tagIncest/TabooDad and Joanie

Dad and Joanie


I woke this morning feeling hornier than a shipload of sailors and for a guy in his early seventies that is good. I have been keeping myself up healthwise and not drinking too many beers or eating too many starchy foods and that is a big help.

Let me see now what am I gonna do today? Oh yeah I have this a/c unit that has been out in the shed and it won't work. Might have to get a hard start kit for the compressor Hmmmm I know there is something else for today. Ah that's it! my daughter Joanie is comming back from Chicago. A fine woman in her early fifties, nice knockers gotta be forty double D with nice fat nipples. She looks so hot when she reads the paper through those gold half-glasses with the home-made beaded eyeglass chain she made. That's my Joanie! if she can't find it, she makes it.

I oughta shower up an shave. I don't wanna smell like a dirty old man. Not for Joanie. So I will be a clean dirty ol' horny bastard,

My wife Ezmerelda and I used to do some wild things together. We still do four or five times a year which is a bit scarce for my liking.

Joanie always had a thing for her old man and even at twenty years old, she would walk over to me and plops herself on my lap.

When she was out here two years ago she was fifty two years old. a bit on the plump side with some blonde in her gray hair and great boobs

And the way she looked reading the paper through her gold half-glasses with the beaded eyeglass chain got me all lumpy down there.

The wife is out working and I am heading over to the waffle house for a cup of coffee a breakfast sandwich an yeah a waffle too. I dropped by an H.V.A.C. shop to buy a hard start kit and headed back to the house

So I got the a/c unit up on the bench and took the cover off, checked out the wiring diagram hard start kit.

I guess knowing that Joanie would be here at four in the afternoon I thought nothing of hearing a car door shut and a woman's voice.

I really wanted to get this unit going, so my mind being on my work I did not hear her walk to the shed and my back was to the door.

I thought I heard footsteps. . .No she won't be here for a while.

"Hello Dad! says Joanie.

"Joanie, so nice to see you and you are three hours early!

"Yeah I took an earlier flight, I missed you so!"

The a/c could wait, hell it's been in the shed for years anyways so I took her luggage into the house and she gave me a hug to really remember. I could feel her push her boobs into my chest and I loved it. I was surprised when I felt her hand go down below the equator and feel the lump a horny old guy had in his trousers.

"That's my dad, still haven't changed and I love it!"

I could not believe it! glad she's not married!

So we talked for hours about life in the windy city, her work as a nurse at the hospital and why in hell was she not married?

As she put it every guy out there wants a nice piece of ass, but does not want to make long term plans. He wants to love me, be with me but not marry me, screw that crap.

Joanie is still crusty for sure. The kitchen clock read 2:15 and my wife would be back around four.

"So Dad, you still sneaking peaks through mom's reading glasses?" asks Joanie with a smirk on her face.

"Well, sometimes small print is a flat out bitch.

"I don't know how you'll see better by cumming all over mom's half-glasses."

"What makes ya think that?" I asked with some anger.

"Oh mom told me, a few years ago, thought it was rather sweet you still like her things, such as undies and patent black high heels."

"Damn woman's got a mouth bigger than a manhole cover."

"So Dad, are you saying if I left my glasses around the house, nothing would happen?"

"My gold half-round glasses with the pearl beaded eyeglass chain, just like mom's. They would be safe from my horny old dad?

"Well I am a nurse, let me check this out. Drop your pants!"

"Oh Joanie we can't do. . .

"If you don't do as I say I will tell mom some things."

So I did as was told and Joanie takes out two identical pairs of gold half-glasses puts one pair on and has them hanging on her ample bosoms, takes the other pair an wraps the eyeglass chain round a fat red and swelling cock and gives me a hand job.

"Dad, feel my boobs! says Joanie.

"Oh Dad it feels great, let me take off my blouse."

"Take one tit in both hands, squeeze tight and lick it!"

I did so and the scene was erotic as I licked my daughters tit as she looked at me over the tops of her gold half-glasses from which an eyeglass chain of small pearls hung.

I kept licking and sucking and out of the corner of my eye I saw her lovely hand go down to her bush. I stopped looking to see what that hand was up to.

"DID I TELL YOU TO STOP LICKING MY TIT?" asked Joanie as her hand was in her bush and she was fingering herself.

"Oh damn, fingers are not long enough!"

"Well Dad, you gonna stand there with your fingers up your ass or are ya gonna give us both what we need and want?"


"Dad, we been screwing around for years, why change now and fuck up tradition? Besides I don't want rug rats anyways. Brats would never clean their room and always want ice cream."

I did not have to be asked twice and in minutes my trousers were at my ankles and I had Joanie over the kitchen table and still clawing at her lovely tits and slamming her with all the strength I could muster.

I was loving this, she was too, specially when the gates to Eden opened and I sent a load of warm liquid love up into Joanie's pussy.

I was aware her pearl beaded eyeglass chain was still wrapped around my cock and her gold half-glasses were dangling, covered with my cum and her pussy juices.

"Uh dad?"


"Where's my other pair of glasses?"

"Down here Joanie." And I took them and the eyeglass chain an gave them to her and she licked the love juices off them and said,

"Dad, you might want to keep these as a sort of remembrance of something loving from your daughter Joanie to her father."

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