tagIncest/TabooDad Watches Daughter's First

Dad Watches Daughter's First


I'd been peeping on her for some years now, each time was as exciting as the last. She was now 21; she'd been going out with Mark for a few months. He was a nice boy, very mature, and he treated her beautifully.

It was a warm Saturday Evening, I was supposed to be Interstate, but the trip had been cancelled at the last minute. Because of the original plan, my wife was visiting her sister in Queensland and I found myself alone in the house.

I was about to go to bed; I'd switched off all the lights and was entering my room, when I heard a car pull up the driveway. I peeked through the window and saw it was my Daughter and her boyfriend Mark.

As I watched, they began to kiss passionately. This went on for a while, until finally, she opened her door, walked around to the driver's door and began to give him a goodnight kiss.

Once again, the kiss went on and on. Eventually, Mark got out of the car, locked it, and began to walk with her to the front door, all the while, holding and kissing her.

I wasn't sure what would happen, I decided to rush out the back door and take up my usual peeping position, outside her bedroom window.

They entered her room, I could hear them clearly, her window was slightly open and her previously altered roller blind, was pulled all the way down, leaving my cleverly organised, peeping slit.

The conversation was about Mark wanting to have sex, he was far from a rapist, actually I was very impressed by his patience and the way he explained his feelings to her. Equally, she was up to the task from a knowledge, and understanding, point of view, it was the physical act, which was causing her concern.

The conversation revealed two things, one, she was a virgin, and two, she'd been preparing for this event, because she mentioned she'd been on the pill, since not long after they'd met.

I was hoping for Marks sake, he'd be successful, because I wanted to see her get fucked, just as much as he wanted to fuck her.

The passionate kissing continued, Mark's hands were all over her and her breathing, as well as his, was very heavy. They were both so very aroused, and so was I.

Slowly, items of clothing were carefully removed, the passion grew and grew, and she was responding to him wonderfully. By this time, my cock was being stroked ever so slowly, but oh so enjoyably. Soon she was stripped to her lovely, little, white, lacy, bra. It contrasted wonderfully with her tanned skin and made her lovely breasts look so very pretty.

Mark stepped back, and began to remove his shirt. I watched Mel's eyes as she eagerly watched him remove it and saw her take in the view, with great eagerness.

I thrilled as their two beautiful, young, half naked, bodies, pressed against each other, as they continued to passionately kiss. I loved seeing her sexy, wet lipped, little mouth, as it opened and received Marks probing tongue. I could see his hard cock as it screamed to be free of the restriction of his clothing and after a considerable time, saw Marks hand attempt to undo her skirt.

The poor bugger just couldn't get it to release. Mel had become a lot more relaxed now and began to assist him. At this point, I knew I was in for the show of my life.

Her skirt fell to the ground leaving her in a very sexy pair of white bikini panties and a white lacy bra, she looked so very fuckable. Mark eagerly dropped his trousers and boxer shorts, causing her to step back in a kind of shocked state as his rather large and very erect cock bounced into view and freedom.

From what I could hear, it was the first erection she'd ever seen, she was commenting on how big it was. Her voice seemed very concerned, but Mark reassured her, "all would be fine". It was a great looking cock and would have been a good seven inches with at least a six-inch circumference. Mark was beautifully built with a muscular and incredibly proportioned body.

The time had come, Mark asked Mel to take off her bra and panties. My heart was racing, she looked so afraid, so shy, so innocent, but the animal in me, wanted her naked and fucked.

How many fathers got this opportunity, there was no way I wanted it to stop.

She turned her back, Mark released her bra, I saw her trembling hands reach up and cup her breasts, in a last ditch attempt to retain her privacy. Mark was quick to take advantage of her vulnerability and ever so gently eased both his hands into the top and sides of her little bikini panties, sliding them away from her delicious, soft haired, warm, little virgin pussy, all the way to the floor.

She gasped as he did, feeling the cooler air swoop around her moist private parts, knowing she was now, fully naked and fully exposed to Mark, that he was seeing what, as far as she knew, no man had ever seen before.

Mark took her in his arms, pulled her to him, relieving her to an extent, of her exposure, reassuring her, to reduce her doubts and insecurities. He was handling this incredibly sexy situation excellently.

They continued to kiss, and explore each other with their hands. Mark took Mel's little hand, placing it on his lovely, erect, cock. Mel's little fingers closed around it and I saw her almost faint away as she did. She was so aroused.

Mark followed by placing his hand over her little pussy and gently eased a finger between it's very wet lips. She just melted as he did. The passion increased, the urge was there, it wasn't far away. Mark laid her on her back and knelt between her now spread legs.

She was excited, but tense. I heard him tell her to relax, and watched as he placed his lovely big knob at her entrance. The peeping slit enabled me to move up and down the full length of the bed so that I could be at their heads or looking up between their legs.

After much work, spending almost 15 minutes rubbing the head of his cock over her little clit and up and down her now very wet pussy lips, Mark began the task of entering her tight, virgin, cunt.

He had so much control, he was so careful; bit-by-bit he managed to enter her, further and further. There were some moments of tenseness, but he'd simply withdraw, let her relax and push gently forward again. He was so big, she looked so small, he was doing an incredibly considerate job of taking her virginity.

I could see she was as keen as him, but just a little concerned, as he pushed against her tightness. After a long time, he relaxed, pushed himself up by his arms and smiled at her. I saw her look at him curiously, she said "what?" He said, "I'm all the way in" Her gorgeous, sexy, little mouth, dropped open, and then broke into a kind of proud smile. She was amazed, she couldn't believe it was over; she'd finally lost her virginity. She reached up pulled him down and they hugged lovingly.

Marks urges took over; he carefully and gently began to move in and out of her. To my surprise, her own reflex, actions had her thrusting slowly with him. They were fucking and I was watching. It wasn't that long before the excitement created in Mark by her responses, made him cum. They lay there in each other's arms for ages.

Mark, realising she hadn't climaxed, got up on all fours and slowly began to kiss her, from her mouth, all the way down to her now cum filled pussy. I could see she was still very highly excited; her breathing became heavier, as Mark got closer and closer to her cunt. When he began to lick her clit, she gave out the sexiest moan; she loved what he was doing.

I watched as he continued to lick and slowly insert a finger, she began to thrust into his face, I saw a little of the animal in her at that moment, she grunted and writhed, pelvic thrusting, until in a very short time, she exploded into climax. Her little hand reached down pushing Mark's head away from her now too sensitive clit, as her so very sexy, excited, body, tried to cope with what she'd just experienced.

The conversation that followed was one of amazement from Mel; she just couldn't believe what he'd made her feel. Soon, obviously a little uncomfortable from the stickiness of the bleeding and a huge load of Marks cum, Mel went to the shower to clean herself up. Mark lay on her bed, naked, exhausted, but very pleased with himself.

It had been nearly four hours since that event began. I'd cum three times as I'd watched and wanked. What a wonderful thing to witness. My own Daughters first fuck. Watching that huge, fat, cock, sliding into her tight, virgin, cunt, seeing her squirm under him, as he pushed himself into her and watching both their joy as each of them climaxed.

I only wished for one more thing that night. That I was Mark.

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