tagInterracial LoveCynthia. Tricked onto a Treat!

Cynthia. Tricked onto a Treat!


Thanks to those of you who have encouraged me to continue with what was originally a one off short story!

I hope you enjoy this and if so, will take the time to vote!

To those of you who have found yourself reading the wrong category, move on now to save yourself the trouble of having to send me messages explaining why this is all wrong!


If you haven't read the first two Cynthia stories, you will need a bit of background.

My name is James Tracey, married to Cynthia, a gorgeous woman a stunning figure, vivid green eyes and long blonde hair. Despite this, she doesn't really have a clue as to the effect she has on men.

She was a virgin when we married, and I have recently introduced her to a big black vibrating dong. She loved it until she discovered that it was black, that was taboo to her as she came from a sheltered background in very well off family and had had no contact with any black people at all. She nearly fainted when she realised that she had been squirming in pleasure on a black cock.

The story continues!


It must be nearly three months now since Cynthia had discovered that the big dong that had been helping me keep her insatiable desire for cock satisfied, was black!

Despite her original aversion to the idea of anything to do with black men, it had now become one of her favourite fantasies. Strange how an idea that had been so taboo to her originally, had now really got her mind working!

Having said that, our sex life had dwindled for the past two weeks as she was flat out with her business.

Cynthia runs a small but successful boutique in a nearby town, and in addition to her normal rush to organise her Autumn collection, she was trying to win a contract for the import of a range of specialist custom boots from France.

In two days time, Alain, who owned the company, was due to fly in from Nice to meet with Cynthia to discuss the possibilities.

As there were no decent hotel within ten miles, we had agreed to accommodate Alain at our home. The large guest room with en suite facilities would be far more comfortable than the local pub, which was the only other practical choice.

So now with the prospect of a guest staying with us, it was going to be a while longer before we got back to normal. The only possible high point of Alain's visit was the chance to see Cynthia trying on the selection of sexy boots that he was bringing in her size as samples!


On the morning of Alain's visit, everything was ready and calm had finally descended on the house.

Over a leisurely breakfast, Cynthia pondered over what she should wear when she drove to Heathrow later on to collect Alain.

"I was thinking of my blue pinstripe skirt and jacket, with the black knee boots that I bought from Alain last year, what do you think darling?"

"Sounds fine to me, though which car are you taking, yours or mine?"

Cynthia drives a Jaguar XK, very nice, but I know from experience that she can never get in to it in a skirt without exposing a lot of thigh.

"Mine of course! ...Why?"

"I was just thinking! But as Alain is French, I'm sure it won't do any harm to show him a bit of leg, might help your cause with the deal!"

Cynthia laughed and gave me a playful slap on the arm.

"James, you're SO naughty! Are you suggesting that I will need to use sex appeal to win a deal?"

"No, of course not, but if he's a typical hot blooded Frenchman it won't go against you, ...that's all I'm saying!"

"Well, I'm sure he's not like that at all! He sounds very polite and refined on the phone, I'm sure that he will be the perfect gentleman. You know that I'm an excellent judge of character, you just wait and see!"


Two hours later, I walked out to the drive with Cynthia, I knew that I would enjoy watching her easing her long legs into the low Jag.

I wasn't disappointed! I could feel my cock stiffen already as she lifted off of the seat to pull her skirt down to a respectable level.

I knew from experience that once her mind was on driving, she would forget all about her skirt length and it wouldn't stay that way for long!

I could have enjoyed sitting next to her for the hour and a half drive, just watching her legs move and the bounce in her breasts as she drove.

I have had spent many enjoyable journeys in that car! But there was no way that I wanted to be cramped in the non existent back seats for the return journey. You would have to be legless to fit in there, and with Alain's luggage it just wasn't viable.

She started the car and purred away, promising to call me as soon as she had found him.


It was over two hours later when the phone rang.

"Hi Cyn, how's it going, have you met up with Alain now?"

"Y ... Yes, I'm just collecting the car so that I can pick him up from the terminal, he has so many bags with him I thought it would be easier!"

She sounded a little odd to me.

"Is everything OK? You sound a little strange!"

"No, I'm fine, ...it's just that Alain isn't quite was I was expecting!"

"How do mean? Has you character judgement let you down?" I asked with a chuckle.

