Cynthia Ch. 5

byMark Singer©

Cynthia was standing in front of the full length mirror, fixing her hair. She looked back at me through the reflection and grinned at my expression. Flipping her hair sensually, she turned and posed for me, her hands on her hips.

The dress looked wonderfully sexy. Although loose, it clung to her in all the right places, but especially around her waist and chest. Her hard nipples pushed against the thin, almost translucent fabric, making me painfully aware she decided to leave her bra at home. And if that wasn't enough, she left the top four buttons undone, exposing the top swells of her breasts.

The hem of the skirt reached past her knees, but she'd also left a lot of the bottom buttons undone. When she moved, a goodly expanse of leg and thigh greeted my eyes. Her legs were encased in matching stockings and she wore a pair of tall heels that I loved.

"I see you approve..." she said, her eyes dropping to the tent in my pants. I swallowed hard and nodded, not trusting my voice. She was gorgeous.

"You look pretty good yourself..." she whispered, walking up to me. I sighed as her perfume wafted through my nostrils.

"We really should eat something, you know..." I mumbled, trying to be sensible. Cynthia smiled, taking a totally different meaning to my words, and brushed her fingers over my hard-on.

"I told you...I'll do that later..." she said with a chuckle. I shook my head and grinned back at her.

" know what I mean. We can't survive on a diet of gin and cum..." Her eyes twinkled as she thought for a moment...

"I wonder... Do you think anyone has ever tried?" Her lips wore an evil grin as she continued to play with my hard-on. "Maybe I'll use that for my doctoral thesis... 'Survival on Gin and Semen'...Hmmm...maybe I should be taking notes..." I grinned stupidly at her, still trying to believe that this was real, then I sighed in resignation and shrugged my shoulders.

"So let's get that cocktail...shall we?" She said walking out the door. I watched her ass sway as she moved. The dress molded her curves and I wondered if she had panties on. Probably not, I said to myself with a grin.

I was sure I'd be finding out soon enough...

******** The door opened almost immediately when I rang the bell. Jim swung it wide and greeted us. He whistled low as his eyes danced over Cynthia's body. She grinned teasingly at him and drifted past. He shook my hand and we both turned to watch Cynthia walk.

"Gorgeous..." he whispered, turning to me with a grin.

"Uh-huh..." I replied, shutting the door behind me. I couldn't be upset at his obvious lust for my date. Especially after the show we'd put on for them earlier in the day. He'd seen her naked and sucking my cock, but some women looked even better than naked with the right outfit. Cynthia was definitely one of those women.

Jim led us out to the patio and introduced Cynthia to Anne. She stood up and took Cynthia's hand in her own. "I've...uh...seen you..." Anne said with a wink. "It's very nice to finally meet you..." Cynthia smiled and squeezed Anne's hand. There were two long patio couches set facing each other with a large glass-topped table between, and Jim motioned us to sit.

"Gin and tonic?" he asked. Cynthia and I exchanged smiles as we all agreed with his choice and moved over to the couches. My eyes drifted between Anne and Cynthia as we sat down. Anne had changed into a knee length white skirt and matching blouse. The color accented her blond hair and the skirt accented her long legs. I swallowed hard as I watched her skirt hike high onto her thighs as she sat down. Turning my attention to Cynthia, I sighed. She'd allowed her dress to open over her knees as she crossed them, showing off as much leg as Anne. I moaned inwardly, hoping I'd be able to maintain my composure.

Jim was actually a welcome sight as he walked over with a tray of drinks and a pitcher of Gin and Tonics. I was glad he'd made a pitcher, because after we toasted our friendship, I downed almost my entire glass. Jim smiled and refilled it. "Must be party night..." he laughed toasting me again. He settled into his seat, allowing his eyes to drift over Cynthia's legs.

We exchanged small talk for an hour or so as we continued to drink. Jim had gotten up twice to refill the pitcher and I was feeling a bit of a buzz to say the least. It had been more than six hours since breakfast and, even though we'd chowed down like a couple of pigs, I knew we needed some food in us. We'd planned on staying for just a couple of cocktails, but Cynthia and I both were having such a good time that the 'cocktail hour' soon turned into two...

By now everyone was half lit. Our laughter bounced off the walls, echoing down the canyon. Jim and Anne had put out a wonderful spread of meats and cheeses, along with some fresh baked bread, and they both chuckled as Cynthia and I dove into the tray with a frenzy. The result was a greatly needed energy boost as we all sat back to let things digest.

