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Daddies Office


Note: Before you criticize, this is a work of complete fiction. It is set between two loving, consensual adults who are in no way related, they are merely in a BDSM based Daddy Dom/Little Girl relationship. If this offends you, please do not read on.



I watched each floor's number light up with a small ping as the elevator climbed all the way to the top.


Finally, it came to a gentle stop on the 23rd floor. I stepped out onto the sleek, marbled tiles, heels clicking as I made my way to Daddy's office. It was around 1pm.

Oliver, his personal assistant, was just getting ready to go to lunch.

"Ollie! How are you?"

"Ohhhh Honey, you know, the usual. Working far too hard and playing FAR too little." We gave a little giggle and hug before he looked me up and down with a sly grin. "Mmmmm, now don't you look edible, am I moving his afternoon meeting to tomorrow?" And this is why I loved Oliver, he just knew all the dirty tricks and loopholes, especially when it came to Daddy. He could move all the appointments and meetings in the world and no one would bat an eyelid.

"I would really love that Ollie, then you should DEFINITELY take the afternoon off."

"Baby, you got it."

And with that, I said my good byes, and made my way over to the large, mahogany double doors that led into the main office.


Slipping inside the large doors, quiet as a mouse, I could hear Daddy's angry voice, obviously in the middle of a call. "Dammit Frank, what the hell do I pay you for?!" Followed by the sound of the phone being slammed into the receiver and a hefty sigh.

"I thought you paid Frank to do your accounts.." He startled and looked up at me with a questioning glance, not even realizing I had entered the room. "You know Daddy," I chided as I began to stroll over to him, hands clasped behind my back "I thought you paid Frank to do your accounting for you.." I grinned coolly while he smirked at my cheekiness.

"Babygirl, what are you doing here? I'm very busy."

"Well.." I began as I walked the rest of the way over to him, heels clicking as I went "I thought we could spend the afternoon together." I finished as I sat on the very edge of his desk, heeled feet on the seat of his chair, either side of his knees.

He sighed again, how I hated that sound, it was never a good sign. My hopes fell a little when he began "But baby I have so much work to get done toda..." Just on time, Oliver chimed in over the intercom.

"Sir, I've just gotten off the phone to your 1.30, 3 and 4 O'clocks, they have all been rescheduled to tomorrow and Thursday."

A puzzled look crossed Daddy's face before a realization washed over him and he chuckled before looking up at me. His left hand rested on my thigh while he pressed his intercom button "Thankyou Oliver, why don't you take the rest of the afternoon off?"

I laughed at this and he gave me a look as Oliver came back with "Way ahead of you sir, see you tomorrow morning."

With that he placed his other hand on my other thigh and gave a hearty laugh. "You cheeky little minx, who said you could re-organise my day like that hmm?" I smiled a little coyly but knew where this was inevitably going.

I pulled out my best pout and started "But Daddy, I just wanted to spend the afternoon with you. I mean I got all dressed up especially for you, don't you want to see?" I tugged at the end of my coat's tie, not enough to undo it. His eyes roamed down to the edge of my coat and his large hands slowly pushed it up my thick thighs.

"May I?" He queried while taking hold of my belt. I nodded my acquiescence and he pulled it loose and started on the few large buttons. Hands I knew intimately, slid down my body and back up under my coat, sliding it over my shoulders and down my arms. Left in it's wake was a deep emerald green, lace and satin babydoll, hugging under the bust and then flaring out to flow around my hips.

I watched as Daddy took in all of my 5ft 3inches, from the rich black, waist length waves of my hair, pale skin dotted with dark freckles, heavy DD breasts contained by green lace, wide hips, to my round stomach and thick legs. He licked his lips as he stroked his hands all over me.

I loved these afternoons, all the time spent with him really. We had been playing this game for well over a year now and the surprises never stopped coming. Things were never boring. He scooted his chair forward and wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his cheek against my stomach. I scraped my French manicured nails lightly over his scalp, through his brown hair with strands of grey peppered around the sides. Daddy towered over me at around 6ft 2inches, broad chest and shoulders, dressed smartly in charcoal pinstriped suit pants, a white pinstriped shirt and dark grey suspenders.

Turning his head, he breathed in my scent of my favourite Vineyard Peach body wash and perfume. Then I felt small kisses through the fabric of my babydoll. "So do you like my outfit Daddy? I got it just for you.."

He smiled up at me and pushed his chair out to stand between my previously closed knees. "I love it baby, you just love doing things for Daddy don't you?" I nodded as I looked up at him through my lashes. Those marvellous hands slid up my body and onto my jaw, tilting my head back so he could kiss and nibble at my lips, making me sigh and melt into his body, just like always.