"No,.. No, nothing like that, he's very charming, it's just, ...well, ...it's just that he's ...Oh darling, he's black, and I don't mean brown, he's the blackest person I've ever seen! I've now got to spend an hour and a half in the car with a big black man sitting a few inches from me, ...whatever are people going to think?


I couldn't help laughing when she had rung off. Cynthia, who had all never had any contact with a black person, and had then (with my help) started a sexual fantasy about one, was now chauffeuring one home who was due to be a house guest for a few days! If she was to do business with this Alain, she was going to have to change her attitude very quickly!


It was just over two hours later when I heard her car pull into the drive. Opening the front door, I was just in time to see Cynthia climb out and immediately noticed that Alain had held back to sneak a look at her long legs as she did so! A good start I thought, I know where his mind has been!

Cynthia, looking flustered rushed over to greet me with a kiss and the turned to introduce me to Alain, who had now prised himself from the Jag.

She was right, he was so dark, he was almost jet black!

He stood about six two, bald headed and was wearing a very sharp suit. He looked about fifteen years older than us, probably in his mid forties. He gripped my hand in a firm shake, and greeted me in perfect English but with a strong French accent.

"How was your journey Alain?"

"Oh, not so bad, but ze best part was from ze airport, I 'ave not often 'ad such a beautiful chauffer!" He replied with a wide smile, giving a courteous nod towards Cynthia.

We unloaded the car, which was crammed with three holdalls as well as his normal luggage.

"I am sorry for all zee bags, but I 'ad to bring zee sample boots for your lady, I 'ope we can do some good business together!" he smiled.

I wondered what Cynthia was thinking, he was a good looking man, perhaps she would like to do more than 'good business' with him!

I found out a few minutes later, after we had shown Alain to his room. He was about to take a shower and change to freshen up from the journey.

"Oh darling," she gushed, "Isn't he wonderful! That was a very difficult drive from the airport, I couldn't keep my mind on the road at all. I kept thinking that everybody was looking at me in a knowing way, you know? Like they all thought that I had got myself a big black lover!"

"Hey, calm down Cyn, you have only driven him from the airport, there's nothing wrong with that!"

"I know darling, but I started thinking about it, you know, rude things, ...like has he got a cock like our little friend, and the thoughts that I've been having have made me so wet, Gosh, just listen to me! God, I'm going to need you tonight!"


That evening we had booked a table at our favourite local restaurant and spent a long time over dinner chatting to Alain.

We found out that his family originated from Sudan but he was actually born in France and had been educated at Oxford.

He had never married as most of his time had been spent travelling on his family business which he had now sold. He now concentrated his time on his own small custom boot business near Nice.

Alain was excellent company, polite and with a wicked sense of humour. Before we knew where the time had gone it was eleven thirty and time to stroll home.

Cynthia linked arms with Alain and I, walking slowly home between us.

After a coffee and a night cap we retired to our respective rooms.

Once the bedroom door was closed, Cynthia was upon me like a wild animal. She was so wet I had to go straight in and give her a hard fucking, no frills.

Once I had satisfied her immediate desire, she lay back wanting me to work on her with the black dong.

"I bet your thinking of Alain working his cock into you like this aren't you?" I asked as I looked down at her.

"Yes!" she gasped, "Oh God yes! Am I awful darling? You're not cross with me are you? It's just that knowing he's only in the next room, and he could be in here burying his big cock in me, you know? Just the thought of having you both fuck me! I bet everyone in the restaurant thinks that's what happening to me tonight, God, I've been so turned on thinking about it!"

I started to work the dong deeper into her.

"One thing though," I said. "You are assuming that he has a big cock, it might not be, it could be smaller than dong here!"

"Oh no, don't say that, it can't be ...I bet it's a lovely big black shiny one!" Her eyes closed in ecstacy and she let out a long sigh as I brought her to a climax.

"Do you want to do something about this then?"

"What do mean?"

"You know what I mean, do you want to get Alain between your thighs tomorrow night?"

"My God no! Oh Gosh! ...but do you mean that, would you really like him to help you fuck me! Oh no darling, I couldn't, it would be so embarrassing, it just a fantasy really, ...just made more real by having him here!"

"I think you're telling lies you know!"

