tagErotic CouplingsD-Day Minus Three

D-Day Minus Three


While the planned activity took place on time and Tara loved it, I was terribly busy and could not write it down. In fact Tara said, "You did not enjoy that night? If you did you would share it with your readers!!" That was wake up call.

As promised, I had taken care of D Day minus three. The anticipation of what was to follow would not let me work and for Tara? Tara told me that she was getting her panty wet thinking of what I was planning for her. Tara always felt that I went with the flow and that I did not plan for fucking her. She felt that once I saw her pussy, I would turn mad and get out of control.

That was simply not true.

In the morning, I rang her up and told her that I would like her to reach my home at about 9 PM. Dinner was with me. Tara asked, "What are you planning?"

I said, "That is a surprise, like all days. Just wear ALL you like to wear"

Tara cut me short and said "And then you take off all I am wearing. Or even tear them off"

I said "Darling, to fuck you have to take off all you wear. I wish I could have you naked all the time and I could fuck you all time"

Tara sighed and said "Well. You have me every night, except five nights a month"

I said, "This time I wont spare you those five nights also!"

Tara answered "Shit. How will you do that?"

"I will simply drag you to bed, tie you up and fuck the shits out of you."

She said, "I don't want to hear all this on phone. I dare you to do that. Bye."

She hung up.

I ordered about 10 kilos of rose petals, 10 roses with stems and 20 carnations with stems. I asked the florist to get them delivered to my home at about 8 PM. I paid through my Credit Card.

I left for work on time and returned as usual at about 7.30 PM. I went in and started to make arrangements. I took out the silk ropes and tied them firmly to the head post and the foot post. Cleaned them all and applied cream on the normal and the special electric dildo and the remote controlled vibrator. I checked each equipment. I selected the pillows for the buttocks and other equipment.

Then suddenly I got the idea that what she would like is a session where her pussy was teased for more sex. It should not hurt her, but she should be made to beg to be fucked. And then she should be fucked too.

I took out a bottlebrush thinking that this could be inserted into her panty. I washed the bottlebrush carefully with soap and shampoo. I took out my water painting brushes and cleaned them and dipped them in water together with the bottle brush to soften them. I remembered she had one bought a back scratcher with small fingers at the end of along pencil kind of stick. Took that out and went about writing the script of the evening.

I cleaned the bed, changed the sheet, changed the pillow covers and placed all the rose petals over the bed. I hid the ropes under the petals. I took the flowers and kept them next to the pillow.

Since it was getting late, I quickly had my bath and changed into loose clothes that could be taken off easily.

Dinner was kept ready by the cook.

I locked the bedroom and placed my self in the drawing room.

Soon the bell rang. I opened the door and she was at the doorstep. Smiling.

"Hi. What news? What is cooking?"

"Food? The cook has done that!"

"No you ass hole. Your plan for the night"

I said, "Just come in and go with the flow"

Tara stepped in and twirled around and asked, "How do I look?"

"With or without clothes? You look very pretty in this dress, but way prettier without any"

Tara was wearing a floral floppy dark blue skirt and a white blouse. Her bra was visible through the blouse.

She walked in and drifted into the drawing room. I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her on her cheeks and asked "Are you ready?"

Tara answered "I am always ready for you."

Tara tried to enter the bedroom and found the door locked. I said "That is a surprise for you"

We chatted for a while and had diner together. We placed the plates and utensils in the kitchen for the maid to handle it the next day.

We walked into the study and sat and savored the moments of peace with the anticipation of what I would do to her and my anticipation of how she would offer maximum pleasure that she could.

After meals, we sat on two armrest less chairs in the study and faced each other. We chatted for a while. She talked of her humdrum work in the office and I spoke about my terrible boss.

After a while I walked into the bedroom and came back with the pencil scratcher and sat opposite her and went on chatting.

Returning I asked her "I want to massage your feet"

I softly caught both her ankles and raised them onto my chair between my legs and took off her shoes and socks and placed them between my legs.

Tara said, "I truly needed that massage. The damn shoes hurt"

I said, "Why don't we get new ones which do not hurt?"

"To tell you the truth, I like the pain. Simply because you massage my soles and I feel a lot better. And then, you don't always stop at massaging my soles."

