Cynthia's Submission Ch. 12


She handed me a simple windbreaker jacket and my car keys. I was fortunate that she allowed me to have the jacket, as the school would still be filled with other teachers and plenty of straggling students who would probably be caught off guard by my pink sports bra. I slipped the jacket on, and got ready to head out to my car.

"Oh, and before I forget, inside your car you will find a gym bag with a towel and your change of clothes for the next after school activity. Also inside you will find instructions for after the class and info about what is next after your yoga session. Have fun slut."

I nodded my understanding, and turned to leave. It was different, because I was leaving my classroom while Sage was still standing naked in it. Usually it happened the other way around. I chose not to think about it too much; figuring she just wanted to take her time to get dressed and possibly pick up all the erotic paraphernaliainside my room.

I passed through the halls of the school, still filled partially with students, on my out to my car to leave for the first time in two days. As I walked, I could feel my butt jiggle a bit in the yoga pants, and also the continual pressure of the plug which had now been inside of me for close to 9 hours. At my car I did indeed find a gym bag inside on the passenger's seat, and I wondered what exactly my change of clothes and second activity would consist of. However, I didn't take the time to look inside to see what I'd be wearing, and instead started my car to head over to the gym. If Sage wanted me the front row, I was sure I would have to get there early to do so.

After a short drive I arrived at my location, and lucked out to find a parking spot close to the entrance. Grabbing the bag off the seat, I made my way inside and after checking in at the front desk, headed into the locker room. I had made sure to grab a quarter from my car to be able to have access to a locker to store my stuff. Also, I wanted to try a find a somewhat secluded locker just in case Sage had any devilish ideas for me after Yoga. Finding a good locker, I took off the wind breaker and store it along with the bag inside before leaving to find the room for the class.

I was about ten minutes early, and only a few other women were already inside. It looked to be one group of three friends and then two others alone. I stepped inside the windowed and mirrored room, grabbing a provided mat, and taking my spot at the front near the center. The group of women spotted up behind me and to the left, while the other two women had spots in the front on either end. As I waited for the instructor to arrive, and the class to start, I began to loosen up my body some by doing a bit of routine stretching. While I stretched, more women began to arrive, and most where getting their fair share of looks in of me and how I was dressed; also I could tell that some chattering had begun about as well.

Promptly, the instructor arrived and soon began the hour long class. We started with basic yoga poses, and worked our way to some more intermediate ones. Each pose that involved bending over at the waist I knew was providing quite the show for anyone behind that cared to look. The fabric of the pants would be stretched to near breaking points, thinning out the material to reveal everything I had; pussy and plugged asshole. To make things even more interesting was the sweat I was working up, and my own natural arousal forming wet patches on my pants. Every once in a while, during a pose, I would hear some snickering from the women behind me and I knew it was me that was the cause of it.

By the end of the class I was exhausted and thoroughly embarrassed. The humiliation of openly exposing myself in that manner had me shaking after the hour was up. Sweaty and aroused and exited the yoga room, and headed back to my locker. I knew the instructions would be a waiting for me in the bag, and though I was thoroughly embarrassed from the most recent task, I also was excited and intrigued to see what was to come. The giggling of the women in the class grew louder the further I got away from them, as if trying to push the humiliation further, but I did not care because I only had one thing on my mind; what was next.

Inside the locker room, and at my locker, I pulled out the paper to see what Sage had waiting for me.

"Hope yoga class went will slut and that you feel nice and limber. As for what you are to do next, firstly take a shower because I am sure you are a sweaty, smelly pig after your class. However, you are to strip down naked at your locker and leave your clothes and towel inside of it as you go take it. I want you to have to walk naked across the locker room with that plug in your slutty ass.

At the showers, immediately pull out the plug, rinse it off, and then stick it in your mouth until you are finished and return to your locker. Wash yourself using only the provided soap dispensers; hair and body. When you have finished washing yourself, return to your locker dripping wet, and then slowly take your time to towel off. Make sure you do your best to remain uncovered the entire time. Once dry, lay the towel down on the bench, and finally remove the plug from your mouth storing it in the gym bag.

