Dad & Daughter


He quickly undress himself and we got in the shower. He took pleasure in soaping my whole body. I thought I should reciprocate by washing his cock and balls. While I was looking at and washing his cock, I thought about dad and wished I was now washing his cock instead of Bill’s. I was here with Bill to get pregnant so I should do my best to please him.

He dried me off taking extra time to dry between my legs. He carried me to the bed where we both hugged and kissed. I could feel his very hard erection was ready for action. I wanted the sperm that it would eject. I knew he liked for me to suck his cock, but I wanted him to shoot his sperm in my pussy. I took his cock in my mouth for a short time, then rolled around for me to get on top and ride him.

He was very hot and I knew he would cum very quick this first time. Right after I had moved around on his cock for a few seconds, he bellowed and groaned as he shot his sperm in me. I kept grinding my pussy on his cock to get it all.

When he had simmered down, I laid down on his body and said, “Roll over on top of me without letting it come out.”

We rolled over with him on top to rest. He used his elbows to keep much of his weight off of me.

His cock became small and he made an attempt to get up.

I said, “I like it this way, stay right where you are.”

He didn’t know the reason, but I wanted to keep his sperm in me as long as possible. I pulsated on his small cock to encourage him to remain in this position.

When he finally got up, he said, “Diane, that was really a good one. You are very sexy today.”

I remained in bed with my hole plugged with tissues and I was in no hurry to let it drain out.

He said, “Don’t you want to clean up in the bathroom.”

“Not right now. I think I’ll lie right here until you get hard enough to fuck me again.”

He seemed pleased to know that I was willing to fuck him again so soon.

He started telling me what he had been doing during the week. I wasn’t listening very good because I was wonder what dad was doing at home. I hoped dad would not be too jealous because I’m in bed with Bill. I was worried about it.

Then I heard Bill say, “Are you listening to me.”

“Sorry, my mind wandered a little. Come over here and let me feel you cock. I want you to kiss my breasts some more.”

He responded, “You little vixen. You really are sexy today. I just finished fucking you and you want more.”

I made an excuse by saying, “But you haven’t given me an orgasm as yet.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll be right with you.”

He crawled in bed beside me. His cock was semi hard as I took it in my mouth.

When I got it fully hard, I said, “Now be a good boy and get on top of me. Fuck me good and give me many orgasms.”

As I removed the tissues from my hole, I used more tissues to clean up a little as his cum ran out.

I aimed his cock at my very juicy hole and he plunged all the way in. I pulsated on his cock to excite him more.

“Wow, you are hot today. I’m going to fuck you until you say you don’t want anymore.”

His thrusts were beginning to work wonders on me even though my thoughts often turned to dad at home by himself waiting for me to come home with Bill’s cum in my pussy.

My orgasm came on strong as Bill pounded me.

Bill said, “See, I didn’t cum that time. I want to satisfy you.”

I thought that was nice of him, but I wanted his sperm. I can wait. He will fuck me some more.

He continued to leave his hard cock in me as we laid still. When I started pulsating on his cock, he started fucking me again. This time I wanted him to cum in me.

He fucked me for several minutes until I felt I could have another orgasm.

I whispered in my most sexy voice, “I’m about to have an orgasm and I want you to fill me with cum when I do.”

He started fast strokes and soon both of us were vocal as our bodies sexually strained and shuddered through our orgasms.

I held on to his body to keep him from getting up. I pulsated on his cock to encourage him to stay in this position. While my pussy was pulsating, I thought of how much dad liked me to do that.

While we were cleaning up in the bathroom, Bill said, “Let’s get dressed and go out to eat. I’m hungry after our sexy party this afternoon. I want to fuck you many more times when we come back here.”

I looked at his drooping cock and knew he was finished for the afternoon. He would be more than willing to give me his sperm tonight.

We ate, then went to a place where we could dance. It was about ten PM when he said we should go home.

We were soon in bed with his cock buried in me. As the night got later, he cum in my pussy two more times while I had three or four orgasms. He wanted me to suck him off one time, but I gave the excuse that I wanted to feel cock jerk in my pussy as he cum.

When I had dressed and was ready to leave, he kissed me good by and said, “I want you to come back real soon.”

“Yes, it has been a good afternoon and evening for both of us. I’ll call you when I have time to come back.”

I looked at my watch as I drove in my driveway. It was two PM. I wondered if dad was still awake.

Dad greeted me at the door with a kiss. “How did it go? Did you get his sperm?”

“Yes, Mark, I got his sperm several times. We fucked like rabbits all afternoon and again in the evening.”

I shouldn’t have said it like that because maybe dad believed I liked sex with Bill.

I continued, “What I mean is that I got his sperm as many times as I could. I’m tired and sleepy. Let’s go in the bedroom.”

Dad watch me as I undressed and removed my makeup. Then he sat and watched me brush my hair for a couple of minutes.

We got in bed to kiss and snuggle. He put a finger in me to feel my wetness.

“Yes, Mark, you are feeling some of Bill’s cum in me. Would you like to fuck me?”

