tagGroup SexD) All of the Above

D) All of the Above


Nicole sat up on her elbows with a smile when she heard the door open her eyes gleamed when Jasper walked in. She was nearly naked as he had command of her. Wearing only a corset of black leather and red silk. Waiting and ready for him, having touched herself exactly as the text had demanded she do. She enjoyed their games. She inhaled deeply to push her breasts up proudly as his eyes raked over her body. Then his best friend, Christopher, walked in behind him.

"Jas! The hell!?" Nicole yelled pulling a blanket around herself to hide from the blonde man. Christopher turned red at the brief view he had gotten. Nicole glared at both men but her gaze darkened on Christopher. She was terrified what this could mean. She loved Jasper. She would do anything for him, but she was afraid that anything may be giving him up because the strange relationship she had with Christopher. The heated sexual tension the coursed between them that they tried to pretend didn't exist. She may have strong feelings for Christopher as well but she had still chosen Jasper.

"This is a bad idea." Christopher rubbed his neck and took a step towards the door.

"No!" Jasper snapped he pointed to the bed. "Go sit down."

Nicole slipped from the bed with a sheet wrapped around herself and a fearful gaze on Jasper when Christopher sat on the bed his elbows on his knees and head hung in defeat. He was sure the last fight had permanently ruined whatever chance he had with the woman. Jasper motioned Nicole to him and she quickly moved to him frowning.

"You're not giving me to him." She felt tears sting her eyes. "I'll run before that happens. If I can't have you I don't want him. I-"

Jasper shut her up the best way he had found by pulling her close and devouring her mouth with his. "God no." He cupped her face with his hand while the other arm wrapped around her waist. "He can either share us...or he gets neither." Jasper rested his forehead on hers. "That's the option I gave him."

Nicole blinked. "I don't understand why he's here. The golden boy won't-"

"Trust me?" Jasper asked. Nicole sighed but nodded her head. She trusted Jasper completely, she saw it in his eyes when he shifted from her loving boyfriend to her dom and she instinctively began falling into her sub space. Jasper turned Nicole around to face Christopher. "She's in." He told the other man who lifted his head. Jasper ripped the sheet away from Nicole and dropped it to the floor. Christopher blushed brightly at her exposure. Jasper had his arm around her and was rolling a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. "So, Chris, the question is-" Jasper moved forward and pressed Nicole into a bent position in front of Christopher, he used his foot to spread her legs exposing her further to the man still on the bed. "What do you want?"

Christopher blinked and forced himself to drag his eyes away from the exposed flesh. He looked up at his best friend, seeing Nicole looking around her knees at up him. "What?"

"'What' he says." Jasper rolled his eyes, his hand rubbing at Nicole's back and butt. She was bent at the waist, her blonde hair on the floor with her hands on her shins. She watched the two men expectantly. Jasper's hand slapped against Nicole's butt once, her body jerked and she yelped slightly even as she tipped her hips begging for more silently. "I mean do you want to fuck our girl in her tight little pussy." Jasper emphasized his point by pushing his fingers into her. She moaned and Christopher blushed. "Or her pretty little ass." Jasper then pulled his glistening fingers from her and pushed them into the other entrance, forcing out a deeper moan.

Christopher blushed brighter. "Um...uh..." He hadn't expected this type of sharing. He had expected more along the lines of the 'take turns' kind of sharing when Jasper had come to him and told him that his anger about the relationship could be solved by sharing.

"I'm not letting you have her without me until I know you'll treat her right." Jasper stated simply earning a glare from his friend.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?" Christopher snapped feeling angry that his friend would even suggest he would abuse Nicole.

"It means, I'm not leaving my sub with an inexperienced dom." Jasper smacked her butt again after pulling his fingers out. "So...are you in or out? Because if you can't accept it, leave." He rubbed at the red hand print left on her butt while Nicole pressed herself back towards him, biting her lip to keep herself from speaking out of turn. "She's being very good and deserves a reward. Don't you, Slut?"

"Yes sir." Nicole answered with a whimper as her butt was set stinging again.

Christopher was silent for a moment memorized by the sway of Nicole's red butt. "Her ass. I want her ass." He blushed, never having imagined doing something like this.

Jasper grinned. "Get your pants off then." He smacked Nicole's butt. "Get the lube."

Nicole straightened and immediately went to retrieve the requested bottle while the men undressed.