I started to massage her feet and toes. Tara purred with pleasure and said "Oh that is nice"

Tara was naughty. While I was massaging one foot, she started to try to play with my crotch with the other foot.

I asked her naughtily "You want the cock up and working soon, is it?"

She answered back saucily "Isn't that what the cock wants too?"

With her toes doing their job, my dick was throbbing and wanting to burst out.

For a while Tara kept playing and let her soles be massaged.

Tara said, "Why don't you take off your bottom. Let me see that huge cock of yours – salivating for its chosen pussy. May be my toes can play with the cock a little bit while you treat my soles lavishly"

I tried to tell her that I would like to be in command.

Tara pulled her legs back, got up and went behind my seat and tried to pull me up. Tara softly said, "Just get up"

I got up. Tara ran her hands over my chest and slowly went for my crotch. She felt my swollen and erect dick through my clothes with her left hand from the front.

While I was trying to understand what she was trying to do, she slipped her right hand from between my legs and left my cock and balls.

She said "God, this wants pussy real bad."

She slid around me and sat down in front of me.

Tara said "Let me take off your pajamas and the undie. I want to see the cock real bad"

She slowly inserted two fingers inside my waistband and pulled out the drawstring and pulled one end. She loosened the drawstring and let the pajama fall to the ground.

She said "I want to sniff the dick when it is hot and wanting its pussy"

She sniffed the crotch and said "Wow that smells all cock"

With that she held the elastic band of my underwear from both ends and pulled it down.

The cock jumped out and stood proudly in front of her face.

Tara made me step out of the undie and then held the cock from middle and pulled the foreskin back and sniffed it and said, "That smells real great"

She said "Actually, I want the cock faster than you think"

I asked "Why are you in a hurry?'

"I am in no hurry. My pussy is hot and leaking its juices. Actually I masturbated before leaving"

Tara got up and held the cock in her left hand, lifted her skirt with her right hand and tried to pass the cock between her legs. She moaned "I will remove the panty for you. Just take me"

Tara lifted the crotch cover and tried to insert my cock into her panty right into her pussy.

Tara hissed "Just put that monster in and fuck me hard now. Real hard strokes into my pussy"

I could not say no. My cock had got the taste of its favorite pussy and her juices had licked my cock.

Much that I wanted to control the situation; I grabbed her by her waist and lunged the cock in.

Tara screamed "Aaaah. That is nice. Give me some powerful thrusts"

Tara screamed "Put me against the wall and fuck this pussy HARD"

I drove her to the wall and tried to grab her hands and place them on the wall, while her legs had wrapped themselves around my waist.

Tara hissed, "Take off my clothes. Tear them off. Tear off my panty"

I perhaps did not hear that or simply did not care. I simply ploughed my cock in and out.

After a few minutes, I realized that this was not fun enough.

I pulled out the cock. Tara pleaded, "Don't take that out. Fuck me. Fuck me now"

I caught the wais6band of her panty and started to pull it down. Tara pleaded, "Tear it off. I want some real passion here"

I slid the panty down and scooped her into my arms, put her down on the floor of the study and lifted her skirt. Tara said "I will lift the skirt. Just take this pussy NOW"

Tara pulled her skirt up and raised her buttocks in anticipation of a powerful entry again into her.

Tara held my cock and said "Let me run this in my slit" She ran it over her slit a few times and then held the knob of my cock on the open mouth of her pussy.

Tara ordered, "Put it in. HARD"

I slammed the cock in.

She cried out and said, "Please take me. Just ram this big cock in"

Each time the cock went in she let out a small "Ouch"

When I pulled it back, she would breath out, as if she were crying.

When I started to really pump hard, Tara started pleading, "This cock is too big. It will tear my slit into two. Please take it out"

"Ouch. Please – don't pump me that hard. My pussy is tearing up"

But a mad cock normally brooks no nonsense. Once inside a wet pussy goes all the way.

I affixed my mouth over her mouth and ran my tongue into hers and sucked hard.

I decided to give her 20 powerful strokes. I told her "Let me give you at least 20 powerful strokes. Just hold your legs apart properly, or you will hurt more"

I held her wrists down on the floor and let her hold her legs wide open with her ankles high in the air.

I decided to try out a new stroke, I had read about. I pulled the cock back to the tip remaining inside only and I ran a series of small and irregular strokes. I little in and a little out. Then suddenly, ram the cock in. Once from the left and then next from the right.