You'll find in the bag lotion to use on yourself; make sure to take your time applying it, doing your best to be as sensual as possible. Once you are moisturized from head to toe, reach in and grab out what you are to wear to your next activity. You will be going to the movies, and having a bit of fun. I'll text you the movie, time, and theatre in a bit. Hope you enjoy you little locker room experience slut.


Mistress Sage"

The idea of walking naked across the locker room was thrilling, and nerve racking. In my attempt to get a tucked away locker, I inadvertently pick one on the far end of the room from the showers. Now I had been to this gym plenty times, and have taken a number of showers there, but I don't recall ever seeing a woman just freely walking through the locker room in the nude. Of course I have seen the occasional naked woman in the showers and getting changed at the locker, but nothing as blatantly sexual as I was about to attempt.

Because I couldn't think of letting Sage down, I peeled off my sports bra and pants, and set both inside the locker. It took only seconds for me to become nude, and I was instantly aroused from it. No one was around to see me, but that was soon to change as I made my way towards the showers. I had to travel about 200 feet approximately, and being that it was getting closer to the busy time for the gym, the room was filling up. The closer I got to the showers, the more women I began to pass. At first, I don't think anyone really took too much notice, but eventually I did notice more second takes and a bit of whispering lofting in the air.

However, no one said anything directly to me, and I soon made it to the showers. The showering area consisted of a long narrow room, with tiled floors and walls. Along either side of the room where lines of shower stalls that allowed a person to shower somewhat privately, which made the next part of my task a bit easier to manage. I quickly fond a vacant stall and shut myself inside; turning on the water as I did. As the water temperature rose I reached behind me and pulled out the plug that had been embedded in my ass for the majority of the day. It had a slimy coat of lube on it, which I quickly rinsed away under the shower head, and then inserted it into my mouth. I felt ridiculous with it in my mouth, but knew it was only going to get more embarrassing after the shower.

By now the water was warm and I began to rinse away the sweat and the day from my body. I took a moment to really let the heat of the water engulf me, and take my away from reality. Eventually, I came back to the present and began the task of washing myself. It took some time considering that I could only use the soap dispenser in the shower, but I got down to business and got myself lathered up. Rinsing away all of the suds, I again took time to linger under the water to enjoy the warmth and the pressure. Of course the idea of my arousal kept into my find, and I had to fight the urge to act on it and touch myself. That would have been against the wishes of Sage, and not the proper thing to do.

Turning off the water, I let myself drip dry a bit before opening the door to my shower stall and taking my first exposed step back in to the public eye. More women were walking around the shower room, but all had on either towels or gym clothing; I was the only one stark naked with a butt plug lodged in her mouth. As I began walking out of the room, the looks and stares came quicker and more apparent. So too did the chatting about me, with many women openly calling me names like slut, and skank. I ignored it all, and focused on my path to my locker. Occasionally, I would pass a group of women and one of them would point at me, at the plug in my mouth, and they would all begin laughing. The entire walk was extremely humiliating, but for whatever reason I was also becoming wildly aroused.

Eventually, I reached my locker and thankfully I was still somewhat secluded from everyone. Anybody could still walk over and see me, but at the moment no one was near. I quickly opened my locker and pulled out the towel to dry off. I made sure to do so as Sage had requested, and did my best not to cover too much of myself in the process. My body was soon dry, and I was able to get my hair dry enough so it was no longer dripping wet but rather damp.

Setting the towel down on the bench, I then took out the plug to inside the locker and then reached into the bag and found the bottle of lotion Sage had provided. Again, just as she requested, I started to apply the lotion all over my body as sensual as possible. I started with my feet, lifting them up to the bench and bending over to slather them with the lotion one by one. After each foot was done, I switched my attention to my legs and again propped my foot on the bench top to do so. I slowly worked the lotion into the skin on my legs, and inched my way closer to my exposed pussy. Though I didn't touch my slit, I could certainly feel the heat radiating off of it as rubbed the lotion into my groin areas.

