Cynthia's Submission Ch. 05


"Yes mistress."

Without a moment of hesitation, I had my old heels off, the new pair on, and the contents of the bag out.

"Excellent, I will take those." She said grabbing the other items from me. "Go ahead and turn around, putting your arms behind you."

Once again I did as I was instructed, and soon felt the cold metal of the cuffs being secured around my wrist, locking my arms up behind me for the second time that day. I then felt Sage give my upper back a bit of a shove forcing me to bend at the waist, dangling above the toilet below. She then began to gently kick at my feet causing my to spread them open until my shins were touching the bottom of the stall's side walls. I could only imagine the view Sage had of me in such a position. My entire pussy and asshole were surely spread open as my upper half hung parallel to the dingy toilet. When she felt I was in the proper position she spoke again.

"Hold open your ass cheeks with hands whore, I'm going to start working this plug inside of you."

I reached back and did my best to spread open my cheeks further while my hands where restrained.

"Oh my, look at your little pink asshole; it is nice and dilated a bit, and looks to be begging from something to be shoved inside of it."

My face reddened with embarrassment as she described my gaping hole, making me feel even more like a slut.

"This might be easier than I thought to get this larger plug inside of you, considering it seems you have become a good little anal whore so quickly."

Without any further talk, Sage began to prep my ass for its next intrusion, working a liberal amount of lubricant into my open ring. Once she felt that my hole was properly lubed up, she soon began to push the new plug into place. This plug, compared to the one I had in earlier that day, was not much longer, but did have a considerable larger girth. So it is easy to say that while Sage was pushing it inside of me, I had to adjust and try to cope with the pain and pleasure of it. I may have let out a few gasps and grunts, but soon was relieved to feel it begin to narrow as it disappeared inside. Again, just as she had a few days prior, Sage gave it one last good push to confirm that it was it place.

She had me remain in that position as she took a few pictures, making me look back into the camera for one extremely humiliating one. Then, as if sparked with a new idea, Sage spoke once again.

"Before we get any further along, I think now that I am looking at you dangling over that toilet, that it would be great to see you getting a drink from it and possibly kissing the rim. How does that sound to you my little teacher slut?"

With a slight moment of pondering to go over exactly what she just said entailed, I answered the only way I could, and the way I truly wanted to.

"Whatever you wish mistress, I will do."

"Great, but let's pull that hair back so it doesn't block out your face in the pictures."

I felt her grab my hair in her hands and secure it atop my head with a clip. She then began to pose me for more pictures: having me get my face right above the toilet while bent over, sticking my tongue out to lick the surface of the water, using my lips to slurp up the water, actually sticking my entire face into the water, smiling as I came out for air, and so on; all of which I had no issue doing as long as it made Sage proud of me. There was a moment of hesitation when she instructed I actually lick the rim of the bowl and give it a good wet kiss, but only for a second and it was only because the thought of how many men had probably used this toilet crossed into my mind. Thankfully the toilet looked clean and I eagerly did as I was told as Sage captured the moment with her camera.

With the photo session over in the stall, Sage had me stand up and told she wanted to get some of me standing outside of the facility to show that I was actually in the men's room. Without much regard to what that entailed, having to go outside and be nude and bound, I obediently followed her out. Once outside I remembered just how bright it still was, but did not dare show any sign of worry in front of my mistress. She in turn however, took her time positioning me and snapping of pictures while I nervously hoped that no one would come by to use the facilities while I was out there. It is funny because that thought did not even cross my mind while we were inside, even though it could have potentially happened, it wasn't until I was outside that I felt completely vulnerable. What made that even more present was when Sage closed the door to the restroom to have me look as if I was trying to open it while my hands were secured behind me. That would have been fine; except for when she actually wanted me to open it that we both realized it had locked when she shut it. No longer did the safety blanket of hiding inside exist; no I was actually stuck outside in the nude with Sage. This however only spurred her to decide to finally progress with the rest of my actual task and tell me what she expected from me.

"Well that makes things easier, and plus I was finished taking pictures any way. However, you my slut don't quite get off so easy. You still have the main task to complete and with or without the door being open it will be completed; this just means you will have less options. For your task tonight, you will be figuring a way to get back home as you are now; no car, no clothes, and no help from me. I have a party to attend in an hour and I think having to do this on your own is a good way to show not only your commitment to me as a slave, but also show your determination to complete difficult tasks. I was going to allow you to use the restroom as cover until you could come up with a plot to make it home, but now it looks as though you will have to think quickly. I'm even going to shut the ladies' room off as well just to make it that much more exciting. Do you have any questions?"

"Yes, what will you do with my car, and how will I get out of the cuffs once I get home?"