Cynthia's hand had been resting on my thigh as we talked, and as she and Anne leaned forward to share a thought, I felt it slip higher. As she leaned back, she began to move her hand up and down, lightly rubbing my thigh and moving higher on each pass. I sighed and looked over at her as her fingers brushed against my balls. She looked back to me out of the corner of her eyes and winked, but continued to converse with Jim and Anne. I smiled and joined them, letting her play. It was full dark now and the patio was lit softly from the lawn lanterns.

I looked over at Anne and saw she was playing a similar game with Jim, although she was being a bit more obvious about it. Her hand was high on his thigh, and her fingers were resting against his cock. I felt my own cock expanding as I watched her and felt Cynthia's fingers move higher. I sighed and put my arm around her, pulling her closer. She smiled and cuddled up, at the same time moving her hand higher on my leg. I tried to hide her movements by placing my drink on my leg, but it was very obvious what she was up to.

I saw Anne drop her eyes to Cynthia's hand in my lap and smiling, she moved her hand up higher, covering Jim's prominent hard-on. I watched as she wrapped her fingers around it and began moving her hand up and down. She looked back at Cynthia and smiled if challenging her. I also saw Jim look over in Cynthia's direction.

She grinned as I looked over at her and, then, looking back into Cynthia's eyes, followed her lead, running her hand over my now hard cock and beginning to stroke me slowly. In my loose pants, my hard-on was sticking out like a tree in the desert. But I felt my embarrassment dissipate as I saw Anne's eyes drop to my lap and her tongue poke out slightly. She drew her legs up onto the couch beside her and cuddled into Jim's arms.

I looked up to see him grinning at me as he wrapped his arm around his wife. I grinned back when he shrugged his shoulders, as if to say: "Hey...I don't mind if you don't...let's play their game..."

The conversation continued as if nothing was going on, but even though we talked about movies and world situations, I don't think anyone was listening to what they were saying or to any replies. Anne was doing nothing to hide her motions now, running her hand the full length of Jim's cock, cupping his balls, then moving back to fondle and stroke him. As I watched her, I noticed her skirt had ridden even higher. If the light had been a little brighter, or from another angle, I would have had a clear view of her pussy.

I felt my cock buck a bit in Cynthia's grasp as Anne's eyes moved over to meet mine. She smiled and, still keeping up the conversation, allowed her thighs to part more. I groaned as I saw a flash of flesh, then again as I realized what had just moved into view. Sometime this afternoon, Anne had completely shaved her pussy! I stared as she spread her legs wider, making her skirt slide up to her waist and exposing her naked shaved cunt. I heard Cynthia moan lightly and looked over to see her eyes focused on Anne's pussy also. Her hand became more insistent on my cock.

"I'm really glad you two decided to join us, Jack..." Anne purred, a radiant smile on her face. "Jim and I were just talking about you last night..."

"Only the good stuff, I hope..." I laughed, trying to remain cool. Anne laughed and winked at me.

"Oh it was all good, trust me..." Her laugh was infectious and was really breaking the tension that was floating between us. "Actually..." she continued, "I merely suggested to Jim that we invite you over sometime. I've been curious as to whether you like"

I looked at her with a politely puzzled expression, then heard Jim's warm chuckle.

"And we have a confession to make to you two..." he said, sipping his drink, "Anne and I were spying on you this afternoon... Watching you play by the pool..."

"It was very hot..." Anne said in a husky voice, "We got really turned on watching you..." Jim smiled at his wife, then turned back to me.

"I hope you're not shocked, Jack. It's not like we're in the habit of spying on our neighbors..." Anne's stifled laugh made him turn to her once more.

"Like hell we're not!", she chuckled, "Jim has a telescope in every window of the house, just about!" Jim laughed at that and shrugged his shoulders, admitting his culpability. He turned his guilty smile to Cynthia, who was beaming. She grinned up at me and squeezed my cock a little harder.

"We don't mind at all, guys..." Cynthia said softly, "Do we, Jack...?" To emphasize her point, she squeezed my cock again, pulling it up and tenting my pants as she turned her gaze to Anne. "In fact, we were doing a bit of spying ourselves later...but you knew that, didn't you?" Anne grinned and nodded her head.