Tara screamed "Aaaaah. That is real nice. Just deep fuck me till I die. Kill me"

I told her to count. When I reached ten strokes. I decided to surprise her.

I suddenly rammed the cock deep in and rammed her very quickly, many times, in full-length deep strokes, powerfully.

Tara was crying with pleasure and yelling "More. More. Fuck me more"

Then suddenly, I stopped and pulled my hot and throbbing cock out. Tara pleaded, "Put it in. Don't take it out. Satisfy my pussy"

I scooped her up and carried her with her skirt lifted and terribly wet pussy into the bedroom.

I dropped her on the bed and ripped her blouse off her. Her bra was coming in the way. I pulled it from the front. It tore off. I really wanted her to be totally naked, urgently.

Tara helped and said, "Pull the skirt down"

She was totally naked. I lay down next to her. Tara wrapped her hands around me and said "Make love. I need to come"

I caught her knees and parted her legs wide. Tara held her own knees and said "I need no help. I just need this cock inside me"

I rammed the cock in. And soon, Tara was screaming, "I am coming. Don't stop. Just take me."

I came inside her and released my load into her.

Tara whispered, "Keep the cock inside me. And don't get off me. I want to feel the cock getting smaller and enjoying my pussy"

We remained locked in that position. Tara's hard breathing got to normal. After about 20 minutes, I moved to pull out the cock.

Tara said, "You want to get out? Tired?"

I said "No. I want to prepare you for the next round. You know, my cock is never satisfied with one fuck. Your pussy will be taken many more times this night."

She looked around and saw the petals on the bed.

Tara said "God. What is this for? Today is not my birthday"

I said, "I know. May be I want you to enjoy the sweet aroma of the flowers while I take you."

I picked up some petals and threw them over her and tried to cover her special parts with petals.

I walked over to her and kissed her on her lips. She responded immediately and opened her mouth and let my tongue explore her sweet mouth.

As she moaned, I put some more petals on her breasts.

Tara whispered "I love it"

I just went about my own plan.

I detached myself and walked over to my collection and picked the painting brushes.

Then I lay next to her and put some more petals on her nipples and breasts.

I said, "They are milky white and full. Are they full of milk or cream?"

"Darling. They are all yours. Fill them with milk when you like. Just tell me not to take my pills and I will stop them. You then fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. They will sooner than later fill up with milk"

Tara added "But, now, please cream my pussy"

Then I played with her hair for a while, caressing them and running my nose through them.

I picked up the bottlebrush and started to run it over her shoulders and between her breasts.

Tara jumped up with a sharp pain from the bristles. "Oouch that hurts!!!"

"Please darling. That hurts. - - - - Don't"

I gave her a couple of light taps with the brush. She screamed sharply hurts darling!!"

The bottlebrush went on running all over her.

Tara said "Why don't you just pierce my nipples and hurt me real hard?"

I answered, "The nipples are for my sucking. It is your pussy, which needs treatment.

I just continued. Soon she got used to the brush.

I ran the brush repeatedly over each of her breasts and then over her nipples. Her nipples had hardened and she was pretty excited.

I asked, "Are you wet enough?"

Tara softly said, "Yes. You know that. You just took it"

I caught her by her waist and lifted her up and sunk my lips onto her naked breasts. Tara pleaded "Please suck them hard. Bite them off"

I lifted her up by her waist and sucked her hard and played with each full breast one at a time.

I put her back on the bed and caught her by her wrists and lifted them above her head. I pulled out the ropes from below the petals and tied her wrists to the head post.

I said, "You need to be restrained"

Tara was surprised by the ropes. She said, "Why don't you tie my legs also. Open the pussy as wide as you can and fuck me hard now. I want your fat dick inside me. Pump my pussy hard. Daaarling. I need your cock"

With her hands tied, Tara looked inviting and vulnerable at the same time. I loved that look. Her eyes turned limpid and rolled to one side.

I kissed her on both her breasts one by one and slowly played with each nipple one by one.

Then I got up and changed my position. I caught the hem of her skirt and lifted it all the way up.

I caught her by her ankles and lifted them up and spread them apart.

Soon she was looking like a frog.

I said, "Don't move the legs. I want to play with your pussy"

Tara did not answer back, She just turned her head to one side and prepared to take what I did to her.

