tagGay MaleDad & I Go Camping Ch. 01

Dad & I Go Camping Ch. 01


A requested story by a reader. He wanted a father/son story after reading one of my mother/daughter ones. So here it is, enjoy.

And for those who insist on throwing bad comments my way, do us both a favor and don't waste your time or mine. I will ignore them and delete them.

Everyone in this story is over eighteen even though it is not stated in the story as such.


He is prone over me trying to pin my arms down again, but failing. I am pretty tuff especially when wrestling my dad. Wrestling or play fighting with him is normal, no matter where we are. We are out in a large field near of camp which makes a perfect place for us because we have been known to break stuff.

I get to my knees on either side of his hips and try to push him off using my legs, but he would just push back harder. I give another big push, but when my dad pushes back, his hips slip past my knees and his crotch collides with mine, leaving his rock hard cock pressed against mine and his face just inches away from mine.

We slowly stop laughing and come to the realization of what is happening. My dad has a boner, there is no doubt about it and I'm pretty sure he knows I have one too. I have never been this turned on before and as I look into his eyes, he raises his eyebrow and I bite my lip. We have now stopped wrestling and are now just holding each other's arms, not wanting to move. My cock takes control and I grind my hips forward slowly, I can't help it. I mean fuck it, why not? It just feels so good and right.

My dad responds by grinding his hips into mine, rubbing his cock up and down my shaft, making me want more. I can hear him breathing a sigh whenever of cock finish a stroke. I begin to breathe more heavily as our hips begin to grind more purposefully, slowly gaining rhythm and speed as our hips go forward and backward. Then he stops moving his hips and gets up. I smile hardly believing what has just happened. Whatever it was I like it and I want more. I get up too and follow him back to our camp. It is getting late and we still needed to cook some dinner.

After dinner, we talked as we have every night of our trip, but nothing was said about our earlier encounter and I was kind of afraid to bring it up. Eventually, he says it's time to hit the sleeping bags.

As he bends over to pull open his bag, exposing the shape of his ass at me I am driven by my instincts. I move forward, legs further apart than normal and allow my cock to press into his ass crack through our clothing. My dad stops what he is doing and I push forward, letting the fabric on my pants can curves of his ass tease my cockhead as I rub it up and down his ass crack.

My dad doesn't move as he just stands there, bent over letting my cock explore his ass through his pants. I let out a short moan as a wave of pleasure ripples through my cock. As the need becomes stronger, so do my thrusts. I let my hands slide up and grasp his hips, holding them steady so I can grind into his ass deeper.

He slowly moves his ass up and down with me, letting our bodies move in unison. He stands up and I feel his hands move to my legs. They work their way up on both sides, sliding from my inner thigh to the outer on their way closer to my crotch. I want him to grab my cock and take me. He wedges his hands between my hips and his ass, circling them around my cock without touching it. My breathing quickens as he circles closer to it, but he doesn't touch it.

I arch my cock toward his hands for them to stroke it, but they slide down my legs, closer to my balls. Instead of passing them by, he slowly rubs up my balls. I moan as his hand slowly massages them while his other hand slides over my cock and begins rubbing it. My hands drift forward from his hips and slowly make their way down to his crotch. My hands slide over his hard cock and they move up and down, massaging over it.

After a few minutes he turns around, keeping his hand cupped over my cock and presses his body against mine. He begins massaging my cock again, walking around behind me. I stand still, feeling the pleasure in my cock and then he pushes me forward. My arms outstretched to catch me and then I feel his cock start rubbing into my ass crack. I want him to fuck me right now.

Over and over, my dad's cock slides up and down, pressing against my ass. He begins with slow pushing with his hips before he gradually quickens his pace pressing harder and faster against my ass. I have never been this horny in my life. Then, all of a sudden it is over. He pulls away and slaps me on the ass.

"Goodnight son," he says.

I blink, a bit confused and really turned on. My dad, however, just slides into his sleeping bag as if nothing ever happened.

I lay in my sleeping bag with my eyes closed, but I can't sleep. My cock is harder than ever and the person I want to fuck most is lying just a few feet away. Right in the middle of thought I feel a hand brush over my leg toward my cock. It moves over my balls and up along my shaft and over my cockhead. I feel his hand pull at the waist of my pants and slip under. My heart starts to beat faster as I feel my dad's hand go down into my pants, running down until he finds my cock. He wraps his fingers around my shaft and slowly begins pumping it up and down, making the sleeping bag go up and down with it. He increases the speed of his pumping, paralyzing me with pleasure.

I moan as I arch my back a bit and thrust my hips to the movement. I reach over past his arm and feel around for his cock. I can feel right away that he is just as hard as I am. I slide my hand down into his pants, letting my fingers slide down his shaft to his balls. I begin to play with them, enjoying to feeling of his hair on my hand. I wrap my fingers around his cock and begin to pump. As I do, my dad lets out a muffled moan and begins to pump my cock harder. I in return pump his faster until we are both moaning and pumping furiously at each other's cocks.

My dad quickly rolls out of his sleeping bag, tosses mine open and climbs on top of me, pulling off his shirt and pants and presses his hard cock against mine. He sits upright, letting his ass rest on my cock and begins to pull off my shirt. I help him out and when my chest is exposed to him he rubs his hands over my nipples and stomach while my cock pokes through my pants as his ass.

He smiles as he leans down and puts my nipple in his mouth. It is a weird feeling as he sucks and licks on it, but it is pleasurable, making my cock throb. He lets his lips slide down as his body begins to move further down. I feel him pull at the waistband of my pants before pulling them down past my hips, ass and knees before coming completely off.

His hands begin to slide up my legs, teasing me until they rest on either side of my cock. His mouth slides right over my cock head and down my shaft, allowing his tongue to swirl around the tip as his lips massage their way back up. His hand grips the base of my cock and he pumps it into his mouth while his other hand massages my balls. He pumps and sucks, taking as much of my thick cock in his mouth as he can.

He takes my cock in his hand and begins to suck on my balls, letting them get all wet in his mouth as he massages them with his tongue. He then licks from the base of my cock along the bottom of my shaft and up to the tip. He swirls his tongue around my cockhead as I watch and then stuffs it all into his mouth.

"Oh that feels so good," I moan.

He continues to suck for a few minutes before pulling my hard cock out of his mouth. I am to the point I cannot wait anymore. I want my dad's cock in me and I want it in me now. I get up and jump on him, letting our naked bodies rub up against each other. I position myself so that my head is at his crotch and I begin to pump his cock. I lick my lips and let my lips run over his cockhead. It slides slowly into my mouth, connecting with my tongue. My lips continue down, feeling every bit of his hard cock.

I suck hard, running my tongue all over it and bobbing up and down. My dad moans loudly, his hand runs through my hair. I take it out of my mouth and like up and down his hick shaft before popping it back in and taking down as much as I can. He starts moaning louder as I bring his closer to orgasm. He pants and his back is arching as he tries to fuck my mouth.

He groans and I start to massage his balls as I suck. I want his cum running down my throat; I am willing to do whatever it takes to get it. He lets out one final moan, his balls tighten and I ram his cock down my throat as he lets out a massive load of cum into my mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot cum bursts into my mouth. I swallow as quickly as I can until every last drop comes out. I pull his cock from my mouth and lick up every bit of escaping cum that I can.

'That was incredible son," he says looking at me, mouth open.

I wipe my mouth and smile.

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