tagErotic CouplingsCynthia Ch. 3

Cynthia Ch. 3

byMark Singer©

(To My Faithful and Patient Readers: I apologize for the timing lapse in getting the new chapters out to you. We've just completed a cross-country move and it's taken quite a while to get things un-packed and somewhat organized. But hopefully we're up and running and I hope to be stopping by to say 'hi' more often. I also apologize for not being able to reply to all the e-mail. I hope to begin wading through ASAP. I hope you enjoy Chapter Three of the Cynthia series and, as always, I appreciate your support. -Mark-

* * * * *

I got out of the shower and shook my head to clear it as I toweled myself off. My mind was racing and my cock was still as hard as a pipe when I walked out into the bedroom. Cynthia, her hair still damp, was leaning back the edge of the armchair, facing me with her arms resting on the arms of the chair. She had a huge grin on her face, and was wearing one of my silk robes. She'd left it unfastened, her naked body exposed underneath.

"I like your outfit..." she said, sitting forward, her eyes dropping to my hard-on. I laughed and walked over to her. I'd decided that two could play the teasing game. I stood in front of her, my hard cock only an inch from her face. She stared at it, her tongue unconsciously beginning to lick her lips. The girl was a born cocksucker...and a wonderful tease.

"I might say the same about yours..." I laughed. Cynthia smiled and finally removed her eyes from my cock.

"Well, for the first time, I can honestly say that I have absolutely nothing to wear!" Cynthia said, allowing a bit of a whine in her voice. I laughed and she joined me.

"In that case, I guess we'd better stop at your place first. You can't go to breakfast in that!" Cynthia laughed again as her eyes returned to my hard-on bobbing in front of her face. I stepped closer, turning my hips from side to side and brushing her lips with my cockhead. Automatically, her tongue slid out and washed over the velvety surface. I sighed, but this time I was prepared for the game. As she began to lick me, I moved closer, pushing past her lips and into her mouth. She held me there and looked up at me with a reproachful look.

"Not to worry, darlin'..." I said with a smile. "I'm beginning to like this game. I promise I won't come in your mouth..." Cynthia smiled around my cockhead and leaned forward, taking me deeper. I couldn't stop a low moan from escaping my lips as her tongue began to move along the underside of my shaft.

"Yet..." I said hoarsely. I saw her smile around my cock again, and I began to fuck her mouth. She willingly accommodated my thrusts, taking me into the back of her mouth and continuing to use her tongue to tease me. I grasped her head gently and pushed forward. I groaned as I slipped past her tonsils and deep into her throat. I fucked my cock in and out of her throat five or six times until I felt that familiar stirring again. I sighed deeply and slipped out of her mouth. A long strand of come and saliva bridged the gap between my cockhead and her lips, and she leaned forward to slurp it into her mouth. I grinned and pulled my cock away, smiling down at her 'amazed' look. My smile grew as I slapped her lips with the head of my cock as she tried to capture me again between her lips. I continued to tease her until her lips were coated with my pre-come, then I willed myself to walk away... I grinned to myself as I heard her whimper following me... I shook my head and turned to get dressed. I heard her sigh as I walked away and I smiled to myself. It's just as hard on her, I thought. I began to whistle as I hurriedly got dressed.

When I was ready, we walked downstairs. I smiled as I watched Cynthia slowly remove her robe and slip her wrinkled blouse over her shoulders, then step into her short skirt. I waited for her to button the front, but she stood there with her hands on her hips, grinning at me. "Ready?" she said with a chuckle.

"Aren't you going to button up?" I asked, already sensing her answer. She shook her head. "It's more comfortable this way, I think..." she teased. She grinned then leaned over to pick up the phone. As her fingers flew over the keypad, she looked over at me, posing seductively, then tying the tails of her shirt into a knot above her waist.

"I'm just going to call Sara and warn her that we're on our way.", she explained. I nodded as I listened to her leave a message on the machine, then hang up the phone. "She's either not at home, or is in the middle of something..." she said, setting the phone down and turning to me. "She's such a slut. We're perfect roommates..." She smiled and thrust her tits out, then walked over to me. I returned her smile and took her hand as we walked out to the garage and got into the car. I waited until the car doors were shut before opening the garage. No sense in advertising my girlfriend's near-nakedness to the neighborhood, I thought.

