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Czechia Case


All characters are 18+!!!!!

Based on true events!!!!!!!!


It happened in Czechia, a nice small European city full of visitors spending their money on resorts, almost a year ago when all my mates and I were having our holiday there. All those mountains and the bright sunshine could make everyone go out for skiing on all those snowy slopes. As a rule, there were always many visitors of any sex and age who liked being there very much. After long rides most people liked going to sauna-houses to be warmed up with hot streams of steam in the chilly evenings. At that resort the sauna was common for both men and women that seemed odd at first.

One day though, I was bored around noon and I didn't know what to do. I went there to relax instead of skiing like a madman. I left the hotel room, leaving all my friends and our loving girl friends who had been drinking and partying the previous night. When I got out of the bed I hardly felt it as I slid on some bottles scattered on the floor and I knew that they were going out in the mountains in their boozy woozy condition. I prayed to God for them not to get into trouble.

Thank God, the sauna was close to the hotel. The sauna was wooden and very comfortable with benches everywhere and all you wanted to do was to sit on them and relax. When I entered I was too lazy to even breathe. I planned to be alone there as all my party was going to be on the mountain in the cold as every one else that was there. There was no one else there and I got undressed fast by my locker when suddenly I saw a young girl of about 18 entering. My first rush was to cover myself, because I didn't want to get into trouble with anyone. I didn't know what that country's laws were and could be in deepshit over the situation. She looked round, saw I was the only person there, and stood at the locker next to mine and began undressing without a shadow of confusion like it was usual for her. It was so unusual for me to see that a girl could act like that especially at her age. She wore a long thick sweater and dark tights and she just started taking everything off - right in front of me! Only a blonde could do such things and she looked the part. Of course, anyone would want to get undressed, because it was too cold outside.

First she pulled her sweater up over her head, wearing just a tight T-shirt that concealed her tits. The girl was doing it so slowly, but very teasingly. My cock liked what I was staring at very much and even though I had a towel around my waist, I couldn't hide my hard-on that made a tent. My eyes unstoppably followed all her moves, staring at her delicious curves. I sat, pretending I was just relaxing until she threw off her T-shirt and tights. Her performance revealed two perky firm tits that had pink nipples in the center. Acting like a shy girl she turned her back to me, bent down and took off her flimsy panties. What a great sight it was! Two young buttocks were within my arm's reach and, spreading her legs, she showed me her virgin butt and just the hint of her cunt between her thighs. The blonde cock-teaser was surely tempting her destiny and I was planning not to miss a chance if I had it and age difference wasn't a problem for me, because I was here for having fun and nothing more.

I was so excited and it was funny that I was with a real young cock-teaser now and my swollen cock wanted very much to be poked into that young vulgar blonde! Did her parents know the way she acted when they were away? I'm sure she enjoyed putting herself on display for me. Holding my towel, I sat catching my breath and watching the way she was going off to the steam-room. I couldn't help staring at her sluttish tight ass swaying during her walking there. My breathing smoothed out a bit, but my heart kept hammering as I got up and followed her leaving my towel on the wooden bench in the locker-room.

After going through a short tiled hall we turned out alone in the small steam room and there was nothing hiding my nakedness. I used my hands to try and hold my cock down, but it didn't help too much. I'm a real man and I can't do anything to relax when I'm full of desire.

I sat down on a wet wooden bench with widespread hairy legs and my hard 8-incher pointed high in the air. She sat across from me, staring at me with her legs spread wide and feet placed by her sides on the bench that made her cuntal lips move apart, revealing her tight pink hole. She stared at me, licking her lips slowly and I stared at her naked flesh. I would say she liked what she was staring at by her lust-filled eyes. She looked awesome for her age; thin, hard-bodied, with just a little fat above her pubic area that gave her such nice curves. Her nipples were pink, surrounded by big areolas and I somehow felt that she was as full of desire as I was. Her face was framed with long blond hair that went down to her slim gentle shoulders. As if she was reading my mind, the blonde girl bent back, showing me her privates vulgarly. It's so hard for me to find words to describe her fucking teen cunt. It was clean-shaven with "SEXY" written there and the lips were swollen from waiting to be fucked, the slit between them looking slippery with just a hint of white liquid between them.

I moved my hand toward my cock and started slowly stroking it a bit which seemed to arouse her. By the size of her dark hole I thought it had already been used recently. I spoke and praised her to get a chance to check it out.

The cock-teaser began acting naughty, maybe wanting to bring me to the same condition (the question was did she know where it was leading). She started working out in the sauna-house doing a "bridge" position, arching her back like she was a cat. She seemed to be saying, "Hey Mister, look at my slutty body and test it!"

My head was spinning from watching, my heart raced, and my crotch needed some release. Without thinking, I stood up and came up to her like in a trance while she was still in the "bridge" position with wide spread legs and I buried my face in her hot crotch. The fear of her possible reaction mixed with sharp desire to feel her filled every part of me with hot excitement. My mouth immediately tasted her cunt's salty taste and my tongue pushed inside her cunt, spreading it wide. I wondered if she had ever fucked, because it was so tight that even stiffened my thick tongue was too much.