"I'll prep her this time." Jasper stated. "Next time though...it's you. So pay attention." Nicole placed her hands back on her shins with her butt facing the bed so Christopher could watch. She had a light blush at the heat she could feel coiling between her legs while Jasper spread them apart with his foot. "The safe word is 'Leonardo'. She says that and it all stops." Jasper turned to Christopher. "Period. I don't care what you feel or want. You betray the trust and I will make you regret it."

Christopher nodded his understanding and repeated the safe word back to the two. Jasper nodded. He wouldn't offer this opportunity to Christopher if he didn't think the other man would honor Nicole as their sub. He crouched next to the bent woman and began rubbing the lube at her entrance. She pressed back towards him.

"Eager little whore." Jasper warned. "See how she leaks." He trailed his fingers towards her entrance then back towards her rear door. It wouldn't be her first experience with duel penetration, just the first with two men instead of a toy and him. Jasper was careful to insure she had plenty of lube inside as well as around the edge. Christopher was aching just watching them, his own erection standing at attention between his legs. He blushed when he noticed Jasper's when the other man stood and tossed the bottle of lube at him.

"Lube up." Jasper commanded Christopher, who obeyed immediately. Jasper then reached down and hooked his finger in a loop on the corset and pulled her up. Nicole leaned against him, her hand running over his member as it pressed against her stomach.

"Do you need it?" Christopher asked blushing at his lack of knowledge as his cock shined with the lubricant coating.

Jasper laughed and reached down pushing his fingers roughly into Nicole. "The whore has plenty of natural lubricant for me." Nicole was arched in his arms pressing herself down on his hand.

Christopher stood by the bed as he had been commanded. Jasper was laying on his back at the edge with Nicole straddling him. Her butt shinned where Jasper had wiped the lubricant. Christopher couldn't stop himself as he reached out and ran his hand over her backside. It felt better bare than in jeans. Jasper smirked at him.

"Smack her ass." Jasper told Christopher who looked at him with wide eyes. "She likes it." Jasper assured his friend before forcing Nicole to bend so her butt was more exposed and he could suckle at her breast. Nicole whimpered. Christopher hesitated before striking her. She yelped in surprise but pressed her chest further into Jasper's mouth and her butt higher into the air.

"I want to fuck her." Christopher said after watching her butt turn bright red under his hand.

"Thought you would never ask." Jasper grabbed Nicole's hips and guided her down onto him, her moan sending a jolt straight to Christopher's groin. Once she was on Jasper fully he held her against his chest. He looked at Christopher over Nicole's shoulder. "Now you."

Christopher lined himself up with her lubricated entrance and glanced at his friend and the woman between them. Neither appeared to be questioning the actions so the mild guilt eased away while he eased himself in. The three moaned in unison until he was fully sheathed. Jasper ran his hands over Nicole's shoulders while her breathing shook.

"Good girl." Jasper praised. "You like that don't you?"


Nicole laid gasping between the two men once they were spent. Her nerve endings were on fire and every movement sent a jolt of electricity through her aching body. Jasper rubbed her shoulder soothingly, then he pushed at Christopher's shoulder until the other man pulled out and laid at their side. Christopher felt jilted that he had been pushed away until Jasper rolled over and placed Nicole on his chest.

Jasper kissed Nicole lightly before pulling away so Christopher could wrap his arms around the woman. "I'll be right back."

Christopher rubbed at Nicole's arms as he had seen Jasper do and felt her relax against him. He kissed her cheek lightly. Jasper returned with warm damp cloths after a few minutes. He was cleaned up, Christopher noticed when Jasper tossed a cloth at him.

"Clean yourself." Jasper told Christopher while moving his own cloth to Nicole. He kissed her lightly and smiled at her. She returned it softly. After they were clean and the cloths deposited in the clothes hamper the three laid naked on the bed. Jasper trailed his hand lightly over Nicole's body. Christopher's arm remained around her waist.

"Can this work?" Jasper asked the two. He locked his eyes with Nicole. "Can you accept both of us?"

"I think I just proved I can handle you two." Nicole laughed at her own joke even as her eyes drooped tiredly.

"Can you accept sharing?" Jasper turned his gaze to Christopher. That was who he was worried about saying 'no'. He knew Nicole had strong feelings for both of them and that she would enjoy being shared physically. Christopher though, Jasper wasn't sure if he would accept this lifestyle.

Christopher blinked at his friend then smiled. "We've always shared everything anyways."

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and if you win, what next. TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Anonymous05/15/18

Needs careful editing, but Five Stars anyway.

There are some typo's, misspellings, wrong words chosen. But it's a fun "atmosphere piece" and I'm looking forward to more.

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Totally illiterate garbage.

Give up. You can't write.

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