"Jim and I have a little exhibitionist streak in us, I guess..." Anne purred, winking at me as she opened and closed her legs slightly. "And we really like watching other people...uh...enjoy themselves..." Her eyes dropped to Cynthia's hand in my lap as her own hand began to toy with her husband's zipper. "We're not swingers, per se... At least not yet...I guess we're what you'd call 'soft swingers'...just watching and showing...know what I mean?" Her hand continued to toy with Jim's zipper, moving it up and down slightly. I heard Cynthia sigh as she stared at the other couple. I looked over to see Anne staring back at me, her eyes blazing.

"Well, actually," I croaked, "Cynthia and I were discussing that very thing this morning... I think we're bringing it out in each other... We were kind of playing around in the car last night..."

"I was sucking his cock..." Cynthia said in her hot, smoky voice. I turned to her to see that her eyes were blazing as brightly as Anne's. Quite obviously she was enjoying the heated turn of events. "Jack was driving around the neighborhood. He didn't think I knew that he was going round and around the section, but I did....and it was really turning me on that he wanted someone to see us...see me....sucking him off..."

"So, did anyone see you?" asked Jack as he leaned back and let his wife play with him. Cynthia replied by shaking her head, a wicked grin on her face.

"Uh-uh...but it still turned me on..." she sighed, "And this afternoon really turned me on too...knowing you were watching Jack fuck me..." She smiled as Jim and Anne looked at each other and began to laugh.

"I told you!" Jim chuckled at Anne. "It was all that moaning and groaning you were doing!" But Anne simply shrugged and grinned back, her fingers toying with the buttons of her blouse as she turned to Cynthia.

"It's too bad no one got to see you sucking Jack's cock last night, Cynthia..." Anne almost whispered, "You're really very talented..."

There was no longer any doubt or pretense as to what was going on. Our little cocktail party had evolved into a lusty show and tell. Kind of a sexual "get to know your neighbors" party. I grinned as I saw Jim's hand drift over his wife's chest and cup her breast, and I followed his lead, running my hand over Cynthia's firm tits. I encountered a button and worked it loose, sliding my hand into the opening and over her breast. Her nipple was rock hard and I tweaked it lovingly. She moaned and adjusted her position, raising up to give me access to the rest. I smiled and moved to the next button, undoing it, and moving on to the next.

Jim was doing the same thing across from me, undoing his wife's buttons until her small firm tits came into view. We looked over at one another, and on cue, pulled the cloth away. I felt Cynthia's grip increase on my cock as the cool air hit her breasts. I could feel her beginning to pant from excitement as she exposed herself to Jim and Anne. I reached lower and found the last of her buttons.

She moaned as I undid it, allowing her dress to open completely. It was my turn to groan as I looked down at her. She was wearing a garter belt that matched her stockings...and nothing else. Cynthia had indeed neglected to wear panties, and as I looked, she uncrossed her legs, showing us all her neatly trimmed pussy!

"Good lord..." I heard myself say as she parted her thighs. She looked up at me and smiled. "You like?" she whispered. Once again I could only nod. She continued to stroke my cock through my pants, as she turned to look at Jim and Anne. The sound of a zipper made me follow her gaze. I looked over in time to see Anne snake her hand inside Jim's pants. He groaned as she squeezed him, and she looked back at Cynthia, that same challenging look in her eyes. I sighed in anticipation of what I knew was next.

I felt Cynthia reach for my zipper and draw it down. She reached up to undo my belt and button, then slid her hand inside, wrapping her fingers around me. The girls shared a look and exchanged whatever cue Jim and I had exchanged, then as one, they drew our cocks out into the air.

I looked at Anne to see her staring at my cock, her tongue moving in light circles around her lips. Cynthia smiled and slid her hand to the base of my pole, standing it up straight, showing off her man.

As Anne did the same thing, I heard Cynthia sigh. Anne slowly pulled Jim's massive boner into the night air, stroking it up and down as she grinned at us. "Now, this is much better, don't you think...?" she said, to no one in particular.

"Much better..." I replied, moving my eyes over her breasts. Anne smiled and let her thighs part even further, letting her skirt slide up to her waist as her pussy was bathed in the soft light. Her one hand continued to move up and down the length of Jim's cock, and her other hand moved between her legs, moving sexily over her shaved mound. Cynthia's stroking increased on my own cock as she watched Anne pump her husband. I felt her adjust her position, then felt her warm breath on my cock.

