I met D my second day of classes here at college, but we didn't hit it off till the second semester, when by chance, I happened to sit next to her and we started talking. In retrospect, I think she liked me before that. We had another class together--one of those ridiculous, pedantic group sessions that every school inflicts upon its students--and I cracked as many jokes as I could there, and every time, she would look at me, laugh, and more importantly, smile with her eyes. When a girl is smiling with her eyes at you (ladies know what I'm talking about, gentlemen will understand if you pay close attention), you know she likes you.

She's a cutie, too. Her face is cute, almost like a cat's (no whisker's thank god) with these pretty brown eyes you can get lost in. Her hair is chestnut with some blond highlights, shoulder length, usually curly but she straightens it sometimes. She's short, and well built--a nice, plump little pair of tits sit high on her chest, proud and perky, and her ass is shapely, and almost perfectly sized. Not too big, and definitely not too small. She's got nice, plump, red lips too, exactly the kind I like to have wrapped around my cock. Now you know where I'm going with this, if you couldn't guess before.

She's smart, too, but you're probably not interested in that. Likes good authors, and is pre-med. I like that in a girl.

Anyway, I invited her to come see a movie with my friends and me one night after classes. I really knew she liked me then, because she was late and dressed up. If she had skipped dressing up, she'd not have been late, I reason, but she wouldn't do that, of course. She was wearing this cute, fitted polo, unbuttoned so I could see the soft little slopes of her breasts, a skirt, and tights. We all started out for the movie, and like a real gentleman, I offered her my arm.

The movie was good, nothing to write home about, and I was more concerned with the sexy little girl next to me. I slid my arm smoothly around her shoulders and she accepted it gracefully by sliding her hand along my arm and pulling me closer. Her scent was intoxicating--the combination of her perfume, with her soap and shampoo, and the natural scent of young, ripe girl was driving me crazy. My cock was practically bursting in my pants.

After the movie, my friends went off to a party while D and I walked back. We talked about the movie for a little bit.

"What are you going to do now? Just homework?" I asked, and slipped my arm around her waist.

"Maybe," she replied. It was dark out and in the pale light from the street lamps, her skin almost glowed. "I was thinking of going to get something to eat."

I couldn't control myself anymore. I swept her up, into my arms, forcing my lips over hers, my tongue finding hers, hot and unexpecting. She struggled for a second, more from surprise than fear and then gave it wholeheartedly. Her hands found my hair, and she held onto me, kissing me almost viciously. We made out there on the sidewalk, sloppy and almost burning, before I tore myself from her.

"Come here," I said, and grabbing her by the hand, I lead her down an alley behind an apartment building.

"Oh my god," she said, giggling a little. "I can't believe--"

I shut her up with another kiss, while I undid my pants. I took one of her hands and placed it on my cock. She gave a little gasp when she felt it but her hand quickly closed around it and starting rubbing me gently. That wasn't what I wanted, though. I broke the kiss and pushed her down towards my dick. She eagerly swallowed me, scraping me with her teeth a bit, and began to run her tongue all over my shaft. Her mouth was so warm--a wonderful contrast to the cold winter air surrounding us. Her tongue ran all the way up and down my dick, swirling deliciously on the head of my cock. Then, she began to bob her head, sliding over me. I ran my hands through her hair and pushed my cock farther into her mouth. She gagged a little, and I let up but then she took me in deeper than even I had pushed her and purred with delight. I felt her mouth and throat tightening and loosening, contracting all over me, covering my dick with her delicious, wet warmth and it was too much for me. I came hard, moaning a little bit. She stopped, and stayed on my cock. I felt her working to swallow all of my cum. After several moments, she'd gotten it all down. I pulled her up and gave her a hot, cummy kiss.

"You came a lot," she whispered, rubbing my still hard shaft.

"There's more where that came from," I growled. She giggled and kissed me again, playfully this time. Taking me by the hand, she pulled me down the street. We were practically running to her dorm. I grabbed her but a few times under her skirt and once, I grabbed her, pushed her up against the wall, and pressed myself against her, my cock massaging her crotch through our clothes. I reached into her shirt, pulled out one of her tits from her bra and she gave a gasp as the cold hair hit it. Her nipple tightened up immediately, and I gave it a quick, affectionate suck before stuffing it back inside her shirt.

