Cynthia's Submission Ch. 12


My assault on the fake dick continued for some time, and I would switch my methods from deep throating to sensual suckling to keep things interesting. Occasionally, I would steal a glance over to Sage, but never did I notice her looking my. She seemed perfectly content watching the film rather than her naked and cuffed submissive felating a large dildo on the stairs of a public movie theatre. While I felt a ping of disappointment that she was not watching me, I knew better than to let it deter me from performing at anything else but my best.

Eventually, once the movie was about half over, I heard Sage call over to me, instructing me to return to her with the dildo in my mouth. I quickly grabbed the dildo up with my teeth, stood, and eagerly sauntered over to my mistress. She removed the rubber phallus from my mouth, and set it into my chair's cup holder. The thick rubber piece protruded out towards me almost in a taunting manner, but my attention went back to Sage as she reached for her bag once again. This time she did not pull out anything, but rather was opening it to put stuff away. I watched as she folded up my coat and stuffed it inside before reaching over for the dildo and placing it atop my tucked away garment. She zipped up the bag and then spoke.

"Well I'm bored with this movie, not quite what I thought it was going to be. Let's get out of here so I can get home and do some homework, and you can get yourself some well needed sleep I'm sure. We can go out the back way considering how you are dressed, unless you would prefer to go out the front."

I shook my head no, though the idea did make my nether regions tingle.

"I figured as much. I'll lead the way, but don't you dare fall too far behind. Let's get going slut."

Sage began to walk down the stairs to the theatre's back exit, and I obediently followed behind her. Within seconds we reached the exit door which opened out into the back alleyway behind the Cineplex. It wasn't too late at night, but still there was no one around and everything was silent. We stepped out into the alley, and the door shut behind me marking no way back in, we could only move forward now. My car and I assumed Sage's too, were parked around the front of the theater which meant I would have to take the risk of being seen openly in front of the building. A shiver ran through my body at the thought, but Sage seemed to have no drawbacks about it at all.

She continued to walk through the alley towards the front of the building as if I wasn't following behind her naked. Not wanting to disappoint my mistress I nervously followed close behind. As we reached the corner of the building, Sage took a peek around and then a glance back at me before taking the deciding step out into the open. I took a steadying deep breath and followed. Fortunately, as I appeared from around the side of the building, I did not see any sign of cars pulling in, or people walking about. This steadied my nerves some, and allowed me to continue on.

We approached our cars, Sage had parked beside me, and I glanced back at the main entrance of the theater as we did. That's when I noticed that there was a small group of five or six people waiting in line to purchase tickets to a show. All they would have to do would be to turn and look in my direction to notice I was walking through the lot completely naked and helpless. I pulled my stare away from the crowd, as I assured myself I was fine and no one would look.

A few more steps and we reached our cars. Sage went to her car first and ordered that I stay standing at the trunk to wait for her to give me my car keys. She opened her car door, and dropped her bag on the seat before opening it up and digging out my keys from the pocket of the coat. She also reached over to the cup holder and retrieved the keys to the cuffs I was still wearing before returning to me. Once she unlocked my wrists, she handed me my keys and gave me my final instructions for the night.

"You are to drive home as you are now. Once home, do whatever you need to get ready for bed. I want you well rested for tomorrow, for it will be a long one. Meet me at the school at 5 am dressed in the outfit I left for you on the bed. Is this clear slut?"

I nodded my head indicate my understanding of the instructions.

"Very good, I will see you tomorrow morning then. Drive safe slut, and get your rest you are going to need it."

With that she returned to her open car door and proceeded to enter it and pull away. I nonchalantly walked over to my car and did the same. The drive home was uneventful, considering I made it while nude, but it went quickly and I couldn't wait to get back home to fall asleep. It wasn't until I started driving that I realized how exhausted I was. A good night's sleep was certainly in order, and even the curiosity of what Sage had planned for tomorrow would keep me from achieving it.

Once home, I quickly enter my house and made my way to the bedroom. I wanted to take a nice relaxing bath, touch up my shaved regions, and then crash into bed. On my bed I saw the outfit lift out for me by Sage and a sly grin appeared on my face. It was just a white, baby doll style dress, and a pair of white leather heels. I could not even begin to imagine what she had in mind for me while wearing that outfit, and I chose not to ponder it either. Rather I wanted to take her advice and get my rest, but first a bath.

To be continued...

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