"Both excellent questions and both have an answer that corresponds to one another. As for your car goes, I will be using it as transportation to get me to and from the party. Therefore, you will have to wait for me to bring back the car for you to get into your house, and thus releasing you from your restraints. Is they any further inquiries?"

I had plenty of worried questions running through my head about just exactly how she expected me to complete the task, but knowing that disclosing such thoughts would only result with my mistress becoming disappointed, I answered the only way I could.

"No mistress, I understand what needs to be done."

"Good, then I will see you once I get done at the party. Have a fun a safe trip home slut."

Letting her last statement linger in my mind, she walked off towards the parking lot to drive off in my car, leaving me to get home in the nude and restrained on my own. It was still daylight and it was getting close to the time when people would start showing up at the park for different functions. I had to think quickly about where to go to hide myself to give me time to formulate a plan to get home with a limited amount of exposure.

Luckily for me the perimeter of the park was surrounded on three sides by rather dense forested running trails to separate it from the neighborhoods that bordered it. I would be able to hide out in the trees until it got a bit darker before attempting to continue on. The tough part would be getting there fast enough while the park was still empty considering I was still close to the entrance which is the one side that does not have trees, and open to the street.

I made a quick bee line to the tree line on my left, figuring that was the side of the park closest to my house; which thankfully was only three neighborhoods over. From there I planned on waiting for darkness to come before I even thought about make any ground towards my home. However, that meant waiting for awhile considering it was still mid-afternoon, and still a summer month. I went over my options in my heard before coming to the conclusion to slowly, and alertly make my way through the tress to the perimeter of the park and a wall of a neighboring housing complex. Then I would be able to follow the wall to the closest trail entrance, and find a hiding place there to wait for darkness.

Not wanting to waste too much time, I decided that it would be best to get a move on before the park started to get busy. It was sort of difficult navigating through the rough terrain wearing such high heels, and without the ability to stabilize myself with my arms. Falling would most likely be one of the worst things that could happen, and as I walked I was in constant fear that such an event might actually happen. However, the thought of lying helpless on the ground only triggered my arousal, and caused my pussy, once again, to dampen.

I successfully made it to an outlining wall, and took a moment to access the situation before moving on. I had gone running in this park before, and therefore knew the area rather well. With a little bit of investigation I determined that I had two possible options; Either follow the wall away from the street for another quarter mile, or following it towards the street to an opening about twenty feet off the main entrance. Both options had their own advantages and disadvantages. The first option would definitely lead me away from the main road, but the opening led right into an apartment complex with very little coverage. The second option, though it was very near to the main entrance and in view of the road, it was actually an entrance into a concrete flood canal which would be far more private.

Mulling my options over, I decided to go with the second one. It seemed to be my best bet for getting home unseen. Also, it just so happened that the canal had an exit right outside my neighborhood. However, it happened to be an exit out onto a relatively busy road, but that was going to have to be a bridge I would cross when I got to it. All I was focused on at that moment was getting to a spot near the entrance that would keep me well hidden while I waited for the cover of the night to allow me to proceed any further.

Once again I journeyed cautiously through the trees, naked and bound, doing my best to keep my balance. As I arrived closer to the front of the park, I began to hear street noises and people talking. A rush of fear and excitement began to run through my body. My heart began to beat harder with each step; more and more I was able to make out what exactly the noises I heard were. Eventually I saw and reached a point near the entrance to the canal, and between the jogging trail and the actual park to hide out. I crouched down between the trees and bushes to better blend in, and it was then that I realized just how close I actually was to the parking lot.

Turning towards, and peering through the brush, I was actually able to catch glimpses of cars and people moving through it. This not only alarmed me, but also added more fuel to my burning fire of arousal. I had never been so openly exposed as I was at that moment, and I only wished I was allowed the pleasure of just touching myself, to release my building tension.

As I stayed in my hiding spot waiting for the sun to set, I just stared at the different cars and people I could see moving in the distance. I was no more than fifty feet away from them, totally naked and vulnerable, but yet almost entirely hidden from their view. If anyone of them even took a moment to look hard enough in my direction, surely they would have seen me; maybe not all of me, but definitely would know I was there. So as I watched intently, my pussy became more and more saturated with arousal, and my mind began to crave more attention.

When I just couldn't take it anymore, and before the sun had even reached the mountain tops, I stood up, and decided to push myself to begin my journey home in broad daylight. Maybe it was a way to keep from thinking of all the devilish thoughts of what would happen if anyone actually spotted me, or maybe I just wanted to challenge myself; to see if I could actually make it home without the cover of night, and without being seen. This may have been a bad decision on my part, but at the time nothing could have kept me from doing it. I was determined and focused on completing my task. It took me only moment to reach the entrance to the canal, and it was that moment that I took the time in my head to decide that going any further meant that I could not go back, that I had to continue and risk being caught.

