, leaning over my hard-on and bobbing her head up and down with a frenzy. Twice I felt my cockhead pass her tonsils and slide deep into her throat as she sucked me. I passed my turn one more time, once again slowly circling my section, and slid the seat back until I could just reach the pedals. I leaned back, fucking her mouth as she licked my shaft.

I was glad I'd decided on getting the full sized Lincoln with a full bench seat as opposed to my other choice with buckets. Cynthia's legs made oddly erotic squeaking noises as she moved against the leather. That, combined with the soft mewling sounds she was making, and the wet noises of her sucking was making my head spin. I felt like coming right then and there, filling her mouth with the hot, thick semen she was trying to draw from my balls, but, on the other hand, I wanted this sensation to last forever. The girl was a very talented cocksucker, and, right now, she was pulling out all the stops.

I drove on carefully, slowly fucking my cock in and out of her warm mouth. I groaned my appreciation each time I felt my pole slide into her throat, amazed that she could take my entire length so easily.

When I was just a single suck away from shooting into this angel's mouth, Cynthia slid her mouth from my cock and sat back on the seat. A thick rivulet of pre-come dangled from her chin and she grinned as she scooped it up with her finger and sucked it into her mouth.

"You know..." she said with a chuckle, "I kind of like the idea of your neighbors seeing me suck your cock, but this is the third time around this section. Why don't you take me to your house and fuck me?"

I looked at her with a surprised grin on my face. She'd been aware of my hesitant, roundabout driving all along! Cynthia returned my grin and leaned back in the seat, pulling her blouse open and cupping her naked tits as she stared out the window..

"Tomorrow, you can drive us around in the daylight and I'll suck your cock. That would really turn me on..." she chuckled, looking around for someone to flash. "But right now, I want to go to your house and play... Okay?"

I grinned again and nodded my head, slightly embarrassed at being caught. I sped the car up and finally saw my house come into sight. Cynthia grinned as I pulled into the drive, hitting the garage door opener and pulling inside.

"Good job driving, fella...." she laughed as I dropped back into my seat with a sigh of relief. I was most thankful we'd made it in one piece!

"And you've done a pretty good job yourself, young lady..." I grinned, holding my hard-on straight up in the air. I groaned once again as Cynthia smiled and leaned forward, engulfing my cock and sliding it smoothly into her throat. Her nose was pushed into my pubic hair as she held me in her throat, teasing me with her throat muscles as she swallowed against me. I let out a long sigh as she slowly pulled her face away, noisily slurping my juices back into her mouth. She sucked a few times on my cockhead, then pulled away, leaning back against the seat, a huge grin on her face.

"God, I love doing that!" she panted, licking her lips slowly. She looked up at me with a wild look. "I think I like sucking your cock more than anything in the world. It's so fucking big and hard!"

I shook my head in disbelief of my luck in meeting this angel and grinned back at her.

"But there's so many things we haven't tried yet, my dear. Perhaps we'll discover something you like even more. Not that I'm complaining, mind you!"

Cynthia laughed. "Well, I'm certainly willing to explore the possibilities..." She cocked her eyebrows like Groucho Marx and we both laughed then.

"Buy you a drink, Oh Angel-of-my-dreams...?" I chuckled. Cynthia nodded and laughed as I opened my door. By the time I reached the passenger side, she was already out, standing by the side of the car. Her eyes were blazing as I took her hand and led her inside.

I turned the lights on low and turned on the gas fireplace, bathing the lower level room in a warm glow.

We made our way down the stairs and I made us both a drink at the bar and turned to Cynthia. While I poured, she'd taken the opportunity to remove her skirt. She stood facing me, naked, except for her open blouse. She walked over to me and took the glass I offered.

"Gin and tonic okay?" I asked. She grinned and nodded, clinking my glass in a toast and bringing the glass to her lips. Our eyes locked with each other's, and I watched in amazement as she downed the entire drink, tipping her head back. I watched her throat muscles move up and down, grinning and following her lead, welcoming the warm glow of the gin as I swallowed over and over.

Cynthia took my glass and set it with hers on the table. She turned back to me and reached for my belt, quickly undoing my pants and letting them drop to the floor. My hard cock stood out proudly as she unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off my shoulders.

When I was as naked as her, she stepped back two paces and dropped her gaze to my cock. I smiled as she slowly sank to her knees in front of me, her hands reaching up to cup her wonderfully firm breasts. I began to take a step closer to her, but she motioned for me to stop. She looked into my eyes with the same fire.

"I know we've just met", she whispered with a gleam in her eyes, "But I've got a feeling that you already know how much of a slut I can be if I want to be... I think you know that..." She was staring at my hard-on, and her tongue moved sensuously over her full lips. "I want to get a little nasty...I want to watch you...stroke it..." she whispered, her eyes on my cock. "I want to watch you stroke your cock...please...."

I was in no position to argue. I stood in front of her and dropped a hand to my cock. I used my thumb to spread my leaking pre-come over the head, then began to stroke it in long, slow movements. Cynthia's eyes closed to slits and she slid one hand away from her breast , moving it down...over her belly and between her legs. She spread her knees and cupped her mound, moaning softly.

"You have a wonderful cock..." she panted, staring at my shaft as it slid in and out of my fist. "It's so big and thick...so hard..." Her hand was busy between her legs, caressing and stroking her pussy

"I love watching a man jerk off..." she was panting, "I love watching it get bigger and bigger...then shoot all that thick, hot cum... I told you how I loved jerking boys off. In Arizona, when I was in college, I used to jerk guys off all the time. Pretty much anytime and anywhere... I got a little bit of a reputation as the 'hand job girl', and a lot of guys just hung with me so I'd do them, but I really didn't mind. All the guys knew it, so that just gave me more guys to play with..." Her smoldering eyes slowly closed as she slipped a single finger between her pussy lips. I smiled as she groaned, then opened her eyes to stare up at me again. "Except a lot of them thought I was weird when I asked them to jerk off for me... They pretty much wanted me to do it..."

Cynthia was leaning back on her haunches, her eyes fixed on my now throbbing cock. Her fingers continued to tease her pussy as she rambled on...

"I'd pretty much do them anywhere, you know? I had a real fixation..." She looked up at me and smiled. "Okay...I guess I still do... You don't mind...do you, Jack?" Her smile grew into a grin as I slowly shook my head, stroking my cock a few feet away from her. "Do you like hearing me talk about it, Jack? You do, I can tell... Thinking of me jerking all those guys off...making them come all over my hands..." Cynthia sighed. Again I nodded and she smiled up at me.

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