Her hand was working my cock again now,

"I think you would like nothing better than to have a big black man humping his cock into you, am I right?"

"Mmm! No! That would be so disgusting,...awful!" Her voice trailed away as she took over the dong and slid slowly beneath the duvet. Seconds later she was knelt over it burying it deep as she gave me an enthusiastic blow job.

I lay back and let her take her time, I have to admit that the thought of her taking on the two of us was having an effect on me now, I wonder?


The next morning I had a chance to chat to Alain without Cynthia being around.

We had all visited the shop in the morning, and I had taken Alain to lunch while Cynthia finished of a few jobs. She was due to join us at home later to look at the samples that Alain had brought over from France.

Over lunch, Alain asked me if Cynthia was OK with him staying at the house.

"Why do ask that?"

"Well, I just sink zat she seems a little ...how you say,...nervous around me. Perhaps she is not liking that I am black, maybe I am not what she was expecting from a French man?"

Laughing, I explained.

"No Alain, she is very happy with you being here, but she is not used to being around a black person, but there is more to it than that!"

I went on to explain about the black dong and the effect that he was having on her because of it.

Seeing the funny side of it, Alain laughed.

"Perhaps I should tease her a little, ...later, to see how she is when I am close to 'er, perhaps you will 'ave anozzer good night! Or maybe she would like to 'ave ze real thing!"

"Actually Alain, I think that there is a good possibility that she would be up for the real thing, but she would never have the courage to admit it, ...how would you feel about making love to Cynthia, do you think that would appeal?"

He looked at me wide eyed. "But what are you saying? She is your wife! You are suggesting that I make love to your beautiful wife?"

"Er ...yeah, I guess I am,...yes, ...but not alone. If you're up for it I have a plan that we might all enjoy!"

"Well, I 'ave to admit I would not say no, I tell you now, I 'ad, ow you say, ze raging 'ard on all the way from ze airport! but you really think she would let Alain give 'er ze 'ump?"

"Well Alain, If my plan works and I'm wrong, she'll definitely get the hump, but not how you mean!"


Over the rest of lunch, I explained my plan to Alain. Needless to say he was very keen to give it a try.

"Now I will 'ave trouble standing wiz ze 'ard cock!" he smiled.

"I will tell you a little secret my friend, Alain as not had a woman for a very long time, and now you offer me ze chance to 'elp you 'ump your beautiful young wife, I am very 'onoured, and very excited! I 'ope zat she likes your little scheme!"

Later that afternoon Cynthia returned home and then spent a couple of hours going over her business plan with Alain.

We had an early dinner at home that evening, and later over a drink, Alain brought down the sample boots for Cynthia to try on.

I have to say that I enjoyed the show as she tried on about a dozen different pairs with Alain's help, and I could see how flustered she looked as he helped her on and off with them. I particularly enjoyed the look she gave me as he smoothed a few pairs up her calves with his big hands.

I knew exactly what she was thinking, but little did she know what we had planned for her later!


Just after ten, Alain made his excuses, claiming that the travel and wine were having an effect on him, he was going to take a shower and have an early night.

Cynthia looked disappointed as he left the room, but soon snuggled up next to me on the sofa.

"How are you feeling babe?" I asked her.

"You looked as though having Alain's hands on your legs was having a pleasant effect on you!"

Cynthia looked a bit sheepish, but without replying, she took my hand and slid it up between her thighs to her thong. She was sopping wet!

Cynthia moved closer and whispered in my ear.

"Does that tell you anything about how I feel darling?"

"Yep, I think it does, do you want me to get him back down?"

"OH God, NO! But it just turned me on so much, you know, ...after our games, ...having a real black man touching me like that, I could hardly concentrate on the boots, ...I kept wondering,...well, ...you know, ..what if...?"

"Hey, calm down baby! Why don't you go and slip into something sexy, I'll close down hereand come up in a few minutes to treat you to the big black cock, I think you need some attention or you'll never sleep tonight!"

Cynthia gave me a long kiss before standing up and gathering her things.

"Don't be long then darling, I'm going to take a quick shower, and then I have some demanding work for you tonight!" She gave me a wink and left the room.

To save time, I took a quick shower downstairs before going up to join her.


