I got up that morning thinking about having his cock pumping my tight cunt. I figured he wouldn't go for it. I waited a little bit before I called. I wanted to make sure that he would be home. He was always doing something and it seemed like I always had to catch up with him. He answered the phone a little out of breath. I figured he had been jogging. Ever since he found out he was sick he had been working out more, eating nothing but the healthy food, even going back to church more. It was like he was trying to turn back the hands of time. I asked him if he would be home the rest of the day. He told me yes.

He had a ton of work to do for the office that he had been letting pile up so he would definitely be home. I told him that I would be by there shortly. I jumped in the shower and that is when I started running the scenarios through my head of what was going to happen. I figured I would try to get him to fuck me and when he realized what was going on he would turn me away or worse yell. I got of the shower and got dressed. I figured the best thing to wear would be as little as possible.

I put on a short skirt that exposed everything when I bent over. I made sure to put no panties or a bra on. I wanted my body to be VERY easy access. I got in the car and drove out to dads. The whole time I kept imaging the worse. I figured he would yell or call me a slut. I really wasn't sure what I was going to do. I drove up and got out of the car. I walked in to find him working on some papers. He was surrounded by his laptop and about three piles of papers. What he always called organized chaos. :) I sat down in the lazy boy to talk to him for a little bit. I didn't want to just come in and jump him.

I tried to get him to notice that I had no panties on by bringing my legs up to my chest. I know my pussy had to be exposed to him but he didn't seem to notice. He was far to involved with his own paperwork to notice. I finally got aggravated and asked him if he wanted some coffee. He nodded and told me that there was a fresh pot in the kitchen. He didn't even look up from his screen when he handed me the coffee cup. I took it and walked into the kitchen. The coffee pot was directly in front of dad. He had a clear view. I figured the best way to get him to look up was to make a noise.

I pushed the spoon off the counter and slowly leaned down to pick it up. I knew he was looking as I exposed my pussy to him. It was a little wet from thinking about the situation all day. I picked up the spoon and tossed it into the sink. I turned around and brought the coffee back into him. I leaned over a little farther than normal to sat the cup down to the side of him. I saw his eyes drop to look down my shirt and see my bare tits. I looked up and smiled. I whispered to him "You were watching me weren't you?" He looked a little embarrassed. I smiled and walked around the coffee table to him. I stood in front him and pulled my skirt up just a little.

"It's ok dad. I don't mind you looking at me." He leaned back and started to say something but then stopped. I straddled him and took his hand and placed it on my pussy. I leaned down and started to kiss his neck. "Does it feel good. Does my pussy feel good enough for you to finger." He slowly slid a finger in and moaned. He started kissing my neck roughly and sliding his finger in and out of my cunny. I moaned as he slid another finger in. I dropped my hand down between us quickly removing his cock from his pants. I was so nervous that he was going to stop. I started rubbing his shaft slowly then faster. I finally placed the head of his cock at the opening to my pussy. He moaned and looked at me.

I kissed him roughly rolling my tongue around his as I slid down onto his shaft. He moaned into my mouth and start to pump me. He put his hands on my hips letting me ride his cock harder and faster. He moaned as he pumped me. I remember him telling me that my pussy felt so good and that it was so tight and so fucking wet. He pumped me harder and harder. I felt his hand slip around off my waist to my ass and his finger find his way to my asshole. He rammed his finger in and started pumping. The feeling drove me nuts! I started riding him harder and moaning louder.

"Fuck me harder daddy, fuck my little cunt, finger my ass!!!!" He moaned and started ramming my cunny and fingering my ass harder and faster. He finally moaned and said he was about to cum. I felt him try to pull out. I wrapped my legs around him forcing him to stay in. He slid back in and his cock hit my back wall. I screamed and moaned cumming over and over again on his cock. I started begging him to cum in my cunt and knock me up. I begged him to shoot his load deep in my hot wet cunny. He moaned and I felt his cum shoot into me. I moaned and gripped down on him. He moaned and shot the last bit of load in me. He didn't say much as he pulled out. I cam one last time at the sensation of his shaft coming out of me. He moaned a little. Nothing much was said the rest of the day.

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