Once I reached the entrance, my mind was made up, I was doing it. I knew that inside the canal wasn't very wide, and that it was bordered on both sides by seven foot high, cinder block walls. The walls were for the housing and the streets on the other side of them to keep the canal from being an eye sore in the community. The canal was simply a concrete ditch that sloped in towards the middle about four feet, and its only purpose was to capture and direct any flood water away from the streets when it rained. Even when a road crossed over it, there was either a tunnel made under the road, or the road simply was bridged over it; and it is only at those particular points in which the public had any access to it. I only knew this because the road into my neighborhood has a bridge that crosses it. Therefore I felt relatively safe using it as my route home, for I also knew hardly anyone ever used it.

All of this information only made my decision that much easier, and once I was inside the canal I hadn't a care in the world. Though I could hear cars passing by on the other side of the wall, and people talking as they walked just feet away on the other side, I was never happier. I casually walked along the upper part of the canal along the wall that bordered the homes on my left; I knew going down the slope of the canal would be tough, and getting back up would be even tougher. The only thing that did concern me was the sound of my clicking heels on the hard concrete, so when I would hear the voices of others on the other side I would make sure to move a bit more quietly until the voices subsided.

The entire walk was invigorating, and before I knew it I had made it to my neighborhood and the point in which I had to come up with a plan on making it to the rest of my house. Since I had left the park while the sun remained in the sky, I had made it to the exit while it was still daylight as well. My neighborhood was small, but because of the time of day traffic on the bridge would be steady from people coming home from work. I decided to hide out under the bridge until I could formulate a new plan.

I sat under the bridge waiting as if some obvious answer of hope was going to arise in my brain, but I knew that I had the same two options I had while at the park: wait for darkness, or go now and hope to not be caught. Once again, the more I waited, and the more outside noise I heard, the more my wild side became triggered. I knew that no students that attended my school lived in the neighborhood, and neither did anyone I work with. In fact, there wasn't really anybody that lived in my neighborhood that knew me all that well. There were a few that I had a few casual conversations with, but nothing personal. It was this bit of knowledge that sparked me to once again push myself to continue on, daylight and all.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I stood up and began to stroll towards the exit of the canal, and enter my neighborhood. I lived two streets down and to the left about a hundred yards; all in all I was about six hundred yards away. As I walked I made sure to keep my eyes looking forward and focused on the getting home. I made it to the first street without seeing anyone, or anyone seeing me. It was at the half way point, between streets, that a car passed me. The car slowed as it passed, but did not stop. I could feel my legs weaken with fear, but managed to maintain my focus. I reached my street and turned left; luckily no one was present at the moment. Passing by my neighbor's houses, I wondered if anyone was looking out their windows and could see me; my excitement was literally dripping down my legs.

I was almost home when another car passed me and pulled into the driveway six houses down from mine. As I continued to my house, the driver, a woman in her thirties, got out and started staring at me in disbelief as she walk inside her home. I had only a few hundred more feet until I reached my house, and was thankful for it. I did not know if I would have been able to take being seen by anyone else. The only thing that kept me from running the rest of the way, was the thought of Sage. I was able to use the thought of her guiding me as a way of keeping calm. It worked and I managed to make it to my house without having a break down.

However, once I reached my house I remembered I had no way of getting inside, and further more no way of getting out of the cuffs. I would have to wait for Sage to show up, and considering she said she was going to a party, I had no way of knowing when she would arrive. It could be the middle of the night for all I knew. I was relegated to remain outside until she arrived, but thankfully I lived in an old style home that had an attached front porch that I was able to hide out in.

I sat down, which was not easy without the ability to use my arms, and waited. My mind went over the entire day, everything that happened, everything that could have happened, and also what laid ahead for me in the future with Sage. The more I thought about my relationship with her, the more I was able to forget I was stranded, nude on my porch. Unfortunately, the more I thought, the more I became turned on. I was in agony, and with no other option but to wait it out.

What a wait it was; I was always in fear that a neighbor would come up to knock on my door and find me. I kept coming up with all the horrible scenarios that could occur, but fortunately none of them happened. After hours of agonizing waiting, and as the daylight gave way to night, Sage finally arrived. She said nothing, but simply smiled and signaled for me to stand. Struggling to my feet, Sage had me face away from her as she removed the cuffs from my sore wrists. I remained facing away as I heard her open the door to my house before speaking out to me.

"Come inside so the real fun can begin."

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