He quickly responded, “I can hardly wait.”

Even though I was tired, I got up on top of dad and settled down on his very hard cock. I worked on his cock and quickly let him cum in me. I think I was too tired to have another orgasm. I plugged my hole and didn’t have the energy to go to the bathroom to clean up. I kept my legs together to prevent the tissues from coming out. Later during the night when I had to get up to urinate, I unplugged my hole and let dad’s cum drain out.

Dad and I had sex nearly every night as the week progressed.

Friday evening when I had just finished giving dad a fantastic blow job, I said, “I need to go back to see Bill to get more of his sperm. I’ll call him for a date tomorrow or Sunday. This time I’ll skip the afternoon session of sex and be with him after dinner. He can cum in me twice in one evening, so why spend the afternoon with him.”

“I guess it is necessary to get you pregnant, but I am jealous that Bill has your body and mind for awhile.”

“He may have my body to ravish, but he doesn’t have all of my mind. While he is fucking me, I often think of you waiting for me to come home. I’m sorry to leave you by yourself.”

When I called Bill, he was disappointed that I could not spend both the afternoon and evening with him. I was to meet him at six at his apartment, then go out to eat.

The next day at the scheduled time, I walked into Bill’s apartment. I had been to the beauty parlor to have my hair done and I had dressed up quite a bit. Bill greeted me with a sexy kiss. As he held me, I thought I could feel his hard cock pressing against my body.

Bill began to rub my crotch. I had not planned to have sex with him until after dinner.

Bill said in a sexy voice, “I haven’t had any of this in nearly a week.”

“Can’t you wait until after we eat? I would get my hair messed up and I don’t really want to undress and then get dressed again.”

He quickly responded, “I know a way to keep from messing up your hair. Just pull down your panties and bend over.”

I started to reject his offer, but then I thought I would be getting his much desired sperm.

I said in a positive voice, “All right let me hike up my dress, you pull down my panty hose and I’ll bend over holding on to the chair in front of me to steady myself.”

He said, “Your bottom will have to be a little higher for me. Get up on the couch on your knees and hold on to the back of the couch for support. I’ll get the tissues handy for us when we finish.”

I did as he requested. He moved up behind me, dropped his pants and shorts. I could feel his hard erection probing for my pussy. I wasn’t very juicy because we had little or no foreplay. He gradually worked it in by pulling back and going in a little deeper each time. He was already groaning each time he went in a little deeper.

I commented, “I’m not ready for an orgasm, go ahead and empty your load in me.”

He started banging my bottom. It was a good thing I had my hands on the back of the couch or he would have pushed me over. He soon started yelling that he was cumming. I wiggled my butt as much as I could to make it better for him.

We both held tissues as he slowly removed his cock. Since my panty hose was down around my legs, I had to slowly waddle to the bathroom holding the tissues on my pussy. I didn’t think it was funny when he chuckled as he watched me.

He said, “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

After we had gone out to eat, we came back to the apartment for a couple hours of sex. He was like a tiger fucking me.

It was about eleven by the time I walked in my door at home and was greeted by dad. When we got in bed, one of the first things dad did was to put a finger in me.

I commented, “Yes, Mark, he cum in my pussy three times. I know you can still feel the juice. Now you can fuck me and add yours or would you like a blow job?”

“I want my cock to be in you where Bill was in you tonight.”

Dad crawled on top of me, plunged his cock all the way in and said, “Martha, you are so sexy and I love you very much.”

He fucked me until he cum in my pussy and I had another orgasm.

I visited Bill for four more weeks before I missed my period. I went to the doctor to confirm I was pregnant.

Dad asked me, “Now are you going to break up with Bill? Are you going to call him?”

“I’ve thought about that, Mark, I’ve had a good friendly relationship with Bill for a long time. I feel obligated to tell him in person.”

“But if you see him in person, he will want more sex from you.”

“I know he would, but that would be the last time. I’ll go out to dinner with him and tell him while we eat, then I’ll agree to go back to his apartment for the last time.”

“Alright, if that is what you feel you must do.”

I called him and made a dinner date for the next evening. He invited me to his house at six. In the past, he had made a habit of fucking me doggie style before we left to eat, so I assume he would like it again. I decided to cooperate on our last date.

I arrived at his house on schedule. I noticed he had the box of tissues handy and knew he expected to fuck me before leaving.

We had one glass of wine, then I got up and said, “Alright, you can do it.”

I pulled my dress up while he pulled my panty hose down, then I got up on my knees on the couch as usual. His cock felt good as he banged me. After he had cum and I plugged my hole with tissues, I pulled my panty hose up part way and he carried me to the bathroom. I didn’t have to do the “duck walk” to get there.

While we were eating in the restaurant, I said, “Bill, we are going no where with our relationship. We just have good sex and nothing else. This is our last night together.”

This took him completely by surprise. Then he begged me to move in with him or at the least, keep coming to his apartment. I emphatically told him no. I would go back to his apartment now with him to end our relationship.

