Then IT HAPPENED or rather it didn't. Dad explained that as he started to slide his cock into the eager young woman, his penis deflated. He was intensely embarrassed and more of less forced Cecilia to leave.

"And she won't go out with you again because of that?" I asked incredulously.

"She's called and says she understands and that she'd still like to get together, but how can I ask her to; I'm not man enough for a woman like her!"

"Not man enough, Dad? You should see yourself through a woman's eyes. Everything about you says you are strong and caring, experienced and competent, a man who would walk through fire to protect his woman and come out on the other side unscorched -- like you did for that young mother this afternoon. God Dad, you are a woman's man!"

"But not where it counts."

"Everywhere it counts. Here," I slipped my hand into his shirt and pressed it against his heart. "And here," I leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. "And as for here," I dropped my hand to his crotch, "This feels very manly." I said it to be nice, but my surprised fingers were nodding in agreement enthusiastically. An image flashed to mind, something I must have seen around the pool these last few days without thinking about it. There had been quite a lot of Dad packaged into his Speedos, quite a bit more than Ralph.

"But not when I needed it," Dad replied bitterly.

"That's what can happen you get a woman too hot, too fast, stud," I grinned, "Although it sounds to me like she was hot when she arrived. Too bad she didn't have a trace less passion and a smidgen more experience with men."

"Experience with men? Cecilia was married for eight years and has dated plenty since."

"She'd been dating boys, Dad. She doesn't understand men. And," I added, "I see that you didn't read the directions on the package." I went on to explain the reasons for his "failure," the time since he had last made love, the surprise of her visit, and especially that Cecilia moved too fast, before the Viagra started working. "You know what they say, Dad. If you fall off a horse, you've got to get right back on. Call her."

"But what if it happens again?"

"Well, maybe you should practice with someone else first to get your confidence back," I grinned.

"Who?" he asked, not looking at me.

"A woman who thinks you are hero," I whispered and tumbled myself into his chair, managing to move the lever to male it recline all the way. I was kissing him before he knew what was happening. He tried to protest a little, but having a willing woman in his arms, a woman who, I realized, had been flirting with him all day, whose breasts crushed against his chest and whose lips were glued to his, soon silenced his nonsense. After a few minutes of tongue fencing I let him up for air.

"Now, we are going to bed. You are going to take your Viagra and I am going to spend as long as it takes showing you how a woman gets a man like you ready for sex."

For the next forty five minutes I envied Martha and felt sorry for Cecilia. I had nothing to show Dad. His mouth and his hands traveled my body like vagabonds, never spending too much time in one place before moving on. Oh, they did have their favorite spots that they returned to, time and again: Twin Peeks, Lake Navel, the long thoroughfares of my legs, secluded nooks behind my ears. For the most part it was a narrated tour, as Dad lovingly told me how each feature of my intimate geography made up part of a perfect woman-scape.

"This land is your land, "This land is my land," I hummed silently to myself.

Only one geographical feature of that mysterious continent Ellenia remained unexplored: the grotto hidden deep in the jungle between my legs. It could hardly have gone unnoticed to such an experienced explorer as Dad, especially as a small stream now issued from it and a musky aroma gave away the location. Gradually I realized Dad's delay had been tactical; he had been waiting for a third member to join his fingers and mouth in opening up and conquering this new territory. Once the party was at full strength, tongue was sent in on a scouting mission.

As Dad began his long, loving assault on my last redoubt, I stopped envying Martha and started wanting to light a candle for her in gratitude: this man knew how to eat a woman. Ralph had gone down on me a few times in grudging exchange for a blow job and several boys in college were not bad, but nothing compared to Dad's meticulous, well-planned invasion of my pussy, not least because of his very effective psychological warfare. "Your body is so beautiful, Ellen, especially here. Let me make it wet for you, so wet," he whispered all the time he was petting and stroking me. "That's it, honey, let me love this beautiful pussy."