Once my both legs were adequately moisturized, I began on my butt. I really worked the cool, creamy substance into each cheek, making sure to also get into the crack. I'm sure that to anyone who would have happened to see me would have thought I was molesting myself. Satisfied with the job on my ass, I worked up my torso and my breasts. Massaging the lotion into my body in public was certainly an invigorating experience. I got the rest of my body finished, and stashed the lotion back in the bag before pulling out what I was to wear to the movies.

To my shock, all that Sage had provided me was a mid-length, tan trench coat. Nothing else was provided with it, and believe me I looked. Considering I had no other options, I slipped on the coat and fastened it shut with the buttons, and belt. The top button seemed to be missing, as I suspected Sage may have had something to do with that, but overall the trench coat concealed my nudity quite well. It fell to about mid-thigh, and would look as though I was just wearing a short skirt or pair of shorts underneath.

I started to pack up the gym bag to leave, when my phone buzzed with a message from Sage. It listed out the movie, one that had been out for quite some time, the theater, and time of 7:10pm. It would take me about ten minutes to get to the theatre, which meant I had plenty of time to make it there. With the gym bag packed up, stashed my car keys into the pocket of the coat and felt something contained in it. I pulled out a twenty dollar bill of which I realized Sage had provided so I could pay for the movie. I exited the locker room, still earning stares from the other women, and strolled out to my car. As I walk, the bottom of the coat would split open to allow my legs room to swing back and forth, as well as show off a great deal amount of skin. So much so, that I am sure that anyone clever enough would realize I wasn't wearing anything underneath.

At my car, I threw the bag on the passenger seat and climbed inside. The thrill of only wearing a coat in public certainly got me hot and bothered, and I good only hope Sage had something even more wicked planned for me at the movies. I drove the ten minutes to the theater fighting the urge to let my hand fall to my crotch and play the entire way. I arrived thirty minutes early which I felt would be perfect and allow me to pick a seat in the back. After purchasing the ticket at the window, and having it torn by the attendant inside, I made my way to the theatre to find my seat.

As I assumed, the place was empty, because of the fact that it was a movie that had been out for a while, it was still thirty minutes until it was to start, and that it also was a weekday. I was able to get my seat in the back row and right in the center. While I sat a waited for the movie to start, I began to wonder what kind of devilish plan Sage had in store for me. I came up with all kinds of off the wall ideas, but knew that no matter what I crafted in my head, it could never compare to what Sage could create. After about twenty minutes of waiting and no one joining me in the theatre, I felt my phone buzz to life with another message from Sage.

"I will be there in a few minutes. Make sure you are in the back, and I expect your coat to be open when I arrive."

Her message was simple and to the point, and it also gave me a warm feeling knowing that I would be seeing her soon. I quickly unfastened my coat and opened it to comply with Sage's wishes. My entire naked form was on display to anyone who would come into the room and venture towards me. I was sure that I was too visible from the bottom rows, but knew that if anyone did come in that the further they came up, the more they would see of me. My breathing quickened and my heart raced as I sat exposed, waiting for my Mistress. My eyes were constantly darting back and forth to the two entrance ways, hoping to Sage and praying no one else.

Three minutes passed, and I heard the door at the right entrance way open. My breath caught and heart stopped, as I waited eagerly to see who would appear from around the wall. The seconds it took for the mystery person to come in felt like hours, but eventually the wait ended and I was happy and relieved to see that it was Sage. She ascended the stairs to my row with a wicked little grin on her face that I knew meant exciting things for me. Unlike at school, she was no longer wearing just a t-shirt and jeans but instead a long flowing, black cotton dress draped over her petite frame. The hem fell to her ankles and was held in place by two thin shoulder straps. A leather belt synched the dress at the waist, and a large leather purse completed her look.