When he pulled away from the quickly deepening kiss I couldn't contain my whimper of disappointment but, I was quickly rewarded with a hand creeping up the inside of my thigh and sighed in contentment when it found my practically dripping pussy. "Damn baby, no panties?" He asked as he teased my slit with a finger that never quite dipped inside. I moaned a little and shifted my hips looking for more, but no matter what I tried he always just stayed out of reach.

"Daddddddyyyyy, please.." I whined, a little needy.

"Sorry baby but you changed my plans without my permission, I'm afraid I'm going to need to punish you." I stuck out my bottom lip and nodded my head solemnly, eyes on the ground.

This was the part I relished, but I was a good actress. Anyone who didn't know me like Daddy did, would think I were upset, but really I was anxiously awaiting to see what he would do. Hands on my waist, he pulled away from the desk taking me with him. He steadied me on my feet, kissed me once, turned me to face the desk and then bent me over it. His desk was pretty tall, so I could only properly bend over it whilst on my tippy toes, but I didn't mind at all. I silently rejoiced, this was my absolute favourite punishment.

Slowly, the hem of my babydoll was lifted off my backside and left bunched at the small of my back. Bent over, open, exposed. The air-conditioned office air hit my drenched core, making me shiver from more than just the anticipation.

I had been standing there this way for a few minutes, Daddy just rubbing circles into my back, calming me. I was getting impatient, on the verge of wriggling but I managed to rein the urge in for I knew just how much worse that could make things. So I waited patiently like a good girl for Daddy. I was just about to say something when I felt it.. *SMACK* Then a soothing hand was back rubbing over the sensitive flesh, but that didn't last long before another slap, and another, before long they were raining down on the plush cheeks of my ass.

I was openly gasping and whimpering now, unable to keep the sounds at bay. It didn't really matter, I knew Daddy liked to hear the effect he was having on me. "Nice and pink. What do you reckon baby, should we try for red or do you think you have learned your lesson?"

He landed a few more hard slaps before I had the chance to respond while he soothed my tingling cheeks with his hands. "I think.." between breaths "..I think I know better now Daddy." By this point I was shaking all over and I could feel how wet I was every time I moved even an inch.

"I'm not so sure baby.." *SMACK* "I think you would do this again unless I teach you a real good lesson." *SMACK SMACK* I had tears in my eyes but I knew he would take care of me.

After a few more hefty slaps, I felt Daddy smooth his hand over my overheated skin, leaving a path of tingling pins and needles behind. I sighed in relief as I began to realize my punishment was over and now the need would be sated. I was so right.

Daddy ran his hands all over my ass and thighs, I could tell he was sitting in his desk chair now, as I felt his hot breath gusting over my sensitive ass and throbbing pussy. His hands were just rubbing circles into my skin. Slowly moving inward but never close enough to where I wanted them. I choked out my words. "Pleeeaaassee Daddy.."

I heard him moan a small, appreciative moan. "Please what, baby?" I knew if I could see him, he would be smirking right now. I was right on the edge though, so I played it up as best I knew how..

I put on my best innocent young girl voice, with extra pleading added in. "Pleaseeee Daddy, I'm all wet and tingly between my thighs! It aches Daddy and I can't reach it! Please Daddy.." actually begging now, "Please Daddy, make it better." I turned as best I could and said the last part with a pout and a needy whine in my voice. I knew he could never resist when his girl needed him to fix it.

He may be the dom, but we both knew that I ran the show. He would do anything for me if I so wished it. Which was probably why we worked so well together.

I felt him smooth his hands up my sides once more before settling them on the still tender flesh of my ass. "Shhhh now baby, Daddy knows what you need. He's going to take good care of you." And with that, he buried his tongue between my red cheeks and began lapping up all of my pussy juices.

I moaned and writhed on his tongue, clawing at the dark wooden desk underneath me. It felt amazing like it always did but I needed so much more today. As if he read my mind, Daddy pulled back a little and I felt a finger slip inside and immediately find my sweet spot. This drew a breathy gasp from my lips before I started to fuck back on his hand. So sweet and so good but I still wanted more. I put on the voice again, "Please Daddyyyy, it still aches so much Daddy." He chuckled and kissed my spank warmed skin but he didn't stop massaging my gspot while he hummed away to himself.

I thought the foreplay would go on forever, sometimes Daddy liked to keep me on edge and wanting that way. He could stay hard for hours so long as he knew he was driving me insane.

I heard more than felt him stand up behind me, never removing his fingers, constantly massaging my gspot in a torturous way. Way too much sensation for me to actually get off. Then I heard his belt buckle and zipper as he undid his Armani work pants and let them drop to the floor. He bent over me then, sliding his fingers out and giving them to me to clean and suck on before he kissed me to pull the taste from my lips.