Gently Dad pulled the lips apart. I felt his eyes on my inner lips, giving them their first, playful lick which made me shudder. Next he spread the tops of my all but neglected pussy until he found my clit. He blew it a soft salute, but avoided touching me there just yet. Dad stalked my pussy slowly, sensing that I love to be teased. He zeroed in on the inner part of his victim-lover's thigh, kissing it, licking it making designs on it with the tip of his tongue. Time after time I squirmed with unbearable arousal as Dad came dangerously close to my center, only to float away. I never knew just when he would strike.

Suddenly Dad was licking the crease where my leg joined my pussy. I quivered as he nuzzled his face into my untamed bush. Brushing his lips over my now flowing slit without pressing down further excited me. Dad had me! Soon I was bucking up from the bed, straining to get more of him into me. The moment had arrived. Dad put his lips directly upon my slit.

He kissed me, gently, then harder. With his tongue, Dad separated my pussy lips and when I was opened, my assailant ran his tongue up and down between the layers of my pussy flesh. Gently she spread my unresisting legs with his hands.

Gently, ever so gently, Dad began to tongue-fuck me. My moans of arousal and frustration told him he was teasing his son's wife unmercifully. I was dying for some attention to my clit. It must be hard, hard enough to peek out of its covering. I wailed when Dad licked it and again when he licked harder, pressing into my skin.

Gently, Dad pulled the pussy lips aside and flicked his tongue against my uncovered clit. He did it quickly and my legs shuddered. Sensing that I was approaching orgasm, Dad made his lips into an O and took the clit into his mouth. Starting to suck gently, Dad looked up into my face for my reaction. Seeing I could handle it, he began to suck harder.

I lifted my pelvis into the air with the tension of my approaching orgasm. Dad hung on, keeping his hot mouth on my temple. "Don't stop. Please! Don't ever stop!" I wailed as I orgasmed.

Even as I was recovering, Dad began to finger-fuck me, making for the sensitive area at the roof of my vagina. It drove me crazy when a man touched her there. Wetting them with my flow, Dad slipped one then two fingers into my pussy, rubbing slowly at first, then a little faster, massaging my G spot rhythmically with a "come here" motion. He was tracking my responses perfectly, speeding up only when I did.

My ragged breathing told him what to do. Sucking my clit and finger-fucking me at the same time, Dad was giving me far more stimulation than Ralph or any man could with a cock alone. I could feel my almost uncontainable excitement. I blushed and began to tremble.

Even when my next orgasm broke, Dad didn't let go of my clit, hanging on for the duration. When I started to come down from that climax, Dad pressed his tongue along the underside of my clit, leaving his lips covering the top. Gently, he moved his tongue in and out of my cunt. His fingers were still inside and he began to move them a little too, gently though, knowing how sensitive I was just now. Bingo! I was off towards another big O.

Not content to make me come, Dad must have wanted to make me his love-slave. He didn't leave me alone just yet. He talked to me, stroked my body, caressed and praised my breasts, pinched my nipples. He continued making love tome quietly until I had floated all the way down.

I was dazed from the intensity of the orgasms when I realized Dad so far was just softening me up. He sent his lips for a parley up by the lobes of my ears. "Ellen, sweetie, are you absolutely sure this is OK with you?"

What kind of trick question was that? Was it OK to let this wonderful, virile man continue to make love to me? "Yes, Dad, yes, please!"

Then I saw the implications of the question and my answer. He was on his knees, straddling my hips; my pussy, wet from repeated climaxes was open and defenseless. His cock, the cock I thought needed my help to get it hard, help sustain an erection long enough to penetrate a woman, hung there below his belly, short but as thick and hard as any cock I'd ever seen. It put my husband's to shame. "It's ... you're ... beautiful, Dad," I whispered.

His mass sank on me in reply, his lips on mine as he penetrated my last defenses. Slowly he began to move in me, twisting and grinding his pubic bone against mine on each stroke. Even as he fucked, he was kissing my breasts, loving them as my husband never did. "So perfect, Ellen. So perfect."

He continued to fuck me with short, strong strokes. His stamina was amazing. I was slowly headed for yet another orgasm. Already defeated, I could only sue for peace on the best terms I could get. "Fuck me, Dad! Fuck me, fuck me, please! Fuck MEEE," I cried out as I came on my father-in-law's cock.

