tagIncest/TabooDad, Sis & Me Ch. 2

Dad, Sis & Me Ch. 2

byThe Parson©

I was stunned. There was no other word for it. After watching my father and sister making love—fucking right in front of me—I could barely comprehend what I has seen. You have to understand that I was an innocent 18 year old. I didn't know much about sex. Oh, there was some vague sex education at school, and my mates and I all talked about fucking as if we knew what it was all about. But really, I had no idea. None of us did. So to see the act itself being performed in front of me… it was a bit of a shock. I had to decide what I was going to do… what was I going to say to Sharon and to Dad. But I decided the best course of action would be to say… nothing.

And that is what I did. I didn't say anything to them. When I went into the house minutes later, they were dressed and talking as if nothing had happened. And that is how it stayed. We had a meal, and talked about our days, and nothing was said. I watched them throughout the course of the evening, and they didn't seem to act any different from how they had always been. It was unnerving to watch them. But I thought, if they've been doing this for awhile now, then they must have become used to acting as if nothing is going on.

For the next few weeks, the summer continued, with scorching weather, and plenty of days down at the creek. I tried to put what I had seen out of my mind, and I succeeded—mostly. But every so often, I could see Dad thrusting himself into Sharon's willing pussy, and I would be momentarily transfixed. But then I would shake myself back to reality. I had no idea if they were continuing with their love making, but I can only assume that they were.

One day, a few weeks later, Sharon had the day off. Dad was at work. And I had slept in until midday. Which wasn't that unusual for me during summer. Eventually, I dragged myself out of bed, and hunted around for some trackpants to wear. I didn't bother with a t-shirt, because the weather was very warm. And I wandered through to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Sharon was there, finishing off some dishes. She was dressed in a light cotton dress, and when I saw her, I was momentarily reminded that I had seen her naked—her body could be seen through the shimmering fabric of the dress. But I put that thought out of my mind.

"Hey, sleepyhead. Thought you'd get up and join the land of the living did you," she said, smiling at me.

"Yeah, I thought I probably should," I mumbled back. I got a coffee cup from the cupboard and filled it from the tap. As I turned away, I thought I saw Sharon give me a strange look, but I decided that I was seeing things.

I went and sat at the table, and Sharon came and sat next to me with a pile of towels that she started to fold. We sat for a little while, neither of us speaking.

"How old are you now?" asked Sharon suddenly.

"Eighteen," I said.

There was a pause. "Have you got a girlfriend?" she asked, which took me by surprise. Sharon had never paid any attention to whether I had a girlfriend or not before.

"No," I said, "I don't. Why?"

"Just wondering." Another pause. Then: "would you like one?"

Unsure as to what was going on, I said "yeah, I guess. What is all this?"

Sharon ignored my question. "You'd be a good boyfriend if you did have a girlfriend—you'd treat a woman right."

I had no idea what was going on. Sharon was still folding the towels, but wasn't looking at me. She was concentrating on her hands, and what she was doing.

"You're turning into man now… you're filling out, getting bigger and stronger."

I suddenly felt very strange, and slightly uneasy. So she had looked at me in a funny way.

I tried to deflect her comments. "I don't think so, Shar. I'm no where near what Dad looks like… he's huge. And I'm not hairy like him."

Sharon giggled. "No, you're not. But it will come, I'm sure."

Then I felt her hand on me arm. I turned and looked at her, and was shocked by the intensity of the stare that she was giving me. She leaned forward, and kissed me on the lips. It was a peck, really, little more. But then she lingered in front of my face, and then kissed me again, with slightly more feeling. And then again. In my mind, I could remember the kiss she and Dad had shared when they were fucking, and before I realised it, Sharon and I were locked together, out lips pressed against each other, and our mouths hungry for each other's kiss.

I pushed back my chair, and she slid from her chair onto my lap. It was strange—I'd never kissed a girl in this way before, and yet I seemed to know exactly what to do. My arms slid around her body, and I pulled her to me. We attacked each other's mouths, sucking at each other, our tongues pushing into the warm cavities. I couldn't keep my hands still, as they caressed her back and grabbed the back of her head.

And then, it hit me what we were doing, and I pulled back from her. The image of her and Dad entered my mind again, and stopped me cold. I couldn't do this, I couldn't go on with this.

Sharon looked at me puzzled. "What?" she said. "What's wrong?"

This is crazy, I thought. But inside me, there was an ache, a deep ache that I knew would only end if I carried through with this. So I leaned forward, and kissed her lightly on the cheek… and then we were kissing passionately again… as I had seen her and Dad doing.

We quickly went through to my room. Sharon stood in front of me, reached down to the hem of her dress, and pulled it up and off her body. She was wearing only panties, no bra. She took a step toward me, and I swear I almost stepped back, I was so nervous.

"Have you ever made love to a girl?" she asked, even though she must have known that the answer was no. I coughed, and shook my head. I could feel my cock starting to thicken in my pants, and I was afraid that it would soon become really obvious to her.