As it turned out though, it was a hopeless attempt at modesty. Being Saturday, the neighborhood was already teaming with the weekend landscapers. As I pulled from the garage, Jim, my next door neighbor waved at me and began to walk towards the car.

"Careful..." I said, turning to Cynthia, but she just grinned. Jim wanted to borrow my hedge clippers and I told him to help himself, since the garage was open. When he leaned down and peered over in Cynthia's direction, I sighed and introduced them to each other.

Jim's eyes opened wide when he realized that Cynthia's blouse was unbuttoned to her waist and I shook my head again, not wanting Cynthia to be embarrassed. To my surprise she grinned and leaned forward, extending her hand to Jim. When I looked at her, I saw her movement had allowed her blouse to open slightly. As she leaned back in her seat, her right breast was clearly exposed. The two of them exchanged innocent greetings, but Jim's eyes were riveted on that breast.

I had a feeling Cynthia was aware of her exposure, but even so, she made no attempt to cover up. I said goodbye to Jim and pulled out of the drive. Cynthia turned to me with new fire in her eyes.

"He has a hard-on....look..." she whispered as we backed out. Sure enough, Jim's shorts were tenting out in the front like he had a couple socks in there. He seemed to realize his situation as we pulled away and hurried into my garage. To get the hedge clippers, sure, but I'm sure also to adjust his erection. We both laughed as we pulled away.

"This public exposure thing can be addictive!" Cynthia laughed as we drove through the subdivision. "I can't believe he got a hard-on, just looking at half a tit!" I looked over at her and grinned, dropping my eyes to her still exposed breast.

"Well, I can believe it!" I laughed. "You have some pretty exciting tits there!"

"Oh, these old things?" Cynthia replied. "Their not all that nice are they?" She grinned her evil grin again and opened her blouse wide, exposing both breasts. I shook my head and drove on, occasionally waving to someone I recognized, or who recognized me. All the while, Cynthia sat with her blouse fully open, naked on the seat next to me. The windows were tinted, so it wasn't like we were doing a Lady Godiva thing, but if someone were to look at just the right time, at just the right angle, it was obvious that there was a lady with my who was not entirely dressed. I grinned at Cynthia's newfound penchant for exhibitionism and drove more slowly than usual through the subdivision. A few guys, with the where-with-all to recognize what they were seeing stood in open mouthed disbelief in my rearview mirror as I looked back. I grinned and pulled onto the highway.

"If you roll down the windows, I'll suck your cock..." Cynthia teased. "I remember promising you that last night." I grinned over at her and slowly shook my head, trying to maintain some semblance of control over the situation.

"There's nobody here to watch you, Cynthia. And I know you want someone to see you sucking my cock...don't you?" She smiled sexily and nodded her head, enjoying the 'game' as much as I was. At the same time though, she pulled her blouse to her sides, tucking the tails behind her and stretching her arms behind her head...just in case...

Cynthia rode the entire twelve miles to her house with the blouse completely open. Halfway into our short trip, she turned to face me, leaning back against the passenger door. She drew one foot up to the seat under her and extended her other leg across the seat, resting her foot in my lap. She teased my grown again hard on with her toes and the sole of her foot as she leaned back grinning at me. Her hands moved slowly over her body as she teased me, cupping her breasts or sliding suggestively between her legs. In an instant, i was as hot for her as I had been with her mouth on my cock. That familiar ache returned to my balls. I followed the directions to her house and as we got closer, she sat up and drew her blouse closed. As I pulled into the driveway, she kind of scrunched down in the seat.

"Sara should be home..." Cynthia said in a quiet voice. "But if she isn't, there's a key under the milk box. Be a dear and go in and open the garage." She looked at me pleadingly. "My neighbors aren't as young as yours...I don't think they'd understand..."

I grinned, winked at her and got out of the car. I stood in the open door and turned back to her. My hard-on was still very evident, pushing out the front of my pants.

"Don't you think they'll notice this...?" I teased. I cupped my cock with my hand and squeezed it, and Cynthia squealed.

"Just open the damn garage!" she laughed. I grinned and walked to the front door. I rang the bell and waited, but no one answered, so I got the key and let myself in. The curtains were drawn and the place did seem empty, except for some soft music drifting down from the second floor. I didn't think anything of it and began to look for the door to the garage.

I passed through the kitchen and into the dining room and saw two doors on the east side of the house. One was certainly the garage, and I figured the other to be a spare room. The door to that room was ajar and I walked over and peeked in. The sight that greeted me took my breath away!