Fucking me was exactly what he was already doing, but feeling my cataclysm may have accelerated his plans. I was headed for yet another orgasm when suddenly I felt him withdraw. I shuddered and almost cried at the emptiness. How could he leave me now when I needed him so much? Then I realized he had not given up, only exchanged the frontal assault for a flanking movement. His large hands grasped me and his powerful arms flipped me and pulled my ass into the air, vulnerable to a renewed onslaught. From this angle when he re-entered me he could grasp me by my waist and slam me against his bulk as he rammed himself into me with incredible power. My world shrank to the pillow in my face and the incessant hammering of Dad's cock in my pussy.

At last, his thrusts became quicker and punchier. I heard a low, animalistic roar as he stiffened, shuddered, and slammed himself into me. "So gorgeous, baby! So sexy! Come for me, come for me, Ellen!" From out of nowhere yet another climax erupted over me as Dad released himself deep into my womb. He collapsed on top of me, his cock still plugging me, holding his sperm inside me. The war was over; the colonization had begun.

When the fireworks in my body subsided, I twisted onto my side to face him, glowing with feelings of love and protected ness in his strong stocky arms. I wanted to say something in gratitude, in tribute to the best lovemaking I'd ever experienced, but Dad was already asleep, smiling. I settled for kissing his nose, pushing my butt into the crook of his groin, and pulling his arms around me.

Dad is over 60 and we did not "go at it" four more times that night. Nor was I awakened at 5 AM by him pounding away at me. In fact Dad was still asleep when I got up the next morning to fix breakfast. I figured it should be a hearty one. I was rather pleased that I had exhausted him. As I mixed flour, meal, eggs, and oil for pancakes, the reality of what we had done, of what *I* had done, for surely I had started it, sank in. I had had sex, no I had made love with my husband's father. And not only that -- another thought intruded -- I had done so I the middle of my cycle, totally unprotected! I never thought I would be having sex on this trip, much less with my father-in-law, and besides, I was accustomed to Ralph taking the precautions, precautions against consequences I didn't particularly want to avoid.

There! I had thought it. I wanted more children. I resented Ralph for being unromantic and far too sparing with lovemaking, for failing to pet me and hold me, and tell me I'm desirable, but I resented more his not wanting to make babies with me. Looking back at my actions, it seemed as if I had spent the last 24 hours with the sole intent to seduce the handsome, virile man still sleeping in the bed I had just shared. I had used every wile ten thousand generations of women had learned to ensure that this male would shoot his potent seed into me at the best possible time and most propitious way to achieve conception. And I didn't regret it in the least.

The rest of the weekend was a more drawn out reprise of last night. I discovered that Dad had not taken Viagra, which lasts only a few hours, but a newer drug, the Mexican version of Tadalafil called (I'm not making this up) "Rapivir," which touts itself as a "weekender." I could write an unsolicited testimonial, although I prefer to believe it was more the excitement of our slow but passionate lovemaking that keep Dad going Saturday and Sunday and indeed once Monday afternoon, just hours before Ralph and Kevin were to return. We did it that last time in Dad's recliner in the living room, teasing each other to insane arousal about the danger of his son and my son walking in to find their parents fucking.

They did not of course. I was counting on Ralph to be predictable. They had seen news of the fire on TV and wanted to know all about it. I had to do most of the talking -- that's lovable, reticent Dad -- over a nice dinner in a little Cuban restaurant. The next day we packed, said our good byes, and were off for New Jersey.


About two weeks after we got back, I got a call from Cecilia. Dad asked her out, she found that sitter again but allowed more time, and they spent a wonderful night of lovemaking. A few days later, however, Dad confessed to her how he "got his groove back."

"He told you that?" I gasped, dreading what she would say next.

"We have promised not to have secrets and besides, why should I be mad? He is grateful to you, but he's in love with me. As we say, 'No hay mal que por bien no venga.'"

"Oh, that's good," I laughed. "'Nothing bad happens, but that good comes of it.' But, hey, that makes me the 'something bad,'" I protested in mock anger.

"No Ellen, you are the 'something good,' the best thing that's happened to Fred since Martha died, except me, I hope."

"Count on it, Ceci."

