tagIncest/TabooDaddy, Am I A Werewolf?

Daddy, Am I A Werewolf?


Megan had always known there was something different about her growing up. Although no one else would have guessed quite what that 'something different' was about her, not really.

She had long dark curly hair, and pale white skin. She wore thick-rimmed dark glasses, and always wore unflattering baggy jumpers and jeans, and was seen as something as a geek throughout her school life. She had few friends, and those she did were similar in their dress sense and all-round geekiness. She was super-intelligent, and had studied hard at school to get t a bunch of A-grades in all her exams, as well as a first class degree at university, but still she was seen as different, geeky and weird. The friends she did had weren't the kind of friends other girls might have, she never had sleepovers or any friend over to her family home, she never went out, she was a recluse.

But Megan had a secret. A reason why she was keeping her body so wrapped up and hidden from the world, a reason why she never let anyone get close to her, including her family. Most of the time she just stayed in her room, coming out only to go and study, or to eat. Her family had worried about her for a long time, but eventually had just accepted that was the way she was, they had no idea of what that 'something different' really was either.

Megan's family was especially large, and maybe some put it down to that -- "middle-child syndrome" some call it. The middle daughter in an otherwise normal family also tends to have something slightly weird about them don't they? But this was harmless, just some geeky weirdness and lack of social skills, or so everyone else thought.

Her father, Michael, was a well-built former amateur boxer. He had a chiselled jaw, and a chiselled body. He would do that Rocky thing even now, constantly training, slurping down raw eggs to build his weight, and beating his punch bag in the basement. His day job was boring office work, but it was in boxing and the gym where his real passion lay. Looking at Michael, most boys in the neighbourhood were immediately scared off dating either of his daughters for fear of what Michael might do to them, but Megan's younger sister Carly hadn't let that stop her developing into quite the little nympho, in fact Megan considered that maybe the risks of her dad finding out were part of what urged Carly on. No such luck for Megan though, whilst she thought about sex constantly, boys were not interested in her weird and frumpy ways, and to be fair she could not envisage a day when it would happen, with what she knew about herself. So by aged 21, Megan was still a virgin.

Megan's mother, Theresa, was a dark-haired, Mediterranean-tanned hottie. Younger than Michael by some 10 years, she had been allured by his rugged good looks and bulging biceps. Megan had inherited her mother's dark hair certainly, but not the skin. The pale white skin would never tan, although maybe it would have helped if she spent more time outdoors in the summer, instead of locked away in her room or in the library studying, but Megan was as pale as a porcelain doll, and this was only accentuated more by the dark curls of her long, but often messy, unstyled hair. Megan was not one for grooming, she didn't go in for all that like her mother and sister did, she didn't think it mattered. The dark hair inherited from her mother did not stop just at her head, she was naturally very hairy, just like her mother. But whilst Theresa spent hours 'defluffing' as she called it, removing all traces of hair from her body, with the exception of her head of long-dark straightened hair, Megan just let it be.

This was part of Megan's fears. The reason perhaps that she was the way she was. You see she had tried early on to 'defluff', but her hair seemed to grown unnaturally fast. That along with the other 'differences' she noted during her childhood had led to her reclusive ways, and now at 21 she felt no need to fight the unnatural growth. So it was that unbeknownst to anyone, that underneath Megan's layers of clothes, she was covered in her strange fur. Her legs were as hairy as any man she had ever seen, swirling strands of dark hair from her shins up to her thighs. Her virgin pussy covered with a thick dark layer of fur, a treasure trail thick and black dancing up her slightly chubby belly up to her belly button, swirls of dark hair around the areola of her pert but ample breasts. Her arms too had thick dark curls of hair just like her legs. Her back was pretty much hair- free apart from the area just above the crack of her ass, where tufts of hair sprouted from deep into the crevice.