Surprisingly, she didn't shout for more, but her hands grabbed my cock and squeezed it really hard, peeling my skin back and some pre-cum globs appeared on its piss-hole. She knew something about sex because the cock-teaser got down on the floor hurriedly and her experienced sharp tongue ran along my cock's stalk. After a moment it stopped on my hanging hairy balls, her sluttish lips covered one of them and then it was sucked deep inside her eager mouth. I certainly was enjoying her performance and I caressed her ear's globe with my hand. The girl slurped so much that it sounded like an animal's lust. The girl was out of control and tried to swallow all my cock in one gulp, but it was too huge for her. She immediately choked on it as the cock-teaser swallowed half of it and tried to relax her throat and the slut's tongue started working my manhood over, but she was too inexperienced. Her teeth cut into my flesh and that annoyed me so I moved her aside gently, collecting myself.

Here I was with a wonderful teenager who was ready to finally bring my dreams to reality. I was sure that she also wished to learn more about sexual relations. What a pity I didn't have a girl next door like her! I'd "train" her every day! I never thought that anyone could be so lust-filled as she was! We were alone and nobody would interrupt if I locked the door, but the problem was that the steam room was hot!

I took her hand and the blonde rose up on her feet. Then I led her and she followed me like a perfectly trained puppy to the shower room. Switching on the water, cold streams cooled my body a bit, but not my passion. I took a bar of soap and started rubbing the girl's body, paying special attention to her sex. Her slippery passionate body especially excited me and I realized that the first wave of passion had already gone away and I felt the next one building, even more powerful. Sliding along the girl's body, my fingers stopped at her ass feeling her asshole, checking out its elasticity, then went lower and plunged my fingers into her teasing cunt, going deep inside. It was tight and small and I turned her around and bent her down. Bending down behind her, I rimmed her asshole and felt her tenseness. Of course, it was safer to fuck that baby in the ass than to stretch out her pussy so that she wouldn't get pregnant, but my cock needed to be inside her and I didn't care what hole got stuffed. I stood erect and soaped her crotch heavily, touching both her asshole and pussy. My cock moved down her back and between her cheeks, trying to find a hole to enter.

I don't write anything about the girl's condition because I didn't give a fuck at that moment. Perhaps she moaned from the size of my huge dickhead trying to drill her tight cunt. She wouldn't let it go inside, tightening instinctively and pushing me back out and it excited me even more.

If I fucked my beauty somewhere in a field I think it would have happened much faster: one thrust and the flesh would be conquered, but now we both wanted it and I couldn't hurt her.

Thus, I was slowly conquering her depths inch by inch. My dickhead was finally entering her cunt, but it couldn't go further - her hymen was too solid and stopped me. I didn't want to pop her cherry open, because some of her crazy people or friends could break into my room and kick the shit out of my ass and demand that I marry that stupid horny slut who couldn't pass any cock without tasting cum. I decided the best way was to screw her asshole. That was safer and exciting. You can't fuck some college girl's ass every day! My cock was about ready to cum but I wanted to plunge the whole stalk inside her. Her asshole was available so I pulled my cock out of her slippery-juiced cunt and pressed it against the inviting hole. Her submission excited me so much that my dickhead was already entering deeper, stretching her asshole. I could barely hear the girl's murmurs that grew louder as I was entering deeper. Perhaps she was having second thoughts and was trying to get my cock out. Surely, she used her shit chute very often, but it was still tight around my swollen cock.

I pulled her tighter to myself and the thickest part of my dickhead rammed through the tight ring of her muscle and the whole stalk slid inside her asshole as I thrust hard, holding her hips. The girl squealed and squeaked and relaxed as her asshole swallowed my cock to the balls at that moment, stuffing her. Probably her ass was fucked by only guys of her own age and without as huge a cock as I had. Relaxing and getting used to my cock in her asshole, the girl took it easier. I often cheated on my rich girl friend that had been drinking with my friends last night in the room and this time wasn't an exception. She soon began moaning as I started ramming her tight young asshole. Pulsations in my cock increased with every thrust I made and I soon pulled my ejaculating cock out of her asshole, leaving a healthy amount of cum inside her. The rest of my cum spat in thick globs on her white skin, leaving fat spots on it. She teased me so long that I came too fast.

Coming to myself, I noticed that she couldn't walk because her legs were too weak and I carried her to the steam room. As she was lying on the bench I spread her tight ass cheeks and a great quantity of sticky cum oozed out of her wide-stretched asshole. Grinning, I thought she would never want to fuck guys of her age again. The teenager relaxed as I began sawing two of my fingers deep inside her slurping hole. She moaned and screamed on the top of her lungs as my mood had changed and I added two more fingers and began poking them inside her slowly. At first the girl resisted it but gave up, as she understood it was a futile idea. Her asshole was so elastic that I was almost fisting it. Then I got my fingers out when I had heard she was on the edge of orgasm. I moved my cum-stained fingers to her pussy and rested them on her clit and began rubbing her hot spot. It was too much for her and the little bitch started squirting, covering my palm with slime. She was glad that I paid so much attention to her even after our fucking and she moved to my cock and started licking it clean without my saying anything to her.

I liked that day very much and thought it was high time to get back to join my friends in the room or they would get worried about my long absence. Soon our normal condition was restored and I realized she hadn't said a word during our sexual encounter. I never found out, and never really cared, if she was a German, a Czechian or of my own nation... I should go on vacations more often!


Please send me your comments, feedbacks and request and I'll try to follow them, because only they are the reward for a writer!!!!!

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