tagErotic CouplingsD-Day Ch. 4

D-Day Ch. 4


Mueller shook Chambers awake at 2:30 AM. He put his finger to his lips, using the sign to tell Chambers to be quiet. Mueller motioned with his hands for Chambers to grab his rifle and join him at the metal door.

Someone was calling through the hole in the door. That someone had a decidedly female voice. That someone was also speaking in German.

Mueller replied in German, then slowly opened the door, rifle at the ready. Three Wermacht nurses - a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead - entered the blockhouse. The women gasped in horror when they saw two Yankee soldiers aiming weapons directly at them. Mueller barked an order in German and the three nurses retreated to a corner, where they huddled in fear.

Mueller whispered to Chambers, "Watch them. I'll check to see if they brought any friends." The next few minutes were filled with tension. Finally, Mueller returned with an "all clear." Chambers heaved a sigh of relief but kept his weapon sighted on his enemy.

"I'm going to find out why they are here," Mueller told Chambers. He walked over to the corner, near the women, kneeled into a crouch, and began a quiet dialogue in German with the nurses. He returned with a sardonic smile.

"It seems their side is as fucked up as ours. Their intelligence officer told them that the Yankees had been stopped on the beaches. He encouraged them to visit the troops."

"They've been making the rounds of German positions, tending to the wounded. They particularly wanted to come to this blockhouse because the blonde has a boyfriend, Hans, who was stationed here. Must of been among the honored dead we rolled down the hill. They certainly did not expect to find this position taken."

"What do we do with them now?" Chambers asked. "Well, first thing, pal, we get your wounds looked after." He spoke again in German. The redhead picked up her medical kit and walked over to Chambers. She spoke while Mueller translated. "She wants to know where you are hurt. Show her." Chambers pointed to his butt and his hand. The nurse spent the next twenty minutes cleaning, swabbing and bandaging, working under Mueller's watchful eye. The men then reversed positions, when Mueller had his wounds tended by the blonde nurse.

When she was finished, the blonde asked Mueller a question. He responded, then quizzed the other two, who nodded in approval. He turned to Chambers with a big smile. "Next, we get some pussy." Chambers was totally surprised, then suspicious. "Hold on, pardner, I ain't raping anyone." "Naw, you got it wrong, Mack," Mueller said. "They're scared shitless. They offered to put out - all three of them - so long as we don't hurt 'em. You go first. I'll watch the war, then exchange when you're done."

Mueller said something in German and the nurses stripped their clothes off. Chambers rushed to the trio. He'd lived through the horror of the morning, only to enjoy three women in the night. What an incredible contrast of feelings.

The blonde had big tits and Chambers thought them fun to play with. The brunette had a nice firm ass and gave a great blowjob. But the redhead was a real sexual tiger.

She first fucked him missionary style, then sat on top, and third, switched to doggie-style, where she actually howled at the moon.

In a grand finale, the redhead nurse put her hands on the cement wall, bent over and let her tits hang free. She arched her back, thrust her ass out and spread her legs, giving Chambers a full view of her naked pussy. The nurse looked back over her left shoulder and said something in German to Chambers. He looked to Mueller for a translation. The GI laughed and told him, "She said 'Come on, soldier boy. Fuck me, right here, right now."

Chambers was incredibly excited and already very hard. He rammed his cock into her pussy, doggie-style. As he kept slamming into her, the nurse reached out with her left hand to run her fingers over the grafitti he had carved in the wall - "Motown."

Chambers grabbed the nurse's long red hair and pulled it back to maximize his thrust. Her thighs shook as she experienced orgasm after orgasm....

....Gerta stood up as the tourists approached and replied to their greeting in fluent German. They talked a bit and Gerta turned to Harry. "Their name is Mueller. Their little boy fell on the trail, visiting sites where his American grandfather fought. He cut his leg and his parents are unable to stop the bleeding. I told them not to worry, as I am a nurse and always carry my first aid kit for just such emergencies."

Gerta grabbed her kit and introduced herself to the boy. She stopped the bleeding and began to bandage the boy's knee. She glanced at Omaha Beach, and remembered another bandaging job years before. Smiling at Harry, Gerta reached over, patted his butt, and gave her husband a knowing wink.


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