I took the bottlebrush and started to run it all over her wide-open inner thighs.

Tara gasped and said "Aaaaaaaaw"

Tara said "Please stop this and put your cock in. Let me enjoy you. Please."

After some pretty rough treatment to her thighs, I felt it was time for tenderness. I pulled out the now soft and wet paintbrushes.

I caught her legs and straightened them down and pulled the panty down till her ankles.

Tara said, "Lift my legs and part them from my knees. I need to be played with"

I tightened the ropes in a manner that lifted her legs with the panty at the ankles till they were just above her stomach. The knees automatically parted.

She said, "Push my knees down hard. Break my legs. But just take my pussy. It is hot and wild with wanting you in it"

I started to play with the brush over her legs while parting the pussy lips with my fingers.

Tara jumped up when I ran the soft painting brush through her wide-open slit over her clit.

Tara cried out "Ooooh. That is too much. Darling, eat my pussy up"

Tara then requested "Please part the pussy lips with your fingers and play with the clit"

Tara suddenly said, "I am coming"

I continued playing with her clit with the brush.

Once her orgasm was over, I waited for a while for her paroxysms to get over.

When she was calm and her hard and fast breathing went down, I brought back her panty and made her wear it.

Tara was surprised and asked "Its over?"

I said, "No wait and see"

I took the bottlebrush and lifted the panty band and slowly inserted the brush into her panty.

Tara jumped up and yelled with paid.

"No. No. Please do not do that. My pussy is very sensitive. That hurts"

I caught her legs and spread them wide.

I let the shock sink in and then after a while I started to move the bottlebrush in and out and roll it inside her panty.

Tara was screaming with pleasure and pain. Tears rolled down her eyes. She strained at the wrists. The more she pulled the tighter it got.

Tara sobbed and pleaded, "Take off my panty"

I lifted the front of the panty and let the brush ease its pressure.

I pulled out the brush.

Tara pleaded "Please take off the panty. Get me totally naked and fuck me"

I pulled her panty down.

She was totally naked.

I asked, "Do you want to be spanked or brushed?"

Tara said, "Please do not hurt me"

I released her hands and slowly helped her turn over.

Her beautiful buttocks were pointing up. I leaned across the bed and pulled the rose stem out.

I ran the rose over her buttocks.

Suddenly I gave her one whack with the stem.

Tara yelled out "Oww. That hurts"

I gave her a couple of more whacks with the near nettled stem.

"No. Please don't do that"

Tara tried to get up.

I ordered her into the doggy position.

As she got into that position, I took two roses with stems. I started to run one between her legs caressing her pussy crack and with the other I started to whack her back and buttocks.

Tara let out a small yelp each time the stem landed on her buttocks. But equally she hissed with pleasure each time it ran through her crack. "Ssssssss. Please don't. Please don't – stop"

I slowly took one finger and licked it and started to probe her pussy from behind while whacking her with the rose stem.

Each time the rose stem landed she would firm up her buttocks. I knew she was opening and closing her pussy.

I started to move my finger in and out when she was tightening her ass when the rose stem landed with a whack.

Immediately she understood, I wanted her pussy tightened around my finger when I fingered her.

Tara pleaded, "Please stop hitting me. Please turn me over. I will tighten my pussy as it is. Then fuck me. I promise my pussy will remain tight. I will not let your cock to go"

I stopped and asked her to lie with her pussy pointing up. I two pillows and made her lie down.

I ordered "Tighten your pussy now"

As I started to probe the pussy, she said "That will hurt. Please do not do that. Please put some cream on your finger before you put it in"

I slowly ran my middle finger through her slit and picked up her pussy juices. When my finger was wet with her juices, I slowly inserted my finger in, she crossed her legs and said "Please. Please do it - Haaard"

I started slowly and then started to pump the pussy fast and hard.

Tara went on pleading "Harder. Haaarder. Faaaster. Please. Pleeeeeease"

"Tear my pussy up. Just finger me haaaard. I am a whore. I deserve to be taught a lesson. Please tear my pussy apart. Haarder. Haaaarder"

Tara soon came and started to scream "Stop. Stop. Please stop"

She fell in a heap and I let her rest.

I think she went to sleep for a while.

In ten minutes she opened her eyes and asked "Any thing else on your devious plan?"

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