One of the most stunning blonds I'd ever seen was on her knees in front of a naked, college-age young man. The only article of clothing she had on was a red garter belt and stockings that encased a pair of the longest legs I'd ever seen. I stood rooted to the spot. All thoughts of my search for the garage ended as I watched her long blond hair moving gently back and forth as she slid her lips up and down the boys cock.

They both seemed oblivious to my presence until I saw the girl remove one of the boys hands from her head. She continued to suck him and turned her head slightly, moving her eyes to the door. I knew she saw me. After all, I was standing in the doorway... But I still couldn't move. I was transfixed with the sight of her. My cock was almost bursting as I watched her suck her boyfriends cock.

To my surprise, she didn't react at all at the sight of me! She continued to move her mouth up and down as her eyes met mine. I saw her smile around the boys cock and then she amazed me even more. She winked at me! I grinned and raised my open palms to her, as if to say I didn't mean to intrude and she smiled again. Obviously, she had heard the sound of my car in the driveway, and the sounds of the front door opening. And, after our eye contact, it was very obvious that she didn't mind the intrusion in the least! She brought both hands to cup the boy's asscheeks and I almost groaned out loud as I watched her pull him closer, sliding his entire cock into her mouth!

The boy groaned for me then, and began to pump his hips forward. Unaware of my presence, he began to fuck the mouth of this blond goddess as she stared into my eyes. Her breathing was ragged as she worked to suck him off. The boy began to moan over and over...I knew he was getting close to filling this girl's mouth with what my balls were bursting with, when I was knocked from my erotic peeping by the blast of a car horn. MY car horn! Cynthia!!

God! I'd completely blocked out the fact that she was waiting for me to open the garage door. I stepped back and turned silently away, but not without taking one last look into the room.

I returned my gaze to the blond just in time to see her cheeks balloon out as the boy began to come, then I silently pulled the door closed and quickly turned to the second door. It was indeed the garage, and I quickly found the opener button and pushed it. I walked to the door as it opened, ducking underneath and climbing in to the car.

"I got lost..." I mumbled, pulling the car into the garage. Cynthia smiled and shook her head.

"Yeah, it is quite a big mansion..." she teased. "Did you meet Sara?" The tone in her voice told me to be truthful...to a point.

"Well, not exactly..." I said with a sly grin. "I kind of saw her, but haven't really MET her yet...." I walked around to her side and held her door as she got out. Her skirt rose high on her thighs and her blouse remained open showing off Cynthia's wonderfully upturned breasts. I reminded myself that Sara had nothing on this girl. "Oh...but you saw her, huh...?" Cynthia teased.

"KIND of saw her..." I repeated. "And she ain't got nuthin' on you, lady!" I leaned forward, kissing Cynthia passionately. She leaned back against the car and wrapped her hands around my head, sucking my tongue with that wonderful mouth of hers. I brought both hands to her breasts, kneading them softly as I pressed my hips against hers.

Cynthia groaned into my mouth and pushed her hips back against mine. My cock was still perpetually hard and I moaned as I felt Cynthia drop her hand to encircle it. She squeezed and stroked it through my pants until I felt I was going to come in my underwear. I reached down and pulled her hand away.

"Careful..." I whispered. "Let's not waste any okay?"

She leaned back, panting and grinned at me. "Well, let's hurry up then." she wheezed. "Or I'm going to have my breakfast right here..." She smiled and grasped my cock again. Turning, she led me into the house, her hand still grasping my pole like a leash.

When we passed the room where Sara had just sucked off her boyfriend, I noticed the door was shut tight. I could hear mumbled conversation behind it though, then gentle laughter. If the boy had found out about my "spying", he wasn't upset. I breathed easier.

"Hi, Sara...I'm home!" Cynthia called out. When she got no response, she turned to me and shrugged.

"How about you make us a couple Bloody Mary's while I round up some clothes." she suggested. The stuffs in the cabinet over the sink, other stuff's in the fridge. I'll be down in a flash!"

With that she turned and bounded up the stairs. I watched her go with a grin and turned to find the makings for the drinks. I looked at my watch and saw it was almost 10:30. Perfect time for a Bloody Mary I thought. I found the ice, vodka, tomato juice and the other stuff easily, and was rummaging around the refrigerator looking for celery, when I heard a light cough behind me. I looked up and leaning over the open door was Sara. "It's in the basket on the bottom..." she purred sexily. Her smile was dazzling, entrancing me once more. I just stared as she smiled down at me.