Her roommate was at the library, and D texted her, letting her know not to come back for a few hours. While she was doing that, I had pulled down her skirt, and her tights, leaving her in just her shirt and a cute pair of flowery panties. I started rubbing her through them and she scolded me when she messed up her text because of it. She was soaking--her cunt made a cute little squishy noise when I played with it through her panties. I decided enough was enough, so I slid those down too, leaving her in only shirt and bra. She finished texting, practically through down her phone, and pushed me onto the bed.

"I've wanted you for so long," she moaned, trying to force my shirt over my head.


"God, since this beginning of the year." I lifted my arms and off came my shirt.

"You should've said something." I pulled her down for yet another hot kiss. She ran her hands over my chest, teasing my nipples, and gripping at my flesh, as if I might disappear.

"I've always been too shy. I was so happy when you finally started talking to me." I started kissing down her neck, sucking on her soft flesh, and she moaned. I'd found what really turned her on. I kept sucking and then nibbling and even biting all over her neck. Then, I bit her gently on the throat, like I was so sort of wolf and that drove her wild. She was rubbing her cunt against my knee and I could feel her juices seeping onto my leg through my pants. I forced her shirt over her head, and practically tore off her bra, leaving her totally naked, with her gorgeous tits hanging down above my head like luscious ripe fruits. She was busy undoing my pants and tearing them off, along with my boxers, revealing my cock standing tall and proud once more.

I flipped her over, so I was on top and spreading her legs, I drove into her. She moaned in delight, wrapping her legs around me and pressing forward, trying to get all over my cock in. I gave her a few good thrusts to start off with and she moaned again, and now wrapped her arms around me too, clutching at me as I fucked her. Her cunt was so gooey and soft and warm--juices were seeping onto the bed, and soaking the hair around my cock and the thin, well trimmed patch of hair just above her clit. I began to pound her rhythmically, starting fast and getting faster. Here is where the benefits of cardiovascular exercise come in, ladies and gentlemen. If you won't exercise for your health or appearance, at least do so for the sexual benefits. Before I started running in the mornings, I thought I could fuck hard and long, but now, I realize I was pretty weak. I'm a firm believer that it's not the football player girls should go for, but the guy who runs (or swims, perhaps) since he knows how to use his legs, and he'll go all night with you.

But back to our story--D was taking a good, hard fucking from me. Her tight little pussy was gripping me best it could but I thrust in and out faster and faster, harder and harder, her juices lubing the way. Then, I began to play one of my favorite games--instead of thrusting back in, I stopped, waiting with my cockhead just barely inside of her.

"What's wrong?" D asked panting. I just smiled at her. She squinted at me, having trouble seeing, trying to figure out what was wrong, if I were hurt, when I thrust into her again, hard, burying myself deep inside of her. She screamed, and shook. I began my regular, hard fucking again, and now, she was moaning even louder than before. Then, I stopped again, and she gave a delighted groan. I gave her a few false starts, dipping my cock into her wet hole before slamming it in. She screamed louder and louder, and I gripped her soft ass cheeks as I drilled into her.

"Fuck me, fuck me," she was whimpering in between screams. "Oh god, fuck me!" She dug her nails into my back, and in response, I bit down on one of her tits. This drove her over the edge and I felt her start to spasm in orgasm. The next moments were a blur for both of us, because suddenly I was cumming too. It felt so good to empty myself into her, not that it was safe. Later, she assured me she was on the pill, and neither of us had any diseases. Practice safe sex always, ladies and gentlemen.

Afterwards, we lay there, in a puddle of spent passion. A bruise was quickly forming on her breast from where I'd bitten her, and she'd drawn blood with her nails on my back. Not bad, I thought at the time.

The next day, we had class together, and she came in, a few seconds before our professor started talking, and sat down next to me as usual. I wondered how she'd act--would she be all over me or pretend it'd never happened? She acted like normal, and we chatted like the good friends we are, but she gave me these secret, knowing smiles, that let me know she was all mine.

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