Cynthia's Submission


As I began to come to, I realized my hands were still clutching my now sticky pussy. I let go and brought the fingers that were inside of me to my mouth to taste my climax. My juices were sweet yet salty; they tasted like nothing I have ever had before, but at the same time I knew what I tasted was the best thing on earth. I had never been so aroused, never had such a powerful orgasm, and never pleasured myself anywhere but my bedroom. I was on cloud nine, and the only thing I could think about was how my new relationship with Sage brought all of this about. I stood back up and began to get myself together. I grabbed some baby wipes I keep in a cabinet and somewhat attempted to clean myself up. My thighs were coated with my juices as too were my hands; I was also a little sticky with sweat. Cleaned, I then grabbed my panties and bra before heading to my desk to gather my bag and keys to head home for the night. I looked up at the clock and saw that it was seven o'clock which meant I was likely the last teacher remaining in the building. Being a Wednesday, most teachers usually leave no later than five. The only people that should be at the school are the janitors. From the times I have stayed late I know that there are two janitors and they usually arrive at about five o'clock, in which they begin working on the second floor first. Since my room is on the first floor I was confident that I could make it to my car without being seen by anyone.

Slipping on my undergarments, I slung my bag over my shoulder and with keys in hand started on my risky adventure. If I was to be caught by anyone it would most certainly mean my job would be in question. I slowly opened my door and peeked out into the hallway. The coast looked clear so I took my chance and stepped into the tiled hall. Cautiously I made my way towards the exit, making sure to check each classroom I passed to ensure no other teacher was present. I also kept my ears tuned for any sound that could be the janitors cleaning. My heart was racing with adrenaline and I soon became determined to make it to my car. Worry was the furthest thing from my mind; it was the thrill of the moment that was driving me on. As I progressed down the hall, further away from the safety of my room, my pace began to quicken as I began to gain confidence in my ability to complete my task. Within a matter of moments I was able to reach the door which exited to the parking lot, my journey was nearing its end and the whole time I was spurred on by the idea that at any second I would be found; my body was once again shaking with excitement. I pushed open the exit door and gazed upon the empty lot. It was dark out, the parking lot was only being lit by a few spread out lights, but I was able to see my car sitting alone a few hundred feet away. That was all that was left to my trek; a few hundred feet and I would be within the sanctuary of my car. Taking a deep breath I scurried across the open lot towards my car. Fortunately, the faculty's parking lot is located on the backside of the school, away from view of the main road to the school. As I reached my car I quickly unlocked and opened my door, then slipped inside and sat down in the driver's seat.

I took a few seconds to come down from my thrilling high of the moment, before putting my bag onto the passenger seat and starting my car. As I let my engine warm up a bit, I once again reflected on my night and once again realized I was aroused. The fabric making up the front of my panties was drenched with excitement. Unfortunately, this time I did not pleasure myself, though I wanted to, because I knew I was lucky not to have been caught and that it was a good idea for me to get home before my luck changed.

Since I live rather close to the school, my journey home was not too dangerous, but still very exciting. Also, because I have a garage attached to my house I knew it would be easy for me to get inside my house without a chance of being seen in only my underwear. During my drive home though, I began feel proud of myself; proud that I was able to do everything that my mistress asked of me. I now understood why I wanted to be closer to Sage; she gave off this vibe that she knew what she knew was doing and that it was right. I wanted that feeling and I knew that following Sage's orders as her submissive would grant me that feeling. If I did what she wanted believing she knew what was right, I would become a better person and get the feeling that I was doing something that was in a sense more right than what I would normally do. This awakening reaffirmed what I was doing and what I committed myself to; I was meant to be Sage's sub slut.

Once inside my house, I dropped my bag and immediately headed to grab the phone so I could call Sage. It rang only once before she answered.

"Good evening Cynthia, my little sub slut, how was your trip home from school?"

"Everything went well mistress; I made it home without being seen. It made me so excited to be in such a dangerous situation mistress."

"I am glad to hear that you made it home safely and that you enjoyed yourself. Did you pleasure yourself?"

"Yes, right before I left my classroom mistress. Should I not have done that mistress?"

"No, it is fine that you did. It is to be expected after what you experienced today. But, from here on out you are to only pleasure yourself when I give you permission. Is that clear slut?"

"Yes mistress."

"Good, now for the rest of the night you are not to pleasure yourself. Also, don't forget to shave that pussy of yours and to get your outfit ready for tomorrow, we are going to have a lot of fun. Goodnight and sleep will Cynthia, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Goodnight mistress."

She hung up the phone and I was left to fantasize about what kind of fun we would be having tomorrow. I went to the bathroom and got the shower running. It would feel good to get cleaned up after everything. Once again I stripped down; I was starting to get used to and enjoy my nakedness. Running my hand across my mound I felt my dampness and the soft patch of hair I had sitting above it. I stopped before I got too carried away, grabbed my razor and got into the shower. I took my time in the shower, enjoying the heat from the water splashing against my skin. Letting the suds from the soap wash over my body, I reached for my razor. With a swift stroke of the blade I begin to remove my curly locks. In seconds they were all gone, and I was bare as the day I was born. I resisted the urge to pleasure myself, knowing it would be against my mistress' wishes, and I instead turned off the shower before stepping out to dry off.

After I dried myself off I hung my towel up and went into my bedroom to get my clothes laid out for tomorrow. Sage wanted me to wear the shortest skirt I owned so I searched through my limited collection of skirts looking for my shortest. Being a teacher, I didn't have a large selection of short skirts but I did finally settle on one that would fit the bill. The skirt I choose was a straight hanging, black cotton skirt that fell to just below the middle of my thigh. I would never have chosen to wear such a skirt to work prior to becoming Sage's sub because of its length; I would not have been comfortable teaching in it. Now though, I feel I most wear it, and that in doing so it would be for the best. As for my blouse, I choose a long sleeve, button down, collard, purple top. I choose purple because it would be less revealing then say a white one, but it was a bit tight which did a good job of accentuating my bra-less breasts. Finishing off my outfit, feeling a little bit sexy, I picked out a pair of two inch black heels. I would definitely be drawing a lot more looks in this outfit.

By the time I got my outfit put together it was nine thirty and I was exhausted from the day. I decided it would be best to get a good night's sleep so I slid into bed and within minutes was out cold; dreaming thoughts of Sage as I drifted off.

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by CAWMSJR08/14/17

Sounds like a good story.

As a submissive myself, I can understand the need for the mistress. But to the extreme of stripping naked in the class room sends chills up my spine.

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