As she reached my seat, she spoke without sitting down.

"Well slut, don't you look stunning. I think we will be able to have a lot of fun tonight at the movies, but first I need to get a drink. Give me the change from your ticket, and watch my purse; I'll be right back."

Setting her bag down on the chair next to me she turned and left, and as quick as she had arrived she left just as fast. I was left to once again sit alone and exposed in the empty, quiet theater. I looked over to Sage's larger than normal purse, and wondered what it could contain. My thoughts were diverted however when the lights went out, and the screen began to display the previews for upcoming releases. I was wondering what was taking Sage so long as I watched with little interest the second preview roll across the screen. Finally, part way into the third, Sage appeared once again from the right entrance hallway carrying a large fountain drink in her hand. With her black dress she almost blended in with the darkness of the room, but I was able to keep my eyes locked on her as she climbed her way towards me.

As she reached me again, this time she said nothing as she set her drink into the armrest cup holder, and moved her bag over one seat to sit down beside me. Once settled in she said one word, and one word only, "Coat" while holding out her hand. I immediately knew what to do, and slip the open coat the rest of the way off and handed it over to my mistress. It was another first for me, as I sat completely naked in a movie theatre awaiting further instructions from Sage.

We sat in silence for the reminder of the previews as I remained a ball of nerves in my exposed state. Finally, after the opening credits played through, Sage spoke, "Put these on behind you" she said handing me a pair of cuffs I assumed she pulled out of her purse. I quickly and obediently complied, locking my hands up behind my back. I now had to lean forward a bit to keep the metal of the cuffs from digging into my wrists. Sage's silence resumed once the cuffs were attached, and I had to constantly wonder what was next.

After five more minutes of silence Sage spoke up.

"I wish there had been more people here that would have made things a bit more interesting. I guess we will just have to take things a different way. Why don't you start by standing up and walking up to the screen, bending over, and then walking back slut?"

I nodded my understanding and stood up to begin my walk. Having to walk, restrained and nude to the front of the theatre wasn't bad considering it was empty, but the idea that anyone at any moment could walk in kept the danger level up and my excitement bubbling. I slowly strolled my way down the stairs to the screen, stopping at its center, and bent over at the waist with my ass pointed towards Sage. With my task complete, I returned the way I had come to get Sage's next set of instructions.

"Very nice my little sub-slut, you looked so slutty walking out in front of the screen. It caused me to get a little wet, so get down on your knees and get between my thighs to lick me."

Without a moment of hesitation, I dropped to my knees in front of Sage and got my face under her dress that she was kind enough to hold up for me. My mouth immediately found her slit, and began lather it with my tongue. She tasted so divine, and though I had already had my face between her thighs twice that day, I still savor the experience for all it was worth.

Sage let me lick her for quite a while, but I could tell she wasn't looking for me to make her cum just yet. The sound of the movie playing behind me only made the whole experience hotter, as I was simply there to service my mistress as she got entertained by another source. After about ten minutes of attentive tonguing, Sage pushed me away and ordered me to stand up. I did as I was told, and stood up in front of her naked and cuffed as I awaited further instruction. I watched as she reached into her bag and pulled out a large, realistic shaped dildo and held it in front of her.

"Though I enjoyed your meticulous tongue bath of my pussy, it was starting to distract me from the movie. So, why don't you use your mouth on this while I continue to follow along with the movie? Oh, and do it over there on your knees slut."

As she said that, she tossed the dildo over to the end of the row with a thud, and I submissively trailed after it as if like a dog playing fetch. Reaching the spot at which the dildo landed, I dropped to my knees and began to use my mouth to stand the phallic toy up right. Once it was standing tall and straight, I did as ordered and worked my mouth onto it as if it was indeed a real cock. I really pushed myself to make it a truly realistic blow job; to show off to my mistress just how obedient I could be. Saliva soon coated the rubber prick, and my throat began to be invaded by the length as I worked my way further onto it. If the dildo could of, it certainly would have cum all over me by now.

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