When I walked into the bedroom Cynthia was sitting cross legged on the big comfy chair beside the bed. She had re-applied her eye make up and lipstick, but was wearing only black lace top stockings and suspenders and a pair of Alain's sample boots, a red pair of knee boots with killer 12cm heels!

My cock was already uncomfortably solid at the thought of what we had planned, so I was glad of the excuse to drop the towel and let it loose. As I walked towards her she looked at it hungrily, her legs parted invitingly.

"Come her and go down on me darling," she instructed, "I need some instant relief, I want to feel your tongue right up inside me!"

In no time at all I was on my knees with my face between her soft thighs and my tongue on her clit working her pussy into a frenzy. Her hands gripped my hair pulling my face into her pussy, as with a squeal of delight, she clamped my head tightly between her thighs and shuddered to a climax on my tongue.

"Oh wow! That was amazing! Now I need some cock darling! You are ready to give me some good hard cock I hope!"

If only she knew.

"Hey, not so quick Cyn, I know just what you need, but I have to prepare you a little more!"

I opened a draw and pulled out a blindfold and some soft rope.

"Oo!" she said with a grin, "This looks interesting, are we doing kinky now?"

"Come and bend over the back of the chair!" I instructed.

She quickly stood up and with a little giggle, tottered on her high heels around to the back of the chair.

I tied her each of her ankles to the rear chair legs and then bending her over the backrest I secured her wrists behind her back. Satisfied that she was secure but comfortable, I slipped the blindfold over her eyes.

"Now we're going to play a little make believe. Tell me the truth noe babe,...you've been fantasising about Alain and his black cock haven't you?"

"Oh Yes, am I wicked? Do you mind?"

"I think you would like him here right behind you, gripping his big cock and wanting to slide it up you and fuck you silly with it, wouldn't you?"

"No, not really it's just that..."

"You're lying Cyn! I know you want it, so we're going to play a game, we're going to pretend that I'm going to bring Alain in to help me fuck you, and you have to tell me what you really want, OK?"

"Oh God! No, This is too embarrassing, I'll..."

"I said OK!" With that I gave her bum a sharp playful slap!

"Ow! OK,...Yes I want you to ... I want Alain's cock, his big black demanding cock!... Oh my God, I sound just like a slut!"

"Good girl, I knew it!...I'm now going to open the bedroom door now and let Alain in OK?"

"Mmm, Oh God, yes, OK! but quietly, we don't want him to hear us!"

I opened the door and Alain, who had been listening outside, slipped silently into the room. Naked except for a short white towel around his waist, just as instructed.

I motioned for him to get behind Cynthia. He gave an exaggerated look of desire to indicate his approval of what stood before him, and dropped the towel.


I had to take a look at his cock, I wanted to know what Cynthia was about to get!

Alain was already working his cock slowly in his hand. I could see it growing as his eyes devoured Cynthia's hot curvaceous body tied over the chair.

I knew in an instant that neither of them were going to be disappointed!

I bent over and whispered in her ear.

"He's here now Cyn, Alain has his big throbbing cock in his hand, and guess what, it's even bigger than the dong!

He's looking at your naked body and boy, it's making his cock swell even more! Do you mind him looking at you?"

I winked at Alain who was standing with a big white smile on his face.

"No, ...No, I love it, does he like what he sees? Which part is he looking at?"

"Your tits, those lovely big firm hanging tits of yours, give then a jiggle to show him how big and heavy they are!"

Cynthia did a little shimmy to sway her tits around.

"Wow, that made his cock twitch, I think he wants to get his hands on those!"

I moved aside and nodded encouragement to Alain, he carefully crept forwards.

"Do you want to feel his big black hands on your lovely soft tits?" He'll enjoy getting his hands on that lovely pair, I bet he's never had his big rough hands on a pair of warm pink tits like yours!"

Alain was nodding enthusiastically.

"Yes, oh God, your so good at this! Yes, I want to feel him squeezing my tits!"

Alain quietly moved beside Cynthia and slowly let his palms brush over her big hard nipples, she gasped and held her breath as he slowly took the full weight of her full knockers.

She then let out a sigh as started to grope at them.

I stood back and watched as this muscular, almost jet black guy, started to explore my wife. This had never been a strong fantasy of mine until recently, but the reality was hitting the spot, especially as Cynthia still thought it was me!

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