I watched, as if looking into a mirror, as Anne turned her face to her husband's cock and opened her mouth. She and Cynthia had their eyes locked on each other, and as I saw Anne take Jim's big cockhead into her mouth, I felt Cynthia's velvety lips encircle mine. I leaned back and pushed my hips up, pushing my cock deeper into Cynthia's mouth. She obliged by opening her mouth wider, taking me deep into her warm cavern.

I groaned as I watched Anne do the same thing, holding her mouth wide as Jim pushed half of his cock inside. She then pulled off, raising her eyes to mine as she ran her tongue around his cockhead. She grinned, her eyes full of fire, and cocked one leg onto the couch, bringing her foot almost to her waist. As she continued to tease her husband with her tongue, she spread her legs wider and slowly moved a finger between her pussy lips. I watched as she ran a finger up and down her slit, then slowly push it inside her pussy. As she pushed her finger deep, she mimicked the movement with her mouth, once again taking Jim's cock between her lips.

Jim groaned and began to slide his cock in and out of his wife's mouth as he watched Cynthia suck mine. She also had her hand between her legs and was toying with her pussy as she sucked me.

The total sexuality of the situation was driving me crazy, as Anne took things one step further.

"Want to share...?" she panted around Jim's cock. I sighed as I felt Cynthia raise her head slightly and look back at Jim's wife. She looked up at me, but I decided to let her make her own decision.

"I thought you didn't share..." Cynthia purred, gently licking the head of my cock. Anne smiled back and shrugged her shoulders.

"Usually we don't... and I don't think we're ready for actual fucking...but it suddenly occurred to me that I'd love to watch you suck my husband's cock... And blow jobs are still fairly neutral..." Anne winked, then looked up at me. "Besides, I've had this running fantasy about your boyfriend... So, you wanna? No pressure. I'm really getting off on watching you, too..."

I held my breath as we sat in silence, then I felt Cynthia's head nod against my belly. It was interesting to see the ladies take control of the happenings here. I looked over at Jim and he simply shrugged, a big lusty grin on his face

Anne released his cock and sat up. Her skirt was around her waist, and her legs were spread, exposing her pussy to me and making my mouth water. She smiled at me as she slid her blouse off over her shoulders and set it beside her. She continued to look at us as she brought her hands to her tits, kneading and caressing them. Then she stood in front of Cynthia and I. She quickly dropped her skirt and kicked it away, posing for us completely nude. She shook her blond hair and laughed as all three of us groaned at the sight, then reached out her hands to Jim and I.

"I have an idea..." she smiled, pulling us both out of our seats. I stood up, my hard-on bobbing in front of me, as Cynthia followed Anne's lead and slipped out of her dress. I was glad to see her keep her heels on as she stood beside us and watched.

"So...take your shirts off, fellas..." she chuckled. "I'll help you with these things...." She slowly sank to her knees between Jim and I. Both our cocks were at face level for her, but she held herself back from touching us. Instead, she used both hands to draw our pants down to our ankles....first Jim's, then mine. I watched as she pulled my pants down, her eyes focused on my bobbing hard-on.

As she helped me remove my shoes, I saw Cynthia move closer, then squat down facing Anne. She reached out and helped Jim with his shoes, then pulled his pants off, one leg at a time. I grinned as I saw her staring at Jim's huge cock. I had a feeling it was Cynthia's first experience with a REALLY big cock. I'm no slouch, but Jim's was at least ten inches!

Cynthia seemed to be enthralled with it. I had also never seen a cock that big except for the movies, and I had to admit, I was excited to see Cynthia's reaction. I was also looking forward to seeing her take it inside her mouth. As it was, I didn't have to wait long.

As she finally got Jim's pants off, she looked over at Anne, then up at me. As I watched her, she smiled and leaned forward, sliding a hand up the back of my leg, then cupping my ass. She did the same to Jim with her other hand, then leaned sideways. Her eyes were locked on mine as her hair made contact with Jim's hard-on, and continuing to look into my eyes, she raised her face, turning her head at the same time.

My breathing increased as Jim's cock slid over her forehead...over her cheek...then, finally over her lips.

I smiled back at Cynthia as she watched my reactions. Taking that as a measure of approval, she pushed her tongue between her lips and began to slowly lave Jim's cockhead. Jim and I both groaned and Cynthia smiled again. I watched as she turned her head to Jim and opened her mouth.

Her lips stretched tight as she took his cockhead into her mouth, her tongue working the head like a whirlwind. Jim groaned as she took three inches of his meat into her mouth and began to suck on it.

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