"I had to call to thank you. I know you didn't intend to seduce Fred, but because you did, I have my wonderful man back. Just don't make a habit of it!" There was an edge of seriousness in her levity.


From then on scarcely a day went by we were not on the phone or at least sending e-mails to each other. Maybe it had something to do with knowing how much alike we look, but I felt like Cecilia was the little sister I never had. She mentioned feeling the same about me.

Then one day I got an excited call. "Ellie, Ellie, I've got to tell you. I can't believe it, it's so grand!"

"Calm down Ceci, what's up? Did you finally get your echocardiogram service incorporated?"

"No, something a hundred times better. Fred and I are getting married, the twenty-fifth of next month!"

"Oh, that's wonderful, Ceci! I'm so happy for you, for you both, but frankly, I'm not surprised. Dad's letters have been full of "Cecilia this" and "Cecilia that" and "the boys and I," and "we." He sounds like a teenager bragging about his first girlfriend. But why so soon? There won't be time to plan a real blow out. This deserves a big celebration."

"We were planning to announce it for early next year, but we no longer have that luxury. I got the news, yesterday, Ellie. I'm pregnant."

My mouth dropped. "You're ... you're WHAT? Why that horny old stud!" I laughed again.

"Yeah, I think he got me on the very first time we were back together. After what happened the time before, I wasn't prepared. I'm not on the pill and I didn't have any condoms. We almost didn't get out of bed all weekend."

"Yeah, that's how he operates," I snorted. "I'm about two weeks ahead of you!"

***** Epilogue

"Ohmygod! What a hot story, honey," the woman exclaimed. "That was a wonderful anniversary present, Mr Edgewater. I can't believe how horny it got me. I'm gushing."

"I'd better check, don't you think honey?" her husband grinned, pushing up her pale blue camisole and sliding his hand toward her pussy.

"You'd better do a lot more than check, baby! You've got one seriously turned-on wife in this bed that needs her husband's balding head between her legs. And if so much as one drop of me spills onto the sheets, you get it! AHHHH! Like that! Ummmm! Don't hurry. I'm not going anywhere until you finish. Haaa! Take all the time I need."

"I just can't get over how close that story comes to what happened last month when we were down visiting your father. Ooouuu, Yes! Ummm. Of course Dad's girlfriend is kind of white trailer trash and not a hot Latina babe and he and I did it just once, while you and Rodney were at the Devil Rays game, not all weekend, but ... OH, nice! Oh oh! Slow down, tiger, I, going to ... AAAAhhhh!"

"Uh uh. No you don't! Just stay right where you are, Buster. I'm not finished with you. Aahhhh! Remember no spills down there. Get that wonderful mouth of yours working again honey. Ummmmm

"Of course I made Dad wear a condom. I mean, I'm not stupid. You certainly wouldn't want me pregnant again! Ahhhh Aaahh!

"Wow! Was that for me saying 'pregnant again?' Ahhhh Aaahh Aaaahhh! I guess so."

"Now I get it! You put that Vomer Hargus, or whatever his name is, up to writing that story, didn't you. You were telling him things about me, letting a stranger in on our little secrets because my husband is fantasizing about me getting knocked up! Ahhhh, Ahhhhh!"

"Is that it? You want to see my breasts go back to 42DD? Ahhhh, Ahhhhh!"

"And my belly swell up tight with another baby? Ahhhh, Ahhhhh"

"By your dad? Ahhhh, Ahhhhh"!

"I guess your tongue has answered those questions! Well, let me tell you something, you pervert! It's not going to happen. DON'T STOP LICKING! I'm not gong to play along with your little sick game! You probably want, to watch while another man fucks me! Ahhhh, Ahhhhh!"

"And what else has been going on in that fevered clump of nerve cells you use for a brain? Me fucking a black man? Ahhhh, Ahhhhh

"Giving you a little brown bastard to raise? Ahhhh, Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh"

"Disgusting lowlife! No way, Jose. YOU are going to make a baby in me this time, you bastard, no two ways about it. And if you so much as glance at the drawer where the condoms are, you're not going to have a cock left to put one on. Now, get your face out of my pussy and get your dick in there where it belongs. You're going to make me pregnant if I have to fuck you all weekend!"

The End

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