Every time she had tried to remove the hair by going through the pain of shaving, waxing or exfoliating, they had come back within hours, and whilst at first she would persist over and over again, hoping they would not come back this time, they always did, and now she had given up trying. That's the reason she had kept herself covered up for so long, avoiding any exposure of any part of her body to the outside world, but that wasn't the whole story. There was something else going on in Megan's life, something much more difficult for her to live with.

Going back to the body hair issue though, she had in fact come to love her hair. She had seen photographs on the Internet of numerous hairy women and been surprised by the number of men who liked that sort of thing. Sometimes when alone in her room she would imitate their poses whilst standing in front of the mirror, and she became more confident in her natural womanly state. She stayed covered up of course, as there were far more people, mainly other women, who looked down on body hair than there were found it attractive, but when on her own, she loved the feeling of stroking her hairy legs or twiddling the sprouts of hair from her nipples round her fingers.

Carly, her younger sister, obviously didn't have the same issues as she did. She too had the dark Mediterranean tan and dark hair, but like her mother, Carly spent hours 'defluffing'. Carly was two years younger than Megan, and exactly the kind of babe that Megan had once wished she could be. She had a petite frame, with gorgeous long legs which she revealed often in her short little dresses. She had a firm, tight ass that sent guys wild, and she was very popular. She was always out clubbing and meeting men. She rarely stayed at home as she was fucking someone pretty much every night. As the youngest daughter, daddy's little girl, she was spoilt rotten. She had him completely wrapped around her little finger. She didn't work yet, and had dropped out of college, but Daddy was paying for her to maintain her status as the town bike, even if he didn't know what he was paying for.

Even Jason, Megan's older brother, didn't seem to be affected by whatever it was that had affected Megan. He was very similar in looks to his father, though slightly less rugged having never boxed or got his nose broken. He was a very good looking man, and every girl Megan knew would have given their right arm for one night with him. He carried himself as smooth and charming, and at this point had a long-term girlfriend, Kelly, who was a hot blonde, exactly his type.

Megan wasn't sure yet whether she was gay, straight or bi. She had never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Never been kissed, and still a virgin. She had a feeling that she was bi, because of how hot she found all the women in her life, the models she was looking at on the Internet, as well as her mother, sister and brother's girlfriend. But equally she had enjoyed watching porn on the Internet, watching a well-endowed man roughly take a girl from behind for instance, she longed to feel a cock inside her. But she didn't think it would ever happen to her, she had to keep herself bottled up, under control, but it got more difficult every single day, a huge pressure building inside her waiting to explode.

You see Megan's biggest, most shocking secret, even moreso than the unnatural hair growth, was her insatiable desire for all things sexual. It was strongest when there was full moon, and through her hours of study researching what might be wrong with her, she had often considered the idea that maybe she was some kind of werewolf. But that instead of wanting to devour people, when the transformation happened she wanted to fuck everything, anything.

She stayed in her room all the time, because the feelings of lust were often controllable. She imagined her rugged, manly father pinning her down and prizing her tight virgin pussy wide open with his huge cock. She imagined her mother and sister and brother's girlfriend all over her, licking her sopping wet cunt, her brother's cock filling her mouth with seed. She imagined being cum all over by hundreds of guys, being pissed on and spat on. She imagined being tied up, her super-sensitive nipples clamped and tweaked, to be spanked hard till her ass cheeks were bright red. The thoughts and the fantasies just kept coming.

She had reverted to the Internet to try and help her ease the building pressure, by watching pornography and learning about everything sexual she could consume. There was no fetish that didn't appeal to her, she wanted to get a webcam and exhibit herself to the world, to be adored as a sex object by millions. But she had to keep self control, she had to stop herself, especially on a full moon, from exposing the disgusting desires that filled her every thought.

Megan locked herself in her room, and tried to relieve the pressure by masturbating. Touching herself, fucking herself with her hairbrush, stealing large pointy objects she found around the house to insert into cunt or her ass later, always needing a different sensation to try to get the release she needed, but the pressure just keep building regardless. Even after the momentary pause following one of her insanely powerful orgasms, as every orgasm she had was, the thoughts remained. It was just like the hair, she could try to get rid of the desires she had inside her by fingering them away, but in no time they were back.