She reached out a hand, and took one of my hands. She lifted it to her breast, and placed it over the round flesh. I was shaking slightly, and she whispered "don't be scared", and then my hand was around her tit. I could feel the warm, soft flesh, and the hard nipple sticking into my palm. I began to stroke it, squeezing slightly, and then i used my thumb on her nipple, rubbing it over the nubbin of flesh in a circular motion. Sharon groaned slightly, and moved closer.

I lifted my other hand to her other breast, and encompassed that too. Sharon seemed to enjoy it, as she pushed herself into me. And then, suddenly, her hand was at my crotch, and she had hold of my cock.

I gasped, as I had never had a woman's hand there before. I tried to step away, but she gripped me firmly through my trackpants. My cock stood straight out in front of me know. I was rock hard, harder than I had ever been before. Sharon had only touched my once, and I had an erection live no other I had ever had. She was definitely in control… I was totally under her spell.

She let go of me, and quickly pulled her panties down and kicked them off. I could see the curls between her legs, and I have to admit that I couldn't help but stare. Then, Sharon was back to me. She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of my trackpants, and with a sudden jerk of her hands she had them down around my ankles. I flinched, I was so surprised. It was a total shock to be standing in front of my sister, stark naked, and with a raging hard on.

Then she moved toward me. We embraced, and I nervously kissed her, and kiss that deepened in intensity. She pushed herself against me, and I felt her firm breasts pressing against my puny 18 year old chest. And I felt something else… my cock pressing against the curls of her bush. She whispered into my ear, "lets make love… I want to be your first…", and that was it.

We lay across the bed, touching each other. She caressed my balls, a sensation which made me squirm. My cock was rubbing against her thigh. In the confusion of my passion, my hand strayed to her cunt, and I cupped her mound. She whimpered in pleasure, and begged me to touch her. I didn't know what to do, so I carefully slid one finger into the moist hole that I found there. She gasped, and pushed her hips up at me so that my finger went into her pussy. She thrust herself up several times, fucking herself on my hand. As she did this, I was nursing at one of her breast, sucking the flesh into my mouth as if I was an infant again.

Then, a sudden determination came into her eyes. She looked at me with a fixed stare, and opened her legs. My cock was sticking straight out from her black pubic curls, and she reached for it, grasped it so lightly I could barely feel it, and pulled me toward her.

"Shar, oh god Sharon…I don't know what to do… I don't know…" I could barely get the words out.

"It's okay, baby… I'll show you," was all she said.

I was on my knees between her open legs, hovering above her pussy. I was holding myself above her, and my cock was mere inches away from her pussy. With one hand on my butt, she pulled me down to her. I felt the tip of my cock touch her the curls around her wet lips, and onwards she pulled me, until—to my absolute astonishment—the head of my member was inside her. Just the head, but oh the feeling. I couldn't believe it.

"More, baby, more," she murmured. "Please… I know you want to…"

She gripped my backside with both hands, and pulled me down into her body. The whole length of my cock was suddenly sheathed inside her. It felt unlike anything else I had ever experienced… it was warm, and tight around me, and I couldn't believe I was doing this with her.

Her thighs clasped themselves around my hips, and jerked me toward her, and we began to move. Slowly at first, as I drew my cock backwards and forwards through her pussy. I lowered myself down onto my elbows, and gazed down at Sharon. Her eyes were closed, and her head was thrown back. She was concentrating on what we were doing. With her breasts against my chest, we moved, with sure, firm strokes. The bed was squeaking in protest, but we ignored it. Her breasts rubbed up against my chest, and we kissed, our tongues fighting a duel in each other's mouths. I moved against her, my cock driving into.

Then, I felt some sort of itch beginning deep inside me. I found my hips moving faster, and I was pumping and pushing at Sharon with quicker, deeper and harder thrusts. I wanted to slow down, but I couldn't. She was groaning, and a moan escaped my lips. "Muttering "yes, yes, oh God, please, don't stop fucking me", Sharon began to push herself up at me, lifting her hips to mine as I pushed down into her cunt.

We were moving in a frenzy now, and I could not have stopped if I wanted to. "Sharon, oh Jesus, Shar, I can't stop fucking you!" I managed to gasp out, and she was whimpering at me. She let out a cry, and opened her legs as wide as possible, then slammed them closed again around my back. I felt the walls of her pussy closing around my thick cock as she came. With her head thrown back and her eyes squeezed shut, she gave herself over to an orgasm that tore through her body.

And then I was there with her too. I felt the stream of cum jetting from my cock, as I cried out, and thrust into her as hard as I could. My cock felt as if it was expanding, growing even larger, as I pushed it into my sister's pussy, thrusting hard at her with several powerful lunges at her. Her hips and hers slammed against each other, until; both of us finally had to slow and then stop. I was exhausted, and all I could do was turn my head slightly, and kiss her lightly on the lips, as both of us, gasping for breath, held each other close. Her hand ran up and down my sweat-slicked back. I was slowly coming down to earth again. I had lost my virginity to my beautiful sister… my sister!

Then, suddenly, a cough, and we both started. I lifted my head, and to my horror, saw my father standing there in the doorway, staring at us.

To be continued...

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