"Celery?" she said. I just nodded, then her previous words sank in.

"Oh! Celery! Right...basket on the bottom! Got it!" I took the stalks from the sliding basket and stood up, swinging the door closed. As I drank in the sight of Cynthia's roommate, I became tongue-tied once more. I couldn't deny it. The girl was a knockout!!

She wore a man's white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and just three or four buttons buttoned from the bottom. She stood with a big smile, leaning against the fridge, seeming to enjoy the dance my eyes were doing over her body. The swells of her breasts were plainly visible and the tops of her red stockings showed temptingly below the hem of the shirt. And she was still wearing those incredibly sexy five inch stiletto heels.

"A great way to begin the day, huh..." she purred. Her eyes were gleaming. I had to consciously tear my eyes away as I turned to cut the celery.

"With a Bloody Mary? Yeah, it sure is..." Sara walked over to stand beside me, helping to cut the celery. She began to nibble a piece as I finished the drinks.

"Well, actually, I meant the other...." I looked up and stopped when I saw her nibbling the celery. I stared at her smiling lips as her tongue poked out and began to lick the end of the vegetable. "It's my favorite way to start the day..." Her tongue wrapped around the end of the celery stalk and she drew it into her mouth. "I saw you watching me..." she whispered, sliding the celery sensuously between her lips.

I stared open mouthed as I watched her tongue the celery. She smiled as she ran her tongue around the end, and I thought my poor cock would burst as she slid the end into her mouth. She winked at me and closed her teeth, biting slowly through it and chewing. I never thought I'd think chewing food was sexy, but this girl made it an erotic experience. My hard-on began to throb in my pants until the sound of Cynthia's voice brought me back to reality.

"Sara, you are such a slut!!" Cynthia walked into the kitchen and slapped Sara's bare butt. Sara grinned at me and turned smilingly to her roommate.

"Just entertaining our guest, Cyn....You wouldn't want me to be rude, would you?" Cynthia chuckled and walked over to me, kissing me firmly on the lips.

"Have you been entertained, darling?" she asked with a lilt in her voice. Then she stepped back and dropped her eyes to my bulging crotch. "I see that you HAVE been entertained. My, my, my..." In direct view of her roommate, she reached her hand out and slid it over the full length of my hard-on. I couldn't help letting out a low sigh as she began to stroke and fondle me. I nervously looked over at Sara to see he watching Cynthia stroke me. A big smile covered her face.

"Thanks for entertaining our guest, Sara..." Cynthia's voice had a bit of an edge to it, but she smiled as she spoke. Sara raised her eyes, first to Cynthia, then to me. "My pleasure..." she purred again. Turning to Cynthia, she grinned. "But I guess you can handle it from here...right?" Cynthia nodded and grinned back.. "And then some..." she answered. "Maybe we'll see you later....Hmmmm?"

Sara smiled and turned to go. "That would be nice, I think..." she turned back to face us from the dining room. "Nice meeting you...uh..."

"Jack" I filled in for her.

"Nice meeting you, Jack. I hope we do see you later..." She smiled that dazzling smile of hers again, and as was speaking her hand moved from her neck, traveling inside her shirt to lightly brush her breast. She sighed and turned back to the bedroom. I watched her as she moved, the naked cheeks of her tight ass flicking into view under the shirt as her spike pumps clicked on the hardwood.

Cynthia's hand had remained on my cock, stroking and squeezing it as I watched Sara walk away.

"Nice girl..." I deadpanned. She squeezed me hard and laughed.

"You can look, but don't touch..." she slid her hand lower, cupping my cum laden balls. "Yet..." she finished with a curious look in her eyes. As she moved to get our drinks, I took note of her outfit for the first time. It did nothing to help my cock go down.

Cynthia was wearing a tight black skirt made of something like spandex, only softer. It accented her long legs and stopped eight inches or so above her knees. She was also wearing a black denim western shirt with pearl snaps rather than buttons. The entire shirt was unbuttoned except for the bottom three. As she moved, I caught tantalizing glimpses of her braless tits. Her legs were encased in black stockings and on her feet she wore black, high-heeled western boots. The spiked heels were at least four inches long and made her ass stand out as she walked.

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