I whined in my throat at his kisses, getting more and more needy by the second. "It's okay baby, Daddy's going to make it all better." He cooed in my ear before thrusting his rock hard, 7 inch cock inside of me. He held my hips, still bent over my back, his body pressed all along me, and ground his pelvis hard against mine, not really moving too much. "Feel that baby girl? Does that feel better? Didn't Daddy promise he would always take care of you?"

I gasped out a moan as he filled me up so completely. "Mmm you do Daddy. Thankyou for reaching the ache, now please move."

He didn't need to be asked twice. He started thrusting nice and hard into me while he wrapped his arms under me and across my chest, pulling me up with him so I was standing with my hips angled back, taking every inch he had to give me.

I gasped out a moan, "Oooooh, so deep now Daddy, don't stop, okay?"

A chuckle echoed in my ear at that. "Don't you worry baby, I won't stop until you're screaming." Daddy always kept those promises. He slid one hand around my front and held my tummy just below my belly button, while his other hand snaked around and he laid his palm flat against my collarbone. Pulling me back onto him with both hands.

His thrusts started to speed up, now we were moving against each other at a pretty hard pace. Sating the need we both had all morning. I always craved this side of him. Hard and fast and primal. The light slap of skin on skin, filled the room along with his quickened breaths and my constant moans.

"Mmmmm fuck, Daddyyyy." I felt a kiss to my neck and then the feelings were going, he was stopping. It was all wrong. "No Daddy, don't stop please! I'll be good, I promise!" I wasn't past pleading at this point.

Then I felt hands on my hips, turning me to him and urging me to sit up on the desk. He angled my head up and kissed the objections from my lips. Pulling back, he clicked his tongue. "Tsk tsk baby, you should know me better than that by now." And with a cheeky grin, he slid right back inside. The new angle had him hitting my sweet spot on every other stroke.

He kissed me again, swallowing my moans at the change in position. Leaning over me a little, he forced the top half of my body to lean back. I placed my hands behind my hips on the desk so I could stay sitting up, but Daddy just slid his arms behind me, supporting my back so I could grab his neck and shoulders with my hands. Legs wrapped tight and high around his waist, Daddy picked up the pace again, until he was slamming into me hard enough to rock his desk.

"Fuck baby, you feel so good. I want to see you lose it though." Between thrusts, he gave me quick little kisses. I was getting so close and he always knew it. "You're almost ready, aren't you? Gonna cum baby? Want to cum for Daddy like a good girl?" He knew exactly where my buttons were, and when he started with the sweet talking, I always came for him. "Come on baby.." he slid on hand down and began to rub my clit in time with his thrusts. "You're doing so good for me.." a bite to my neck while my head was lolled back on a moan. "I know you can do it.." now he really started thrusting hard while he knew how close I was. "Such a good girl. Come on now, cum for Daddy.."

Every. Single. Time.

When he felt my climax begin, he stopped rubbing my clit and just thrust harder, hitting my sweet spot every thrust, holding my waist and watching me fall apart. Head thrown back, muscles contracting, I came with a scream, just as promised. Daddy joined me moments later.. "Mmmm, fuck baby. You want Daddy's cum?" I could only nod emphatically. "Well here it is baby, Daddy's cumming!" And with a mighty shout, Daddy held himself as far inside of me as he could get and gave me all he had. As his body shook, I felt him throb and pulse his release deep into my body, filling me up. Marking me in the most carnal way.

I felt full, sated and boneless. I held myself up with my arms around Daddy's neck, but only just. He wrapped his arms around my waist, not ready to pull away yet, I trusted him to keep us up while he caught his breath. I rested my forehead against his neck, feeling his pulse pounding against my skin. He sighed breathily before shifting enough to kiss my jaw and whisper, "I think we should move this snuggle party to the couch, what do you think baby?"

I smiled sleepily against his shoulder, Little coming out again, "mmm Daddy, that's a great idea but I don't want to let you go for even that long!"

He gave a hearty laugh at that. "Don't worry baby, you'll get it back right away." He knew what I wanted. Sighing heavily, I nodded and felt Daddy pull out of me, taking the full feeling with him. I whined at the loss and got a kiss for my trouble.

He took my hand and lead me to the large, plush couch that kept residence in the corner of his massive office, made sure I kicked my shoes off before laying down and motioning for me to climb on. I giggled and settled down on Daddy's still mostly hard cock, sighing happily and then laying down and snuggling into his chest. He pulled the large blanket over the both of us before wrapping me up in his big arms. "Better now baby?" He asked the question into my slightly damn hair.

"Better Daddy.." I slurred from exhaustion.

"Sleep now baby girl. You need your rest before round two."

I smiled at his words as I drifted off and dreamt of round two.

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