She dreaded the odd occasion when during a full moon, she would be called out of her room by someone. Her mother or father perhaps nagging again about the fact that she's always locked up in her room, and why doesn't she come out. Sometimes, on those nights, she could get away with it, remaining hidden in her cell. She thought of it as a cell at those times, because it was protecting her family from what she might do if she came out. Other times they were so insistent she had to come out, albeit briefly. She'd open the door to her room, her dad standing there wanting her to come and join them downstairs. She'd refuse of course, it would be too much, but the powerful urge just to dive down and stick her daddy's fat cock in her mouth, or pull him inside to fuck her senseless was always there, overwhelming her, she had to be quick to make her excuses and get back inside to finger herself to yet another powerful orgasm.

The pressure kept building, and she knew that at some point, she just wouldn't be able to control herself anymore, she knew that sometime soon something was going to send her over the edge, but still she tried to bottle it.

Maybe she was some kind of werewolf? She had the fur, she had the uncontrollable desires that werewolves had, particularly around a full moon. What other explanation could there be? Maybe it was because she had been born on Halloween she thought, and she had researched this too with some success.

She eventually came across stories of other women with similar conditions to hers. The unnaturally fast-growing body hair, the affect of the full moon, the insatiable desire for sex. But the stories seemed all to be fictional, she could not find any mention of it really happening to anyone. Maybe if there were others, they were all in the same position as her, trying to control themselves, locking themselves in a room away from prying eyes, trying to find out more online.

She set up a site, appealing for others to come forwards, but all she got was pervy guys telling her how hot body hair was, and how they wanted to fuck her. The thought of all these strangers wanting her turned her on so much, it was just adding to the pressure, it was just making her more and more insatiable.

As her 21st birthday fast approached, another Halloween with another full moon -- she had got used to checking out when every full moon was due in the calendar, so for her birthday, Halloween and a full moon all to coincide at once was not that rare, what made it different was that she was to be 21. No longer a child, but a real woman. Maybe this was a phase, maybe once she was out of childhood, it would all sort itself out and she would become normal. She didn't really believe that, but the hope was there.

Her birthdays were always a struggle, especially when there was a full moon. She would not be able to lock herself in her room that night. She knew she would be expected to celebrate her birthday with her family somehow. Usually she managed to get away with it just being a short family meal followed by a bit of TV, then feigning exhaustion from her studies and going to bed, but this year was going to be different.

It was her 21st birthday after all they had said to her, she will only be 21 once. Daddy's little girl all grown up. She wasn't Daddy's little girl of course, that was Carly, but Megan got the idea. They were going to do something special for this birthday, something more than usual, and so Megan was wary. Wary of what she might do, worried that the pressure might build to a crescendo that would lead to her revealing her depraved fantasies, trying to force herself on her brother or something like that. She had to try and relieve the pressure, and so she spent most of the day masturbating, trying to get it all out of her system.

The nights were getting darker in late October, the full moon would be impaled in the sky as a warning to all around her that is never heeded by 6 o' clock at the latest, with the impromptu party that her family had organised for her expected to start around 7. That was good she thought, because at least she had an hour to assess what affect a full moon on her 21st birthday at Halloween might have on her cravings. If she felt like she was not going to be able to control herself, she could disappear and return the next morning, make up some excuse about being too shy, too self conscious, although going out into the night in that state might lead her into more trouble. She was worried.

As 6 o'clock drew nearer, and a veil of darkness slowly began to descend on the earth, Megan was trying to make herself presentable. Her mother and father had put forward the idea of everyone getting dressed up in Halloween costumes for our little party, and so she had found herself a witches hat, and wore a black long-sleeve blouse and black trousers. It wasn't the best witches costume in the world, not sexy in any way, but it covered her fur, and that was her main consideration when choosing it.