Back in the apartment he was very sad. He wanted to keep fucking me and begged me to stay all night which I had never done before. I had sucked him off once and he had fucked me until he had difficulty getting it hard. I did feel a little sorry for him. He begged for me to stay all night.

I relented and called dad to say, “Bill is so downhearted, I’m going to stay the rest of the night with him. He has promised if I stay the night he will agree not to call me or see me anymore for a date. We could stay friends and say hello to each other on occasions.”

Dad didn’t have any choice but to reluctantly agree.

I think Bill stayed awake all night making some kind of sexual advances to me. Now and then I dozed, but didn’t really sleep. I would wake and feel his finger in my pussy, or he would be down in the bed kissing my nipples or my clit. He sexually molested and explored my body in many ways. I already had several orgasms. I noticed the sun was beginning to shine in the window and the one full night with Bill would soon be over. I sucked on his cock one more time to get it semi hard. It was hard enough to get it in me. He slowly fucked me for a long time and I didn’t know if he could cum again. He finally grunted and cum.

I said, “Aren’t you about worn out? Our last night is over and I should get dressed to go home.”

“Please, don’t leave me yet. I want to try one more time.”

I had compassion for him. He didn’t know it, but he was the father of my unborn baby.

I said, “Alright, I’ll try to help you get it hard and if you can, you can fuck me again.”

I took his very small and soft cock in my mouth. It was easy to swirl around with my tongue. I played with his balls, licked all around his crotch, did my best to suck his cock to make it hard.

After trying for about fifteen minutes, I said, “You have fucked me all night and I’ve worn you out. Do you give up?”

He smiled at me, “Yes, you have been wonderful on our last night together. I’ll always remember you.”

I dressed and went home about nine o’clock.

When I got home, I told dad, “I’m very tired and want to go to bed. He kept me up all night. I thought he would never finish sexually molesting my body and fucking me.

“Was he rough with you in any way?”

“No, he just couldn’t seem to get enough of me. When I dozed off a little, I would wake up with him licking my pussy or some other acts of sex. He was very gentle with me. At the very last, I tried to suck his cock to make it hard, but he was worn out. My sexual relationship with him is over, even though I think he is a nice guy and a good lover. He got me pregnant and I thank him for that.”

Dad still had his pajamas on as he walked with me to the bedroom. I quickly undress and got in bed.

I asked, “Are you in the mood and would you like to fuck me before I go to sleep for the day?”

He didn’t say anything but sat down on the bed and put a finger in my juicy pussy. I knew the answer.

“Alright, Mark, I’m too tired to give you a blow job or sit on your cock, but I can lie on my back and let you fuck me.”

I spread my legs as he crawled on top of me. We shared a sexy kiss, then I aimed his cock at my hole. He was very hard. While he was going back and forth in my pussy, I was able to make feeble pushes up to meet his thrusts.

I whispered, “I’ve had several orgasms tonight, so go ahead and cum. I’m not really in the mood right now.”

His groans let me know he was about ready to erupt in me. When he finished, I plugged my hole with tissues and was too tired to get up. I was hoping I wouldn’t leak very much during my sleep. I felt that I had been thoroughly fucked for one long night. I went soundly to sleep.

As the days and weeks passed by, dad and I had sex very often. I was not burdened with having a period, but I did suffer morning sickness. My brother, Jim, and Susan, his wife, visited us about every two weeks. We always went in the bedroom for the four of us to be naked in bed. I still enjoyed a sexual relationship with Susan while the two men watched. Then dad fucked Susan while Jim gave me his big cock. It was always a very satisfying evening when they visited us.

When I was getting fairly big and we were in bed together, Susan would rub my stretched belly and talk about having a baby. It seems they try, but she does not get pregnant. Both Jim and dad seemed to be turned on to have sex with me while I am big. Jim especially likes to lick my pussy and feel my big belly while Susan sucks him.

Dad was wishing for a little girl and he got his wish. My doctor told us I was to have a girl.

It happened one day when I was rushed to the hospital. Dad was in the room with me when Jenny was born. Jim and Susan came into my room to see me cuddling my baby girl, Mark’s new daughter.

Mark proudly said, “I now have a daughter again. Martha, you have given me a new daughter to replace the one I used to call Diane. I love you very much for giving me this daughter.”

“I love you, too, Mark.”

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by Anonymous

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by mezmerized04/16/18


It was an ok story, but some of the interactive talking was very 'sterile'. Dad should've had a reversal, or maybe Jim could've done it for her. She could always have a baby for Jim & Susan too, shouldmore...

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by Anonymous03/12/18

A reversal

A much better way for her to get pregnant would have been if her father had a reversal vasectomy
I think that it would have been a much better story.
I can honestly say that from experience that there'smore...

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by Anonymous08/12/17

too complicated..

keep it simple.. Dad and Daughter make a baby, get married. He fills her up everyday and she walks around with his Jizz inside.... becoming his wife ...

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by Anonymous07/27/17

You made them to needy.. I couldn't get in to it..

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by Anonymous06/23/17

I give it a 0

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