As she was getting ready, thoughts of her fake plastic broomstick being rammed up inside her suddenly began to fill her mind, then more and more depraved fantasies began to surface. She looked out of the window to see the full moon now bright in the night sky, it was 7 already. She looked down to see her brother's girlfriend waving up to her, she was dressed as little red riding hood, but a much sluttier version. And here was Megan, the wolf in the story, looking down at her, wanting to rip off her little red skirt that barely covered her at all, wanting to sink her tongue deep into those little red crevices. The scene playing in Megan's mind. Her brother grabbing her from behind.

"Oh my, what a big cock you have!" she would say to him.

"All the better to fuck you silly with!" he would reply, and whilst Megan's tongue continued to lap up Kelly's moistness, he would be behind her fucking her hard.

Megan shook her head to clear her thoughts, drawing her fingers back away from her pussy. She couldn't do this. This was going to be too hard. The sensations she was feeling tonight felt even stronger than during a normal full moon. She wasn't going to able to control herself. She could run off as planned, but she'd need to go somewhere quickly, somewhere no one else would be. She couldn't risk running into anyone, she wouldn't be able to stop it.

She couldn't think of a safe hiding place, a sanctuary to wait it out until morning when it would pass, but she knew she couldn't stay there. She opened up her window, feeling the cool October night air against her face as visions of men plastering her cheeks with their cum rammed itself into her skull. Again she shook her head, and began to climb out of the window and against the drain pipe, ready to make her escape. The drainpipe pressing against her pussy, she imagined a man with a cock as big as a drain pipe, the girth splitting her wide, she let out a slight moan as the pipe brushed against her crotch, then again composed herself and began to climb down.

She stopped looking over to her sister's bedroom, there was Carly brazenly walking around with the light on, completely naked. Her freshly shaven pussy on display for anyone who wanted to look through the open curtains. More thoughts, thoughts of Carly teasing her, masturbating in front of her, willing her to lick her.

This was going to be a tough night, never had these thoughts come so quickly or vividly, even on a night of a full moon. Something strange was happening, this was too much for her.

Eventually she managed to will herself to continue climbing down, but as she reached the bottom, she felt an uncontrollable desire to touch herself. She was transfixed now, not thinking about anything but her pleasure, she pulled down her trousers and panties, her furry legs and pussy, never before seen publically, never before having felt the cool breeze on them like this. Her fingers frantically frigging at her furry pussy, she began to feel an orgasm building inside her. She wanted to scream out, call everyone everywhere to come see, to come fuck her.

"Oh shit...fuck!" she exclaimed, suddenly realising what she was doing, and re-dressing herself.

"I've so got to get out of here," she said, making a decision to go now, far away and not come back till morning.

But only seconds after she had adjusted herself, but a gentleman approached her.

"You must be Megan," he said walking over to her, "I'm Jim, a friend of your mother's, she thought it might be quite nice if I came and spent some time getting to know you."

Megan looked at him with immediate carnal desire, and no doubt he could tell. He held out his hand as if to shake hands, and when Megan extended hers to meet him, fire still in her eyes, she watched him bend down and kiss her hand, her hand that had just been stroking her soaked cunt. She wondered if he could smell her sex, whether he could taste her juices on her hand. She had visions of him licking her right there, strangers fucking in front of her parent's house.

He could sense the depravity of her thoughts, she knew it.

"You look ravishing," he said, "here let me take you into the party."

She had no choice now but to be escorted inside by this kind gentleman. She wished that he was not so kind, that he would just stop here right now and have his way with her, force himself on her. Because if he didn't, maybe she would, maybe she wouldn't be able to stop herself forcing him to the ground and straddling his face. Maybe. But no she had no choice but to go inside.

Jim was wearing a vampire costume, complete with fake blood around his lips, and strange eyebrows. Oh how Megan wished he would sink his teeth into her neck, or suck her womanly juices from her hairy wet cunt. He held her hand to his mouth, he was sniffing her scent surely she thought, he knew she had been fingering herself, maybe he'd even seen. She wanted him now, right now, and she went immediately in for a deep lingering wet snog.

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